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Maynard from England to Canada, VT, W.Mass

Maynard from England to Canada, VT, W.Mass

Alfred Maynard (View posts)
Posted: 963701827000
Would anyone have any links to Maynards or a Maynard in Brattelboro, VT. I'm trying to get an announcement of death of my great grandfather who died in July 1968 and was born Feb 3,1873 trying to get wifes name to verify. Would like to find out what cemetary he/she might be in, and if any family still live there? Thanks, not having to much luck online connecting with possible family or anyone who might have links to my Maynards. Thanks again.


Lisa (View posts)
Posted: 964120847000
Not sure if I can help you or not but your name caught my eye...Alfred was my great grandfather's name but he was from Ky....still trying to trace where the orginated from....

Alfred Maynard

Lina Maynard Huether (View posts)
Posted: 964700751000
Alfred Maynard from Ky. was also my greatgrandfather. I can find any info. on her either. Maybe we next to see if it's the same Alfred.
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I am trying to trace my Aunt's family, whose maiden name is MAYNARD. She was born in Eastren KY. but I do not know where. She is about 80yrs of age. Also she was made to give up a child born out of wedlock when she was 17 yrs. She named the boy David Lee MAYNARD, who was born 19-Jan-1945 in Louisville, Kentucky. Her father's name was LELBERT MAYNARD( I think that this is the correct spelling )He must have been married more than once because my Aunt's mother was a Catholic, her mother did not want her to marry, because he was divorced. Lelbert married MYRTLE JARRETT (?) The only children I know of is JUNIOR, KENNY, DOTTIE LOU, JEAN, THEODORE, MARY NELL MAYNARD. I am tryng to help her with her family tree, can anyone help?


Re: Maynard from England to Canada, VT, W.Mass

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I am not sure if there is any connection, but my grandparents lived in Vermont, at Malletts Bay. My grandmothers name was Rose Marie,(not sure of spelling) and I beleive my grandfathers name was Fred Maynaard. That is all I know right now, because I am trying to finf out more about them. My mother's name is Lillian M. Maynard. My grandmothers maiden name was Charron.

Well, I hope this helps, if not just have to keep going on.


Re: Alfred Maynard

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Surnames: Stepp, Maynard, Fields, Young
I have an Alfred Maynard from Ky that married Mary Jane Stepp. His parents were Lewis Maynard and Jane Young. He was born about 1848. Martin Co. , Ky had not been formed at this date. He resided in Martin co. Ky. The county seat is Inez, Ky. Hope this is the right Alfred Maynard. Anna

Re: Alfred Maynard

Lina (View posts)
Posted: 1046395055000
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Do you have any info on him being married to pearl patrick? I know that his was married at least three times. Where did you find your info? Thanks

Re: Alfred Maynard

Anna (View posts)
Posted: 1046425237000
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Surnames: Maynard, Stepp
The Alfred Maynard that I have was married to Mary Jane Stepp. Her brother John R. Stepp would be my great grand father. My grand mother is Georgie Stepp the daughter of John R. Stepp. Some of my aunts that were borned in Martin co. put together a family history folder for the family reunion that we had in 1994. My grandmother was born in 1905. She is still living in West Virginia. I have six children listed for them. I will look back at some othe web sites to see if perhaps Alfred was married more than once. Take care, Ann

Re: Maynard from England to Canada, VT, W.Mass

Dawn Maynard Laroe (View posts)
Posted: 1081972260000
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Surnames: Maynard
I am a "Maynard" from Vermont. Although I haven't made connections to family members in Brattleboro, I am connected to Maynards in Chittenden and Franklin counties. I know you posted your original message in 2000, I was wondering if you have made any discoveries since then. Without visiting registrars, cemetaries, etc., I'm not getting very far on-line.

Hope to hear from you!!


Alfred Maynard m. Rose Marie Charron - Vermont

Dorothea Witham (View posts)
Posted: 1093708156000
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Hi, My Name is Dorothea Witham and am the granddaughter of a Fred or Alfred Maynard that lived in Vermont. He married my grandmother who's name was Rose Marie Charron. They lived in Mallots Bay, Burlington, Vermont.

If you can give me any information regarding your relatives maybe there might be a connection. We can only hope.

Hope this helps you and me.

Thank You
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