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McKenney/McKinney/McKenney in Westmoreland County, Virginia

McKenney/McKinney/McKenney in Westmoreland County, Virginia

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Surnames: McKenney, McKinney
Hi!! I'm Rosemary McKenney Mahan and I have been researching the McKenney line in Westmoreland County, so I will enter what I have found at the Westmoreland County Courthouse to date for McKenney/McKinney/McKenny. Please understand that what I have is sketchy because I have not been able to "connect all the dots" as such, but the information may be of some interest to some of you. Hopefully some of the names will be a link to others out there. There are so many of us here in Westmoreland County, it will make your head swim (I know it does mine). Here goes . . .

George McKenney married to Elizabeth McGuire, 29 July 1791 (Vol. 2, 1790-1792; 91-29; also, 91-50, minister's return,
William Edwards (m.n.d.))

Frances McKenney married to William McKenney, 19 August 1791, sealed with Thomas Stowers (Vol 2, 1790-1792; 91-30,
30a; also, 91-50, minister's return, William Edwards (m.n.d.))

Frances McKenney m. Vincent McGuire, 2 Dec 1806 (Vol 5, 1802-1806; 6-32, 32a)

Priscilla McKenney married to Thomas Gregory, 30 August 1791, sealed with Rich Brinn

Sarah McKenney married to Youel Brinnon, 27 Octo 1792, sealed with William McKenney, witnessed by Presley McKenney
and Elizabeth McKenney (Vol 2, 1790-1792, 92-32, 32a)

Susannah McKenney married to William Anthony, 26 Oct 1819 (Vol 8, 1817-1821, 19-30,30a)

Elizabeth McKenney married to James Brown, 26 April 1825 (Vol 9, 1822-25; 25-20, 20a)

Gerard R. McKenney m. Amelia C. Dozier, 30 Nov 1833 (Vol 11, 1830-1833; 33-31; also, 32-33, minister's return,
Thomas M. Washington (m.n.d.)) - Amelia McKenney died March 20, 1857 during childbirth, age 35; daughter of A.
Dozier, wife of Gerard R. McKenney

Samuel W. McKenney married to Priscilla R. Sutton, daughter of Silbar and Priscilla R. Sutton (sisters: Sally and Fanny,
brother: Randsell), 5 Jan 1847 (there was a note of a deal between Silbar Sutton and James Crash for sum of $150???)
Children: Sarah F. McKenney, b. 4 Oct 1866
Samuel Madison McKenney, b. ?, married Sarah Elizabeth Collins, daughter of George W. and Sara Collins

Newman McKenney married Alice V. McKenny, 19 Sep 1838 (Vol 13, 1838-1841; 38-35, 35a also 39-36, minister's return,
Nathan Heally (m.n.d.))
Child: Gerard Robertson McKenney married Mary Muse Weaver, daughter of William and Mary Bishham

Gerard R. McKenney, age 45, widower, m. to Alice McKenney, 2 July 1857 (Vol 16, 1854-1859; 57-20. Minister's return,
H. P. F. King)

Gerard McKenney married to Peggy Templeman, 7 Dec 1791, sealed with Samuel Templeman (who was a minister in the
area and Peggy's father - there is an area here called Templeman's Crossroads) (Vol. 2, 1790-1792; 91-39)

Girard McKenney married to Frances Sutton, 24 Dec 1799 (Vol. 4, 1797-1801, 99-25, 25a)

Gerard A. McKenney married to Elizabeth T. Connellee, 23 Dec 1828 (Vol 10, 1826-1829; 28-39, 39a; also, 28-42,
minister's return, Thomas M. Washington (m.n.d.))

Gerard McKenney married to Peggy Sisson, 10 Feb 1807 (Vol. 6, 1807-1811; 7-5)

Newman (Norman) and Mary (Polly) McKenney
1. Thomas Lawson McKenney, b. 19 Feb 1824
(1) m. Ann Tapley Furgerson, 22 June 1854, daughter of James and Frances Furgerson from Richmond County
(2) m. Alice Howson Anton, age 30, 31 May 1866, daughter of Wesley and Falicia Howson

2. Octavius Lawson McKenney
(1) m. Eliza Davis, age 25 (widowed), 23 Jan 1860, daughter of James and Fanny Ferguson (Furginson, Furgerson??)
(2) m. Charlotte Davis Jenkins, 25 Oct 1866, daughter of Thomas and Nancy Davis
Child: Emilie McKenney, b. 5 Sep 1867

Newman McKenney married to Alice McGuire, 5 Sep 1805 (Vol 5, 1802-1806; 5-21, 21a)

Presley McKenney, Jr. married to Nancy McKenney, 30 July 1797 (Vol 4, 1797-1801, 97-25, 25a)

Presley McKenney, Jr. married to Sarah Brann, 22 Sep 1840 (Vol 13, 1838-41, 40-26, 26a, also 40-37)
Presly McKenney at age 42, widower, married to Matilda L. Anton (age 29), 19 May 1858, daughter of Samuel and Susan
Anton (Vol 16, 1854-59, 58-15)
Child: Mary Jane McKenney - married 6 Mar 1862 at age 21 to William Mozingo, age 31, son of Thomas and Becky

Nancy R. McKenney (age 18) married to John W. Butler, age 25, 7 May 1860, son of William A. and Susan Butler (Vol 17,
1860-65; 60-22, 22a)

Armstrong McKenney (McKenny) married to Jane E. Steward, 12 Aug 1813 (Vol. 7, 1812-1816; 13-20, 20a)
1. Christian Ann McKenney, b. abt 1829 - at age 29 married to Thomas William Edwards (age 34, widower), 4 Nov 1858,
son of Thomas and Elizabeth Edwards
2. Virginia McKenney, b. abt 1814 - at age 44, married to Thomas Edwards (age 65, widower), 2 Dec 1858, son of William
and Frances Edwards

Thomas S. McKenney married to Ann?
Child: Thomas Lawson McKenney - at age 48, widower, married 12 May 1872 to Mary R. Hammonds, age 31, daughter of
Alice Hammonds
Children: 1. Sadie B. McKenney, b. 24 May 1873
2. Walter G. McKenney, b. 11 August 1874
3. Ella McKenney, b. 27 July 1865

Dr. William P. McKenney
1. m. Mary Young Hutt, 13 Dec 1849, eldest daughter of Capt. J. William Hutt (for some reason the Library of VA shows
the year of marriage as 1850)
Child: Julian McKenney, b. 11 Aug 1860
2. m. Mary G. ?
Child: R. O. McKenney (male), b. 1 May 1865

Samuel McKenney m. to Sarah ?
Child: Annie R. McKenney, b. 4 Jan 1878

William H. McKenney (brother to John P. McKenney below)
1. m. Mary R. ?
Children: (1) Arthur W. McKenney, b. 16 Jan 1878
(2) James A. McKenney, b. 16 Jan 1879
2. Ella A. ?
(1) male child born dead, 20 Nov 1886
(2) Eunice McKenney, b. 20 Dec 1887

John P. McKenney (brother to William H. McKenney above)
m. Dira L. ?
Child: Mary F. McKenney, b. 10 Sep 1887

Ann McKenney (father of child not listed)
Child: Henry (Harry) P. McKenney m. to Martha Ann Brown, 6 Feb 1873, daughter of Parkerson and Ann Brown
(1) Julia A. McKenney, b. 4 Mar 1879
(2) H. C. McKenney, b. 8 Sep 1881
(3) Mary E. McKenney, b. 8 Jan 1884
(4) David A. McKenney, b. 20 May 1887
(5) Ida B. McKenney, b. 10 Nov 1889
(6) son, unknown name, b. 3 May 1892

Vincent McKenney m. Jane Wilda Edwards, 24 Sep 1798 (Vol 4, 1797-1801; 98-27, 27a)

Vincent H. McKenney m. Mary L.
Child: James H. McKenney, b. 13 Sep 1882

Ellen McKenney (father of child not listed)
Child: William (Willie) A. McKenney m. Georgiana (Georgie) Morris, 30 Jan 1878, daughter of Joseph and Elizabeth Morris
(1) Ellen E. McKenney, b. 12 Jan 1883
(2) Bernice R. McKenney, b. 30 Aug 1885
(3) Susannah McKenney, b. 1 Jan 1888
(4) Bessie McKenney, b. 10 June 1893
(5) Lewis McKenney, birth date unknown
(6) James William McKenney (my grandfather), b. 1 Aug 1896
(7) Dempsey McKenney, birthdate unknown

Henry McKenney m. ? McKenney, 3 Jan 1799 (Vol 4, 1797-1801; 99-1, 1a)

James McKenney m. Sally Sutton, 16 Dec 1806 (Vol 5, 1802-1806; 6-36)

Jemima McKenney m. John Dunahan, 18 Nov 1829 (Vol. 10, 1826-1829; 29-37, 37a-c)

Lucenda B. McKenney m. Beverly Minor, 27 Apr 1835 (Vol 12, 1834-1837; 35-13, 13a; also, 35-31, ministe's return,
Thomas M. Washington (m.n.d.))

Martha McKenney m. Joseph Reynolds, 16 Dec 1834 (Vol. 12, 1834-1837; 34-37, 37a; also 35-31, minister's return,
Thomas M. Washington (m.n.d.)

Mary McKenney m. John Mosingo, 18 Nov 1801 (Vol 4, 1797-1801; 1-36, 36a)

Richard McKenney m. Alice B. Potter, 7 Jan 1824 (Vol 9, 1822-1825; 24-2, 2a, 2b)

Ann Mariah (Maria) McKenny (McKenney) m. Richard Edwards, 22 Jan 1829 (Vol 10, 1826-1829; 29-6, 6a; aso, 28-41,
minister's return, Thomas M. Washington (m.n.d.))

Benjamin McKenny m. Molly McKenny, 22 Mar 1793 (Vol 3, 1793-1796; 93-9, 9a, 9b)

Dianna McKenny m. John Sanford, 28 Dec 1796 (Vol. 3, 1793-1796; 96-43, 43a)

Ellender McKenny m. John Kirk, 9 Apr 1790 (Vol 2, 1790-1792; 90-10, 10a, 10b)

Hannah McKenny mr. James Figget, 22 Dec 1800 (Vol. 4, 1797-1801; 00-19, 19a)

Jane McKenny m. William Ennis, 14 Apr 1845 (Vol. 14, 1842-1846; 45-14, 14a; also, 44-38, minister's return, William N.
Ward (m. 20 Apr 1845??))

John McKenny m. Peggy Sutton, 17 Mar 1789 (Vol 1, 1772-1789; 89-11, 11a)

Mary Y. McKenny m. John Sutton, 17 Apr 1856 (Vol 16, 1854-1859; 56-11. Minster's return. W. W. Walker)

William McKenny m. Caty Sanford, 12 Jan 1797 (Vol 4, 1797-1801; 97-3, 3a)

Ann Maria McKinney (McKenney) m. William Potter, 16 Apr 1829 (Vol. 10, 1826-1829; 29-18, 18a; also, 28-42, minister's
return, Thomas M. Washington (m.n.d.)

Alice R. McKinney m. Joseph J. Yeatman, 27 Dec 1849 (Vol 15, 1847-1853; 49-30, 30a)

Elizabeth McKinney m. James Brown (26 Apr 1825 (Vol. 9, 1822-1825; 25-20, 20a)

Frances McKinney m. William Brann, 26 Feb 1839 (Vol 13, 1838-1841; 39-10, 10a

Gerard McKinney m. Polly Christopher Lewis, 29 Dec 1823 (Vol 9, 1822-1825; 23-34, 34a, 34b)

Harriett A. McKinney m. Conway Reynolds, 7 Feb 1850 (Vol. 15, 1847-1853; 50-6, 6a; also 50-29, minister's return,
George Northam (m. 2/21/1850??))

Mary W. McKinney m. James D. Connellee, 10 Sep 1829 (Vol 10, 1826-1829; 29-30, 30a; also 28-42, minister's return,
Thomas M. Washington (m.n.d.))

Sally McKinney m. William Robinson, 13 Mar 1802, Vol 5, 1802-1806; 2-6

Sarah McKinney m. William L. Lee, 20 Apr 1829 (Vol 10, 1826-1829; 2919, 19a)

Allen McKenney m. Alice McKenney, 15 Mar 1815 (Vol. 7, 1812-1816; 15-7, 7a)

Alice McKenney m. William Sutton, 20 Apr 1836 (Vol. 12, 1834-1837; 36-13, 13a; also, 35-35, minister's return, Thomas
M. Washington (m.n.d.))

Ann McKenney m. John Laycock, 26 Jan 1824 (Vol 9, 1822-1825; 24-aa, 11a)

Baldwin B. McKenney m. Sarah Sutton, 22 Jan 1844 (Vol 14, 1842-1846; 44-6, 6a; also, 44-37, minister's return, Nathan
Healy (m.n.d.))

Barbara McKenney m. John Jewett, 10 July 1805, (Vol. 5, 1802-1806; 05-18, 18a)

Betsy McKenney m. William Hawson, 1 Sep 1804, (Vol. 5, 1802-1806; 4-19)

Caty Sanford McKenney m. Samuel Templeman, 4 Aug 1807 (Vol. 6, 1807-1811; 7-19)

McKenneys of Westmoreland County

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Surnames: McKenney, Hogan
My grandfather, Walter Nelson Hogan, had a sister, Dora Lynn Hogan, (B-27 Feb 1870, D-17 June 1941), who married a John Presley McKenney (B-3 Mar 1855, D-18 Apr 1918). Their children were: William, Mary, Samuel, John Presley and Walter. My records show John Presley McKenney's parents were Samuel H. McKenney and Precilla R. ? There seems to be some connection here.

I have been looking for several years for more information on my grandfather Walter Hogan's ancestors. I am back to 1811, Richard, whose parents were William and Jane Hogan. Anyone out there who may be able to help, I certainly would appreciate it.

Samuel McKenney

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Surnames: McKenney, Sutton
I don't know anything of the Hogans, but I know that John Presley McKenney (b. 1855) was the son of Samuel and Priscilla R. (Sutton) McKenney. Priscilla married Samuel January 5, 1847 in Westmoreland Co, VA. She died May 9, 1883 and her son John Presley supplied the info on the death record. Priscilla R. (Sutton) McKenney was the daughter of William and Priscilla (Brown) Sutton. William Sutton died about 1832. Priscilla (Brown) Sutton died in March of 1850 leaving a will mentioning, among other children, her daughter "Cilla" (Priscilla R. McKenney). I have more info on this Sutton family if anyone is interested.

Re: McKenneys of Westmoreland County

Brenda Roberts (View posts)
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Surnames: Corbin,Blake,Beazley,West
I have a obituary for Deacon James McKinley Nelson:
born- Sept. 16, 1913 in Westmoreland Co. Va.
died- Aug. 15, 1991 at St. Mary's Hospital in Richmond Va.
Services and Interment were held on Wed. Aug. 21, 1991 1:00 pm. at Mt. Olive Holiness Church, Nomini Grove, Va.

Parents: John H. Nelson & Gertrude McKenney-Nelson

Immediate Survivors:
Wife: Mrs. Viola C. Nelson, Nomini Grove, Va.
Sister in law: Mrs. Ruby Nelson, Center Cross, Va.

I found this obituary in my late grandmothers things, her name was Nettie Corbin-Nelson, from Tapp. Va., she married the late Jacob E. Nelson from Westmoreland Co. Va. I'm not sure how Deacon James McKinley Nelson is related to my grandfather, but, I know he is because the sister in law that is mentioned was married my grandfathers brother the late Edward Nelson. If anything looks familiar to you please contact me, there maybe some connection. Thanks in advance.

Re: McKenney/McKinney/McKenney in Westmoreland County, Virginia

E.M. Bryant (View posts)
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You have any info on William Anthony, that married Susannah Mckenney, October 26, 1819 ? You know parents, or siblings of William ?
Wondering if he connects to my Anthonys.
E.M. Bryant

Re: McKenneys of Westmoreland County

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My name is Joyce born Brenda Joyce Elaine Washington. Marriage name is Gaston. Granddaughter of Charlie & Ida Washington, Nomini Grove,VA. Viola Nelson is Annie L. Washington-Carey (my mother's) cousin. And Ruby Nelson also. We went to Tappahannock to a thrift store where Ruby works. This was March, 2002. My sister Gloria Jean Jackson lives in Warsaw, VA. Her email is Our family reunion will be Aug. 8,9, 10th, 2003 in Williamsburg, VA. When my father Henry Carey died I was five years old. We lived in Lyells, VA and we moved to live w/our grandparents. I have another sister Merteen Carey and one brother Stewart Carey. We live here in NJ. We all used to go to Mt. Olive Holiness Church with my great grandmother Gertude Mathews. Viola mother's name was Roxie. Roxie was my grandfather's sister. They had a sister named Grace. Aunt Grace live next door to Mt. Olive Holiness Church. You may e-mail me. I am praying I will hear from you. God Bless.

Re: McKenney/McKinney/McKenney in Westmoreland County, Virginia

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I am looking for the parents of a Polly McKenny b. abt 1819. She lived in the household of Samuel and Elizabeth Sandy at least from 1850 thru 1880 according to the census. In the 1880 census, she used Mary as her first name. It appears she may have been taken in as a child, but not adopted. In 1880, Samuel had died, but she stayed with Elizabeth and never married. I do not know when she died.

Re: Samuel McKenney

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Surnames: McKenney, Hogan, Sutton
I would like info you have regarding Priscilla sutton. Samuel B. McKenney and Priscilla Sutton were my great great grandparents. Via their son John PresleyB. 1855, his son William Eugene B. 12/24/1890, his daughter Dorothy E. McKenney b. 1930. I have data forward from these two, a formal photo of John and a few informal photos of Dora Lyn Hogan on their farm in Acorn, VA. as well as others. I have very little info Dora Lyn Hogan and welcome any you have to offer.
B James

Re: McKenneys of Westmoreland County

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Surnames: Hogan, McKenneys of Westmoreland County
I am very interested in your information on Dora Lyn Hogan's geneology. She was my great-great grandmother and i have nothing on her except photo's. The photo's I have are on the farm in Acorn, VA. My grandfather was William Eugene McKenney, her son.
Brenda James

Re: McKenney/McKinney/McKenney in Westmoreland County, Virginia

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Rosemary, I've been trying to reach you to correspond regarding William McKenney and Elizabeth Blundell. I am a descendant of James McKinney and Mary Byrom Ballard, and am seeking Virginia connections to this family. Thank you. Pat Kirkwood
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