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Some More Welch Information

Some More Welch Information

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Abstracts of York County,Pennsylvania
Wills, 1749 - 1819
June 27, 1789
May 21, 1791
Welch, George
Executors: William Welch and Mary Brown. Manchester Township.
Children: Sarah, Margaret m. Isaac Springer, Jane m. John Nicholas and Mary m. ....... Brown.
Grandchildren: George, John, Phebe and Sarah Brown.
In Old New York
Author: Michael J. O'Brien
Call Number: 9318 Page 51
Bibliographic Information:
O'Brien, Michael J. In Old New York. 1928.
Reprint, Baltimore: Genealogical Publishing Co., Inc., Baltimore 1997.
On the Broadway side of the burial ground, directly inside the railing, there is a row of four small stones half sunken in the earth, bearing the names of "John Welch," his "wife, Dinah," and five of their children, the earliest date being 1739 and the latest 1752. That his name was Walsh is indicated by the "Marriage Bonds" on file at the office of the Secretary of State, showing that "John Walsh and Diana Walsh" were married in New York on December 30, 1737.69a In other parts of the cemetery there are stones erected to the memories of William Welch who died in 1703, to James Welsh and his wife, Hannah, and to another James Welch who died in 1725. The burial registry also shows that "Edmund Welch, age 44 years," was buried in Trinity on February 15, 1779, and "William Walsh, age 50 years," an "inhabitant" of New York, on March 7, 1780. There is also a stone in Trinity churchyard bearing the simple inscription, "John Walsh," without date or other particulars. "Harriet Walsh, age 46," was buried in Trinity on June 7, 1818.
There are fifteen entries in Trinity Parish records of the eighteenth century of marriages of people named "Welsh" or "Welch." These were the forms by which the surname, Walsh, frequently was entered in the colonial records, and doubtless this came about through the fact that in Ireland the name is so pronounced; so, it is probable that the Welsh's and Welch's who were buried in Trinity were of Irish origin. As early as 1674 we find one of the name in New York in the person of William Walsh, who in that year was recorded among the "Owners of Houses and Lots," and William Walsh is included in a "list of Inhabitants of the City of New York" in 1703.70 Patrick Walsh was made "High Constable of the City and County of New York" on September 30, 1771,71 and his reappointment to that post each year down to 1775 is recorded in the Minutes of the Meetings of the Common Council. His name appears in these records as many as forty-one times down to the year 1776. In the New York Gazette and Weekly Mercury of May 30, 1774, Hunter and Walsh in a long advertisement announced that "they have erected and are now carrying on a Soap and Candle Manufactory in Broad Street, a few doors above the Post Office." Hugh Walsh, the junior member of the firm, was one of the refugees who left New York in 1776, and on his return he advertised in the Packet of January 1, 1784, that "he has returned to this City, no. 46 Broad Street, the place he occupied before the War, where he intends carrying on the Soap Boiling and Tallow Chandling Business extensively," and according to the same paper of January 5, 1784, he was elected "Alderman for the East Ward." He was a member of the Society of the Friendly Sons of St. Patrick and in 1786 he was treasurer of the General Society of Mechanics and Tradesmen.
James Walsh advertised in the Mercury of July 6, 1767, "Madeira Wine for sale at the Merchants' Coffee House." "Edward Walsh in George Street" advertised his business in the same paper on November 11, 1776. Gilmour and Walsh advertised on October 5, 1778, a varied assortment of dry goods and wearing apparel for sale at their store, 843 Hanover Square, and John Walsh of Barrack Street was an advertiser in the same year. Thomas Walsh advertised his store "at no. 11 Fly Market" in the Packet of March 9, 1787, and in a record of "Pew Holders" at Trinity Church there is entered the name of Thomas Walsh, as paying the rent of his pew between the years 1811 and 1819.
There was a firm known as Dudley, Walsh & Co. at 15 Wall Street in 1781
69a Marriage Bonds - Vol. 1, p. 8.
70 History of the City of New York, by David T. Valentine
71 Minutes of the Meetings of the Common Council; Vol. VII, p. 318.
In Old New York
Author: Michael J. O'Brien
Call Number: 9318 Page 97
Bibliographic Information:
O'Brien, Michael J. In Old New York. 1928.
Reprint, Baltimore: Genealogical Publishing Co., Inc., Baltimore 1997.
Among the baptisms in Trinity Church between 1791 and 1801 there are recorded eight children of Thomas and Elizabeth McGuire and four children of Matthew and Elizabeth McGuire, and among the marriages we find: Hugh McGuire and Catharine Morris on July 30, 1758; Dennis McGuire and Sarah Goodwin on October 30, 1759; Margaret McGuire and John Lewis on June 19, 1760; William McGuire and Elizabeth Crawford on January 29, 1765; Eleanor McGuire and John McClean on December 31, 1779; Catherine McGuire and Asa Anderson on January 10, 1791, and Bridget McGuire and William Welch on July 17, 1799. While it is probable that some of the foregoing McGuires were buried in Trinity or St. Paul's churchyard, the existing parish records contain only two entries indicating the burial of persons of the name in the eighteenth century, each recorded as "A child of Mr. McGuire's," on November 17, 1778, and August 16, 1781, and the only other McGuires recorded as having been buried in Trinity were: "Dennis McGuire, age 48," on February 7, 1817; "Margaret Macguire" on June 23, 1817; "Margaret McGuire, age 21," on May 16, 1818, and "Dennis McGuire, age 31," on September 24, 1819
Welch & Allied Families
Page 61

Coat Armour of the London Livery Companies an enquiry based upon original research by Charles Welch F. S. A. Lately Librarian of the Guild Hall Library, Citizen and Cutler of London.
Printed for private subscribers London 1914.
In His Index he lists "Welch C" in his "History of Pewterers Company"
23 bis.
Families of Welsh and Welch in 1790 Census from Pennsylvania

Felix Welsh
George Welch
Thomas Welch

Hugh Welsh
Michael Welsh

George Welsh
James Welsh
William Welch

Daniel Welch
Jacob Welch
Robert Welch
Jacob Welsh
Matthew Welsh
Peter Welsh

John Welsh

Welsh Delaware
Patrick Welsh
Patrick Welsh (Two Patricks)
Peter Welsh
Thomas Welch
Thomas Welch
Thomas Welch (Three Thomases)

Henry Welsh

Edward Welch
Elizabeth Welch

James Welch
Andrew Welsh
Caspar Welsh
James Welsh
John Welsh
Thomas Welsh

Joseph Welsh
William Welsh

James Welch

Joseph Welsh

David Welsh
Solomon Welsh

Jacob Welsh
Jared Welsh
Ludwig Welsh
Nicolas Welsh

Aaron Welch
Henry Welch
James Welch
John Welch
Joseph Welch
Miles Welch
Neale Welch
Robert Welch
Thomas Welch
William Welch
Daniel Welsh
George Welch
James Welsh
Valentine Welsh
George Welch
John Welch
John Welch (2)
Mary Welch
Robert Welch
Robert Welch (2)
Andrew Welsh
John Welsh
Henry Welch
Nicolas Welch
Andrew Welsh
Elizabeth Welsh
George Welsh
James Welsh
John Welsh
John Welsh
John Welsh
John Welsh (4)
Martin Welsh
Michael Welsh
"Petter" Welsh
William Welsh
76 heads of families of the surname Welsh in
Pennsylvania in 1790 Census
Welsh or Welch Family Data in York County, Pennsylvania
Will of Michael Welsh
York Borough, Book H, Page 16, Proven Nov. 16, 1789
Son-in-law David Cremer
Nephew John Welsh Tanner of York Borough
Testator "Advanced in years" Testator signs with German script
Dearly beloved wife Barbara Witnesses One affixes signature in
Daughter Elizabeth German script and
Daughter Barbara John Doll, Jr.
Son John Welsh
Son Henry Welsh
Daughter Catherine married David Cremer
Children of son Jacob Welsh (deceased)
Children of son Michael Welsh (deceased)
Jacob Welsh
Washington Township, Proven Aug. 30th, Will made Nov. 1st, 1811
Will Book N., Page 68 Anna Marie Welsh (wife)
Charles Welsh (Son)
Loving wife Anna Marie Henry Welsh (Brother)
Son Jacob living in City of Baltimore
Son Charles
Daughter Susannah married Jesse Updegraff
Provides for education of Susannah's youngest children
Daughter Elizabeth married Martin Eichelberger
Grandchildren(???)children of "my daughter Mary Meyers deceased"
Daughter Catherine Stenneke Testator signs with mark.
Grand daughter Harriett Nelson
Will of John Welsh
York Borough, Page 9, Proven C. T. A., Jan. 26, 1818
Executors M. Eichelberger Will made 2d of May, A. D., 1813
Dear wife Catherine Testator made mark.
Son John Welsh and his wife Witnesses: Peter Engelman
Sarah Ignatious Leitner
Son Jacob Welsh Executor's wife.
Bequest to son Martin's children, Son-in-law, Jacob
father, Martin, deceased Small
To children of daughter Esther who married Joseph Doll
Daughter Polly married Martin Eichelberger
Daughter Catherine married Jacob Small (note: prominent York family).
Daughter Sarah married Philip Entler
Will of George Welch
Manchester Township, Proven May 21, 1891(TYPO)
Is Hatter of York Borough Executors:
Will Book H, Page 228 Daughter Mary Brown
Will made 27th June, 1789 Friend William Welsh
Testator is Yeoman "aged and infirm"
George Brown
John Brown
Daughter Sarah Welsh
Daughter Margaret married Isaac Springer
Daughter Jane married John Nicolas
Will specifies that daughter Mary Brown who is a widow shall live
on the land until John is of age.
Granddaughters Wills to grandsons
Phebe (Phoebe) Brown John Brown "Gun of his father"
Sarah Brown To George Brown testator's gun.
John Doll
Peter Kurtz
Will of Michael Welsh
York Borough, Will Book L, Page 284, Proven Oct. 9, 1805
Made April 17, 1805
Testator signs in German script
Wife Elizabeth and Abraham Graffius, York Borough
"Beloved wife Elizabeth" Witnesses
Children, Elizabeth married Jacob Hahn
George Worley George Lewis Lefflen
Jacob Welsh
Michael Welsh
John Welsh
Margaret Welsh
Will of Peter Welsh
Hanover Borough, Book 1, Page 30, Proven May 22, 1828
Will made April 4, A. D., 1828 Executors John Throne, Joiner
Daughter Catherine and daughter Catherine Welsh
Son John Welsh
Testator made mark
George Frysinger
Conrad Moul
Will of Anna Maria Welsh
Proven Oct. 9, 1822, Will Book 0, Page 499
Widow of Jacob Welsh, deceased. Will made March 23, 1815
Testatrix signs will
Grandson Lewis Eichelberger of Baltimore
Daughter Elizabeth Eichelberger
Granddaughter Harriett Nelson
Charles Welsh
Jacob Welsh
Daughter Mary Meyers, deceased, and her children, viz:
To grand children Thomas Meyers
Henry Steinecks Harriett Meyers
Maria Steinecks (Steineke) Anna Maria Meyers
part of their mother Catherine and Eliza Causter (?)
Children of daughter Susanna Updegraff, viz:
Felicia Witnesses
Polly Joseph E. Clemens
Eliza W. O. Eichelberger
Will of Henry Welsh
Hanover Borough, Proven Sept. 3, 1827
Benjamin (son) and Henry Welsh (grandson of George)
Will Book P, Page 509. Will made July 1, A. D., 1827
Testator signed will Witnesses
Dear wife Christiana George Frysinger
Son Benjamin Welsh John Hinkle (made mark)
Children of son George Welsh, deceased, viz:
Mary Hoke (widow)
Christina Welsh
Elizabeth Welshimer, a widow
"All my children"
Mary, George, deceased, share of estate to his children.
Marriage by Rev. J. C. Bucher, Kelker's History of Daughin County,
Pennsylvania, Vol. 2
"George Welsh and Agnes Bethy"
Egles Notes and Queries
Covenanter's Graveyard, Lower Paxtang (near Harrisburg, Pa.)
Tombstone inscriptions
"Memory of Jane Welsh who deceased January ye 28th, 1754"
"Also James Welch, younger, who died August 7th, 1754, aged 20
The will of James Welsh (taken from Egles Notes and Queries) of Paxtang, Proven in Lancaster County, Pa., at Lancaster, May 3, 1754, mentions:
His wife Mary and the following children:
Jean married William Patterson
Cumberland County, Pa., at Carlisle
Administration of John Welsh, Letters issued Feb. 21, 1765, to
James Wharton
No final account. Nothing further of this estate anywhere
Administration of Robert Welsh, Shippensburg. Letters issued
Feb. 1, 1850. Too late

Welsh Administrations in Cumberland County and other Welsh data Administration of John Welsh, Dec. 28, 1763. Letters of Administration issued to Margaret Welsh. No final account filed in this estate or other records of any kind.

Administration of Ebenezer Welsh, Shippensburg letters issued Dec. 8, 1824.
No further data on this estate.

Sheriff's Deed John Welsh. Land sold for debts owed to Adam Hoops of Carlisle. Land owned by John Welsh and sold to Joseph Dobson, 250 acres in Middleton Township, for 460 pounds, by lands of Captain William Trent.

Deed Book U, Page 425 Dated Jan. 23, 1767
Recorded Oct. 8, 1811

Book GG, Page 25, Joseph Welsh sells to Daniel Shireman. Joseph Welsh of Allen Township, a weaver, and Elizabeth, his wife, sell land to Daniel Shireman, Inn keeper, for $250. Land sold comprises an acre. Warranted first in 1778 to Martin Houser, who in turn left it to Jacob Houser (?) and wife Catherine, who sold April 1, 1817 to Joseph Welsh.

Witnesses Joseph Welsh and wife sign with
Henry Ford mark
Thomas Pratt Recorded Mar. 21, 1822
Dated Mar. 8, 1821
John Welsh, Book D, Page 9, Sheriff's deed. John Welsh late of Carlisle and Margaret his widow the Administrator. John Homes as High Sheriff sells lot No. 145, bounded on the east by Hanover Street and lot and stone house of Adam Hoops, No. 173. South by Proprietaries Lot No. 144 and lot for Presbyterian Church. West by land of William Donnelson No. 126, north by a lot owned by Robert Gibson No. 146. The lot is sold for 215 pounds.

Witnesses Dated July 24, 1767
Robert Magaw Recorded April 20, 1774
Henry Cunningham
Deed Book L, Page 608, James Welsh to James McCauley, for $350.00 lawful money of Panna 100 acres of land in Tyrone Township (now Perry County), James McCauley, Merchant of Carlisle.

Witnesses Deed is signed
Jeremiah Miller Dated August 21, 1795
George Logue Recorded Feb. 20, 1796
Book N. Page 48. Jacob Welsh to Abraham Herr. Sum received for sale 47000 pounds. Jacob Welsh, Heidelburg Township, York County, and Mary, his wife, of the first part, and Abraham Herr, of the second part. Abraham Herr of Allen Township. By a patent bearing date Philadelphia, April 12th, A. D., 1774 to Thomas Martin a tract of land was granted lying in Allen Township called "Carlisle" containing 350 acres. Thomas Martin and Elizabeth, his wife, sold this land to Jacob Welsh on March 6, 1783.

Witnesses Jacob Welsh and wife sign in
Jacob Rudesell German script
John Forsythe Dated Oct. 27, 1796
Recorded Jan. 2, 1799

William Welsh left Administration letters issued July 20, 1802, to Philip Newbaker.
No Orphans Court or Deeds on this estate.

James Welsh, letters of Administration issued Feb. 12, 1816, to James Welsh and James McNamee. Nothing further in Orphans Court or Deeds of this estate.

Philip Welch of Ipswich, Mass. and His Descendants
(Communicated by William Prescott, M. D., of Concord, N. H.)
Philip Welch came to New England in the ship Goodfellow, of which George Dell was master. See REGISTER, vol. XIX, p. 55, and the MASSACHUSETTS QUARTERLY REVIEW (Boston, 1850), vol. III, p. 414(???)Ed.
It is well known that the north part of Ireland was mainly settled from Scotland, from which circumstance the people were called Scotch-Irish. They were Protestants, and a robust and hardy race of men. It was by this race that Londonderry in New Hampshire and other places were first settled.
1. It was from the same section also that Philip Welch came, or was brought, in 1654, when
about sixteen years of age. He lived in Ipswich, where, in 1666, Feb. 20th, he married Hannah
Haggett, and where their first child was born. He soon after removed into Topsfield, where several
of their children were born; but the records are so imperfect that it is impossible to state how
many, or whether he had not other children besides those recorded here. He returned to Ipswich
and died there; but the precise time of his death is not known.
2. Philip (1) and Hannah, daughter of Henry Haggett of Saline and Wenham. Children:
3. 1. Philip, Jr.,2 (9) born in Ipswich, Dec. 27, 1668;married about 1692, Hannah.............
4. 2. John,2 born in Topsfield, Nov. 27, 1670.
5. 3. David,2 born in Topsfield, Aug. 27, 1672.
6. 4. Samuel2 (12) born in 1675; married Mary (???).
He enlisted in the expedition against Louisburg in 1745, when 70 years of age.
It has been a tradition with some of the descendants that he died soon after his return, while others allege that he lived to be nearly 100 years of age. He was one of the first settlers of Kingston, N. H.,
where his children were born and where he died.
7. 5. Hannah,2 (21) born in 1680; married in 1707, Thomas Scribner, (1646-1718), son of John
Scribner, who died in 1675. From Kent, England, to Hampton, Mass. Settled in 1652 at Dover,
Mass. Wife(???)Mary Hilton, daughter of Edward Hilton, a founder of New Hampshire, who married
Anne, a daughter of Governor Thomas Dudley of Plymouth Colony. Hannah Welch became
the second wife of Thomas Scribner in 1707.
They were among the first settlers of Kingston. Thomas Scribner married for a first wife, about
1702, Sarah, daughter of John and Sarah (Godfrey) Clifford, Jr. of Hampton, who was born Oct.
30, 1673, and had two children:
1st, John, born Dec. 8, 1703;
2nd, Deborah, born Sept. 7, 1705, married Joseph Welch, (11) Dec. 29, 1726.
Sarah ((Clifford) his wife, died June 5, 1706, and he
married 2nd Hannah Welch, as before stated).
8. 6. Moses,2 (27) born at Ipswich, Nov. 25, 1685; married Rebecca (???).
9. Philip Welch, Jr.,2 (3) and Hannah. Children:
10. 1. Thomas,3 born Sept. 6, 1693.
11. 2. Joseph,3 (36) born about 1698; married Dec. 29, 1726, Deborah, daughter of Thomas and Sarah (Clifford) Scribner, of Kingston, born Sept. 7,1705.
12. Samuel Welch,2 (6) and Mary. Children:
13. 1. Benjamin,3 born Jan. 13, 1707.
14. 2. Tabitha,3 born March 10, 1709.
15. 3. Samuel,3 (46) born Feb. 13, 1711; married Jan. 22,1732, Eleanor Clough, daughter of John
Clough, of Salisbury, Mass., whom he affirmed to be much older than himself.
She died, leaving four children, and he married in 1794, for a second wife, widow, Rachel Elliot, of Bow (born in (1738), and daughter of Wm. Sargent, of Newtown (now Newton), N. H. He was then 84 years of age, and Rachel 56. He removed from Kingston to Pembroke, when forty or fifty years of age,
where he resided until 1770, when he removed to Bow, where he died April 5, 1823, at the extreme age of 112 years and almost two months, or seven months by his own account.
He was contemporary with George I of England and Louis XIV of France, and his cradle was rocked almost as early as that of Franklin. Within a year of Mr. W.'s death he was visited by John Farmer and Jacob B. Moore, two celebrated historians and antiquaries of Concord, N. H., and in the second vol.
pages 148-53 of the Historical Collections, may be seen an interesting account of their interview
with him. They visited him again but a short time before his death. See Hist. Coll., as above.
They allege that had Mr. W. enjoyed the advantages of an early education he would have been no ordinary man; and that notwithstanding all these disadvantages, he was very interesting.
His memory was still retentive and his judgment sound. With the transactions of years long past
he was familiar. The old man even then was cheerful, and they spent an hour in an interesting
conversation with him, and he answered all their inquiries intelligibly and satisfactorily.
He was temperate and frugal, and enjoyed almost uninterrupted health.
They state that his features were Grecian, and in person he was rather above the middling size.
He was fond of retirement, and his death corresponded with his life(???)calm and tranquil.
It is stated that the mother of Mr. Welch lived almost, and a sister quite, a century; and a brother to ninety years of age.
16. 4. Martha,3 born Feb. 1713.
17. 5. Philip,3 born July 8, 1715; married June 5, 1738, Sarah Wolsford.
18. 6. Mary,3 born Jan. 20, 1718; married Oct. 2, 1740, Elisha Clough.
19. 7. David,3 born June 20, 1720.
20. 8. Abigail,3 born March, 1725.
21. Hannah,2 Welch, (7) and Thomas Scribner. Children:
22. 1. Sarah,3 born Nov. 18, 1707; died March 4, 1709.
23. 2. Elizabeth,3 born May 1, 1709.
24. 3. Edward,3 born April 7, 1711; married May 5, 1735, Rachel Webster.
25. 4. James,3 born March 29, 1713; died March 31, 1715.
26. 5. Samuel,3 born April 29, 1716.
27. Moses Welch,2 (8) and Rebecca. Children:
28. 1. Joseph3 |
29. 2. Moses3 |
30. 3. Thomas3 | All these were
31. 4. Benjamin3| baptized May 31, 1719.
32. 5. John3 |
33. 6. Daniel.3 |
34. 7. David3 |
35. 8. Samuel,3 Baptized Aug. 14, 1720.
36. Joseph3 Welch, (11) and Deborah. Children:
37. 1. Thomas,4 born Oct. 13; baptized Nov. 26, 1727;
married June 24., 1752, Elizabeth Presse.
38. 2. John,4 (51) born Aug. 7; baptized Sept. 21, 1729; married in 1755, Abra, daughter of Johnathan
and Judith (Merrill) Flanders, of South Hampton, N. H., born 1729.
He died at Sanbornton, N. H., 1811, aged 82. She died several years before.
He served in the revolutionary army throughout the war.
39. 3. Rev. Moses,4 (60) born June 30; baptized Aug. 29, 1731; married June 18, 1755, Judith Worcester. He entered the ministry, but there exists no account of his labors or settlement.
He died at Kingston, Nov. 3, 1820. She died there June 30, 1820, and both are buried near the S. E. corner of the burying ground on Kingston Plain. Rev.
Moses Welch and Judith had nine children, of whom we know but little, except his eighth child.
8. Oliver,5 born May 17, 1777; married 1808, Betsey Dutch, daughter of George and Abra (53-2).
He was a man of considerable literary taste, a good mathematician, and Author of Welch's
Arithmetic, which was extensively used in the schools of New Hampshire and vicinity, and for
many years was quite popular. He settled in Exeter in 1810, removed to Waterville, Maine, in
1821, where he died July 11, 1845, aged 68 years, 2 months nearly. She died May 1, 1841,
about 55 (born 1786).
40. 4. Mary,4 born in 1732.
41. 5. (Col.) Joseph,4 (62) born Feb. 20; baptized
March 31, 1734; married Hannah Chase, daughter
of Francis Chase, of Newton, N. H., born Sept.
6, 1733, or, by another account, 1739. He was a
farmer, and engaged in the revolutionary struggle
with patriotic zeal and ardor, serving successively
as Capt. and Col. and was a brave and efficient
officer. He commanded a company of Minute
Men, at the capture of Burgoyne. He was a delegate
to the Convention which convened in 1778 to
form a temporary constitution for the State, and,
after the war, was elected by the citizens of Plaistow
for many years a representative to the New
Hampshire legislature. He was also repeatedly
elected a selectman and to other posts of trust.
After the war he retired to his farm in Plaistow,
where he lived respected, and died July 8, 1829,
at the ripe old age of 95 years, 4 months and 18 days.
42. 6. Benjamin,4 born Nov. 20, 1735; died Sept., 1737.
43. 7. Benjamin,4 born Sept. 20, 1739; died, Dec. 26,1745.
44. 8. Samuel,4 (75) born June 26, 1742; married (???) Cheyney. Settled first in Plaistow,
thence, in 1790, removed to Canaan, N. H. His
wife died in 1776, leaving five children. He married
for a second wife, in 1777, widow Anna
Cheyney (born at Chase), who died May 22,
1795; and he married for a third wife, in 1797,
Susanna Cheyney, born in 1753 (probably sister
to his first wife). He died Sept. 14, 1817, aged
75 years 2 1/2 months, and his widow, Susanna,
died Dec. 1845, aged 92 years.
45. 9. Deborah,4 born July 13, 1745; died June 10,1746.
46. Samuel3 Welch, (15) and Eleanor. Children:
47. 1. Eleanor,4 born in 1733.
48. 2. Jonathan,4 baptized May 15, 1735.
49. 3. Samuel,4 baptized June 29, 1738.
50. 4. Reuben,4 baptized Feb. 15, 1740.
51. John Welch,4 (38) and Abra. Children:
52. 1. Joseph,5 born in 1757; married Elizabeth, daughter
of Benjamin and Delia Huntoon, of Unity, N. H.
53. 2. Abra,5 born May 7, 1759; married Nov. 13,
1785, George Dutch, born 1763. He was a
butcher in Exeter, N. H., where he died Oct. 5,
1819, aged 56. She died Nov. 1, 1841, aged 82 1/2.
54. 3. Benjamin,5 born in 1761; married a widow Cotton, no issue.
55. 4. Deborah,5 born Feb. 22, 1764; married Aug. 22,
1785, (Capt.) William Prescott (No. 323 of the
Prescott Gen. Memorial, which see), born Oct.
14, 1762. Settled in Sanbornton, N. H., where
she died July 24, 1797, aged 33 years and 5
months, leaving four small children, one of which
was William Prescott, M. D., author of the "Prescott Memorial" and another of J. C. Prescott,
M. D., of Meredith Bridge, N. H., Concord,
Mass., etc., and who died in Concord, N. H., in
Feb., 1844.
56. 5. Judith,5 born in 1766; married Simeon Brown, of
Sanbornton; removed to Stanstead, Canada East,
where she died in 1846, aged 80. Seven children.
57. 6. Jonathan,5 born in 1768; married 1st Abigail
Brown, sister to Simeon above. She died with
consumption in six months. He married 2nd
Hannah Merrill; no issue. He served in the war
of 1812-15, and died at Haverhill, Mass.
58. 7. Elizabeth,5 born May 19, 1770; married Aug. 13,
1795, Jona. M. Smith, of Sanbornton; settled in
Vermont. He was born in April, 1772, and died
at Cabot, Vt., April 15, 1849, aged 77. She died
at Cabot, Vt., Sept. 1, 1858, aged 88 years, 3
months and 13 days.
59. 8. Sally,5 born 1772; died at South Hampton, N. H.,
aged and single.
62. Col. Joseph4 Welch, (41) and Hannah. Children:
63. 1. Anna,5 born Jan. 7, 1758; died Jan. 22nd, 1761.
64. 2. Chase,5 born Nov. 12, 1759; died Jan. 14, 1761.
65. 3. Anna,5 born May 9, 1762; married Jan. 4, 1784,
Joseph Kimball, of Plaistow.
66. 4. Sarah,5 born July 1, 1764; married Jan. 2, 1791,
Jacob Harvey, and died 1792.
67. 5. (Rev.) Francis,5 born May 31, 1766; married
Dec. 6, 1792, Priscilla, only daughter of Rev.
Phineas and Priscilla (Perkins) Adams, of Wester
Haverhill, Mass., born June 10, 1772. He
graduated at Harvard College, in 1786, studied
theology with Rev. Giles Morrill, of Plaistow
(who afterward preached the funeral sermon of
the Rev. Mr. Welch), settled in the ministry at
West Amesbury, Mass., June 3, 1789, where he
died Dec. 15, 1793. She died at Bath, N. H., April 14, 1817, leaving an only child, Priscilla
Perkins, born (after the death of her husband)
Feb. 1794, married March 19, 1817, Isaac Smith,
son of Ephraim and grandson of Col. Isaac
Smith, of the revolutionary army from Ipswich,
Mass. Mr. Isaac Smith was an active, enterprising
and useful man, and for many years was the
overseer of the Franconia Iron Works and mines
in New Hampshire.
68. 6. Joseph,5 born May 15, 1768; married March 13,
1791, Patty Sargent. Settled first at Hamstead,
but subsequently removed to the St. John's river,
on the eastern border of Maine.
69. 7. Hannah,5 born May 6, 1770, married Orlando
Sargent, of Amesbury, Mass.
70. 8. Simeon,5 born July 24, 1772; married May 26,
1799, Susanna Merrill, born Nov. 17, 1779. He
resided on the homestead of his father, in Plaistow,
where he died Jan. 5, 1752, in his 80th
year. He was a successful farmer, and much respected.
71. 9. Richard,5 born April 4, 1775; died Nov. 29, 1793.
72. 10. Betsy,5 born June 5, 1777; married 1802, Joshua
Emery, of Andover, Mass.
73. 11. James,5 born Jan. 25, 1780; married in 1803,
Betsy Wells, of Newburyport, Mass.
74. 12. (Rev.) Moses,5 born Feb. 28, 1783; married Oct.
7, 1807, Mehitable, daughter of Jona and Martha
(Symonds) Tyler, of Andover, Mass., born
April 3, 1785. He studied theology, and preached
five years in Amesbury, six or seven in Plaistow,
was several years employed as a Home Missionary;
but becoming infirm by reason of an anchylosis
of the hip joint, he was unable to pursue his
profession. He died in Wenham, Mass., 1853.
No issue.
75. Samuel4 Welch, (44) and 1st wife (???) Cheyney.
76. 1. Lydia,5 born 1768, married David Pearson of
Canaan, N. H.
2. Abigail,5 born 1770; married Joseph Clark, and
died Nov., 1846, at 76.
3. Polly,5 born 1772; married in 1800, Nathan
Tucker, of Salisbury, Mass.
4. Samuel,5 born Aug. 27, 1774; married in 1804,
Lydia Gill, and died 1848, at 74.
5. Richard,5 born 1776; married. Settled in Hartland,
Vt., and died Sept., 1817.
Children by Second Wife (Mrs. Anna Cheyney):
6. Daniel,5 born in 1778; married Hannah Montgomery,
of Hamstead.
7. Betsy,5 born April 19, 1780; married (???)
8. Anna-Chase,5 born in 1785; married Jonothan
Choate, who died soon after, leaving an infant
9. Bailey,5 born April 18, 1788; married July 2,
1810, Priscilla B. Barber. Resided in Canaan as
a farmer. The above nine were born in Plaistow;
the two following in Canaan:
10. James,5 born March, 1790; married. He settled
in Hartland, Vt., where he died March, 1841, and
his wife died the same year.
11. Uriah,5 born July 5, 1793; married 1st, Jan.
1818, Lois Currier, who died in Jan., 1821, and
he married 2nd, Jan., 1822, Sarah French. He
removed to Concord, N. H., and on August 13,
1839, while at work on the Free Bridge, so called,
he fell into the Merrimack river, and was
drowned, aged 46, leaving one son (a printer in
Boston), and one daughter.
The arms of Welch of Scotland and North Ireland are described by Burke.
Relative to Rev. Moses Welch
A Century sermon preached at Mansfield Jan. 1, 1801 by Moses C. Welch, pastor of the Mansfield North Society(???)a book printed at Hartford by Hudson and Gordon in 1801(???)"I Samuel; 12" the text. The sermon closed with "Finally may we all begin the new century with new refolutions in favor of God himfelf. May we gird up our loins, and be ftrong in the Lord. May we let up our Ebenezer ftrongly infpired with thif idea that Hitherto hath the Lord helped us."

"The following persons by the name of Welch served in the War of the Revolution from Pennsylvania: Andrew, Daniel,* David, Edward,* Henry,* James,* John,* Joseph,* Matthew, Miles,* Morris, Neal,* Patrick, Samuel, Thomas,* Walter, Erasmus, Daniel, Jr., George,* Jacob,* Michael, Moses, Richard, Robert,* William.* In the Census of 1790 the following(???)in addition to those starred above(???)appear: Aaron, Nichola, Peter. On tax lists, etc., the following additional names appear: Casper, Cond., Felix, Francis, Ludwick, Nicholas, Soloman, Wilson.

History of Norfolk, Conn. 1744-1900
By Theron W. Crissey, LL.B.

The Welch Family
The first of the name in this town was Hopestill Welch, who in the part of Windham, Conn., which is now called Hampton, married Alice Woodward, May 12, 1762, both being natives of that place. They lived in their native place for a few years; afterwards for a time at Windsor, and removed to Norfolk about 1772, and lived here for more than fifty-five years. Mr. Welch was born in 1741, and died in this town March 9, 1828, aged 87 years. Mrs. Welch died June 3, 1828, aged 82 years. Hopestill Welch served as a soldier in the French war, under General Putnam and others, and was also a soldier in the Revolutionary army, and a pensioner as Sergeant, after 1818. He was a blacksmith and lived near the school-house on Pond Hill. Mr. and Mrs. Welch were members of the Congregational Church. They had thirteen children(???)three sons and ten daughters.

Alice, married Joel Walter and died in Norfolk, leaving no children.

Vine, married Esther Coggswell; was a blacksmith; removed to Ohio about 1813, and died at Euclid, Ohio, at more than ninety years of age. He had a large family of children.

Benjamin, studied medicine, and is mentioned at length below.

Sarah, married Enoch Searles, from Vermont; they lived in Norfolk and Shalersville, Ohio. Sullivan Searles, one of their sons, was a Constable in Norfolk in 1831, and afterwards went West.

Eunice, unmarried, lived with and died at the home of her brother, Dr. Benjamin Welch, December, 1846, aged 74.
Abigail, married Joseph Gaylord of Norfolk; removed to Plymouth, Ill., and died in Kansas at a great age.
Susanna, married Abraham Thompson of Goshen. They removed from Goshen to Hudson, Ohio, about 1800, as pioneer settlers. She was a noted school teacher.
Lucy, married first Joel Walter, who had before married her oldest sister, Alice Welch. She married, second, Mr. Tyler. She married, third, Enoch Searles, who had before married her sister, Sarah Welch. Her only child was the late Judge Joel Walter Tyler of Cleveland, Ohio.
Charlotte, married Nathan Jenks of North Providence, R. I.
They lived in Canaan, Conn.,and Albion, N. Y.
Elizabeth (Betsey), married Jonathan Pettibone, son of Col. Giles Pettibone of Norfolk. They settled fifteen miles from Plymouth, Ill.
Hopestill, married Eunice Stevens, and settled in Blandford, Mass., as a physician. Being out of health he started with a horse and sleigh to visit his sisters in Ohio. On the journey he became suddenly worse and died at Geneva, N. Y., aged twenty-five years. His only child was Samuel Stevens Hopestill Welch.
Phebe Sophia, married Daniel Welton of Goshen. They went West and died at Beloit, Wis. Her only child, Phebe Sophia, married Stephen Obed Humphrey of Goshen, and died at Beloit in 1874.
Olive, married Ezekiel Wilcox of Norfolk and removed to Shalersville, Ohio.
A century ago the belief in signs and portents was almost universal.
The following tradition is well authenticated. In 1810 Hopestill Welch lived near Pond Hill Schoolhouse. He had a large family, several of whom had removed to Ohio.
One morning at breakfast Mrs. Welch, then an old lady, said she expected bad news that day.
She had slept but little through the night, and once felt sure she heard the tolling of a death bell.
Her daughters tried to cheer her up, but the mother persisted in saying, "You will see."
Days passed, perhaps weeks, and tidings came of the death of the youngest son, at the age of twenty-five years.
He was a physician, named for his father, Hopestill, and after a long illness had started with a team for the West to visit his friends, hoping the journey and change would be a benefit to him.
When near Geneva, N. Y., he was taken suddenly worse and died there among strangers, on the very night that his mother thought she heard the tolling of the bell.
Welch Genealogy CS71, W442, 1902.
John Welch, First In This Country
John Welch, first in this country, married Elizabeth White, daughter of John White of Boston, joiner.
Charles A. Welch has found somewhere a reference to the honored father of John Welch, Christopher Welch, of Plymtree, Devonshire, England, husbandman.

(At one time Charles A. Welch supposed that John Welch, first in this country and master of the "Sea Flower," was the son of Christopher Welch of Plymtree, Devonshire, England.
This was an error.
Christopher Welch was the father of John Welch, one of the marines of his Majesty's ship, the "Success" had a wife, Elizabeth, lived in Boston, and died in 1744.)
John Welch, first in this country, lived on Prince Street, Boston; paid taxes as follows (see vol. I of Reports of Record Commissioners): page 91, for 1687, two shillings, page 134, for 1688, and page 170 shows that he was an inhabitant of Boston.
His first child, John, was born in 1682. (See Ninth Report of Record Commissioners, page 159.)
He was therefore here in 1682.
His children were:
(1) John Welch, born July 22, 1682, married Hannah Phillips January 23, 1706.
(2) Thomas Welch, born January 9, 1686, married Elizabeth Rogers December 1, 1709, and
had a son, Thomas, born October 17, 1712.
(3) Elizabeth Welch, born June 3, 1689, married Lieutenant Wilkinson.
(4) Rachel Welch, born January 12, 1693, married John Vaughan, May 20, 1717.
(5) Susanna Welch, born April 29, 1696, married Edward Eades, July 15, 1714.
(6) William Welch, born September 18, 1698, married Deborah Webb June 4, 1723.
(7) Benjamin Welch, born June 9, 1701.
(8) Ebenezer Welch, born January 27, 1704, married
Susannah Allen Aug. 10, 1732, and had two sons:
1. Ebenezer Welch, born April 16, 1733, and a son:
2. Hezekiah Welch, born Aug. 26, 1734.
In Suffolk Probate Records, libro 18, folio 305, May 1, 1714, is the will of John Welch, mariner.
His wife, Elizabeth, appointed executrix.
The will is dated July 14, 1704, and is as follows:
Recites that he is bound out on a voyage to sea and knowing the uncertainty of life, etc., makes his last will.
"I do hereby will, give and bequeath unto my beloved wife, the use, improvement and income of all and singular my estate, housing, lands, goods and chattels, debts, and money during the time of her being my widow, viz: so long as she shall remain my widow. I also give unto her, my said wife, one third part of my estate at her own disposal forever.
"Item. I do will and order that when my youngest child shall arrive at the age of one and twenty years or day of marriage, my estate shall be equally divided among all my children that shall then be living, to each of them part and part alike, excepting such part thereof as is before bequeathed to my said wife, viz: one third part as aforesaid and I do hereby nominate, ordain and appoint my said beloved wife, Elizabeth Welch sole Executrix of this my last will and testament and do revoke all former and other wills by me formerly made whether by word or writing.
"In testimony whereof I have to this my present will set my hand and seal the 14th day of July, 1704.
"In the third year of her majtees Reign &c.
"John Welch [seal]

"Signed and sealed, published and declared by said John Welch to be his last will and testament in presence of
"Daniel Turell,
"Sam'l Greenwood,
"John Greenough."
Turell was at one time a selectman of Boston.
John Welch, mariner, died in 1714.
Elizabeth is spoken of in deed recorded libro 29, folio 116, dated February 8, 1714, as his widow.
In the archives of the General Court at the State House, vol. 63, pp. 154-156, is the following:
"To his Excellency, Joseph Dudley Esq. Captain General and Governor in Chief of Her Majesty's Province of Massachusetts Bay, in New England & the Hon the Councill & Representatives in General Court Assembled: The petition of John Welch of Boston humbly showeth: That the petitioner was impressed as Commander of the Sloop Sea Flower sent by this Court in the year 1704, as a Packet boat to England & had the misfortune to be taken by the French near the Lands End of England & carried into France whereby your petitioner with his son (Thomas) (chief mate of the said Vessel) & a servant were not only deprived of their liberty for a considerable time, but lost their clothes, books & instruments besides their time, so that your petitioner has sustained more than 100œ damage, by being taken in the public service as aforesaid & has as yet no consideration for his said service & loss, nor would at this time have troubled this Honorable Court with his petition but that he has been a great part of his time since disabled by sickness from providing for his family, which are numerous & chargeable. Your petitioner therefore humbly prays Your Excellency & Honors to take the premises into your favorable consideration & grant him such allowance for the services & damage aforesaid & for hire of the said vessell (whereof your petitioner was part owner) to the time she was taken, as in your wisdom shall seem meet & as you have been pleased in your justice to grant to others in like circumstances. And your petitioner as in duty bound shall ever pray &c.
John Welch.
"Boston, May 31, 1710.
"In House of Rep. June 16, read & committed.

"Resolved that there be allowed & paid out of the public Treasury to the petitioner in behalf of himself & the rest of the late owners of the Sloop Sea Flower for the hire of said sloop the sum of 48œ & for wages of petitioner, his son & servant Robert Harloe 18œ 18s.
"Consented to
"J. Dudley.

"Sent up for concurrence.
"In Council(???)June 19, 1710. Read & not concurred to the 48œ for hire. Government having paid the full cost of the vessel, but agreed to 18œ as gratuity to petitioner for self, son & servant.
"Sent down for concurrence.
"In House of Representatives, June 20, 1710. Read & concurred.
"(The Sloop Sea Flower taken up July 4, 1704.
"John Welch Commander entered July 4 at 5œ mo.
"Thomas Welch mate entered July 4 at 3œ 10s mo.)"

In the Suffolk Registry of Deeds, libro, 21, folio I, is a deed dated March 30, 1702, from Edward White, cooper, son of John White, joiner, John Welch, mariner, and Elizabeth, his wife, daughter of John White, Edward Martyn of Boston, merchant, and Sarah, his wife, another daughter, Samuel Warkman of Rhode Island, housewright, and Martha, his wife, a daughter, Mary Robertson, a daughter, widow, and Thankful White, spinster, to Jeremiah Belcher, conveying 200 acre farm and 10 acres of salt marsh in Rumney Marsh, Boston, and 7 acres meadow in Malden.

April 27, 1702, Suffolk Registry, libro 24, folio 131, is a deed from the same, except Mary Robinson, to Mary Robinson of a house and ground, same in which John Robinson lived, formerly in possession of John White, in Boston, bounded northeast by the highway to Charlestown ferry "over against the house now in possession of John Welch ... being 36 x 38 1/2 feet. Also one garden plot next above those now set off to John Welch and Edward White up to the end of house lot set off to Samuel Warkman. Said plot being 67 feet by 38 feet, with privilege of pump and an alley 4 feet wide to be up through John Welch's and Edward White's garden plots to said Robinson's garden," etc.

February 8, 1714/1715, Suffolk Registry, libro 29, folio 116, is a mortgage from Elizabeth Welch, widow of John Welch, mariner, 120œ to Edward Martyn, one-third part (see will) in her husband's estate bounded southwest on the street leading to Charlestown ferry (Prince Street), northwest by lands of Augustus Linden, southeast by land of John Greenough, 38 1/2 feet abroad and in length from front to low water. Condition of this mortgage was 65œ and interest to be paid August 8, 1716. Recorded March 23, 1714, and discharged August 9, 1739, by Sarah Martyn, executrix of Edward Martyn.

Genealogy of The Burbank Family and the families of Bray, Wellcome, Sedgley (Sedgeley) and Welch. By George Burbank Sedgley. Knowlton & McLeary Co., Farmington, Maine, 1928, pp. 515-20.
Some of the Welches in America are of English origin, while others are of Scotch-Irish descent.
Scotch Protestants named Welch crossed the sea to the north of Ireland during the period of religious upheaval in Scotland.
The first of the name found in the colonial records of New England is Philip Welch who was a passenger from the north of Ireland on the ship "Goodfellow," in 1654, when sixteen years old.
Welch is a very common name in America.
(1) Philip Welch was a servant to Samuel Symonds, gentleman, of Epswich, Massachusetts.
In 1661 he absolutely refused to serve his master, and brought suit in court to be freed.
At this time he had served seven years, and was about twenty-three years old.
He was stolen from his home in Ireland by an English sea captain and brought to America and sold to Symonds.
George Dell, shipmaster of the ship "Goodfellow," says
"Two Irish youth I brought over by order of State of England, one William Dalton, the other Philip Welch, and sold to serve nine years in consideration of corn or live cattle before the end of the following October."
(Essex County Quarterly Court Records).
Philip said to his master:
"We will go away and leave you before your face."
The jury brought in a verdict that the boys would have to serve full time, if the contract that the Sea
Captain made with Mr. Symonds was legal.
Other records of Philip whose records have already been mentioned at length are herewith given:
Philip married in Ipswich in 1665, Hannah, daughter of Henry Haggert of Wenham, Mass., and settled in Portsmouth, New Hampshire.
Children, the names of four are known, probably there were others:
1. Philip,2 born Dec. 27, 1668.
2. Samuel,2 mentioned below.
3. Benjamin,2 in 1711 with nine others was before the court for being riotous in Portsmouth town meeting; in 1714 he had a case in court, and another in 1715. ....
He is probably the Benjamin who went to Berwick in 1719 and later to Kittery, Maine, and married Mary Hill of the family to which the late Governor Hill belonged.
4. Moses,2 born Nov. 25, 1685; lived in Portsmouth, New Hampshire.
The names of four of his sons are found in the court record, where he and his sons were before
the court in regard to a row with Benjamin Miller, Jr., for calling Miller's mother names.
1. Joseph3.
2. Moses3.
3. Thomas3.
4. John3
5. Benjamin,3 is not named in the court record with his brothers; married
Elizabeth (???); lived in Portsmouth; was a carpenter.
(2) Samuel Welch, son of Philip (I), married in about 1701; lived in Portsmouth and Kingston,
New Hampshire, and is called, Yoeman, in the deed of land to his son, Benjamin.
His wife's first name was Mary. He married his wife on the guaranteed basis so common in those days, and the names of the witnesses show that she Belonged in Stratham or Exeter, New Hampshire.
There is a court record of his wife(???)the case was brought soon after her marriage.
The case is No. 17529 Mary Welch, wife of Samuel, statutory offence before marriage.
Witnesses in court. Isaac Coal, Widow Wiggin, and wife of Thomas Reed.
It is easy to trace all generations of this Welch family by the court records.
The children of the Welch families do not appear to have been baptized as infants, as was then the custom.
The parents were probably not members of the church.
The records show that quite a number of them were baptized in later years after they grew to manhood and womanhood.
In 1719 Mr. Welch was appointed to assist widow of Thomas Scribner in settling an estate.
His name appears in Kingston in 1725. His son, Samuel, mentioned below, lived to be the oldest man in
New England.

Re: Some More Welch Information

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Classification: Query
George Welsh Birth: Bef 1700
Death: 30 Jan 1756 in West Nottingham Township,Chester County,Pennsylvania
Marriage 1. MARY...............
James WELSH b: Bef 1750
George WELSH
William WELSH
Robert WELSH b: Abt 1751 in Nottingham,Chester County,Pennsylvania
Will of George Welsh
Chester County,Pennsylvania
Wills, 1713 - 1825
Page: D:39
Robert Welsh Birth: Abt 1751 in Nottingham,Chester County,Pennsylvania
Death: 22 Feb 1809 in Upper Buffalo,Washington County,Pennsylvania
Father: George WELSH b: Bef 1700
Marriage 1 Mary CALDWELL b: 1754 in PA
Married: in Cecil County,Maryland
William WELSH b: 3 May 1793 in Chartiers Twp., Washington Co., PA
William Welsh Birth: 3 May 1793 in Chartiers Township, Washington County,Pennsylvania
Death: 7 Dec 1863 in Windsor Twp., Morgan County,Ohio
William Welsh household
1840 U.S. Census,Ohio
Harrison Co., Monroe Twp., p. 176. It is near the listing for son
George's young family.
1 male under 5 yrs.
1 male over 15 under 20
1 male over 40 under 50
1 female over 5 under 10
1 female over 30 under 40
William is indicated as being involved in Manufacture and Trade.
Father: Robert WELSH b: Abt 1751 in Nottingham, Chester, PA/Chester Co., PA
Mother: Mary CALDWELL b: 1754 in PA
Marriage 1 Mary "Polly"ST. CLAIR b: 1 Jan 1787 in Washington Co., PA
Married: 20 Jun 1820 in Washington County,Pennsylvania
1. George St. Clair WELSH b: 14 Apr 1821 in Washington County,Pennsylvania
2. James C. WELSH b: 1823 in Washington Co., PA
3. William Adam WELSH b: 29 Sep 1830 in Washington County,Pennsylvania
George St. Clair Welsh
Birth: 14 Apr 1821 in Washington County,Pennsylvania
Death: 3 Jul 1867 in McConnellsville, Morgan, Ohio
Occupation: Clerk of the Court of Common Pleas for Jefferson County, Ohio.
Reported in the newspaper of McConnelsville,Ohio
THE CONSERVATIVE, July 4, 1867.)
Burial: 1867 McConnellsville Cemetery,McConnellsville, Morgan County,Ohio
According to family oral history, George is a descendant of Sir George St. Clair of England on his mother's side of the family.
Enumerated with his wife, Sarah, and infant son, Daniel, in the 1840 U.S.
Census, Ohio. Harrison Co., Monroe Twp.. , p.176, line 14, ID#OHS4a2751.
1 male under 5 yrs.
1 male over 20 under 30
1 female over 15 under 20
1 member of this 3 member household was involved in agriculture.
1840 Census
Welsh,George County State: Harrison County,Ohio
Location: Monroe Twp Page #: 176 Year: 1840
Father: William WELSH b: 3 May 1793 in Chartiers Twp., Washington County,Pennsylvania
Mother: Mary "Polly" ST. CLAIR b: 1 Jan 1787 in Washington County,Pennsylvania
Marriage 1 Sarah CAREY b: 11 Apr 1816 in Jefferson Co. OH
Married: 24 Oct 1839 in Jefferson Co. Ohio
Daniel Webster WELSH b: 26 Jul 1840 in Jefferson, Jefferson, OH
Alla (Halley) G. WELSH b: Aft 1840
Clark WELSH b: Aft 1840
Sarah A. WELSH b: Aft 1840 in prob. McConnellsville, Morgan, OH
George Austin WELSH b: Abt 1843
Martha J. WELSH b: 1846 in OH
Roger WELSH b: Abt 1852
Ida Anna WELSH b: Abt 1854 in OHIO
Mary E. WELSH b: Abt 1859 in OHIO
Daniel Webster Welsh, Captain Birth: 26 Jul 1840 in Jefferson,Jefferson County,Ohio
Death: 2 Apr 1919 in Cedar Grove, Wood, WV
Captain & Fraternity Member Unknown Grand Army of the Republic (G.A.R.) -a veteran's group
Religion: Member of Cedar Grove Methodist Church
Military Service was a Captain in the Union Army during the Civil War.
He fought with the 62nd Ohio Volunteers, Company B
Superintendent of the (Wood) County Farm; also did some farming.
Residences Unknown McConnelsville, Ohio (Jefferson County); Humansville, Missouri (Polk County); Cedar Grove, West Virginia (Wood County)
Burial: Cedar Grove Cemetery, Parkersburg, Wood, WV
Occupation: 4 Oct 1861 Hatter
Age at death 2 Apr 1919 78 yrs., 8 months, 7 days
Physical Description found in COMPANY DESCRIPTION BOOK of Ohio 62nd Volunteers,
Company B at the time of his enlistment: Age-21; height 5 feet, 4 inches;
Complexion - fair; hair - light; eyes-brown. Medical
Alias: D. W.Welsh From Enlistment Papers
62nd Ohio Infantry
Volunteers, Company B
When: Oct. 4, 1861Where: McConnelsville
By Whom: J.W. Pinkerton Term: 3 yrs.
Remarks: Promoted to 2nd Lieut. March 4, 1863
Promoted to 1st Lieut. Dec. 31, 1864 Copyist: Ford
Written in the Autograph Book of Nellie Welsh Dickson, daughter
By D.W. Welsh
"1861 WAR 1865"
Cost four hundred thousand loyal lives; that made three hundred thousand Union Soldiers
and Sailors cripples for life; And left more than a Million devoted Mothers, Widows, Sisters
and Orphans to mourn for their loved ones that did not return.
"Think of our loved ones who sleep far away.
Sleep where their friends cannot find them today,
They who in valley, on hillside, in dell,
Fell where they wearied and Sleep where they fell."
D. W. Welsh - 62nd O.V.I. [Ohio Volunteer Infantry]
Cedar Grove, Wood County, West Virginia
March 31, 1890
[This autograph places D. W. Welsh in Wood County WV for the 1890 Census]
D.W. Welsh was said to have seen Abraham Lincoln.
He was among the troops stationed at Appomattox Court House, Virginia on April 16,1865 when General Robert E. Lee surrendered his troops to Ulysses S. Grant to end the Civil War.
This was authenticated by a letter he wrote to his wife on the day of the surrender describing
the scene. Unfortunately, the letter is now in a sad state.
The remains of the letter are in the possession of David B. Cottrill, great-grandson of D.W......
D. W.'s younger brother, Austin, was killed in that war living only to the age of 16 years.
After the war and the birth of one daughter, D. W. ("Webster") and his wife, Laura Jane Glover,
lived in Humansville, Missouri. He and Laura Jane ("Jennie") came to live at Cedar Grove,
West Virginia after the death of their infant son bringing their three young daughters with them.
Laura Jane died young, leaving him the three daughters to raise.
He married his housekeeper, Mary Larkins, and fathered five more children.
1840 - Monroe Twp., Harrison Co., OH (an infant with his parents)
1850- Should be found in OH with parents
1860- Should be found in OH
1870- Polk Co., MO Census
Johnson Twp., household # 124,
p.51 in transcribed book published by the Ozarks Genealogy
Society, Inc, Springfired, MO 1986
WELSH, D. W. 30 M b. OH farmer $960 in real
estate $180 in personal property
Jane 29 F b. OH keeping house
Mary B. 3 F b. OH
Nettie 7/12 F b. MO born January 1870
[should be "Nellie"]
(Thanks to look-up volunteer Julie Wollard Trout of Polk Co.,MO
for her assistance.)
1880- Williams Dist., Wood Co., WV Census
[source-Family History Library Film #1255416; NA fILM #
t9-1416; P. 323C; LDS Library]
WELSH, DANIEL W. Male b. <1839> [actually 1840]
Birthplace: OHAge: 41 (?) Occupation: Farmer Marital Status: Widowed
Race: White Head of Household: Daniel W. Welsh
Father's Birthplace: OH Mother's Birthplace: OH
Welsh, Daniel W. Self Widowed WM Age 41 B. OH Farmer Father b. OH Mother b. OH
Jennie Wife M (Deceased) WF age 36 b. VA Keeping
House;Father b. VA Mother b. VA Mary B. Dau. Single WF age 13 b. MO Occ. at
homeFather b. OH Mother b. VA Nellie F. Dau. Single WF age 10 b. MO
Father b. OH Mother b. VA
Georgie Dau. Single WF age 7 b. MO
Father: George St. Clair WELSH b: 14 Apr 1821 in Washington Co., PA
Mother: Sarah CAREY b: 11 Apr 1816 in Jefferson Co. OH
Marriage 1 Laura Jane GLOVER b: 27 Sep 1840 in prob. Polk Co., MO or Bucyrus, OH
Married: 6 Mar 1864 in Mc Connellsville, Morgan , OH 1
Source of Marriage information - International Genealogical Index
1. (Mary) Belle WELSH b: 11 Sep 1867 in Bucyrus, Morgan, Ohio
Nellie Florence WELSH b: 16 Jan 1870 in Humansville, Polk, MO
Georgia Mae WELSH b: 13 May 1872 in Polk County, Missouri
Charles Austin WELSH b: Aft 1873 in Humansville, Polk, MO
Marriage 2 Mary E. LARKINS
Married: 6 Mar 1882 in Cedar Grove, West Virginia (Wood County)
1.Carrie A. WELSH b: 17 Jul 1886 in Cedar Grove, WV
Roger N. WELSH b: 5 Dec 1887 in Cedar Grove, WV
Bessie G. WELSH b: 21 Jul 1891
Oren D. WELSH b: 13 Dec 1894 in Cedar Grove, WV (Wood County)/Wood Co., WV
Jennie May WELSH b: 9 Jun 1898 in Cedar Grove, WV (Wood County)/Wood Co., WV

Re: Some More Welch Information

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It was George Welch Born in England Came to Tunkannock pa 1813 with his brother Richard.
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