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J. W. Daniels

J. W. Daniels

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Looking for infomation on John Westley Daniel/Daniels. and his wife Mary Ann. I believe he was a lay precher at the Trespalacios Church. and put in a Confederate penison app in June of 1899 and it was disaproved in Oct 1899 that was rejected. I find him and his children listed in the 1894 School census. I believe he was there from 1888-1899. He appears to have been a preacher for the chruch from 1888-1891.


J. W. Daniel (twins) M 16 Y wht N J. W. Daniel
Elizabeth Daniel (twins) F 16 Y wht N J. W. Daniel
Susana Daniel F 14 Y wht N J. W. Daniel
Calla E. Daniel F 11 Y wht N J. W. Daniel
Winfield Daniel M 10 Y wht N J. W. Daniel

Re: J. W. Daniels

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There is a marriage for a C. E. Daniels and Joseph E. Scoates on 14 Mar 1899, Matagorda County Marriage Records, Booa, page 272.

There is also a Minnie Daniel who married Wm. W. Young, 11 Feb 1892, Book B, page 104.

Carol Sue Gibbs

Re: J. W. Daniels

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The school location for the census you noted would be in the area of the present town of Van Vleck. The Trespalacios Church was near the present town of Blessing.


Re: J. W. Daniels

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They were sisters! Wish that the originator had shared additional info? Minnie's children found with their grandmother and uncles 1910 OK-Okmulgee-Severs-0156-Image 39.

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Thank you. I have very little info on John Westley for 1880 - 1900. Oral family history. But I am trying to run down things like where were they.. when did they die, where are they Buried. I have a copy of a picture with Mary Ann Daniel (wife), Joe Scates, and several Young children.. but no idea how they were related. John and Mary ann (James) where my Great Grandparents. They were orginally from Van Zandt Co. A family reseach and historian did reseach on them for Van Zandt and the church that Mary Ann's parents William and Mary james donated land for a Church and school there (New Hope Church) is now a historical Building. The last Census I have for John and Mary is 1880 Callahan, then the Confedate Penision app in 1899. Minnie supposly died of TB after having 4 children, but no note on who she married. I will do another post with names of John and Mary and thier children. and I apprecate the Help you all did :)

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Thank you. I have a pciture of Joe and Callie. I have generally found Joe's name as Scates or Skates. And yes Minnie is a sister.

Re: J. W. Daniels

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Why a seperate posting! For the sake of consistency, add the children here. I've already visited your tree and have the names. Regarding Paul: believe he was age 3/12 in 1870? He's not on 1880 so reasonably certain he died early? Mary Ann applied for widow's pension 11 Apr 1904 in Uvalde County. John's correct date of death listed on that document. Callie Daniels Scates (21 Nov 1882 - 21 Feb 1911) buried in Sunnyvale, Dallas County. Appears the family was in Matagorda and/or Uvalde County ca. 1900 then relocated to Okmulgee, OK for 1910. Callie sheltered one of Minnie's daughters in 1910 Okmulgee.

Re: J. W. Daniels / John Westley Daniel Family

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Supposely several of these childen died of TB and one from eating a posioned egg according to family history.

Betty Daniel (dates unknow)
Frank Daniel (dates unknow)
(both of these may have died very young, relatives or Alt names for children - Mary Ann supposely had 9 and I don't see them in any census - Oral family history gives these names)

Susanna "Susie" Daniel
Birth 1879 in Texas (most likely in Precinct 3, Callahan, Texas, United States )

Paul Daniel
Birth 1865 in Texas, USA Death Before 1880 ( is in the 1870 census and not in the 1880)

William Thomas Daniel
Birth 02/04/1874 in Van Zandt Co, Texas, USA Death 2 Feb 1904 in El Paso, Texas (John Westley suppose went to bury this son in El Paso, Caught Pnemonia and died - J.W daniels death cert says COD is Pnemonia. death cert for W T Daniels but don't have copy of it yet - Family history says he died on a train at around 29 years old - he is Wharlton Tx in 1900)

Minnie Daniel Birth Jan 1876 Death unknown married Wm W. Young( oral history is she died of TB after having 4 kids - Cathine 1897, Howard, Annie and Barnett 1899)

John W. Daniels JR. Birth abt 1878
May Ann E. "ELizabeth" Daniel Birth abt 1878 ( yes they are twins)

Callie/Calla E. Daniel Birth 1883 Death unknown Married Joe Scates ( her cousin I believe)

Winfield James Daniel Birth 1887 ( we have a picture of an adult we think is him)

Reagan Daniel Birth 1888 (most likely Matagorda)

Wilford Hall Daniel Birth 04 JUL 1890 in Matagorda, Texas, USA Death 16 NOV 1940 in Gardena Calif
( my Grandfather)

Roscoe Daniel Birth Matagorda 1894

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THanks didn't know when Callie died. I know they were in Ok for awhile, then went to Phonis Az ( my dad was born there) then to Calif. I wasn't posting alot of info because I was focusing on Matagorda county and I figured it was easier for the Matagorda look up people to focus on certain infomation. I have a copy of a picture and wanted to expand on the people in it for the family. They were only ID'd as Joe Scates, Callie Daniel and several Young children and one unknown child. So I am trying to see if the Family Oral history is correct or not. since there no 1990 census..

Re: J. W. Daniels / John Westley Daniel Family

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W. T. Daniels death certificate online Puzzled by the absence of WWI Draft Registrations for Roscoe, Reagan, and John? Perhaps they either died prior to 1917/1918 or avoided registration? Winfield James (names used alternately) found 1910 and 1920 Oklahoma then 1930 TX-Lamb. So many tragedies! A father travels 700 miles to bury his son and dies before returning home!
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