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Rogers/Hodge - Hardemon Co. TN

Rogers/Hodge - Hardemon Co. TN

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I am trying to find info on my husband's family. His father's name was Robert Edward (Bo) Rogers. He is buried in Cypress Cemetary in Hardemon Co. between Middleton & Pocahontas. His grandfather is Robert Newton Rogers & his is married to Ellar Hodge. Robert N.'s parents are George Newton Rogers & Vashti ? (I think). They are all supposed to be buried at Cypress. Any info would be greatly appreciated.
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I can't find a County by that name?

Re: Hardemon Co. TN

Jenny Rogers (View posts)
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After I posted the reply, I realized I spelled it wrong. It is Hardeman Co.

Re: Hardeman County, Tennessee

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Hardeman Co, TN. web page ( they don't have much )
This link is off there web page and it has a search engine and this info below came up.

HARDEMAN COUNTY, TN - VITALS - Marriage Records, 1824-1950
(* I only looked at the R marriages so there maybe more.)

Rodgers, Atlas Gibson, Jesse Oct 1900
Rodgers, D.R. Laney, N.B. Dec 1892
Rodgers, E.C. Wells, R.A. Jul 1884
Rodgers, Fred Shearin, Wilmer Jan 1899
Rodgers, G.W. Eaton, Rebecca Oct 1867
Rodgers, J.A. Hull, J.F. Dec 1892
Rodgers, J.E. Moore, H.C. Dec 1884
Rodgers, J.W. Mashburn, Hahulda May 1887
Rodgers, James Mitchell, Fannie Sep 1889
Rodgers, L.W. Blaylock, Mattie Dec 1903
Rodgers, Lafayette Turner, Ada Nov 1898
Rodgers, Nathaniel Polk, Mary Feb 1843
Rodgers, O.W. Dixon, M.J. Oct 1898
Rodgers, T.J. Loughlin, Martha Jul 1888
Rodgers, W.B. Laney, Laura Jan 1889
Rodgers, William Webb, Florence Jul 1902
Rogers, Albert Griffin, Lunica Dec 1867
Rogers, Benjamin Strickland, Mary Apr 1851
Rogers, Burt Whirley, Maggie Sep 1904
Rogers, Charles E. Brooks, Lenora C. Dec 1877
Rogers, Daniel Stricklin, Aleene Feb 1926
Rogers, David Fletcher, Caroline Oct 1845
Rogers, Doctor Northern, Jane Sep 1871
Rogers, Elam Fersheath, Margaret Oct 1844
Rogers, Emet Hudson, Dora Sep 1915
Rogers, Ephriam M. Yokum, Lucy E. Mar 1872
Rogers, F.M. Sadler, M.W. Jan 1872
Rogers, Frank Beard, Josie May 1910
Rogers, G.M. McKeowm, Alice Jul 1897
Rogers, George M. Medford, Mary Ann Feb 1840
Rogers, H.A. Lewis, Fannie Jan 1896
Rogers, H.R. Hudson, Emma J. Aug 1864
Rogers, Henry J. Highfell, Malenda Dec 1845
Rogers, Irvin Barkwell, Sophronia Dec 1854
Rogers, Irvin Avent, Anna Mar 1936
Rogers, Isaac Elkins, Mahala Mar 1834
Rogers, J.C. Gunn, Jessie May 1922
Rogers, J.E. Barrett, Susan Sep 1867
Rogers, J.L. Tilman, E.M. Jan 1893
Rogers, J.N. Armstrong, Carrie Jun 1920
Rogers, Jacob Pate, Harriet Dec 1878
Rogers, James Stone, Elizabeth Feb 1838
Rogers, James Odham, Minerva A. Jan 1896
Rogers, Joe Saddler, Rosa Apr 1910
Rogers, John Johnson, Mary Sep 1861
Rogers, John David Jones, Mamie Leona Dec 1901
Rogers, John Jr. Cox, Eliza Oct 1835
Rogers, John T. Simpson, Cora Bell Aug 1925
Rogers, John W. Hansford, Delilah L. Oct 1858
Rogers, Joseph M. Parks, Willie Ruth Feb 1920
Rogers, L.M. Patton, Maggie Sue Jan 1933
Rogers, Lemuel Bowers, Claudia Eliza Sep 1833
Rogers, Marion Carroll Clark, Laura Sep 1897
Rogers, R.A. Druvey, Rachael Sep 1892
Rogers, R.E. Rissrogle, M.J. Aug 1865
Rogers, Raymond Wells, Mamie H. Jun 1933
Rogers, Richard Rissrogle, Mary Oct 1858
Rogers, Robert R. Absent, Martha W. Nov 1859
Rogers, S.L. Powell, J.E. Jan 1880
Rogers, Sampson Jackson, Hollie Dec 1830
Rogers, Sampson Hummell Polly Mar 1831
Rogers, Samuel Benton Yopp, Mary C. Feb 1861
Rogers, Samuel James Hudson, Caroline Mar 1858
Rogers, Samuel W. Wollbertson, Mary A. Sep 1860
Rogers, Spias Casey, Elizabeth Oct 1836
Rogers, Stephen Fulgham, Polly Dec 1829
Rogers, Taylor McLeran, Lena Lou Feb 1905
Rogers, W.H. Patrick, Susie Sep 1909
Rogers, W.J. Spinks, M.E. Dec 1871
Rogers, Walter McKeown, Lizzie Jan 1892
Rogers, Will Campbell, Dorrie Jan 1922
Rogers, William Washburn, Susan Jan 1829
Rogers, William Delk, Clarkey Feb 1868
Rogers, William Belote, Etta Apr 1903
Rogers, William F. Smalley, Ellen Apr 1894
Rogers, William R. Hank, Poisey Sep 1827
Rogers, William R. Robinson, Nancy May 1828
Rogers, Willie Harris, Mattie Lou Oct 1906
Rogers, Willis Williams, Alice Jan 1880
Rogers, Willoughby Smith, Sally Jan 1837

HARDEMAN COUNTY, TN - New Hope Church of Christ Cemetery

Rogers, Alec Frank 11 Feb 1909-2 Mar 1960 h/o Lucille Lowrance Rogers
Rogers, Allene Stricklin 5 Feb 1904-6 Feb 1987 w/o Daniel L. Rogers
Rogers, Daniel L. 11 Apr 1896-14 May 1985 h/o Allene Stricklin Rogers
Rogers, Effie D. 21 Oct 1901-16 Nov 1908 d/o J.T. & M.J. Rogers
Rogers, Infant 1894 born & died s/o J.T. & M.J. Rogers
Rogers, Infant 1904 born & died s/o J.T. & M.J. Rogers
Rogers, John Richard 1 May 1892-15 Oct 1900 s/o J.T. & M.J. Rogers
Rogers, John Thomas "Tom" 19 Nov 1864-9 Oct 1947 h/o Martha J. Rogers
Rogers, John W. "Watt" 1826-? 9th TN Inf, Co F CSA h/o Delia Rogers
Rogers, Lucille H. Lowrance 12 Feb 1913-6 Aug 1999 w/o Alec Frank Rogers
Rogers, Martha J. 18 Dec 1869-4 Aug 1921 w/o John T. Rogers m 15 Jul 1888
Rogers, Mary Ellen 1 May 1887-9 Dec 1903 d/o J.T. & M.J. Rogers
Rogers, Mary Ellen Smalley 23 May 1877-28 May 1972 w/o William F. Rogers
Rogers, Morgan 9 Oct 1898-12 Nov 1913 s/o John & Margaret Rogers
Rogers, Three infants 1887, 1892 & 1902 c/o J.T. & M.J. Rogers
Rogers, William F. 29 Nov 1869-26 Jul 1952 h/o Mary Ellen Smalley Rogers

Lake Cemetery, Hardeman County, Tennessee

66. ROGERS, William J. 1-3-1849 8-19-1892
Hus of Martha Ella SPINKS
"Not lost but gone before"
NOTE: Married 12-19-1871

67. ROGERS, Mary J. 1-19-1875 9-7-1875
Dau of W.J. & M.E. Rogers

68. ROGERS, R.M. 11-12-1872 8-7-1876
Son of W.J. & M.E. Rogers
(Grandson of John C. SPINKS & Sarah Jane LAKE)

69. ROGERS, Ollin L. 10-16-1886 7-18-1896
Son of W.J. & M.E. Rogers
(Grandson of John C. SPINKS & Sarah Jane LAKE)

70. ROGERS, Lois 8-24-1891 9-8-1891
Dau of W.J. & M.E. Rogers
(Granddaughter of John C. SPINKS & Sarah Jane LAKE)


Rogers, C.J. 10 Jun 1846-11 Feb 1915 born in Scotland h/o Mary Marcia Taylor Rogers
Rogers, Infant 1 Oct 1935 only date s/o Raymond & Mamie Hamerly Rogers
Rogers, Lena Lowe McLeran died 5 Sep 1961 w/o Taylor Rogers
Rogers, Martha Harris 21 Mar 1884-4 Mar 1966 w/o Will Rogers
Rogers, Mary Marcia Taylor 18 Sep 1852-20 Dec 1948 w/o C.J. Rogers
Rogers, Roy 1879-1880 s/o C.J. & M.M. Rogers
Rogers, Taylor 2 Nov 1874-16 Feb 1935 h/o Lena Lowe McLeran Rogers
Rogers, Will 26 Jun 1881-27 Jun 1964 h/o Martha Harris Rogers


Rogers, Annette B. 20 Jul 1928-18 Oct 1997
Rogers, James C. 18 Feb 1902-2 Jan 1970 h/o Jessie June Rogers
Rogers, Jessie June 5 Jun 1901-9 Jun 1968 w/o James C. Rogers
Rogers, Kenneth N. 29 Mar 1923-7 May 1988 h/o Annette B. Rogers


Rogers, Dora 31 Aug 1887-22 Oct 1986 w/o Emit Rogers
Rogers, Emit 8 Jun 1892-4 Jan 1956 h/o Dora Rogers
Rogers, Infant 1920 only date d/o Beth & D.E. Rogers
Rogers, Infant 23 Mar 1918 only date
Rogers, James no dates 1st Lt. Co. D, 42 Inf. TN. CSA


Rodgers, Joseph Irvin 1912-6 Mar 1970
Rodgers, Ouis Luzon 1919-24 Jan 1970 WWII
Rogers, John Thomas 1890-22 Aug 1975


Rogers, Edmonie 15 Jul 1872-5 Apr 1923 w/o J.R. Rogers
Rogers, Lillian Casey 16 Nov 1912-21 May 1996 w/o Samuel Benton Rogers
Rogers, Samuel Benton 21 Jan 1910-4 Mar 1978 WWII h/o Lillian Casey Rogers


Rogers, Bessie S. 20 Aug 1904-9 Jul 1994
Rogers, Clarence Elmer 20 Jul 1899-9 Oct 1964 h/o Bessie S. Rogers
Rogers, Hattie 1883-1945 w/o John Rogers
Rogers, John 1877-1940 h/o Hattie Rogers
Rogers, Sallie 1859-1936


Harris, Mary Louise Irvin 22 Sep 1940-18 May 1986 w/o James Rogers Harris Sr. m 23 Nov 1973


Luttrell, J.J. 1849-1919 h/o P.F. Rogers Luttrell


Rogers, Richard G 8 July 1966-18 Aug 1974


Rogers, Thomas Earl 27 Aug 1915-4 Mar 1996


Rogers, Jewell 26 July 1910-24 July 1987


Rogers, Josephine 11 Feb 1881-2 Feb 1979

Re: Rogers - Hardemon Co. TN

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Surnames: ROGERS
* These are old post I seen off of the

They might help later..............I see you had posted there to.

Date: Sat, 11 Apr 1998 03:09:12 EDT
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I am looking for information on Peter ROGERS (b. late 1700's, d.1858 in MO)
His daughter, Harriet B. ROGERS, was born 1812 in Hardeman Co TN; d. 1879 in
Harriet married Peter HARDEMAN BURNETT, who later became the first American
Govenor of California. Does anyone know the name of Peter ROGERS' wife and
his date of birth?

Other surnames I'm researching: HARDEMAN, HARDIN, TAYLOR, PERKINS, EPPES,
be happy to share info.

Mary Sheehan

Date: Tue, 14 Apr 1998 22:48:16 -0500
From: "Susie Grant" <>
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Subject: RE: [TNHARDEM-L] COX, Joseph and Alexander
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> Searching for information on :
> Joseph COX/COCKS b: 02 Apr 1811 AL/KY? d: 25 Oct 1899 in
> Palestine Cemetery,
> Chester Co., TN and wife Sarah ROGERS b: 12 Sep 1821 TN m:
> 21 Dec 1837 in
> Hardeman Co., TN d: 30 Sep 1905 in Palestine Cemetery,
> Chester Co., TN
> and his brother
> Alexander COX/COCKS b: 1803 KY or NC d: 1882 in 13th Dist.,
> Hardeman Co., TN
> and wife Elizabeth FOX b: 1811 KY m: 08 Sep 1831 in
> Gibson Co., TN d: 1875 in
> TN
> Jacque
>From The Hardeman Free Press (Owens Davdison and Cox), Newspaper articles.
8 Oct 1915
Died 11 Aug, 1915 , Mary Allison Kennedy. Born 31 Oct, 1874, Daughter of
Alexander and Mary Anna COX. Methodist. Married 4 Nov. 1894 to W.F. KENNEDY.

Good Luck

Date: Tue, 7 Jul 1998 23:28:32 -0500
From: "Susie Grant" <>
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Subject: RE: [TNHARDEM-L] Look-up Offer - Rodgers-McCommons
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You Wrote;

Hi Susie: Thank you. I am searching family of Elizabeth H. (Harvey?)
Rogers m l838 to Isaac N.McCommon at Hardeman Co. Also, any information
available on McCommon/McCammon, especially Isaac. It was so good to see
message. Thank you for any help. Betty Johnson
Hello Betty,
1850 Census, Dwelling 1315
Isaac 36 M W NC Farmer
Elizabeth 26 b. NC
Susand 9 F - TN
Joseph 7 M TN
David 5 M Tn
William 3 M TN
Darcus 1 F TN

Dwelling 1316 MCCOMMONS,
Evan 42 M W NC Farmer
Drisilla 35 F W NC
PRYOR , Amanda 9 F W TN

Dwelling 1305
McCOMMONS, Charles 50 M W NC Farmer
Catherine 47 F W NC, Sarah, 18 GA, Caroline 16 GA, Thomas 14 GA, Joseph 12
GA, Charles 10 GA, Francis 6 male GA, COX, Cinthia 1 TN.
Also in DW 1344- George 53 NC , DW 1282 James M. 30 NC, DW 964- John M. 39
NC, DW 1037- Lee 32 NC, DW 1076 Reesse 46 NC and DW 1310 Stanhope 30 NC.
there are a number of McCOMMONS in the area and they all seem to be from NC.

Date: Thu, 07 May 1998 21:16:34 -0700
From: Mike Johnson <>
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Subject: [TNHARDEM-L] family names
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Hi: Here are some names. McCommon, Rogers, Hensley, Patrick, McAnulty,
and more. I have some marriage information and names of bondsmen etc.
and dates. I'm probably saying this badly. Happy to help if I can.
Betty Johnson at Washington state

Date: Wed, 08 Apr 1998 09:36:21 -0700
From: Mike Johnson <>
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Subject: Rogers
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Greetings: I am searching the family of my g grandmother Elizabeth H.
Rogers, married in l838 to Isaac Newton McCommon. They lived at the
Salisbury area but am aware that Salisbury did not exist untill the late
l850's. The McCommons married into these families; John Hensley,
Patrick, Rogers, Spears, McAnulty, and many others. Any help on
Elizabeth would be appreciated. I can give little bits of information
on the families we married into and dates. Thanks, Betty

Date: Sat, 27 Mar 1999 12:37:03 EST
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Although most of our ROGERS lived in Tippah County, MS, they came from
Tennessee and some of them moved into Tennessee from Mississippi. I am
sending this along to see if anyone can help out:

George W. Rogers (b.?; d. abt. 1844 in MS) m. Elizabeth Mary Roberson (b. abt.
1788 VA or GA?). Their children:

1. William Riley Rogers (b. abt. 1805 TN; d. ?) m. 1st Nancy ?.
a) William C. Rogers
b) Caroline Rogers
c) John W. Rogers
d) Frances Angeline Rogers, m. John Tatum
e) William P. Rogers
f) Beloved H. Rogers, m. M.J. ?
g) Augustine Purvis Rogers, m. Emily Angeline Tatum
h) Sylvana Rogers
i) Elizabeth Rogers
j) Robert C. Rogers, m. Emily Tucker
k) George W.T. "Tug" Rogers, m. Margaret S. Willis
l) James Noah Rogers, m. Almina E. Roten
m) Laura A.S. Rogers, m. J.M. "Dick" Robinson
1a. William Riley Rogers, m. 2nd Elizabeth ?
a) C.A. Rogers
b) Adell M. Rogers
2. Jane N. Rogers (b. 1805 TN; d. ?) m. Amos James
a) Elizabeth James, m. ? Brock
b) Franklin James
c) Francis Marion James, m. Mary Tucker
d) Amanada C. James
e) Newton J. James
f) Frelinghuysen James
g) Jefferson Houston "Dick" James, m. Minerva C. Meeks Childs
h) Amos James, Jr.
3. Hiram King Rogers (b. abt. 1812 TN; d. ?) m. Sarah A.L. ?
a) William P. Rogers
b) James M. Rogers
c) George W. Rogers
d) Cornelius A. Rogers
e) Z. Rogers
f) D. Spencer Rogers
g) M.D.S. Rogers
h) N.A.E. Rogers
4. George W. Rogers, Jr. (b. abt. 1815 TN; d. ?) m. Mary Ann Medford
a) Sarah E. Rogers
b) George J. Rogers
c) Jesse T. Rogers
d) Jonathan Rogers
e) Mary Frances Rogers
f) Kizzy Ann Rogers
g) William Rogers
5. Serena/Lavinia Rogers (b. abt. 1821 TN; d. ?) m. Thomas Cartwright
6. Jefferson C. Rogers (b. abt. 1824 TN; d. ?)
7. Cornelius Rogers (b. abt. 1827 TN; d. ?) m. Mary J. ?
a) Harriet C. Rogers, m. W.D. McCulloh
b) Lavinia E. Rogers
c) M.A. Rogers
d) William F. Rogers
e) E.A. Rogers
f) F.C. Rogers
8. James M. Rogers (b. abt. 1827 TN; d. ?) m. Martha E. Hines
a) Elias Rogers
9. Emily Catherine Rogers (b. abt. 1831 TN; d. ?) m. Washington Wray
a) James M. Wray

We don't know where in Tennessee the Rogers' originally lived, but have been
told they lived in the eastern mountains of Tennessee. They were in Tippah
County, Mississippi by 1837, as there are land records involving George W.
Rogers at that time.

If anyone can help me out, I'd be deeply appreciative!


Date: Thu, 16 Dec 1999 13:04:42 EST
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Subject: Re: [TNHARDEM] Re: Migration: Hardeman Co. TN to MS
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I don't see any connections with my Rogers lines. Nancy Robinson was only
married once -- to William Riley Rogers. I don't have a Sarah Rogers in my
records, but I do have a Serena Lavinia Rogers who married William Cartwright
and then married a Jones. I've got no ties to any Spirons at all.


In a message dated 12/15/99 9:02:36 PM Central Standard Time, writes:

<< Are these Rogers any relation to the Spirons (sp?) Rogers who married
Elizabeth Casey and moved to Arkansas? I am trying to find information
about the Caseys.

Carey Rogers

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Date: Tuesday, December 14, 1999 7:49 PM
Subject: Re: [TNHARDEM] Migration: Hardeman Co. TN to MS

>2 Wells brothers married 2 Rogers sisters:
>William Harrison Wells, born 1806 married Nancy Rogers 1827 in
Hardeman County
>Thomas S. Wells, born 1810, married Sarah Rogers in 1830 ""
> ""
>Any relation? Nancy?
>--S.M. Wells

Date: Thu, 16 Dec 1999 16:11:36 EST
From: <>
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Subject: [TNHARDEM] ROGERS - Hardeman Co.
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I noticed the mention of ROGERS. Does anyone have any information on SARAH
ROGERS was born 12 Sep 1821 in TN, and died 30 Sep 1905. She is buried in
Chester Co., TN. She married JOSEPH COX on 21 Dec 1837 in Hardeman Co., TN.
The 1860 McNairy Co., TN, census: Joseph 45 AL, Sarah 38 TN, Anny 20 TN,
Rebecca J. 18 TN, John 16 TN, Sousan 14 TN, Sarah C. 11 TN, Isaac F. 8 TN,
Joseph 6 TN, Rachael 4 TN, Rhoday 2 TN, WILIBA RODGERS 23 (m).
SUSANNAH ROGERS is said to be a sister of Sarah's. She married JOHN TERRY
16 Jan 1838 in Hardeman Co., TN.
If anyone has information on who the parents of Sarah and Susanah Rogers
might be, please contact me.


Date: Wed, 13 Feb 2002 16:26:39 -0500
From: "Jenwyl Pitt" <>
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I am new to the list in the past month, researching the surnames FERRELL, ROGERS, and HARRIS in Hardeman County.

My great-grandfather Richard Franklin FERRELL was born in Hardeman Co. in 1859. His parents were Thomas F. FERRELL (b. 1820 NC; d. 1878 TN) and Nancy S. ROGERS (b. 30 OCT 1830 TN; d. 25 JAN 1910 TN). Richard FERRELL married Emily V. LUTTRELL in Hardeman Co., but later moved to Arkansas, where he married my great-grandmother, Nancy FAULKNER.

Nancy S. Rogers' parents are Richard ROGERS (sometimes RODGERS?) and Permelia HARRIS.

Any information on these families would be appreciated. I have only been researching for about 1 year, but am willing to share what I have.

Jenwyl Pitt

Re: George & Robert RODGERS

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Below is the only info I could find for Hardeman Co,TN.

Tennessee Census, 1810-91

State: TN Year: 1850
County: Hardeman County Record Type: Federal Population Schedule
Township: No Township Listed Page: 167
Database: TN 1850 Federal Census Index

State: TN Year: 1860
County: Hardeman County Record Type: Federal Population Schedule
Township: District 11 Page: 211
Database: TN 1860 Federal Census Index

Re: Hardemon Co. TN

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Surnames: George Rogers, Elizabeth Rogers
Some of the children of George and Elizabeth Rogers who were in Lawrence Co., TN @1818-1836 were later in Tippah Co., Ms and also Hardiman Co., TN. You can contact me about names.

Re: Hardemon Co. TN

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Dear M Hollis Franks, I saw a posting (August 2002 - I'm glad they never take them down) on rootsweb where you were speaking about George & Elizabeth Rogers family in Tippah and also Hardeman. I have researched the Cartwright family in Tippah who were conneted to this couple. Could we correspond?

Re: Hardeman County, Tennessee

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Surnames: rogers
i know of a lafaye rogers in tn also phillis rogers.

Re: Rogers/Hodge - Hardemon Co. TN

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I stand for correction certainly, but I thought Cypress cemetery was just in the edge of McNairy County. It is just east of Hardeman where Pocahontas is located. I should have asked someone before I posted here. If you are interested in that area and on facebook, go to the McNairy Historical website. Friends post there and just general conversation. Did you find all your information?
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