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CD's from FTM, and Broderbund

CD's from FTM, and Broderbund

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After getting a new computer with Windows XP, I can no longer open and find information on the CD's that came with my FTM program nor any that I ordered from I have census, Wuerttemberg Emigration Index, Immigrants to America, etc. Each time I try to open the CD I get a message that says "Windows cannot open this file. It needs to know what program created it. When I do the online search to try and find the program that created it nothing helps. I have written to FTM and Ancestry but have not received an answer that helps me to open these CD's. My old computer with Windows 98 was able to open them all. Does anyone have any hints to help me? Thanks in advance.

Re: CD's from FTM, and Broderbund

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Go To Family Tree Windows customer help site at:
scroll down to: "Enter the article number and press Go!"
located on left bottom of page enter 1454 and press Go

Hope this helps
(I copied the article 1454 for you. I suggest that you goto FTM site for related links and more information)

Answer ID
Problems viewing Family Archive CDs

I can't view any information in my Family Archive CDs. What steps can I try to fix this?

To view a Family Archive CD, insert the CD into your CD-ROM drive.
Then, open Family Tree Maker or the Family Archive Viewer.

In FTM 2005 and later: From the View menu, choose Data CD, and then View CD.
In FTM 11 and earlier: From the View menu, choose FamilyFinder, and then View CD.

If you're having trouble viewing Family Archive CDs, the following instructions will help you resolve the issue. Read the first topic. If this doesn't solve the problem, move on to the next topic and then try again.

Before you begin:
In order to access a Family Archive CD, if you have Family Tree Maker, you must have a Family File open and it must contain some data. If Family Tree Maker's toolbar and menu commands are disabled ("grayed out"), you will need to either open an existing file or start a new family file before you can view the CD. If you have further questions, read the instructions on how to view Family Archive CDs (Answer ID 1465 on FTW site you can click on link) before continuing with this article.

Issues discussed in this article:
Special Note for Windows XP Users
System Requirements for Viewing Family Archive CDs
Examine and clean the CD
Try a different drive
Errors Viewing World Family Tree CDs - Windows 98/ME
Older Viewers
Modify Family Tree Maker's Configuration File
Close Programs That May Be Conflicting

Special Note for Windows XP Users
Windows XP includes a feature called AutoPlay which may automatically open a Windows Explorer screen and show you the files on the Family Archive CD as seen below:

If this happens to you, simply close that window.

Then, open Family Tree Maker and follow the instructions at the beginning of this article to view the CD. If you have further questions, you may wish to review our article on how to view Family Archive CDs.

System Requirements for Viewing Family Archive CDs
You can view almost all of our Family Archive CDs with Family Tree Maker or the Family Archive Viewer version 3.02 or higher (You can download the Family Archive Viewer for free).
A few Family Archive CDs are older data CDs. They may require an older version of the Family Archive Viewer or the DOS-based GRS Viewer to run. If you receive error messages like "The CD-ROM in your drive does not contain Family Archive Data" or "Family Tree Maker cannot display the data from this CD," please look on the back of the jewel case that the CD came in. At the bottom, under System Requirements, verify what is needed to view that particular CD and compare this with the program you own.

Later sections of this article describe how to resolve issues specific to GRS and some older viewers.

Examine and Clean the CD
Examine the disc for visible deformation, smudges, or substantial scratches.

Use a soft, lint-free cotton cloth to clean the CD, working from the center of the CD-ROM outward. You can also use a commercial CD cleaning kit for the same purpose.

Note: Do not use paper cloth which can scratch the plastic and leave streaks, and do not use a circular motion when you wipe the CD-ROM.

Try a different drive
Sometimes Family Tree Maker cannot identify the CD-ROM drive, although it is working and available to Windows. This usually happens when you have more than one CD-ROM drive installed on your computer.
If you get the message to insert the CD and click Retry, and the CD is already in the drive, simply place the CD in another CD drive (you can also use a DVD drive or a CD burner) and click Retry.

If you do not have a second drive capable of reading a CD, or if the CD is still not recognized, follow the steps in this article to modify Family Tree Maker's configuration file so that it will recognize your CD-ROM drive.

Errors Viewing World Family Tree CDs - Windows 98/ME
If you are using Family Tree Maker 11 on Windows 98 or ME, and you receive an illegal operation, kernel32.dll, or out of memory or disk space error when you try to view a World Family Tree CD, please click here for more information about this issue and the resolution.

CDs 100 and 108 require GRS to view the CD. If you have a legacy version of a few other CDs, GRS may also be required.

If you have one of these CDs, or you try to view the Family Archive CD and get the message "FamilyFinder cannot display this CD", click here for instructions to install and use GRS.

Older Viewers
If you have purchased a CD that was part of an older collection, an older viewer may be required to view the CD. One CD set that falls into this category is CD # 200, the Compendium of American Genealogy. Click here to get the download link for the viewer you will need to view this CD.

Modify Family Tree Maker's Configuration File
In some cases, you must tell Family Tree Maker where to look for your CD-ROM drive. You can do this by editing its configuration file.
Caution: Do NOT make any changes to Family Tree Maker's configuration file, besides what's mentioned in the instructions below. You could render portions of the program unusable.

To specify the drive Family Tree Maker should use:

Open Family Tree Maker.

From the Help menu, select System Information.
Family Tree Maker displays the System Information dialog box.

Click the Run: drop-down list, and select FTW.INI.
Family Tree Maker opens its configuration file in Windows Notepad and displays it on screen.

Under the [Options] section, you'll find a line that looks like this:

Remove the semicolon and change the X to the drive letter that corresponds to your CD-ROM drive.
The X in FamFinderCD=X:\ corresponds to the CD-ROM drive letter. For example, if your CD-ROM drive is drive D, you would modify the line so that it looks like this:


Note: Don't forget to remove the semicolon. If a semicolon precedes the line, Family Tree Maker will ignore your changes.

From Notepad's File menu, select Save.

From Notepad's File menu, select Exit to close the program.

Click OK to close the System Information dialog box.

Close Family Tree Maker.
Restart Family Tree Maker and try accessing the CD again.

Close Programs That May Be Conflicting
On rare occasions, other programs that are running in the background can cause conflicts during operation of Family Tree Maker. Make sure only necessary programs are running before you run Family Tree Maker and try to view a CD.

Follow the instructions below to close any programs that are running:

Press CTRL, ALT, and Delete, all at the same time, and release them together.
Windows displays the Close Programs dialog box. It contains a list of all programs that are currently running.

Click any program listed, except Explorer, and then click End Task. Do not close Explorer because it is a vital part of Windows that must run at all times.
Windows closes the program. Repeat these steps to close all programs other than Explorer and Systray.

Need additional assistance? If you've followed these steps and need any additional assistance, click the Ask tab at the top of this screen to send our support department a message. Please let us know what you've tried and what is happening.
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