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East Bay, Nova Scotia, # 3

East Bay, Nova Scotia, # 3

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Surnames: Gillis, MacDonald, Campbell, Currie, Durney, MacLean, MacIntyre, MacMullin, Jameson, MacDougall, MacInnis, Morrison, MacKinnon, MacAdam, MacNeil, Jobes, Harmony, Butler, MacEachern, Gilmore, Harte, Bushnik, MacIsaac, Gallivan
Gillis- family of John of Morar

Generation # 4

I do not have information on many from this generation

Grandchildren of ANGUS Gillis, Great-Grandchildren of DOMHNULL BAN - No Info.

Grandchildren of SARAH GILLIS, Great-Grandchildren of DOMHNULL BAN- No Info

Grandchildren of JOHN GILLIS, Great-Grandchildren of DOMHNULL BAN-

Annabelle Gillis married Archie MacKinnon- no info on children.

Mary Jane Gillis married Duncan MacAdam - eight children- (1) Isabelle MacAdam, (2) John MacAdam, (3) Archie MacAdam, (4) Ronald James MacAdam, (5) Angus Steve MacAdam, (6) James MacAdam, (7) Donald MacAdam, (8) Mary Agnes MacAdam.

Angus Gillis married Mary MacNeil of Castle Bay and Sydney Mines- settled in Boston, Massachusetts- No other info.

Ronald James "Rannie" Gillis married Ann MacIntyre- seven children- (1) Sarah Gillis, (2) Martha Gillis, (3) Catherine gillis, (4) Teresa Gillis, (5) Jimmie Gillis, (6)Johnnie gillis, (7) Joe Gillis.

John Angus "Johnnie" / "Jack" Gillis married Mary Elizabeth "Betty"/ "Mary Lizzie" MacDonald of Gillis Lake.

Donald "Dan" Gillis married Mary Jobes- settled in New York.

Catherine "Kate" Gillis married Ed Harmony- settled in New York for a time and eventually settled in Florida.

Grandchildren of ALLAN GILLIS- Great-Grandchildren of DOMHNULL BAN-

John R. Gillis married Margaret Butler of Prince Edward Island _ settled in Glace Bay.

Sarah Jane "Sadie" Gillis married Dan MacEachern of Inverness County- settled in Sydney.

Grandchildren of MICHEAL GILLIS- Great-Grandchildren of UILLEAM- No info.

Grandchildren of HUGH GILLIS- Great-Grandchildren of UILLEAM_

William Gillis married Kate Ann Campbell of Boisdale.

Donald, Ronald and John Mick- No Info.

Grandchildren of DONALD GILLIS - Great-Grandchildren of UILLEAM-

Catherine "Katie" Gillis married Percy Gilmore of Prince Edward Island- one child- (1) William Gilmore.

Martin Gillis married Nora Harte - nine children- (1) Florence Gillis, (2) Wilma Gillis, (3) Bernadette Gillis, (4) Joseph Gillis, (5) Mary Gillis, (6) Rosaire Gillis, (7) Barry Gillis, (8) Ronlad Gillis, (9) Regine Clare Gillis.

Mary Gillis married Hector F. MacKinnon- two children- (1) Roland MacKinnon, (2) Miriam MacKinnon.

Joe Gillis became the Reverand Joe Gillis of the Diocese of Antigonish- Founding Pastor of St. Margaret's Parish in Princeville- later served as Pastor of St. John's in New Aberdeen.

Grandchildren of HUGH R> GILLIS - Great-Grandchildren of SEAMUS-

Kate Gillis married John Bushnik- no other info.

Grandchildren of Allan MacDonald- great-Grandchildren of MAIRI GILLIS

Maryann MacDonald married James MacEachern of Salmon River- ten children- (1) Sarah Catherine MacEachern, (2) Donald Angus MacEachern, (3) Mary Sarah MacEachern, (4) Allan Joseph MacEachern, (5) John Francis MacEachern, (6) Mary Ann MacEachern, (7) Alexander Valentine MacEachern, (8) Duncan Hugh MacEachern, (9) Peter Daniel MacEachern, (10) Catherine May MacEachern.

Grandchildren of ALEXANDER MACDONALD- Great- grandchildren of MAIRI GILLIS-

Mary MacDonald married Vincent "White Vincent" MacDonald of Gillis Lake- four children- (1) Allan Alexander MacDonald, (2) Ronald MacDonald, (3) Alexander MacDonald, (4) Mary Elizabeth MacDonald. Vincent married twice- 2nd wife was Katie MacIsaac.

Donald MacDonald married Miss Gallivan- two children - (1) Joseph MacDonald, (2) Mary MacDonald.

Donald angus MacDonald married Annie MacIsaac of Codroy Valley, Newfoundland.

That is all for now. I will add another installment later.

Re: East Bay, Nova Scotia, # 3

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Surnames: Henry, Holzer, Holland,
I am a Great great granchild of Sarah Gillis.
Grand Children Are:

Great Great Grandchildren

Great Great Great Grandchildren

Re: East Bay, Nova Scotia, # 3

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I am not sure if it is the same two but my grandfather was Angus Gillis who married Mary MacNeil. I believe they first lived in Cape Breton Nova Scotia but moved to Boston. They had my grandmother Margaret, Christy, Evelyn, John, Mary, and Josephine. They had a son who died young from polio but I forget his name. Margaret also got polio but lived into her 80's. I believe Angus was born about 1894. He died around 1975 (I was 19 then). Mary had died before I was born. If this is the same 2 I can give you further details of offspring.

Re: East Bay, Nova Scotia, # 3

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tcbuff, I have sent you a message on Hope you get an alert for it. Thanks, Allene

Re: East Bay, Nova Scotia, # 3

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I am not proficient at this. Just sent you a reply but not sure if it went straight to you or not.

Re: East Bay, Nova Scotia, # 3

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Angus Gillis and Mary MacNeil lived in Brighton and Allston, Mass. I am a great grand daughter. Angus was a milkman for Hood milk for many years. Their children were my grandma Margaret, John, Mary, Jimmy, Christy, Josephine, and Evelyn. Jimmy died in WWI. I forget the name of the young brother who died from polio. My grandmother also had polio. She married Albert Viens and they had 4 children. My mom Mary Anne and her siblings Richard, Jeanette and Theresa.
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