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My Brick Wall

My Brick Wall

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Hi, I am trying to locate a branch of my family based in Liverpool, UK.
It would be my Great Grandmother's side of the family but I am unable to locate certain members of her family due to circumstances that happened in her life time.
My Great Grandmother is called Susannah Roberts (nee Maguire) who married Harry Roberts in Liverpool in 1921. Due to the marriage certificate, I located Susannah's father, William Joseph Maguire, a tailor.
But from then on, it's all a mystery. My mother tells me that Susannah has a sister called Catherine/Katherine and a brother called Alexander/Alex/Alec. Their mother died during child birth to a child that I cannot locate. The mother's name at this point is a mystery.
Due to their mother's sudden death, Susannah and Catherine ended up in Cottage Homes in Fazakerly at the ages of 13 and 12. Here, she is known as Susan on the 1911 census and Catherine is located elsewhere within the pages of this census. I am unaware as to where Alex, and any other children they might of had are located.

From a bit of research, I believe that the Mother may be called Johanna/Joanna Elizabeth due to finding earlier records such as census'. The age is correct, children's name seem to fit the information that I have been told and William's occupation is a tailor.

However, I cannot find any information further than this. I do not know of a marriage certificate, death certificate, her maiden name or where she lived before being married to prove that this is 100% the correct woman and family. From previous census', it states that she was born in Liverpool, Lancashire so it narrows down the search. However, due to the names Susannah/Johanna, they are names that can be spelt many different ways which makes this search harder.

I also struggle to find any information for William Joseph Maguire before and after this time period. I believe the only census I have of the entire family is in 1901.

Could anyone please help me try and locate the correct family or information to allow me to get past this brick wall? I would search the local records at Liverpool Library but it is currently being refurbished and the documents are in the process of being moved from one building to another (bad timing, I know!)

I've added the 1901 census for the family and Susannah's marriage certificate to see whether this can help anyone to help located the people in question.

Thanks a lot!

Re: My Brick Wall

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Surnames: Maguire
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Re: My Brick Wall

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Thank you very much! I really appreciate it :)

The brick wall was really Johanna's last name, and I'm still unsure how you uncovered that, could you possibly explain how you managed to find that and the technique used? It would be very helpful for any future searches.

I also cannot find the death index/record for Johanna, that's what made me feel like she just didn't exist sort of thing (haha) I'm even doing the search now for the name MAGUIRE Johanna and the date 1902 but still nothing pops up on my search! Must be doing something wrong but not really sure what :/

I found William at the Union workhouse late last night, and then his death index at Rice Lane which on later look, was Walton Hospital. Quite sad that he lost his wife and the ability to look after his own children.

Trying to trace William back is obviously a lot easier than Johanna and I think I might of found him but not 100% sure. When I told my Mother about the possibility that he might of been in a School/boarding school/some sort of institution at the age of 15, she believes maybe that is why the children we're taken into the likes of the Cottage Homes etc as he had experienced it before and believes that it would of been better for their sake or something. Quite interesting though.

Re: My Brick Wall

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Oh! I've just found out how you got the surname Bower!

I never knew you could click on the page to bring up the names of certain people, I always assumed it would just transcribe all the names from the picture (for example, everyone with the last name M on the same page as William)

Still struggling to find the death record for her though
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