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Brothers Finlay, Duncan, Donald MacRae NC late 1700s early 1800s

Brothers Finlay, Duncan, Donald MacRae NC late 1700s early 1800s

Bruce W. McRae (View posts)
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In the 1976 book titled From Kintail to Carolina, A Clan History, written by Donald MacRae, he mentioned on page 81 three brothers. They are Finlay (Philip), Duncan, and Donald who all ended up in North Carolina. They are all descendants of the Rev. Farquhar VII, Vicar of Kintail (1580 – 1662). Their father was Farquhar, grandfather was Finlay (killed at the battle of Glenshiel in 1719), great grandfather was John (Iain Breac), and then finally Rev. Farquhar.
Finlay (Philip) was said to have settled in Montgomery County NC and raised 9 sons. The sons were Christopher, Murdoch, John A, Alexander, Duncan, Colin, Roderick, Malcolm, and finally Donald.
Duncan was said to have lived for a while in Cumberland County NC, served as a Revolutionary War soldier, then moved to Anson County NC where he settled with his wife Margaret MacQueen and finally died before February 6, 1820. Since there was no will, 10 men were appointed by the Court of Pleas to divide his land up into 13 portions. The first and largest was for 228 acres and was given to his wife. Note: The name of the wife is never mentioned in the document. The 12 remaining equal plots were assigned by lot to the 12 children. The children were (as best as I could read were) Chris, Daniel L., Washington, John, William, Duncan, Patsy, Lewis, Angus, Elijah Curtis?, Shockley Adams, and finally John ???????. The final three names I must assume were men who married MacRae daughters and were very hard to read and one was impossible to read. This was finalized the April term 1820. Found in Book T pages 143 -145.
Donald was said to have lived for a while in Cumberland County NC like his brother, served as a Revolutionary War soldier, and then moved. The only thing we know about him is he married Catherine McRae. I have found a Farquhard McRae in Anson County NC whose wife was Catherine, but I do not know if Donald’s middle name was Farquhard or visa versa. I am posting this information in hopes that some of the descendants of Donald MacRae will share with their fellow Clan members his history. Where did he go and where did he finally die and who are his children?
Remember postings regarding all three brothers are welcome but remember that I am not an expert on the brothers. It will be our fellow McRaes who answer the questions! Also if you wish to communicate with someone about this info, Please do it here so we all can share the information.
Bruce McRae
Evergreen CO

Note: Some of the info regarding Duncan and Donald was added by me and was not a part of the above mentioned book.

Another set of claimants for the brethren Duncan and Donald McRae

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The book KINTAIL TO CAROLINA was in error about many things. There are many errors there that can be proved. There are others which remain unproveable. But those that have done research in the original records in North Carolina have noted a number of claims that simply don't match up with what we have in the documentary record.

What Donald McRae did was to take the statements made by Colin McRae of Camden, SC, in his additions to the original GENEALOGY OF THE MCRAS, written by the Rev. John McRa in Scotland in the early 1700's and make deductions about who fits where in the family tree, encapsulating his assessment in KINTAIL TO CAROLINA. I believe that book came out in the 70's. But it is important to know how it came to be.

Colin brought the manuscript of the GENEALOGY from Scotland in the 1870's to the Pee Dee River area. It had already been edited once in Scotland in the late 1700's by another McRae relative of the author. Colin of Camden had lived most of his life in Scotland and was a late immigrant. He knew how he descended from Rev. Farquhar McRae and he evidently had information about other McRaes among the descendants of Rev. Farquhar who came to America. He added that information and gave us a short list of McRae immigrants to North Carolina--all descendants of Rev. Farquhar, like himself. The GENEALOGY itself admits that there were many other McRae branches in Scotland which it does not pursue. It is mostly interested in the descendants of Rev. Farquhar and it doesn't reveal all of those. It identifies only a handful of immigrants. We have to confess that most McRae immigrants to North Carolina were not descendants of Rev. Farquhar. There are just too many of them.

Donald McRae was Clan Historian for the North American McRaes. He tried to fit the immigrant ancestors of members of that Society into the family of Rev. Farquhar. If an ancestor was known as "Duncan McRae," for instance, as in your case, he was automatically pegged as "Duncan McRae, brother of Donald" who came to America in 1774 according to the GENEALOGY. This process ignores the fact that there are numerous Duncans in the 1790 census of North Carolina of an appropriate age. How do you decide which one is the right Duncan?

What the GENEALOGY says is that Farquhar McRae who married a daughter of Duncan McRae of Aryugan had three sons by her: Finley (the eldest, who was a tenant with children at Bundalloch, probably in the late 1700's when the second set of edits was made) and Duncan and Donald who came to North Carolina about 1774. By his second wife, he had another son Christopher, who was a tenant at Carr in Scotland when the second set of edits was made.

I have found a Duncan McRae and a Donald McRae who fit the bill. There is evidence in North Carolina that they were brothers. Duncan settled on Hamer's Creek in northern Richmond County at the border with Montgomery. According to one source, he was called "Reverand Duncan McRae." He died in the 1780s. But his land grant was taken out in 1773--just about the right time. Donald McRae married someone named Ann--we believe Ann Cameron. He was in Fayetteville by 1777, according to the family Bible of his son Alexander (later of Maury Co., TN). He was a tailor in Fayetteville, Cumberland County, NC. His wife died in 1781 and he in 1789. He is the ancestor of the famous MacRae famiy of Fayetteville. He was also the father of my Finley McRae (b. 1768-d. 1817, Montgomery County, NC). Finley began as a tailor in Fayetteville and purchased half of his father's lot there. He married Duncan of Hamer's Creek's daughter Flora McRae in 1789 in Montgomery County. He then took her back to Fayetteville for a number of years (where he appears with her in the 1790 census.) By the mid 1790's, he had sold out in Cumberland and lived in Montgomery again. His last property in Fayetteville was sold in the early 1800's and the deed identifies him as living in Montgomery.

This long-distance marriage led me to expect that Donald and Duncan were brothers and that it was a marriage of cousins, as is so frequent in our family. However, I also found a lot of other evidence. Many of the descendants of these two men named two of their own sons Duncan and Donald or Daniel. Usually, the two children given these names were sequential in the birth order, which leads me to believe they were named in honor of the immigrant brothers. I also found three different contemporary letters. Two were from Col. John McRae, the grandson of Donald, who still lived in Fayetteville. They identify descendants of Duncan of Hamer's Creek as "cousins." Another was from his daughter Mary Jane McRae. She wrote to a "cousin" from Fayetteville and this girl was a descendant of Duncan of Hamer's Creek. Col. John MacRae took as his third wife the widow of Duncan McRae of Hamer's Creek's grandson, Daniel McRae of Mangum in northern Richmond County. So you see there is plentiful evidence that this Duncan and Donald were brothers. That they were "THE" Duncan and Donald of the GENEALOGY is not proveable. But I will say that Donald at least, named children in a manner that would suggest he was the son of Farquhar. He had a son Farquhar, one Finley, one Christopher--names that were used in the direct ancestral lines. I really believe this is the only Duncan and Donald for which there is proof of brotherhood--in contemporary records in North Carolina.

Your Duncan lived on Leith's Creek near the Robeson County border of Richmond County prior to coming to southern Anson County. There is a woman named Margaret "Relict of Duncan" buried at Stewartsville Cemetery in what is now Scotland County. She could be his wife. (b. abt 1777 I think I remember.) There were other McRaes in that vicinity. Particularly John McRae of Leith's Creek (wife Mary)--descendants in Robeson. Duncan may have been his brother or the brother of his wife. There is evidence that she was also a McRae. Write to me if you like. I am writing a McRae book.

Re: Another set of claimants for the brethren Duncan and Donald McRae

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Have you come across an Isabell/a McRae who married Nelson Walden in Tuscaloosa County, Alabama in 1829? We can find no record of this McRae so maybe she was that space alien who decided to stay on Earth!

Re: Another set of claimants for the brethren Duncan and Donald McRae

Tom McRae (View posts)
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Here's yet another bunch of McRaes. A "W.C." McRae reportedly born in Tarboro NC came to Talbot County Ga prior to 1850. One of his sons was my Great Grandfather, Stephen Bogen McRae who married Virginia Elizabeth Hays and lived out his life in/around Upson Coiuty Ga.

W.C., at some point later, moved to Barbour County Al (there are lots of McRaes there).

Any links here?

Re: Another set of claimants for the brethren Duncan and Donald McRae

Bruce W. McRae (View posts)
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Thanks for your posting and sorry for taking so long to respond to you. My job has required me to place my genealogy research on hold for a while and I should be working on it right now, but my family genealogy has become one of my loves! Quite frankly, I did not know how to respond to your posting and still do not in many ways. When I posted my comments back in July, I did not know they would be so controversial. I had just assumed that the author of "Kintail to Carolina" had done his homework before writing his Book.
When I found the land transaction/Will in the Anson County Courthouse during my trip in June outlining the dividing of the lands of Duncan McRae and found the information in the Book, I decided to post the combined information hoping it would possibly help me with my lineage. The hope was that this Duncan McRae was kin to the man I am researching in Anson County NC, who is my GGGfather John C. (Campbell) McRae. My John C. McRae was born about 1895 somewhere in NC and married Wincey Diggs (from Anson County) around 1837-38, probably in Anson County, then moved to Lafayette County MS via Marshall County MS. They raised a large family there and probably died there in the early 1860s.
While in Anson County last June I found a land transaction and some other documents that leads me to believe that my John C. McRae was one of the sons of a Farquhar or Farquhard A. (Alexander) McRae and his wife Catherine (Katy) McRae. I believe that Catherine was a Campbell and her father was probably a John Campbell. I believe this because my John's middle name was Campbell and he used it extensively in land records in MS. I have hear that the middle name of someone usually reflects the mother's maiden name! They may have married in Cumberland County NC and moved to Anson County NC around 1803 for in that year I found that a Farquhard (or Farquhar) McRae purchased land there.
Larry, this is the land record I mentioned earlier:
Catherine McRae and Others to Henry Haney
This indenture made this the 11th day of January of our Lord 1834 between Catherine McRae consort of Farquhard McRae dec, John C McRae, Archibald McRae, Alexander McRae, Hugh McRae, Margaret McRae, Elizabeth McRae and Daniel McRae dec, said Daniel McRae’s part excepted, all heirs of Farquhard McRae dec, and Henry Haney all of the County of Anson and State of North Carolina witnesseth that for and in consideration of the sum of three hundred dollars to them in hand paid the receipt whereof is hereby acknowledged. Have granted , bargained and sold the widow her third or dower and all their rights title and claim and interest except the right and claim of the said Daniel McRae dec, a certain tract or parcel of land lying and being in the County of Anson and State aforementioned and on the waters of Jones Creek it being the lands whereupon the said Farquhard McRae dec, formerly lived on. The first tract beginning at a stake and 2 pines John Downes 4th corner runs So 22 E 36.50 links croping Kings branch with his line to stake in Jacob Pauls line then No 52 E 5 chains with his first line to his corner Hickory then 45 E. 25 chains on Adam Coxes line of his new survey to a stake then No 22W 36.50 links to a stake then with a direct line to Beginning croping the said Branch containing one hundred acres. The second tract Granted to the said Farquhard McRae dec Beginning at a Hickory by 3 black jacks and post oak said McRae corner of his hundred acres survey and runs thence No 22 W35 chains with his line to a stake by 2 dead pine post oak and hickory pointers thence No 69 E + 30 chains to a stake amongst a parcel of stones by 3 pine pointers at or near Jones line thence So 26 E 12 chains to walking line the So 50 W 39.50 links to crop line thence with said line So 61 W 3.50 links to the Beginning containing one hundred acres to have and to hold the same in fee simple Estate unto him the said Henry Haney his heirs and assigns forever and unto themselves their heirs exec and administrators forever shall aand will warrant and by these present will defend their right and titlen of said Daniel McRae dec one of the legatures of the said Farqhard McRae dec, unto the said Henry Haney his heirs and assigns forever against the lawful claim of any person or persons whatsoever to peaceably and quietly populate and enjoy the same from time to time and at all times will warrant the above granted land and premises sealed signed and delivered this day and date first above written .
In the presence of
HW Strickland
John Diggs
Then the deed was duly proven in open court by HW Strickland and ordered to be registered by
W. Dishmukers, Clk
Anson July term 1834

Catherine McRae
John C McRae
Archibald McRae
Hugh McRae
Margaret McRae
Elizabeth McRae

I plan on going back to Anson County this summer again, and visiting some surrounding counties as well as Cumberland County NC and Chesterfield County SC. I believe that there is still some information that will help me. Larry, how far away from Anson county do you live? My wife and I will be spending a week at Myrtle Beach SC as well for a little R&R. I would love to drop by for a quick visit and talk McRae Family history. Who knows we may even be related! Do you plan on attending the Clan gathering in 2005 at Eilean Donan castle? I hope to be able to attend! If you have any comments you would like to make (good or bad), feel free, we both know that sometimes you cannot find hard proof but must go on speculation and gut instinct based on intangables. Excuse any typos or misspelled words!
Bruce McRae

Here is some information you may find interesting. I compiled it from Census records from 1790 to 1840 in Anson County but it probably applied to all counties in NC,SC, and Georgia. It seems that lots of McRae and McRae related peoples came in and then moved on as the lands opened to the west.
1790 01 Family living in County
1800 13 families living in County
1810 27 familes living in County
1820 32 familes living in County
1830 24 families living in County
1840 18 familes living in County

Re: Another set of claimants for the brethren Duncan and Donald McRae

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Of course, the errors made in KINTAIL TO CAROLINA were all good faith errors. I know I have made more than my share of those, as well, all the years I have been studying the McRaes. And there is much there that would not have been preserved or widely known otherwise. It is just that it is often difficult to get people to change their minds once they have seen something in print, or, now, published on the Internet.

I agree with you about John C. and Hugh McRae, that they were sons of Farquhar McRae of Anson. I did not know that Farquhar's middle name was Alexander. I wonder where that came from? I did once read an article in a Heritage Book which stated that Archibald C. McRae (the one who remained in Anson) was the son of Alexander McRae and of Catherine Campbell and that, after his father died, Catherine went to Tennessee with some of her children and remarried. I assumed at that time that the author had mistakenly called her ancestor Alexander and not Farquhar, as she should have. There was a Farquhar A. McRae in Anson County who was the son of Phillip and Christian McRae, but he is a different person.

By the way, speaking of errors, I wanted to correct myself concerning the Duncan McRae who died before 1820 and was the father of Angus, Washington, Duncan, Christopher D., Jane Flournoy, Lewis, John, Daniel L., Patsey Adams Long, and the wife of Elijah Curtis. Contrary to what everyone has been propagating on the Internet for so long, he was not married to Margaret McQueen. There was another Duncan McRae, about the same age, and who died about the same time, in Anson County, who was Margaret's husband. After he died, she went back to be near her McQueen relatives in the Shoe Heel area of Robeson COunty. Duncan and Margaret had children named Archibald ("Big Archie"), Sallie, Katie and Peggy. By a previous wife, Duncan was the father of Mary McRae who married John B. McRae and became the mother of Bishop Alexander McRae of the LDS Church.

Evidence is that the Duncan who was the father of Angus, Washington, etc. was married at his death to someone named Edith. She remarried to William Pratt who mentions his stepdaughter Martha Ann Adams (later remarried to Elisha Long) in his will. Edith Pratt's will leaves almost everything to her son George Washington McRae, who is the Washington McRae of the deed of partition for Duncan's estate. He moved to Barbour Co., AL. Duncan may have been resident in Marlboro Co., SC, prior to coming to Anson. His daughter Isabella m. Shockley Adams there. There is a Duncan with wife Mary living in Marlboro in the 1790's. Isabella's descendants say that her mother was a McLeod, so perhaps Duncan's first wife was Mary McLeod.

It took a long time to tease out the difference between the two Duncans of Anson. I do not blame anyone for confusing them. They have separate census entries and separate deeds.

Yes, the general pattern for immigration of McRaes seems to have been initial settlement in either Cumberland or Richmond Co., NC (then part of Anson.) Cumberland residents seem to move mainly southward into Robeson and Marlboro/Marion Districts, South Carolina. Some Robeson and Richmond County people move west into Anson. It seems to have been the last county settled by McRaes in substantial numbers in North Carolina. Then off to Georgia, Alabama and Mississippi, for the most part, though there was a substantial body of them who moved to Crawford and Harrison County, INdiana after the War of 1812.

I live about an hour and a half north of Anson County. You might prefer to call me instead. If you write to me via my e-mail address, I'll give you my phone number.

Re: Another set of claimants for the brethren Duncan and Donald McRae

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Drat! I just wrote a long reply to you and the posting system lost it for me. Just to recap briefly, I agree with your assessment of your own ancestry. I also gave KINTAIL TO CAROLINA its due. I am sure the errors were in good faith and I have certainly made my share of those. For instance, when I wrote the previous reply to you, I didn't know that there were two Duncan McRaes in Anson Co., of approximately the same age and who died about the same time. THe one who was the husband of Margaret McQueen at his death is not the same as the one who fathered Angus, Washington, Patsey, Isabella, Jane, John, DUncan, Christopher D., and Daniel L. He was married to someone named Edith at his death and she remarried to William Pratt. Pratt's will mentions his stepdaughter Martha Ann Adams (who would later remarry to Elisha Long) and Edith's own will leaves everything to her son George Washington McRae who later moved to Barbour Co., AL. The other Duncan and Margaret McQueen were the parents of Archibald, Sally, Katie and Peggy and the family moved back to Robeson County after Duncan died. This is where the McQueens lived. Margaret and her daughter "Little Peggy" are buried at Stewartsville Cemetery in nearby portions of Scotland County. I live about an hour and a half north of Anson County. You might prefer to arrange a meeting by phone. If you write to my e-mail address, I'll give you my number and we can set up a time.

Farquhar & Catherine McRae

Bruce McRae (View posts)
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Yes, Larry you have done your home work. In the Anson County Heritage Book, Katherine R. Braswell submitted a family history about Duncan McRae. In it she tells the story (Which I have heard similar stories) of a Ian (gaelic for John) McRae who sails to America with his seven sons and one daughter and Ian dies at sea. The children arrive at Fayetteville and soon Alexander McRae, one of the youngest sons moves to Anson County and marries Kate Cambpell. They had 3 sons and 2 daughters and Alexander dies. So Kate leaves Anson County to visit her two married daughters in TN with her 2 sons. One of her sons, Archibal stays in Anson County and marries Sarah Jane McKenzie. (I have compressed a much longer story)
I believe this is the family from which I found the land tranaction and posted earlier. Yes, the only difference is the first name, was it Alexander or Farquhar Alexander McRae. I have been in contact with other descendants that say his name was Farquhar Alexander but he went by Alexander. This is the family I descend from (I believe).
Here is what I think and yes there may be mistakes as you mentioned in your posting. I believe the order in the land transaction reflects the order of their ages. i.e. the girls were the younger.

Catherine (Kate) McRae was the wife of Farquhar and I have not found her but I am developing a theory that she ended up in Lafayette County MS with several of her children then died.

John C. McRae (1795 - 186?) was the oldest living son and he was my GGGfather and he ended up in Lafayette County MS with his new wife Wincey Diggs. They had 9 children named Mary A., Elizabeth, Alexander (Oldest son was named Alexander), John, Hugh, Christopher, Thomas Daniel, Martha Susan, and finally Archibal Lafayette.

Archibald McRae (1798 - 1836) stayed in Anson County and married Sarah Jane McKenzie the dauther of Duncan McKenzie about 1824. Jane died on July 7, 1832 and Archibal Died in April of 1836. They had 4 chilren named Elizabeth Jane (Ann Elizabeth), John C. (Cornelius), Catherine, and finally Duncan. The children were probably raised by Archibal's father-in-law and his other children.

Hugh McRae (1802 - 1862) moved to Lafayette County MS living next to John C. in 1840 then to Marshall County MS and married Catherine McDonald on October 9, 1845. Hugh died in 1862 but Catherine lived until 1901. They had 5 children named John (Jno.) P., Newton Alexander, Mary C., Duncan, and finally Elizabeth.

Margaret McRae, I suspect (no Proof) married John Campbell and was living next to John C. and Hugh in 1840 and John C. in 1850. The 1850 census shows a John and Margaret Campbell living next to John C. They had 4 children ranging in age from 2 thru 7 years. Based on her age in 1850 she would have been born in 1809.

Elizabeth McRae no information.

There is some speculation in what I have just said but there are so many similarities in the names and places. I hope to soon be able to tie them all together and then start work on the story of Ian McRae and the other sons. Larry, can you shed any light on this story? Have you heard other similar stories?

Yes, Larry, Duncan McRae was married to a Edith and when he died, she married William Pratt. I have her Will around here somewhere where she mentioned her son Washington McRae. Why do you think he went with the name Washington McRae? Why did he not use the name George instead? Maybe he did not want to be named about the man responsible for the Battle of Culloden! King George? Some things are are hard to forget!

Well Larry there is so much to say but it is getting late! If you have any questions let me know. That goes for anyone who chances to read this and have questions!

Re: Farquhar & Catherine McRae

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Apparently, both of my postings made it to the board. From the error response I got when I tried to post the first time, I assumed that I had lost the first message. I am glad that didn't happen.

Frankly, I don't think the name was Alexander. I am pretty sure it was just plain Farquhar. I have a theory for why Mrs. Braswell latched onto the name Alexander. There was a John C. McRae, not the same as your John C., who ended up in Barbour Co., AL after a certain term living in both Marlboro Co., SC and Chesterfield Co., SC. He was married to a Janet McLeod. His Bible record has been preserved and recorded in KINTAIL TO CAROLINA and it states that his parents were named Alexander and Mary. Maybe that is how the name Alexander got incorporated here. There were many John C.'s, though yours and John C. of Barbour were the oldest.

Farquhar, I think, was married twice, at least, and Catherine was only the last wife. His children were pretty far apart. Here are some census records for him:

Chesterfield Co., SC (1800), p. 107
Farqhar McRae
3 M 0/10 1 F 0/10
1 M 10/16 1 F 10/16
1 M 26/45 1 F 16/26
1 M >45 1 F >45

Anson Co., NC (1810), p. 27
Farquhar McRae, Sr.
1 M 0/10 1 F 0/10
1 M 10/16 1 F 16/26
1 M 16/26 1 F 26/45
1 M >45

1820 Census of Anson Co., NC, p. 44
Farquhar McRae, Sr.
1 M 10/16 1 F 0/9
1 M 16/18 1 F 10/16
1 M >45 1 F >45

1830 Census of Anson Co., NC, p. 59
Farquhar McRae
1 M 5/10 2 F 20/30
1 M 15/20 1 F 70/80
1 M 20/30
1 M 30/40
1 M 70/80

These suggest that Farquhar was born in the 1750's, actually, 1750/55. But you see how the age of the oldest female in his house shifts considerably over the years. There are some change-ups in the wives, or they are being less than honest about their ages, which isn't uncommon.

I am very interested in knowing more about the Catherine married to John Campbell. I'll look that up. The 1850 census of Anson County shows a man named Alexander McRae (b. 1800, SC) living with an Elizabeth McRae (b. 1770, Scotland). Since Farquhar was living in South Carolina in 1800, I thought those might be the Alexander and Elizabeth of the deed, although Elizabeth seems a bit old.

I have also proposed that the Daniel mentioned in the deed who was deceased, may have been the grandson of Christopher McRae of Anson (d. 1837). Christopher mentions Elizabeth, the daughter of his grandson Daniel, deceased. As this was only a few years after the deed relating to Farquhar's estate, I have had a tendency to view the two Daniels as one. I wondered why Daniel's portion of Farquhar's estate would have been excepted from the deed. This could only have happened, I think, if Daniel had left an heir or perhaps even the prospect of an heir, i.e. a posthumous child or a child in esse, as the legal terminology went. His portion of the estate would have gone to his brothers and sisters if he had had no issue or no prospect of issue from his own body. The record shows that Christopher's great grand daughter, Elizabeth went to Marengo Co., AL and lived there with Joseph Pickett. She married C.F. McMillan in Marengo Co., AL, 23 Mar 1850, when she was only about 15. Then they moved to Dallas County. After Joseph Pickett died, his wife Ann came to live with the McMillans in Dallas County and she remained there through at least 1870. Ann Pickett was a McRae by birth, as the estate records of Angus McRae in Dallas Co., Alabama show. He was her father.

I think that Ann McRae (d/o Angus of Duncan) was married to Daniel McRae (of Farquhar) and had a single daughter Elizabeth. The father died the year of the girl's birth or even before her birth. Ann remarried to Joseph Pickett and went to Alabama taking Elizabeth with her. That begs the question of how Farquhar related to Christopher McRae. Christopher was born 1740/50, so I don't think Farquhar was his son. Instead, I think an earlier wife of Farquhar, before Catherine, was Christopher's daughter and DAniel's mother. She was also probably the mother of some of the other children. That is highly speculative.

As for the Ian McRae story, that comes from J.A.W. Thomas' HISTORY OF MARLBORO COUNTY, SC. He tells it in relation to a number of families from Marlboro that claimed common descent from Ian. They claimed to have silver cups inscribed with his name--"Ian". He supposedly came to America, but died before reaching shore. He left nine sons bearing almost every name that Scots boys generally adopted: John, Duncan, Christopher, Daniel, Alexander, Murdock, Malcolm, Roderick, and Colin, with daughters Christian and Mary. Thomas identified Roderick (d. Marlboro 1850), Christopher (d. Marlboro Co., 1818), John (of Leith's Creek, Robeson Co.), and the father of another man in the area--John T. McRae--as sons of old Ian. He doesn't give the name of the father of John T. explicitly.

In other places, this story has been told using a different name for the father of the Nine Sons--Finley instead of Ian. THe sons still bear the same name, but Finley is said to have been the elder brother of the immigrants Duncan and Daniel, sons of Farquhar. Apparently, he followed his younger brothers to America, but didn't quite make it on shore. The GENEALOGY OF THE MCRAS (begun in the 18th c.) states that Finley remained a tenant at Bundalloch in Scotland. It doesn't say that he came to America. So I don't know where the Ian/Finley of Nine Sons tradition originated. It must contain an element of truth. However, people have used and abused it over the years. Because the Nine Sons bear almost every given name it is possible for a young Scotsman to have, nearly everyone has tried to peg their ancestor to one of Finley or Ian's sons. Just because two people bear the same given name, doesn't mean they are the same person. I mean, just count all the Christophers, Johns and Alexanders in the 1790 census for starters. And think of all of the men by that name who died prior to 1790 or who were loyalists and were forced out of the country.

I tend to think that the old man's name was actually Finley (not John) and that he was the older brother of Duncan and Donald. However, he was descended from Iain Breac, the youngest son of the Rev. Farquhar and if you study the GENEALOGY OF THE MCRAS, you see that Finley of Bundalloch was the eldest male in succession from Iain Breac, so that would suggest to me that he might well have had silver pieces in his possession with Ian's name inscribed on them. Descendants looked at the inscription and thought, our immigrant ancestor was named John (not Finley.) This means that the Marlboro County, SC, families might very well descend from Iain Breac through Finley of Bundalloch. However, Rev. J.A.W. Thomas isn't totally correct in his identification of those sons. It is not possible to explain why I think that in this posting. But suffice it to say that relationships were complex because of intermarriage and cousinship and that descendants sometimes mistook cousinage for brotherhood, or assumed that the relationship was through the male, when it was actually through the female line. I think the identifiable children of Finley based on the Thomas tradition were: Christopher McRae of Marlboro Co., SC (d. 1818), Bachelor John McRae of Marlboro Co., (d. aft. 1820--he and Christopher owned slaves in common and there is other evidence they were closely related), Mary McRae the wife of John McRae of Leith's Creek in Robeson, rather than John himself, Alexander McRae of Mountain Creek in Richmond County (because he was the father of John T. McRae of Marion Dist., SC). ROderick McRae (d. 1850) was the son of Donald McRae of Fayetteville, Old Finley's brother. I think Roderick's sister Elizabeth (b. 1762) was the first wife of Christopher (d. 1818) and this is why people in Marlboro County, SC, believed they were brothers. They were actually brothers-in-law, but it is possible to prove that Christopher lived in Fayetteville, when Roderick was just a boy and his father Donald had a tailor's shop there. They were the only McRaes in the town at the time. The identities of the others are up for grabs.

I don't think Farquhar relates to this family. As I think I've shown, the whole matter is very complicated and people have contested it for years.


Old Scottish Cemetery Morven Anson County NC

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I am afraid that I have information overload with your last e-mail! I will need to study it for a while before I try to respond. Lots of food for thought however.
I did want to share something with you that I have always thought was kind of interesting. I believe it is the land transaction that created the Old Scottish Cemetery outside of Morven (Anson County) NC. Based on the names involved, it is a true Scottish Cemetery. You may already have a copy? I am afraid there is not much left of it today! It was all grown up with weeds and trees.

269. Rod’k. McLeod to (Sundry Person) Deed for Grave Yard

This indenture made this 6th day of November in the year of our Lord 1806 between Roderick McLeod of the County of Anson and State of North Carolina of the one part and the McRae’s, McLeod’s, Campbell’s, McClendon’s, McQuaig’s, McLouchlins, McKay’s, McPherson’s, McKenzie’s, McKinnises of the other part witnesseth that the Sd. Roderick McLeod for and in consideration of the sum of one shilling to me in hand paid by the above mentioned parties before the Ensealing and Delivering of these presents the Recpt. Whereof I the Sd. Roderick McLeod do hereby acknowledge have Granted Bargained sold aliened Enfeoffed conveyed and confirmed and by these presents do bargain sell alien Enfeoff convey and confirm unto the said McRae’s, McLeod’s, Campbell’s, McQuaig’s, McLochlin’s, McKay’s, McPherson’s, McKinzie’s, McClennon’s, McKinnises their heirs and assigns forever a certain parcel of land lying in the County and State aforesd. Viz. Beginning at a rock and running No. 35 Et. 3 chains & 17 links to a Rock then No. 55 Wt. 3 chains & 17 links to a Rick then So. 35 Wt. 3 chains & 17 links to a rock thence to the Beginning containing one acre more or less laid off for Sepulchral use together with all profits privileges and advantages hereunto belonging To have and To hold all and singular the above mentioned premises unto them the Sd. McRae’s, McLeod’s, Campbell’s, McQuaig’s, McLochlin’s, McKay’s, McPherson’s, McKenzie’s, McClennon’s, McKinnises and their heirs and assigns and all others that would the Sd. mentioned parties their heirs and assigned forever and I the Sd. Roderick McLeod for myself my heirs Exrs. Admrs. Do covenant and agree to and with the Sd. McRae’s, McLeod’s, Campbell’s, McQuaig’s, McLochlin’s, McKay’s, McPherson’s, McKenzie’s, McClennon’s, McKinnises and their heirs and assigns to warrant secure and forever defend all and singular the above Bargained premises unto them the Sd. parties their heirs and assigns from the Just and Lawful claim or claims of any person or persons whatsoever In witness whereof I the Sd. Roderick McLeod do hereunto set my hand and affix my seal the day and Date above written.
Jno. Lee
Finley Campbell Roderick McLeod (SEAL)
Alex’d McLeod

State of No. Carolina
Anson County July Court 1808
Then the within deed was duly proved in open court and ordered to be Registered.
Tod Robinson CLK.

Larry I will try to put together some additional information as it comes to me.

PS When I was at the Anson County Courthouse last summer making copies of the records, the staff said I had set a record for copies made. In fact they doubted it would ever be broken! :<) So if you need me to check on something please let me know!
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