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A 200 year old Family Mystery

A 200 year old Family Mystery

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Hello I am searching for some answers regarding my family's past ancestry and history that has been passed down since my great-great-grandmother almost 200 yrs ago to her daughter.

A family history and genealogy book begins with "This documentation covers the families of ... ... , decendants from the court of France and Spain settled on the island of Puerto Rico". Having asked my now deceased great-grandmother, she mentioned a countess in her family ancestry. My grandfather, mother and aunts/great aunts have all said the same, mentioning the "Countess of Guise, Guisedon, deGuise", none of them sure of who it may be or which line she is from.

We have been searching for information since 1993 and have come up with nothing. With the internet available today, I am hoping this query will catch someone's eye.

Another 'rumor': the countess and her family "fled France to avoid political (?) persecution".

I have searched the net extensively searching for French/Spanish courts, countesses, etc, and the family name and variations of Guise.

PLEASE, if you know of any websites or genealogical data listing the ancestry and decendants of any "countesses of (any variant of Guise) PLEASE PLEASE let me know!

We have traced my family back to the following and I would like to make the connection and FINALLY write in our Family Book WHO we are decended from!!!

The line is either from my great-great-grandmother's family, surnames of MONET, HUERTAS, MARRERO, FONTANA

Or from my great-great-grandfather's side, surnames MONET, MARRERO, MIRIAL.

On my great-great grandmother's side, we have traced back to my great-great-great-great grandmother/father and can find no further information.

1. Lorenzo HUERTAS married Nicolasa FONTANA.
2. Justo HUERTAS (Fontana) married Josefina MONET.
3. Marcelina HUERTAS (Monet) married Juan Antonio MARRERO (Perez)
4. Consuelo Tomasa MARRERO (Huertas) 1892
5. My Grandfather
6. My Mother
7. ME

On my great-great grandfather's side, we have traced back to my g-g-g-g-g-g-grandmother/father and can find no further information.

1. Jose MONET married Maria Horortiva/Homortina MIRIAL
2. Maria Julia MONET (Mirial) md. Gregorio MONET
3. Josefina MONET married Policarpio MARRERO (Monet)
4. Policarpio MARRERO (jr.) md. Angela PEREZ
5. Juan MARRERO (Perez) md. Marcelina HUERTAS(Monet)
6. Consuelo Tomasa MARRERO (Huertas) b. 1892
7. My Grandfather
8. My Mother
9. ME

I have no knowledge of the MONETs and MARREROs being of relation from each side of the family.

Again, I feel I have exhausted most of my resources for these families in site searches and can not afford to hire a professional genealogist, especially someone from France or Spain!!!

Thanks for reading this post. Sorry if it is not in proper format for lineage outlines OR if it is very confusing.

THANK YOU for your help!! Please post here or email me with any replies.


Re: A 200 year old Family Mystery

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Hello Victoria,

Who wrote the book that states the French or Spanish
lineage. When was it published and what is the name of the book. Do you have any known ancestors born in Spain or
France. Do you have their corresponding dates and who their
parents were. Do you have an estimated time frame of when this countess lived? Please e.mail me at

Paul Robertson

Re: A 200 year old Family Mystery

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Surnames: Guisnes
There is a Ardolph Comte de Guisnes. Perhaps this is the spelling you need. He lived around the year 1000. She would likely be one of his decendents.

Re: A 200 year old Family Mystery

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Surnames: De Guise
Hello, I suppose you know that de Guise is was the family name of Mary Queen of Scots' mother. Her family were all French and because of this she was considered as, and became the wife, at the age of 7, to the old King of France, Louis, I can't remember which one. After his death she returned to England and was married off to Robert Darnley and then married Bothwell, the rest, as they say is history. I hope this helps, not sure if it does. The name is definately French.

Re: A 200 year old Family Mystery

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Surnames: Blount, le Blount, de Guisnes
I don't know anything really, but while I was searching for something else, I found your post. I could only copy and paste a section, but this is what I was going off of. Perhaps it is related.
"Genealogy of the House of Blount †
This family is descended in the male line from a younger son of Rodolf, third Comte de Guisnes (died 1036), a family closely connected with the ruling houses of Flanders, Normandy and Lorraine. Several of the family took part in the Norman Conp...
Submitted By: jackelliston"
And I just found this:
per page

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