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Agnes Moseby LaForce & Slaves

Agnes Moseby LaForce & Slaves

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Hello All,

I need some information on how to obtain copies of some records from Goochland County.

I am looking for Wills and Land Patents, I think.
The Wills are for Dr. Rene Laforce and his wife Sarah LaForce, her maiden name is unknown to me at this time. The Land Patent is for Dr. Rene LaForce.

Dr. Rene LaForce was appointed as one of the first
Justice of Peace (JP's) when Goochland was formed in 1728. He died shortly after that, so I imagine the Will was probated between 1728 and 1735.

In the 1723 Patent Book 11 in "Abstracts of Land Patents of Henrico and Goochland Co., 1624-1732", in Foley, "Early Virginia Families vol. ,p.60" Rene Laforce has 1,000 acres on the North side of the James River, neighbors are Thomas Wadkins & Thomas Farrar.

Sarah Laforce left a Will, dated 16 Dec 1756, probated 18 Jul 1757, Goochland Co., VA. In the Will, Sarah named her daughter Sarah Hardain, Wm. Hardain, her husband (?) was one of the Executors.

Dr. Rene and Sarah's son, also named Rene married Agnes Moseby. My ancestors were known slaves of Rene and Agnes Moseby Laforce. Of those slaves, one was named Betty, born ca 1730-1735, she happens to be my 7th great grandmother, Betty's daughter, Hannah is a 6th great grandmother and one of Hannah's five (5) YELLOW children, Kandis, is my 5th great grandmother. Betty, Hannah and Kandis were all together with Agnes Moseby Laforce in Jun 1780.

I'm hoping information contained in these Wills will show how the LaForce's and/or Moseby's came by the Slaves.

Any help on the who, where, what, cost and how to go about getting copies is greatly appreciated.
Contact me at the above email address.

A Hopeful,

Art Thomas

Re: Agnes Moseby LaForce & Slaves

Margaret (View posts)
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There are a couple of web sites that give some info on the life and times of the La Force family and slaves.
The La Force family were loyalists, and with the Rev. War they set out to Ky. The group was captured at Martin's Fort in Ky. They were marched to Detroit and then to Montreal where they remained captive, sewing fine shirts for sale in Europe. When they were released Agnes attempted to have the slaves returned, but to no avail. They had been divided up between the Brits and the Indians.
The story is detailed at,html
gives a list of the slaves and who they went to.
It looks like Hanna went to Mr. Fisher and Candis went to Capt. McKee. Betty is not mentioned, but Bess, Grace, Rachel and Patrick went to Indians.
I have not found any info about who had slaves or how they got them. I may have some names from wills of how the slaves were divided upon the death of the owners.
Good Luck.

Re: Agnes Moseby LaForce & Slaves

Art Thomas (View posts)
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Thanks so very much for your reply. Since my original post I have become acquainted with the URL's you mentioned. I have also made contact with the Ruddle's Fort and Martin's Station Historical Association and a researcher in Richmond, VA who has provided information on some La Force wills.

As yet I have not been able to determine how the La Force family initally acquired their slaves, but I suspect it was through their association with the Randolph's or the Byrd's, early Virginia families with large numbers of slaves.

The "Bess" who went to the Shawnee was also known as Betty. She was Hannah's mother and Candis' grandmother.

Thnaks again for you reply,

Art Thomas

Re: Agnes Moseby LaForce & Slaves

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I just tried the web sites you listed in your informative query, but they are not workable. Is there another web site with this information I could try? Thanks for your help.

Re: Agnes Moseby LaForce & Slaves

Margaret (View posts)
Posted: 1074820599000
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You are correct, the web sites have not been kept active.
I did a search on Ruddle's Fort and while there was some interesting info, I did not find any info on the slaves.
If you are interested I can retype the slave info. If you want other info try a Ruddle's Fort search. Some of the links are not working, but the Historical Society link does.
Good luck, let me know if you want me to type in the Slave info I have.

Re: Agnes Moseby LaForce & Slaves

Art Thomas (View posts)
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Surnames: LaForce
Hello Margaret,

I would be most interested in any LaForce records you may have that mentions their slave families and/or distribution.

The time period would be from the LaForce's arrival in America up to the capture of Mrs. Agnes Moseby LaForce and her slaves in the June 1780 raid at Martin's Station, KY.

Anything you can provide would be appreciated........greatfully.

Thanks in advance,

Art Thomas

Re: Agnes Moseby LaForce & Slaves

Louise La Force Roberson (View posts)
Posted: 1123791434000
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Margaret: lost your e-mail addy in computer crash. Glad to have found you again.

I have a story of the La Force family as related by Daniel Goodwin La Force to Mary La Force, wife of Dr. J.W. La Force and by her to Frank La Force.
As you see it was worse than 2nd hand.
They have some facts right but have confused most of what they have.
They say Daniel G. La Force's grandfather was born in France. This can't be true.
Daniel G. was the son of Wm. Bailey La Force , one of the captives taken to Canada.
I believe Wm. Bailey was a GRANDSON of Rene, Jr. and Agnes.
Here is part of my evidence:
He says that during the march his mother and himself carried his 3 year old brother who had become sick. He died and they continued to carry him until night so that they could bury him. They were afraid that if the captors knew he was dead they would force them to abandon him.
When they camped, his mother and he dug a shallow grave with their hands to bury him.
Agnes Moseby La Force was too old to have had a son 3 years old. This and the deed I found leaving land in KY to Elizabeth Bailey La Force and her father William Bailey
convince me that he was the grandson of Agnes and Rene, Jr.
I think both this son and Elizabeth were killed or died before they reached Canada. Agnes indicated some of her family was killed on the trip.

He only mentioned the slaves in connection to the petition William Bailey La Force filed on June 22, 1814 for their recovery. It names Betty and seven children.
Wm. Bailey La Force said"When he was young he
regretted the loss of the slaves and all their property because it left them very poor", but in later life he was thankful, else he would have been born a slaveholder and thought it was right.

They says the La Forces went to KY with Daniel Boone in 1775 and located about 3 miles from each other .
Now they may have come out with Daniel Boone, but they did not settle near him. Martin Station is more than 3 miles from Boonesborough.

Last year in June, my brother, nephew and I stopped at Flatlick, KY on our way home from the Gathering to see if we could see where they camped when Rene was killed.
If the old road follows the trail, then it is visible from the new highway, but it is in a hayfield.


Re: Agnes Moseby LaForce & Slaves

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Hello Louise,

Yes, I am glad we have "reconnected". Our best wishes to your sisters, Leonard and your families.

Thanks for the information on the LaForce's who served in the CW with the USCT's. Through Census records we have found Fielding LaForce, an AA with his family in 1860 living in Heth, Harrison Co,, IN. We're working on Benjamin & Daniel LaForce.

It is interesting that Daniel is listed as a Surgeon with Co's. F & S of the 5th Reg't of the USCT's. So I am assuming that Daniel was one of the white officers who served with the USCT's. The other LaForce you mentioned, Benjamin served in the 3rd Reg't with Fielding, but in a different Company. Both Benjamin & Fielding attained the rank of Corporal prior to discharge.

The family of Fielding, who is 17 y/o in 1860, had been freed/manumitted sometime before 1860 for them to have been recorded in the 1860 Census. Of particular this household there is a Winnine LaForce, 77 y/o and having been born in KY. That would place her birth sometime around 1783 when the LaForce family was freed by the British and returned to KY from Canada. The question is could she have been a child of one ot the older LaForce slaves captured in 1780?

Well, as you know one answer or bit of information leads to many follow-on questions, so we're back in the "LaForce Hunt" :)) Thanks for the heads-up.

Please, lets keep in touch and hope to see you at the 2006 Gathering.

Warmest Regards,

Art Thomas

Re: Agnes Moseby LaForce & Slaves

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I am a decent of Rene. I am looking of evidence to link Cornelius Holeman Laforce to William and Nancy. Then to Samuel then to Rene and Agnes.

Is this something you can help me with. Do you have other stories or infomation about the Laforces and the directions that they took?

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