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Captain Keough who fought with Custer

Captain Keough who fought with Custer

Anna Wilmans (View posts)
Posted: 969201542000
Does anyone know if the Captain Keough who
fought with Custer at the Little Big Horn was
any relation to the Keough who owned a ranch
in the Reese River area of Nevada, near
Austin? Thanks for your help.

Captain Myles Walter Keogh

Posted: 969471831000
Edited: 1002472024000
Sorry, I don't think he is connected to property in Nevada. He spent his life in the United States serving the country in the Military. If you have a real interest in knowing more about Myles let me know and I can write pages worth. He was an interesting fella who had a love for the booze and the ladies, yet her never married before he was killed at the Battle of the Little Big Horn in Montana.

Captain Myles Keogh

Posted: 969471961000
Edited: 1002472024000
Oops, I put your name instead of mine but hope this clears it up about Capt Keogh. Norma

Captain Myles Walter Keough

Anna Wilmans (View posts)
Posted: 969479815000

Thank you for replying to my message. I first became interested in Captain Keough because of his horse Comanche who was the sole survivor of the Little Big Horn (0n the
European side. I am interested in the pages
you know about him--I understand he had come
from Ireland--Could he have had a cousin or
something who went out to Nevada? I think
Comanche was raised on the desert there
because many of the cavalry horses were.
Anna Wilmans

Captain Keough

Nancy (View posts)
Posted: 971297532000
Norma - Do you know if he had any children that he recognized as his? (Even though he never married.) I know he had one son, John, who lived in Montana. Do you know if there were others?


Nancy (View posts)
Posted: 971380284000
Comanche live to be 29 years old. Was badly wounded in the battle which killed his/her master. He was found by Blacksmith Gustaf Korn also with the 7th Cavalry. Korn brought him back to Kansas and nursed him back to health. After a few episodes, he was "retired" and used for ceremonial purposes only. Horse became very close to Korn and was morose afte his death. Horse finally died and was taken to Univ. of Kansas where he was "stuffed" and remains today. Because he became like a Mascot to the students and became weatherbeaten by their affectionate pats, he was put under glass but is supposedly still there, in their Natural History museum. Refer you to the book, "Son of the Morning Star" which details Comanche's history and much of his masters.


Anna (View posts)
Posted: 971954222000
There is another book called "Comanche" written by a professor (now dead) at UNR--I think it now out of print, but if you are interested I can get the data on it.

Myles Keogh

Barbara Williams (View posts)
Posted: 973281068000
Where did you hear about a son named John born in Montana? It's the first I've heard. I have his military records haven't been able to find reference of any kind to children in correspondance with the military or with family friends.


Nancy (View posts)
Posted: 973291662000
Believe John was born in PA, not Montana. He was married to my grandmother's cousin - close cousin, I remember her very well. They lived in Montana and are mentioned in several books. Bridget, John's wife even wrote a book about her work on the Indian reservation. According to my aunt, his parents certainly were married. (Although we are aware of his reputation.)


Nancy (View posts)
Posted: 973320527000
My sister has corrected me: we don't know where John Keough was born. He graduated from Gonzagah (sp?) University so perhaps he was born in the West. Bridget was born in PA but may have met him after moving to Montana.
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