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Hedgepeth Marriages NC/MS

Hedgepeth Marriages NC/MS

Lesley (View posts)
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Bertie co:
Marmaduke 29 Sept 1777 Hannah Hays
Cunberland Co:
James 3 May 1837 Lydia Higgins
Jesse 3 Jan 1849 Mary Elizabeth Parker
Josiah 11 dec 1866 Sylvester Harris
R.R. 25 jan 1841 Elizabeth Bradley
Franklin Co:
Abraham 15 Sept 1789 Elizabeth Webb
Hollady 4 Feb 1836 Martha Coley
James 27 Dec 1853 Sarah Woodliff
James 11 Feb 1868 Ann M. Davis
Jesse 9 Oct 1821 Penny Laurence
John F. 27 Nov 1858 Mary France Woodley
Taylor 23 Nov 1840 Eliza Earls
Granville Co:
Gaston 26 Dec 1866 Sarah Teasley
Solomon 22 Aug 1792 Ann Thomason
Halifax Co:
Phillip 21 Dec 1858 Eliza Brewer
William 18 Aug 1866 Itelia A.Moore
Nash Co:
Atheston 15 Jan 1850 Rosanna Phillips
Calvin 12 Dec 1848 Frances Griffin
Francis 18 Sept 1834 Nancy Braswell
Francis 29 Oct 1851 Elizabeth Danel
George W. 14 Nov 1865 Sarah F.Hedgepeth
Henry 20 July 1835 Faithy Stevens
Henry Webb 16 Feb 1852 Nancy Denson
William T. 25 Mar 1840 Barbry Crump
Elias G. 21 May 1857 Mary Ann Cobb
Francis 7 Nov 1854 Penny Ann Williams
Henry 25 Oct 1856 Lucy J. Moss
Joseph 27 Nov 1866 Louisa Edwards
Lewis W. 29 April 1861 Martha Warbleton
W.T. 18 Dec 1860 Agnes Edwards
Northampton Co:
David C. 21 Feb 1866 Mariah L.Flythe
George 1 Feb 1853 Martha Bryant
Howell 29 July 1837 Mary Boyd
George T. 25 Jan 1865 Lavenia Revel
Henry 23 Aug 1845 Mary Johnson
James 21 May 1830 Eliza Fly
John H. 8 June 1859 Elizabeth Peele
Wake Co:
Alexander 17 Jan 1855 Eliza C.Abernathy
Isaah 21 Dec 1827 Temperence Tabourn
Thomas 27 Dec 1833 Sarah Ashley
Wesly 24 Dec 1850 Hawkins Ivens
William 6 June 1821 Mary Survoyd
William 25 Nov 1821 Mary Vandergrift
William 5 Dec 1857 Dilly Tabon

Jefferson CO:
H.Q. 28 May 1921 Annie Blount
J.R. 13 June 1910 Millie Lee
Kemper Co:
Louis R. 11May 1969 Judy Buchanan
Leon 25 dec 1938 Mildred Eldridge
Birdie 24 Dec 1927 N.M.Waddell
Katie 15 Aug 1926 J.T. Thomas
Mittie 22 July 1933 Willie Waddell
William J. 6 June 1965 Cheryl Wilson
Lawrence Co:
W.G. 17 Jan 1884 Sallie Bennett
Stephen 31 Dec 1885 Mary A.Blackwell
Alice E. 18 dec 1873 John F. Butler
J.N. 5 Nov 1896 Melvinie Carlisle
J.E. 11 Dec 1883 Mollie Chance
Dora E. 18 Feb 1891 John L.Cox
Hariett 15 May 1872 Willis Ward
Harriet B. 3 July 1879 R.R. Honea
Lavica C. 12 Oct 1869 J.M.White
Mary A. 20 June 1869 George Ward
Mary Adaline 1 Oct 1896 W.V. Waldrop
W.A. 26 Jan 1886 Martha Lambert
W.A. 9 Nov 1890 C.E. Russell
William 7 Jan 1877 Ardella Smith
Marion Co:
Winney Ann 2 Feb 1841 Henry Blackman
Tishomingo Co:
Miss J.M. Hedgepeh 23 Dec 1888 J.T.Millsapps

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I found a message on a board about the surname Stockstill. Someone said she was related to Mary Hedgepeth, the child of Abraham and Elizabeth (Webb) Hedgepeth and that Mary was somehow connected to Austin Stockstill. Can you help explain this?

Re: Hedgepeth Marriages NC/MS

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Leslie, I am descended from J.M.White and Lavica Caroline Hedgepeth of Silver Creek, MS. I don't have a clue who Lavica's parents or grandparents were; if you hold such data, I would be eternally grateful for the knowlege. I am developing a Mississippi, Lawrence County, White, Family History and Genealogy. I have NO data on Lavica other than what is on her tombstone at Fair River. Thanking you in advance, Sam Garrison.

Re: Hedgepeth Marriages NC/MS

Hope (View posts)
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Classification: Query
Surnames: Carter, Hedgepeth
Hi Samuel...

I'm not Leslie...but I can help you out!! My records show that Lavica Caroline Hedgepeth was the daughter of John Hedgepeth and Charity Carter. John's parents were Jessie Hedgepeth & Alice Ward and Charity's parents were William S. Carter & Louisa Levicy Simmons. I have more information on both families if you want to email me directly.

John's sister, Harriet Hedgepeth, married Charity's brother, Jessie Simmons Carter. Their daughter, Alice L. Carter, was my ggg grandmother. She and a child are buried in an unmarked grave in Jeff Davis (former Lawrence) Co, MS...near Goss. I have located the grave and some of us are in the process of trying to get it remarked. However, we have no dates to put on it. If you, or anyone you know of, has any information on Alice I would GREATLY appreciate it!! I feel like I have exhausted almost all of my options in my search to find a date of birth and death for Alice and any info on this child. We have accounted for all of the children we knew about prior to locating the grave.

Better run...
God bless,

Re: Hedgepeth Marriages NC/MS

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Classification: Query
Surnames: Blackmon, Hedgepeth, Ward, Sanford, Robinson
I have read your response and am wondering that if you are correct about Harriet, who is the Harriet married to Henry Blackmon?

Re: Hedgepeth Marriages NC/MS

Hope (View posts)
Posted: 1144748792000
Classification: Query
Surnames: Hedgepeth,
Hi Sharon...

Thanks for your reply. My information regarding my Harriet Hedgepeth and her marriage to Jessie Simmons Carter came from a family Bible that belonged to my great grandfather's oldest sister (Jessie & Harriet's great grand daughter). I was hitting brick walls trying to find the parents of Alice L. Carter and her husband, James A. Evans, so I called the daughter in law of my aunt. She pulled my aunt's Bible and read it to me over the phone. Aunt Hatt only listed names, no dates, but it gave me a place to start looking for info regarding Alice and Jim's parents.

We have found Alice's grave and may even have the date of death narrowed down to one year, although we still need to check a few more places before putting in stone! I can't wait to get her grave marked again!!

I'm not sure who the Harriet you are referring to is. I know that there were at least two Harriet Hedgepeth's in the area, but I can't remember if they were close to the same age or not. Sorry I couldn't help you further.

Please feel to email me directly if you have any further questions!

God bless,

Re: Hedgepeth Marriages NC/MS

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Classification: Query
Surnames: Hedgepeth
Lesley, I saw your message about NC/MS marriages and you had a Josiah & Sylvester Harris on there. Do you know anything else about them where they.If they had children are anything.Are were I can info on them.

Re: Hedgepeth Marriages NC/MS

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Classification: Query
Surnames: Hedgepeth, Bradley
Just a correction to one of the above entries for those researching the Hedgepeth/Bradley.

Richard R. Hedgepeth and Elizabeth Bradley were married Jan 25, 1841 in Edgecombe County, NC, not Cumberland County. Elias Bradley, (Elizabeth's brother), was the bondsman.
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