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Hello Alabama Caldwells

Hello Alabama Caldwells

edith greisser (View posts)
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David Caldwell was born 1760 in Va., came to Newberry South Carolina with his widowed mother and siblings in 1770, grew to manhood not serving in the Rev. War due to deafness. He married, had a large family, lived in Laurens District South Carolina, moved first to Ga. and then to Ala. Does anyone out there know of him? Have been trying to learn about his family and his death date, burial.

David Caldwell

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Was this David the father of John Wesley C who married Martha Gillum Richey?

Re: Hello Alabama Caldwells

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Surnames: Caldwell
I have a David Caldwell (deaf from birth or early childhood), but I have his bday as 1741 in Burnswick County, VA.

William Findley Caldwell (1704-1761)
Rebecca Parques or Parks (1707-1806)

Wife 1:
Nancy Carey
Wife 2:
Unknown Forrest
Wife 3:
Sarah Martin

Child of David & Sarah:
John Wesley Caldwell

I do have a note that Rebecca moved to Mill Creek, Newberry District (old 96th District), SC.

I have also discovered a wesite where another person researching the same family line has David b. about 1759-1760.

Excerpt from the above website:

10. David Caldwell, youngest child, born in Virginia bout 1759 or 60 was deaf from birth or early childhood and due to his handicap was not qualified for military service during the Revolutionary War. However, he seems to have been physically strong otherwise, married (wife's name unknown), reared a large family, and lived to be an old man. It occurs to me that David must have been a great source of help and comfort to his mother Rebecca during and after the traumatic days of the Revolutionary War in which her other sons John (who lost his life), William, and James served heroically.

Hope this helps. I do have other websites researching this family bookmarked, so if you need more info, just email me.


Re: Hello Alabama Caldwells

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I have viewed Caldwell internet postings for some time and have found that none of them have ever listed sources or data proving assertions re David Caldwell. I think that fact is a major problem in sorting out who is who in this line. You list a Nancy Carey as first wife. Have you looked at the US 1860 Census in Randolph Co. wherein a Nancy Caldwell is listed? If she is David's first wife and alive in 1860 how is it he had wives #2 and 3--as a bigamist? Another discrepancy found in these internet sites is the birth year of David as you have pointed out. I am somewhat frustrated with these undocumented assertions of kinship and disparities in data. Does anyone do original research with original documents?

Re: Hello Alabama Caldwells

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Starting with Caldwell who immigrated to U.S.

Generation 1:
John F Caldwell b. 1683 Ireland immigrated 1727 was justice of the peace in Club Creek, Va. helped found a church there as well. d. 1750 Club Creek, Va.
married: Margaret Phillips b. 1685 Ireland d. 1748 Club Creek, Va.
Child(ren): William Michael Caldwell (1704-1761)

Generation 2:
William Michael Caldwell b. 1704 Ireland, was a Major in the French and Indian War. d. 1761 Club Creek, Va.
Married: Rebecca Parks b. 1707 Ireland, did patriotic service in South Carolina. d. 1806 Mill Creek, SC.
William Caldwell (1748-1814)Lieutenant in a SC unit
Elizabeth Caldwell (Gillam) (1757-1851) did patriotic service in Va.
John Caldwell (?-?) Revolutionary War Colonel and Justice of the Peace
David Robert Caldwell (1759-1855)

Generation 3:
David Robert Caldwell b. 1759 Club Creek, Va, possibly deaf, possibly private in Confederacy. d.1855 Lumpkin, GA.
Married: Sarah Martin b. 1759 Spartanburg, SC, d. 1855 Lumpkin, GA.
Sarah Martin Caldwell (1802-?)
Thomas Caldwell (1804-?)
Rebecca Jackson Caldwell (1809-1850)
John Wesley Cadlwell (1809-1875)
Joseph D Caldwell (1810-?)
Meredith B Caldwell (1825-1851)

Source(s): Book: The Caldwell Family by The American Genealogical Research Institute; Washington, D.C. 1975.
Online research.

Re: Hello Alabama Caldwells

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Surnames: Caldwell
The origin of info is cited as a book; however, what were the sources cited in the book? Seems odd: David Robert Caldwell b. 1759, d. 1855 but possibly served in Confederatcy(sic)5-6 yrs after he died? Rebecca Park Caldwell's descendents appear to be varied and legion on the internet--reputable source(s)for which are never cited. Given the number of Caldwells extant in up country South Carolina in the 18th century I fear that many Caldwell lines have been conflated and attached to Rebecca!

John Caldwell Died 1750 Lunenburg VA is NOT John F. Caldwell

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Surnames: Caldwell
As someone who has poured over every deed, will, etc record of Brunswick, Lunenburg, & Charlotte Counties VA concerning the Caldwell's, I can advise that there is NO evidence that the John Caldwell who died 1750 Club Creek, Va. had a middle name; nor is there any evidence that his son William had a middle name. Middle names for persons born in that age were rarely given - I mean I haven't found a single instance of middle names for persons born before 1763; and I've been doing early Caldwell's research since 1988. Someone should access the quoted source - The Caldwell Family by The American Genealogical Research Institute; Washington, D.C. 1975 - to see if it actually says "John F. Caldwell". If it does, is it stated with documentated evidence?

Re: Hello Alabama Caldwells

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The book sites many sources there are 28 pages listing the sources of information used to compile the book. There are state libraries as well as the Library of Congress, vital records bureaus, US censuses, federal military databases, SS death indexes, marriage records, patriotic society databases, federal immigration records and more. Enough reputable sources for you?

The David Robert confederacy thing was a footnote and was stated that it was not fully substantiated, that birth and death were not certain, which is why I stated "possibly" and not that he "was". I have not finished all my research and thought that here was a good place to exchange information not get nit-picked.

Thank you for your reply.

Re: John Caldwell Died 1750 Lunenburg VA is NOT John F. Caldwell

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Thank you for your reply.

I received the middle initial from some family kept records. Which I will admit are not totally complete which is why I need more information. Thus sharing what I have on here and hoping for constructive collaboration.

On your comment about middle names not widely given I must disagree as in the book I sited there are many people with middle names. The sources that are sited in the book are federal and state records. I replied to another who questioned the books sources and listed more in the reply to them.

Also I am researching 5 different families and have many people from that era that have middle names. I received them from birth, marriage and death records. Some of these records I have a copy of the original record not just some internet listing.

Now I will admit that I am not a professional and may get things wrong but I do check my sources and I do give leeway for mistakes made from outside non state/federal records that may be in my information.

Re: Hello Alabama Caldwells

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Please do not take personally criticisms of your citations or lack thereof when reporting your research. Criticisms of research should be taken as helpful. When reporting research we need to cite our sources and, if sources are in a book, indicate what source the book cites. Simply stating that there are 28 pages of sources is not helpful to anyone reading your research report. As a descendent of Alabama Caldwells (Randolph/Cleburne counties), I try to report my research with citations so that those reading my work can go directly to the original records and check my work. I wish you well in your continued efforts.
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