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Ancestors postings

Ancestors postings

Posted: 1008049173000
Classification: Query
Dear All:

Please start a separate sub-thread under this
thread ( just do a reply) for each Clan ancestor.

The thread on this board (and the mailing list) is intended for
comments, hints on how to locate, and discussions
on those distant ancestors ( sometimes brick walls) that are
very hard to locate. Anyone with knowledge of the
Clan Ancestors or searching for ancestors and especially
the Clan Genealogist are especially encouraged to post
their finding on the Clan ancestors.

Please do not use this board for merely looking for
recent descendants. That function is better in the
Surname message boards and mailing lists.

Use the standard procedure in the subject header of
inserting your family ancestor information in the following format
NAME > location > dates

Best Wishes and Happy Hunting to All

John A Hansen
Board Admin

Archibald 1792 brick wall

Charlynn Helms (View posts)
Posted: 1008115155000
Classification: Query
Surnames: McNeil, McNeal, Fears, McAllister
A mystery of ancestry that many MacNeil researchers run into is to be found in the mid to late 1700's in the Carolinas.

One of the major immigrations of scots - especially Clan MacNeil - happened in this time frame. They settled in two main areas - The Cape Fear area of North Carolina, and the Pee Dee area of South Carolina.

My anscetors, and maybe yours too, are among them. The mystery is: Which One?

Based on facts gathered from Census, marriage certificates, probate and court records, Family Bibles and legends, and migration patterns, a theory (or theories) may be developed and tested.

As a matter of fact, the way I got back to Archibald 1792 was achieved once I posted my theory on who my anscestor might be - it turned out that a cousin, descended from the same line, had the missing key (Family Bible). So, here are the facts, followed by some theories. What do you think?

Archibald McNEILL was born March 28, 1792
the place of birth is unknown (First problem - WHERE?)

Married Catherine FEARS (b. Nov. 21, 1799) on Oct 4, 1815

They followed the following migration pattern and appear on the census in each of these counties.
GA - Columbia, Bibb
AL - Henry, Washington
MS - Wayne

They had the following children:
Selete Ann McNeal b. May 24, 1822
Hallener McNeal b. March 1, 1824 {Helena}
James Anderson McNeal b. Aug 10, 1826
Ann Margit McNeal b. Dec 15, 1829
Allen Worken McNeal b. June 4, 1832 {Allen Walker}
Archibald William McNeal Apr 18, 1835
Martha Ann Priscilla McNeal June 21, 1837
Wm. Washington McNeal June 15, 1844


1. Archibald 1792 born in NC -
based on information that daughter Seleta Ann was born in NC - while all the rest of the children were born in GA.

2. Archibald 1792 born in SC -
based on proximity of Columbia Co, GA to Pee Dee area of SC.

3. Archibald 1792 is the brother of John 1791 -
based on migration patterns - John McNeil appears on GA census in Wilkinson Co until 1840 - then appears on 1850 census of Henry Co, AL - just a few families away from the family of Archibald 1792 (his wife Catherine 'Kitty' McNeil is listed as head of household). The rest of John 1791's offspring and their descendents remained in Wilkinson Co, GA. Why would John and his wife (Winnifred) leave their family and move to Henry Co? If they were moving with the family of a brother (Arch1792?) this would make sense - especially since it appears that Archibald1792 died around 1848 in Bibb Co.

4. Archibald 1792 is brother to Andrew
based on Columbus Co, GA census

5. Archibald 1792 is brother to Henry and John of SC
Henry and John McNeil were brothers - parents were Daniel and Lucy McNeil - evidence of other siblings - names suspected to be James and Archibald.

6. Archibald 1792 is a descendent of Jennie 'BAHN' McNeil -
Jennie 'Bahn' (the fair) - famous pre-revolution McNeil businesswoman in NC married to Archibald McNeill - had several children - Arch 1792 could easily be a descendent of her son Malcom McNeill who married Janet McALLISTER - it is said that this line often uses the name of Benjamin Franklin in naming descendents because of Jennie Bahn's great affection and respect for the original Ben Franklin.

Other general information:

Most common names over five generations in this (Archibald 1792) line are: Mary, Catherine, Archibald, John, Benjamin Franklin, James, Allen, and Washington.

So - what do you think?

Charlynn Helms

Barra vs Colonsay by Charlynn Helms

Posted: 1008118957000
Classification: Query
Subject: Barra vs Colonsay
Author: Charlynn Helms
Date: 10 Dec 2001 12:00 AM GMT

It was suggested (in the clan history) that certain first names were used exclusively by the Barra MacNeil's and others only by the Colonsay MacNeil's. Further examples given in the article have led me to believe that the name Archibald belonged to the Colonsay clan.

Does anyone know the truth of this matter?

This information may be helpful in leading my research in the right direction (stuck in 1792 with Archibald born to unknown parents in the US - probably in North Carolina)

Charlynn Helms

Archibald McNeil 1792
++Allen Walker McNeal 1832
+++Archibald Walter McNeal 1874
++++Mary Kathleen McNeal (Freeman) 1914
+++++Ava Lee Freeman (Helms) 1938
++++++Charlynn Helms 1962

Re: Barra vs Colonsay by Charlynn Helms

Posted: 1103984371000
Classification: Query
Edited: 1163980156000
Surnames: MacNeil McNeil
Hello John,
Archibald was not a common name among the Barra MacNeils but there is evidence that this name was used. The tacksman of Sandray was supposed to have been an Archibald MacNeil. There is a family which settled in Cape Breton that reportedly descends from an Archibald MacNeil as well. Perhaps this is the same Archibald as the one at Sandray. The name sometimes also appears among the Cape Breton MacNeils in the early generations. Most of the Cape Breton MacNeils came from Barra.
Vince MacNeil

Re: Archibald 1792 brick wall

Shirley Bethel (View posts)
Posted: 1142407267000
Classification: Query
Surnames: McNeal
I seen an Archibald McNeal listed in the 1812 war. He was from Highland County, Ohio. My grandfather, Edward McNeal was from Highland County, Ohio also. I have been trying to get info on this for 2 years.
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