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Clan, Sept, and Surnames URL's and References Web Sites

Clan, Sept, and Surnames URL's and References Web Sites

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Dear All:

This thread is intended for posting of current URLS of other
web-sites that have information on the history or information
on the Surname or Clan. These web sites can include
archives, libraries, or just the Clan or Sept web site etc
So Clan Secretaries can keep this thread current or just
a interested member of the surname that has the
web site for their own family.

Please reply to this post and change the subject heading to
the name of the web site that is posting the news. Then keep that
thread current with news etc of your web site ( change of
address etc)

The benefit of having your own thread here is that you can
post the URL in newsletter or emails etc to newsgroup or
mailing lists etc. That way, any interested parties of the
Clan, Sept, or even a unique family group can always come
to your own web site for news and information.

The posting here will also be visible for an extended period vs
the short retention time of the mailing lists.

Please feel free to post this notice to other surname
message boards and mailing lists that would be
interested in this new message board.

Best Regards
John A Hansen
Message Board Admin

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Some web sites with the History of the Clan Mackay

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Classification: Query
Surnames: Mackay
Dear All:

There has been a couple of questions regarding the
History of the Clan MacKay.

Here are some basic web sites that cover the
history and some relationships with the
Morgans and Forbes Clans and other Septs of
the Clan.

Here is the basic background:

Here is the genealogy report giving some backgrounds:

Here is the Clan MacKay USA Society with a really nice
description of the current status of the Clan and
the descent from the Royal House of Moray.

And of course the message boards with the
surname Mackay should be reviewed and
a "notifications" added to your daily email
postings :-)

Hope this helps:

Best Regards
Board Admin

Re: Clan, Sept, and Surnames URL's and References Web Sites

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Surnames: McGhee
I am a member of the Galloway McGhees. This branch of my family originated in Galloway and still has ties there.
We McGhee are a sept of the clan McKie and are proud to be so.
Do you have any information or mailing sites for Clan Septs.
I live in Glasgow not too far from my family Heartland.

Re: Clan, Sept, and Surnames URL's and References Web Sites

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Surnames: MacKay, McGhee
The McGhees have long been a part of the clan Mackay. Our clan
information says that the Second Chief, Iye Mor, had two brothers:
Morgan and Martin. From Martin came the Galloway Mackays, which are
divided into two branches M'Ghie and M'Kie. Around 1160 the Argyil
Mackays and the McGhies of Galloway fled south. The name McGee,as it
is spelled in the US is a strong part of the Clan Mackay. and we have
many members that carry the McGee name. Check into our WEB
site at
I would encourage you to post a notice on the bulletin board
pertaining to the information you are seeking. Also, if you have not
already contact the Society in Scotland do so at: The Seanachaidh, W. Alex Mackay, is very helpful.


David R. McKay
Mid West Regional Vice President
Clan Mackay Society of the USA

Re: Clan,MacKay

Judith Wells (McKeig) (View posts)
Posted: 1077749082000
Classification: Query
Over the years the spelling of my ancestors has been MacCay,MacKey, McKeag, McCay, McKeig. Coming from the northern tip of what is now Ireland, these hard folks decided rather than join up in a cause they neither understood or supported they would emmigrate to the United States. I have been able to track them through the help of some diligent folks who took me under their wing. If any one has information in Scotland or Ireland I would love to hear from them.
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