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Information about the Watrous roots

Information about the Watrous roots

Paula Watrous (View posts)
Posted: 928496250000
I would like to know if there are any other individuals with the last name Watrous. Where does this name originate from. I've been told that it's Irish. I would like to know as much as there is to know. I am a Black female. My dad died before I could trace my roots. I do know that my grand father was of mixed race.

Watrous surname

Posted: 939819482000
Edited: 1015368677000 (see note for info about this site) Dear Paula, The Watrous name is very prominent in Ct.and the northeast, and in fact all over the country. Several genalogists have written or are in the process of writing genealogies of the Watrous's (Waters, Watters, Waterouses, Waterhouses). If your grandfather was descended from Jacob Waterhouse who was one of the founders of New London, Ct.(He and his wife Hannah emigrated to America form England circa 1830), you may find some info @ the web address at the beginning of this message. The Watrous name came into use when one of the children of Jacob, I believe, adopted it after a misspelling on a land deed. There have
been many other spellings, mostly I think, after studying this for some time, because people have misspelled the original name. Some of the Waters are descended from one who came originally from Scotland. Some of them have married into the Waterhouse/Watrous family. I hope this is of some help to you. You might also try: There are also several towns named after the Watrouses: Watrous, New Mexico, Watrous, Vt. and, Watrousville, (Wi., I think,). Sincerely, Helene Watrous Hultgren
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Edited: 1015368677000
Sorry, Jacob and Hannah Waterhouse emigrated
about 1630, not 1830. Some sources say they came with the Winthrop party
but I was unable to find them on the list of passengers of any of the ships,
which doesn't mean they weren't there, since many people 's names were omitted.

Arrived in 1637 from England

Jack Watrous (View posts)
Posted: 942278145000
JACOB WATERHOUSE--Born 1605 Died 1676 Sailed from Chesterin 1635. He was in Weathersfield, Ct in 1637.
Posted: 945103517000
Edited: 1004140298000
You have to find your grandfather's parent's names and take it from there. Get your grandparent's names from your father's birth certificate. Then try to find your grandfather's birth certificate and so on...

This could be another alternative to how the name Watrous ended up in your family. ...I just happened upon it while I was looking up Watrous on AOL...either way, good luck in finding your line.
By the way, Watrous was changed from Waterhouse due to the way it was written on land deeds a long time ago. There are many variations including Waters, Watters, Waterous. Again...good luck and here is the article....:^)

WATROUS, BENJAMIN O. (ca. 1831-?). Benjamin O. Watrous, minister and delegate to the Constitutional Convention of 1868-69,qv was born in McMinn County, Tennessee, about 1831. He was known as Ben Carter while a young slave but took the name Watrous after his new owner, Daniel Watrous, of Alabama. He was a wheelwright by trade. Watrous had lived in Texas for twelve years before Washington County voters chose him as a delegate to the constitutional convention, where he served on the Committee on State Affairs. He introduced resolutions requiring a belief in God as a qualification for public office and prohibiting exclusion from office on the basis of race. Watrous voted against a proposal to divide Texas into more than one state and was one of five black delegates to sign the Constitution of 1869.qv He also served as a member of the state central committee of the Republican partyqv in 1868; he was defeated by Matthew Gainesqv in 1869 when he ran for the state Senate.

BIBLIOGRAPHY: J. Mason Brewer, Negro Legislators of Texas and Their Descendants (Dallas: Mathis, 1935; 2d ed., Austin: Jenkins, 1970). Harrel Budd, The Negro in Politics in Texas, 1867-1898 (M.A. thesis, University of Texas, 1925). Carl H. Moneyhon, Republicanism in Reconstruction Texas (Austin: University of Texas Press, 1980). Merline Pitre, Through Many Dangers, Toils and Snares: The Black Leadership of Texas, 1868-1900 (Austin: Eakin, 1985).

Paul M. Lucko

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Jacob Waterhouse

Jason Watrous (View posts)
Posted: 947246004000
Any descendants in clinton Connecticut area

descendants - new england area

waterhouse - watrous (View posts)
Posted: 947299969000
anyone with any info please contact

Waterhouse-Watrous descendants

Jason Watrous (View posts)
Posted: 948017134000
My grandfather was walter watrous, his fathers name was asa watrous. asa served in the civil war. another family name is doane. new england area,clinton connecticut.anyone with information e-mail me please

new England Watrous/Waterhouse info

Posted: 948225453000
Edited: 1015368677000
You might find soething @ this site. Good luck. Helene Watrous Hultgren

jacob waterhouse

emery watrous (View posts)
Posted: 950892534000
contact j. kessler in pawcatuck conn.
about jacob waterhouse
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