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William Tapp

William Tapp

A Kruzich (View posts)
Posted: 928432923000
Looking for info on william tapp b 1725 Culpeper co. va. m 1756 eliz. Lunsford/
1796 rebecca fowler

William Tapp

Sharyn (View posts)
Posted: 930923856000
Looking for info on Eber Smith Tapp. He named
his son William Tapp in 1850's. Maybe
grandson of your party? Eber married in
Pickens,GA, 1857.

William Tapp

Tony (View posts)
Posted: 931805325000
Hello Sharyn i don't find any Eber Smith Tapp in my line. This line is from the Hopkins county, Ky area previously Person co. nc. Wm sr., Eli, Jesse Lunsford, Rufus Simeon, Charles Owen, Ruby Janet Tapp my mother William sr b 1725 Culpeper co va. Do you have any info on Eber ? Would be glad to share.

William Tapp

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Hello Tony. I saw your July 12 message that included Rufus Simeon Tapp from Person County, NC. My grandfather, Rusfus Thomas Tapp, is from Person County. I would be glad to share info. Please contact me at

Re: William Tapp, Eber Tapp, Sarah E. Tapp, Lorena J. Tapp

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Surnames: Tapp I am looking for information on E.S. Tapp, William C. Tapp, and Sarah E. Tapp. How did Eber Smith Tapp get his first two names? He probably got married in the late 1850s most likely to my great great grandmother whose name is most likely Sarah E. Tapp for sure with the maiden name most likely Ezell; however, I have seen another surname as her maiden name. She died in Snyder, Texas in 1915 the same year that my great great grandfather Perry H. Morris died also in Snyder, Texas. Eber died, probably as a noncombat death, in the middle of winter as a private in the Confederate Army on December 15, 1861 location unknown to me at this time. William C. Tapp is kind of confusing as he does not show up on Eber Tapp's household census in 1860 in Pickens County, Georgia where Eber was a farmer; however, he shows up on my great great grandparents 1870 household census as an 11 year old step son in Pickens County, Georgia on page 24, lines 17 to 21 of that county's 1870 census which was taken effective June 1, 1870. Within the year, most likely my great great grandparents moved to Texas. Most likely immediately to Alvarado, Johnson County, Texas where I had a number of ancestors living at the time. William Tapp shows up on the 1880 census in the Perry H. Morris household at the age of 21 which would be consistant with his normally accepted date of birth. Do you know what the C. for his middle initial stood for? He had a sister born either in late 1860 or early 1861 by the name of Lenora Jane Tapp (Jane I believe is the generally accepted middle name for her). She was also raised by my great great grandparents with my great great grandmother Sarah E. (Ezell) (Tapp) Morris naturally being the mother of the two Tapp children. The 1880 census shows that my great great grandparents had four more children at least, the first probably born around 1870 in Pickens County, Georgia and the last three being born in Texas including my great grandmother. Lenora Jane Tapp was married to William Vivion Fenley (not Finley, but Fenley) in 1886 in Alvarado, Johnson County, Texas. I have not come across any other information on William Tapp. The unusual part is that Lenora Tapp shows up on the 1860 census before the start of the Civil War showing her age being 2; however, the 1870 and 1880 census show her age as being 9 and 19 which is the commonly accepted age that I have seen on her on the Internet. Do you know what William's mother's middle initial of "C" stood for and do you have any information on Sarah E. Ezell Tapp's ancestors like her parents and grandparents or what the "E" for her middle initial stood for. I have come across varying information on Sarah E. (Ezell) Tapp being born either in North Carolina (1880 census), South Carolina (1870 census), or Georgia (1860 census). As she is my great great grandmother, I have no information on her ancestors and roots other than my grandmother telling me a number of years ago that her grandmother, my 2G grandmother (Sarah E. Ezell), was born in Georgia which may not be the case. Any information on any of the five people (the four members of the Tapp family or Perry H. Morris) would be appreciated. I have not gotten around to checking the 1890 census or later censuses yet. Both of my great great grandparents, Perry H. Morris and Sarah E. (Ezell) (Tapp) Morris died in 1915 in Snyder, Scurry County, Texas after a long life together. Thanks. Mike

Re: William Tapp

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I posted a reply on William Tapp if you still have the same e-mail address. Thanks, Mike

Re: William Tapp

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Classification: Query
I posted a reply on William Tapp. Thanks, Mike

Re: William Tapp

Posted: 1046514147000
Classification: Query
Sharyn, In the unrelenting quest for relatives, I have uncovered more information on the Tapp family with the help of Kammi Ollson-Tapp at my request in the last 24 hours, and I have drawn some conclusions on William Tapp. There is probably more information out there, but for at least this is the definitive message on Eber Tapp and William Tapp for at least a number of months due to my work schedule:

As of 1850, the Tapp family lived in District 31, Forsyth County, Georgia as follows:

Father: Joshua Tapp 62 yrs Teacher born in Virginia
Mother: Susannah Tapp 53 yrs House keeper born in NC
Daughter: Elizabeth Tapp 24 yrs
Son: Eber Tapp 18 yrs
Daughter: Martha A. 13 yrs
Son: name illegible 9 yrs (name looks like Patillo)

I am sure that Patillo is not the name as the first letter is illegible due to a correction with the rest of the name looking like _atillo.

In 1857, Eber S. Tapp married Sarah E. (possibly Elvira) Ezell (although her maiden name much less likely could have been Rippy). By 1860, Eber S. Tapp and Sarah E. Ezell Tapp and William C. Tapp had moved to Pickens County, Georgia.

Eber S. and Sarah E. Tapp had two children:

William C. (Cicero?) Tapp born in 1859
"Nora" Lanora Jane Tapp born in 1861 (either April, 1861, I believe, or August 1861)

Eber S. Tapp died while a member of the Confederate States Army, I believe, in Virginia on December 15, 1861. As there were no combat hostilities going on, I would guess that the colder Virginia weather probably was a possible contributing factor to his death; although, I could be wrong.

My great great grandparents Perry H. Morris (who was living in Georgia in 1864 during Sherman's March to the Sea and was forced to enlist in the Union Army in 1864) and Sarah E. Ezell Tapp Morris became married in Jasper, Pickens County, Georgia sometime after the Civil War ended with this marriage resulting in four additional children being born:

"Perry" Andrew P. Morris was born in 1870 in Jasper, Pickens County, Georgia.

William C. Tapp and "Nora" Lenora Jane Tapp were raised with the Morris family. The family left Pickens County, Georgia shortly after 1870 for Texas.

Then, three Morris daughters were born in Texas. I would assume Alvarado, Johnson County, Texas as their place of birth with the second Morris daughter being my great grandmother Roxanna Morris.

It appears that the family including William C. Tapp and "Nora" Lenora Jane Tapp settled for a number of years in Alvarado, Johnson County, Texas with both William C. Tapp and "Nora" Lenora Jane Tapp showing up on the 1880 census in Alvarado, Johnson County, Texas with the rest of the Morris family which now totalled eight members. William C. Tapp was 21 years of age as of the 1880 census. As the 1890 census was accidentally destroyed in archives in Washington, D. C., the where abouts of everyone is uncertain during that time period.

Unknown is whom, or if, William C. Tapp became married, but he fathered a daughter by the name of Myrtle Tapp who was born December, 1886 almost assuredly in Alvarado, Johnson County, Texas who was raised by the grandparents no later than at the beginning of Myrtle Tapp's teenage years and probably much sooner. Unfortunately it appears based on the 1900 census that William C. Tapp died sometime between 1886 and 1900 with the cause unknown as the 1900 census shows that Sarah E. Ezell Tapp Morris had given birth to six children, but only five were living based on the information supplied on the 1900 census form. As all four Morris children were alive and "Nora" Lenora Jane Tapp Fenley had married one of my distant relatives William Vivion Fenley (middle name spelled Vivion) most likely in Alvarado, Johnson County, Texas and lived well into at least the 1930s, then this meant that William C. Tapp died sometime between March, 1886 and 1900 with date of death unknown.

It is unknown to me at the current time, but I will keep digging as to whom was the wife of William C. Tapp and whether William C. Tapp had more children other than just Myrtle Tapp.

William C. Tapp died most likely in one of two locations which were Alvarado, Johnson County, Texas or Snyder, Scurry County, Texas as by the year 1900 Perry H. Morris, Sarah E. Ezell Tapp Morris, Myrtle Tapp, "Perry" Andrew P. Morris, and "Perry's" wife Dora had move as one family unit to Snyder, Scurry County, Texas by 1900. The three Morris daughters were no longer living at home by 1900 including my great grandmother who lived a number of occasions in Snyder, Scurry County, Texas in addition to Oklahoma, Arizona, New Mexico, San Antonio, and back to Snyder.

Perry H. Morris and Sarah E. Ezell Tapp Morris died several months apart in 1915 in Snyder, Scurry County, Texas and are buried in the Snyder Cemetery.

I have not checked the 1910 census for the status of Myrtle Tapp; however, the last census in which William C. Tapp appeared was the 1880 census. So, all facts point to an early death for William C. Tapp or some other misfortune.

Sometime in the early 1900s at the latest, William Vivion Fenley and "Nora" Lenora Jane Tapp Fenley moved to Santa Ana, Orange County, California. I would guess that the Fenleys had about six children and a number of grandchildren. "Nora" Lenora Jane Tapp Fenley shows up on the 1910, 1920, and 1930 census in Santa Ana, Orange County, California. "Nora" Lenora Jane Tapp Fenley had a long life together with William Vivion Fenley dying in 1924 in Santa Ana, Orange County, California.

On the 1930 census, "Nora" Lenora Jane Tapp Fenley was shown as married to a "William "B." Fenley" in 1930. As the Fenley family was fairly large and the Fenley family, the Tapp children, and the Morris family all grew up in the same geographical location, it is quite possible that "Nora" remarried to become "Nora" Lenora Jane Tapp Fenley Fenley. At least none of the Tapp children ever took the name Morris for their last name; although, they grew up in the Morris household, but they grew up with their natural mother and grandmother Sarah E. Ezell Tapp Morris.

As my relatively, relatively speaking, genealogical search only began about five months ago on a part time basis, I am only concentrating on direct blood lines of which the surname is one of four on my mother's same on which I am concentrating and members of the Tapp family keep coming up in the Morris family.

As I understand it, an American Tapp family history of all Tapp family members, related or unrelated, spelled Tap, Tapp, Tappe, or Tapps is to be published later in 2003 and will contain a number of names obviously approaching at least a thousand or more individuals with the surname of Tapp.

Due to the lack of visibility of Eber Tapp dying so young, Sarah Tapp marrying Perry H. Morris after becoming a war widow, with William C. Tapp and Lenora Jane Tapp and Myrtle Tapp being buried in the Morris household, I feel proud to have been able to identify up to five people with the surname Tapp who would not have been in the American Tapp surname book.

I guess through my great great grandmother Morris' marriage to Eber Tapp and by blood having given birth to two Tapp children with the resulting grandchildren, great granchildren, etc... and with "Nora" Lenora Jane Tapp marrying William Vivion Fenley who is a relative of my great great great grandmother Nunn Fenley and with "Nora" Lenora Jane Tapp possibly marrying another William Fenley relative, I guess I am related to the Tapp family in at least two ways, and possibly three ways.

On a different note, my maternal grandmother passed down through oral history that both of the parents of Roxanna Morris were from Georgia. This proves probably not to be true.

Sarah E. Ezell Tapp Morris on differing census lists her home state by birth as Georgia, South Carolina, and twice North Carolina, and I have not looked at the 1910 census to see what she gives her home state.

Census information is not always accurate as "Nora" Lenora Jane Tapp Fenley on several census forms was off 1 or 2 years on her age depending upon the census.

Also, a very common mistake for the surname Tapp is to have the census enumerator mispell and record the name Tapp as Tap as was done with Myrtle Tapp's name on the 1900 census. Also, the 1860 census of Eber, Sarah, and William, the handwriting of Tapp of the census enumerator appeared to be Fapp.

I have learned way too much about census enumerators over the last five months.

I have learned way too much about family tragedy by looking at census reports with the early death of Eber Tapp and apparent early death of William C. Tapp.

Of all of the family members of Eber Tapp's family, unfortunately, at least at this point, William C. Tapp has the least amount of information available on him.

Over the next several years as Alvarado, Johnson County, Texas and Snyder, Scurry County, Texas each have about three or four different family surname lines of extended relatives at each of the two Texas locations, I plan to make trips to get additional information such as birth, marriage, death, and cemetery information. I will probably also make a trip out to Georgia also.

Through William Vivion Fenley's bloodline, all of "Nora" Lenora Jane Tapp Fenley's children, grandchildren, etc... share one thing. Through the Fenley family from Georgia which also has some Nunn blood from Georgia in it, at least by blood through sharing common great...great grandparents with the former U.S. Senator Sam Nunn, we are related to him through the Fenley side of the family which would make the children of William Vivion Fenley and "Nora" Lenora Jane Tapp Fenley related to him. Also, most sources list another generation back on the Nunn side through the Fenley blood connection a common sharing of great...great grandparents with one James Earl Carter, which I am not personally excited about. One source disagrees on the common sharing of great...great grandparents with Carter though, but that Nunn family is related to this other set of possible great...great grandparents through the Nunn family. Then, Sam Nunn is a grand nephew of Carl Vinson for whom the aircraft carrier the USS Carl Vinson is named. Then, Carter is a sixth cousin of one Richard Milhous Nixon through the Milhous, Nixon, and Carter bloodlines. Don't ask me how the Milhous, Nixon, and Carter bloodlines got connected as all of Carter's relatives come from the South and all of Nixon's relatives come from California and the North with none from the South. I guess we are all related in one form or fashion.

If you would like to stay in touch with me as I gain more information on Eber Tapp, Sarah E. Ezell Tapp Morris, William C. Tapp, the Tapp family, the Morris family, and the Fenley family, I can pass it on to you.

I know that I answered just about everything except about Eber Tapp's William C. Tapp, but this is all of the information that I have.

Mike Smith
San Antonio, Texas

P.S. I did not proof this message, so please forgive any grammatical mistakes or misspellings.

Re: William Tapp

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Hi Michael,

Thanks for the "nod" - even with the misspelling of my names :-). I've been Tami Kapp too along the way.

The census records is my goal for 2003 - and I'm making good progress (btw, I am not searching for Tappe). I've just completed 1850 which has about 450 Tapp's. I know that LDS-transcribed 1880 census has 2500-3000 Tapp's. Also, I am not searching for Tappe and I am not prepared to answer geneal lookup requests at this time.

One more suggestion, Texas has death records since 1903. You might get Sarah E's maiden name from her death certificate - depending on who completed it it could be fact or it could be lore.


Re: William Tapp, CORRECTIONS

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Classification: Query
Surnames: Tapp Rippy Morris Johnston Rankin Thompson
A few minor corrections which I should have made to my relatively lengthy message involve a more complete listing of first, middle, and last names as follows as I used initials on some names and had the wrong maiden name for Sarah Elvira Rippy [Tapp] [Morris] in my previous message:

-Eber Smith Tapp
-Sarah Elvira Rippy (d/o Jesse Rippy and Sarah Lowery), my 2G grandmother
-"Willie" William Cicero Tapp (who apparently died sometime between 1886 and 1899 fathering at least one if not two children including Myrtle Viola Tapp who married into the Willborn family; there is an orphan by the name of Eber Smith Tapp listed living in the Dallas-Fort Worth area in the 1900 census, and, then, Eber Smith Tapp is living in Orange County, California on the 1910 census where I lost track of him; the young Eber Smith Tapp is living in the same California county of Orange County, California as his possible aunt "Nora" Lenora Jane Tapp [Fenley]
-"Nora" Lenora Jane Tapp [Fenley]
-Perry Hampton Morris, my 2G grandfather
-Dora Gosney (wife of "Perry" "A.P." Andrew Perry Morris with "Perry" Morris being the son of Perry Hampton Morris and Sarah Elvira Rippy [Tapp] [Morris])

Also, I am still researching the place of death and place of burial for both Perry Hampton Morris and his wife Sarah Elvira Rippy as they were both listed on the 1910 federal census as living in Arizona with their son and son in law "Lowery" Thomas Lowery Morris.

I acknowledge that much of the clarification of the names of Sarah Elvira Rippy came from Bette Eveland of California (I believe great great granddaughter of Sarah Elvira Rippy [Tapp] [Morris], great granddaughter of "Nora" Lenora Jane Tapp [Fenley] and granddaughter of "Freda" Fenley [Stone]) back in 2003, and, in 2004, Kami Olsson-Tapp informed me of a PERSI from the Snyder, Scurry County, Texas genealogical society on Eber Smith Tapp which was 99% concerned with Sarah Elvira Rippy's extended family including her two Tapp children, four Morris children, her Johnston son in law, and Johnston grandchildren.

Mike Smith
2G grandson of Sarah Elvira Rippy [Tapp] [Morris] and Perry Hampton Morris
great grandson of Roxanna Morris [Johnston]
grandson of "Rankin" Robert Rankin Thompson and Dora Mae Johnston [Thompson]
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