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Scobie/Scobbie, John or Alexander

Scobie/Scobbie, John or Alexander

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I am trying to track my ancestors in Scotland. Specifically, I am looking for the Scobie/Scobbie family behind the earliest that I know of (so far);

Andrew Scobie b29 Jun 1756 in Wester Braco,Perthshire?, Scotland
John Scobie b 26 Sept 1779 in Shettlehill, North Lanarkshire, Scotland (near the Kirk of Shotts near Glasgow)
John Scobie b 6 Jul 1802 in Cottonhill, North Lanarkshire, Scotland (near the Kirk of Shotts near Glasgow)
John Scobbie b28 Nov 1828 in Pollockshill, North Lanarkshire, Scotland (near the Kirk of Shotts near Glasgow)
John Scobbie b 16 Apr 1854 in Newarthill, North Lanarkshire, Scotland (near the Kirk of Shotts near Glasgow)
Janet Scobbie b? d? place unknown married Alexander Dick unknown date and place.

Note the change in spelling of Scobie to Scobbie of the third John. This (according to family records) is correct and marks a split in the family that occured with the second John.

This data came from an old family bible and is not yet backed up with any repeatable sources and does not include any further data such as death dates marriage data of the like. We do however have a copy of a Solicitors letter settling a will which I suppose is some substantiation.

If anyone has any further data, I would be very interested in haring from you.


Re: Scobie/Scobbie, John or Alexander

Michael Fraser Milne (View posts)
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I am traciing my mothers line she was a Scobie.

I have found that different uncles of hers spelt their name alternativly Scobbie/Scobie, one of them even spelling it both ways!

I can say that there is a very strong connection between the Scobbies/Scobies and Blackford in Perthshire.


Michael Fraser Milne

Re: Scobie/Scobbie, possible connection in 1869

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Surnames: Scobbie, Revie, Brown, McFarlane
Not sure if this connects, but:
Jane Revie, MS Scobbie, and her husband John Revie, were the parents of my ggrandfather Arch'd Revie of Waterloo, married 20 July 1869 in Wishaw, at age 20, by John Downs minister; after Banns in the Established Church of Scotland; this from an extract from the Parish of Cambusnethan, County Lanark, via Scots Origins. The Banns were in Apr 1836, both listed as New Monkland residents. Jane Scobbie is listed as spouse to John Revie on his death certif. at age 59, at Blantyre (fire damp explosion) in 1877.

I'm sure from your extensive tree that you've searched all the Scobbies in Origins.

I beleive Jane was also called Janet in some places.

If further details would be of any help, just let me know.

good luck!

Re: Scobie/Scobbie, Hewhouse, Shotts, Salsburgh, Newarthill

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Surnames: Scobbie Scobie Laughland Miller Forrester
Hi cousin!

I have some info from a relative which says:

Andrew Scobbie, weaver, no dates, married Margaret Marshall
John Scobbie 1779/80-10.03.1858 (2 siblings, Janet 1775? & William 1780/81)

John was my g.g.g. grandfather. He seems to be your ancestor too:

John & Margaret's eldest son was John 1802 m. Elizabeth,
Their eldest was John ?1829 m. Isabella,
Their second child was John ?1854

and I have no other information since that. All Shotts area.
I think that's a hit, don't you?

John Scobbie (b 6 July 1802) had a younger brother:
George (b.4 Jan 1819) (m. Elizabeth Forrester 1848)
His son James Scobbie (1853) was my great grandfather.

John 1802 also had a son James (b. 1816/17) who
married a Janet Forrester - a sister?

In front of me I can count 8 John Scobbies - I think it is maybe the most popualr name.

Send me some mail.

Re: Scobie/Scobbie, Hewhouse, Shotts, Salsburgh, Newarthill

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Surnames: Scobbie Scobie
Here is a photo taken at "Beechworth" which was the house mentioned in the wriing in the other photo of the newspaper clipping from James Scobbie & Williamira Laughland's diamond wedding on 3rd of july 1938. I have a photo from 1938 which i can post too.

Excuse the stilted writing, lam using aTablet P.c.with per ard handwriting recognition for the first time. There. That sentence was not corrected by me. It should have said "pen and handwriting". But i! isn't to bad in an urgency. Ha! an "emergency" is my writing that bad?

Anyway. James Scobbie took over from his father George Hill Scobie/Scobbie and uncle at The Fortisset mine when they died in 1875. So the uncle must be John Scobie/Scobbie. James was then only 22 years old with only one or two years' experience. . His uncle John's son, also John (b. 1828. d. 1898) was by then 47 or so maybe too old to take over ? l speculate. Who knows? Maybe they all fell out. There are stories of falling out on both on my side & Jim Dick's, so perhaps so. In any case, it seems it was James & not his cousin John (b. 1828) or indeed any of the other cousins who got involved.

Anyway, James (my great grand father) is the 1st cousin of that John who is Jim Dick's ancestor. l think that's right. So hurray for this website & him posting here.

In the photo, James is the bald one with the beard standing on the left by the window with both hands visible.

if l get these photos onto aweb site somewhere with names and ID, l will of course post the URL here.

What we need now is more into about children of the other Cousins of James (b 20 July 1853 d. 1943) and John (b. 28 Nov 1828 d. 1898).

l have these names: (I give all "bb" but they may be "b").

Children of William (b. circa 1814) and Jane
John Scobbie (circa 1848)
Marion Scabble (b.circa 1849)
Andrew Scobbie (b.circa 1851)
Janet Scobbie (b.circa 1853)

Children of James (b. 1816 or 1817) and Janet
John Scobbie (b.circa 1841)
Janet Scobbie (b.circa 1843)
Margaret Scobbie (b.circa 1844)

Children of Jane Scobbie (b. circa 1818) and Mr. Bell
Mary Bell (b. circa 1846)
Duncan Bell (b.circa 1849)

what a lot of cousins!
They come from a set of 7 siblings born between 1802 and 1822 - John, Margaret, William, James, Jane , George Hill, Jean. Just to be clear, George Hill (b. 4 Jan 1819, d. 5 Jan 1875 )is the father of James (b. 1853) and John (5. 6 Jul 1802 l is the uncle from whom James Dick is directly decended.

so far as I know. - Margaret (b. 17 Oct 1804 ) and Jean (b.circa 1022) had no children. For George Hill's other children, about all of whose decendents i have complete details well, .nearly: -we need to wait for a proper GEDCOM &and website to put i! all oN. It was a family of 8. more. This handwriting thing is too hard.

Jim (b. 1964!)

Re: Scobie/Scobbie, Hewhouse, Shotts, Salsburgh, Newarthill

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Greetings form South Africa Scobbie family!

I have been researching my Father's family history and finding it to be wonderfully exciting!

His mother was Polly Judith Scobbie (1916-1984) Daughter of David Maxwell Scobbie( born 08/04/1864, son of Robert (09/02/1834) and Jane Maxwell(01/04/1838.)

Polly Judith is on of 3 Girls David had with Susanna Sophie Steyn In South Africa!. (His second wife after Margaret Johnson.)

My family has known only that the Scobbie family were coal miners, and that is all! So finding all the information on Jamie-woodhouse web has been incredibly exciting and informative!

I was hoping you could possible shed some light on Why Robert Scobbie came to South Africa and where he died in the Transvaal area. I'm sure this is why David then made his way here too! I have some info on their lives here but very little! We would love to know all about the family and I'm hoping you will join our family tree. I will send an invite to your mail address if it's on here!

I'm really looking forward to hearing form you!

Kind regards,
Robyn-Leigh Oettl!

Re: Scobie/Scobbie, Hewhouse, Shotts, Salsburgh, Newarthill

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Surnames: Scobbie

I seem to have a connection to you through the scobbies from the parish of Shotts, Scotland and Robert Scobbie (bSept 2, 1864).

You might wish to contact me at and Dr. James Scobbie at We both appear to be cousins of yours

You can find a GEDCOM that includes the connection available for download at (just follow the links to genealogy -> Family Tree.


Re: Scobie/Scobbie, Hewhouse, Shotts, Salsburgh, Newarthill

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I am fascinated by your photoraphs!!!! Do you have more? I was brought up in Beechworth Between 1972 and 1994. The house such a fantastic place grow up as a young boy. I would appreciate any more information you have on the place. I too have some more recent photographs of the house. Can you tell me, who is the elder lady on the centre of the photograph, as i swear in saw her in the dining roon of the house dressed in black with a shawl aound her. I saw her image on a few occaisions much to the distress of my parents!!
Best Regards
Jeff Gray

Re: Scobie/Scobbie, John or Alexander

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JIm. I am researching Scobbie ancestors and have James Scobbie (1873) who is a mining engineer. Having found Shotts I wonder if this is a son as my James is a mining overseerer in his early 20's which may be the case if its a family business. Does any of this match up with what you know? Any help would be very much appreciated.
Thanks, Sarah

Re: Scobie/Scobbie, Hewhouse, Shotts, Salsburgh, Newarthill

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Hi Jim,

I have found some more photos of our people by recognising the faces! Here is one of the Scobie/Scobbie family with an elderly Robert Scobie and his wife Janet Warren... A number of the same people in this photo as seen in yours! I also recognised the little Danks girl with the blond hair to the left, here she is whith her family in another photo!

Please let me know if you can identify anyone else here.
I have been walking up and down Beechworth road in Newarthill (Google maps street view, amazing) and I can't find the old house in the picture. I'd love to see more photos if you have any. :-)

Hope you are well! All the best and chat soon!
p.S. I have visited the farm that my Great grandfather David Maxwell Scobbie ownded her in S.A. Great discovery!
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