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The origin of the Saavedra's

The origin of the Saavedra's

Renata Saavedra (View posts)
Posted: 952608889000
My name is Renata E. Saavedra and I live in Dallas, Texas. I am originally from Rio de Janeiro, Brazil and I've been living in the United States for about a year. I've always been curious from where the Saavedra family came from. I know that the famous writer Miguel de Cervantes Saavedra was Spanish, so that could be a clue. A couple of people told me that the double a from the word saavedra seems like it comes from Finland. Well, I really wished to know and if there is SOMEONE out there that could help me I would appreciate a LOT for the help. Well, I guess any Saavedra would like to know, right? It's not a very common name. I prefer to search for my grandfather's family, Saavedra, than look for my grandmothers family, Herrera, because Herrera is much more common than Saavedra. So, whoever has any information, post a message in the message board! Thank y'all!!!!!!!

I know the origins !

Roberto Saavedra (View posts)
Posted: 953731951000

Dear Renata:

I am from Mexico and I did ask myself about my ancestors and origins of our surname.
Just try to reply when you can do it. I usually verify my e-mail constantly.



Hey! What's the origin?

Renata Saavedra (View posts)
Posted: 953830712000
Hey Roberto!

Can you write a message on the message board and tell me (and whoever wants to know) about the origins of the Saavedra's? Do you want to exchange email adresses? Or is it a secret? I know that my great-grandparents from my father's side (Saavedra) and even from my mothers side (not a saavedra) are italians. If you know something let me know please!
Thanks: Renata E. Saavedra

It's not a secret hahah!!

Roberto Saavedra (View posts)
Posted: 953831954000
Hello, dear Renata! My e-mail addres is as follow :

You may send me some messages to that address in order to continue with this conversation..
Obviously, I may tell you some clues that I have found over these months but I would rather write them down for you via e-mail if you don't mind?
I have been trying to get the coat of arms and I guess I will get it soon hahha.
I'll send you some info as soon as you reply to this message.

Right now, I am spending some time here in NY where I have obtain some info about oour mutual surname. I'll explain you later, all right?
Take care,



saavedra surname origin

Posted: 953927826000
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Hello Roberto, I saw your message board indicating you have the origin of this surname, can you explain? I understand from the LDS church one of origins is from the Canary Islands. Also the upper region of Spain.


Roberto Saavedra (View posts)
Posted: 954067350000

Hello, Bev! According to some old onomastic books I may tell you that certainly the origin of this surname "Saavedra" is uncertain yet due to the fact that is a very old one and some data show that this surname iniciated in Lugo, the province of Galicia and by ethimology it has an arabic meaning. After that, there were some relatives of this family that went to the Canarias Islands in order to move from there to the American continent. I can explian you more but I don't have copies of this documents right now becuase I'm at the library. I found out more info but I cannot write it down now. This old books were written in Spain. I would tell you more later. My e-mail address is :



Hello Roberto, I saw your message board indicating you have the origin of this surname, can
you explain? I understand from the LDS church one of origins is from the Canary Islands. Also
the upper region of Spain.

saavedra's origin

Posted: 954100107000
Edited: 995238355000
Hello Roberto, thanks for the info. Yes I would like to know more about your studies on this surname. Where are you located?

Just Curious

Tara (Saavedra) Szwalla (View posts)
Posted: 954846807000
I was wondering if all the Saavedra's are related or not. I've only managed to get as far back as my GGGrandfather Jose Cervantes Saavedra (dates unknown). He married Silveria Hernandez. My GGrandfather was Jose Saavedra, Jr. (Dates unknown). He married Juanita Beltran. My Grandfather was Gumecindo (Joe) Saavedra. He married Pauline Gonzalez. That I know of my GGrandfather and Grandfather were in Texas their whole life. My Grandfather married and raised his family in San Antonio. Do any of these names sound familiar? I've heard different stories on where the family originated..Spain > Brazil > up through Central America > Texas.

Miguel de Cervantes

Renata Saavedra (View posts)
Posted: 956652014000
Hey Tara,

This is Renata Saavedra. Are you from Texas? Well, I'm in Dallas, TX right now, but if you read my first message I'm from Brasil and I have been living here since december of 1998. If you think that the Saavedras originated from Brazil that is not correct. We were colonized by the portuguese (don't worry because Saavedra is not a portuguese name) in the 1500s, so there is no way that our last name originated from there. Ask Roberto about more information, because it seems that he is making some serious research. I haven't been heeping in tough with him but I'm sending him an email today. By the way, does your family have any relation with the famous writer of "Don Quixote de La Mancha", Miguel de Cervantes Saavedra? Just asking. I hope we all find the answers we are looking for. See ya! Renata.


Jaime Saavedra (View posts)
Posted: 959778462000
I have read the messages concerning my family name and notice there is quite a bit of misinformation; therefore, I am posting this message hoping it may help to clarify some misunderstandings.

First of all, SAAVEDRA originates in Spain in the province of Galicia near the city of Lugo(which was part of the Roman empire and which is surrounded by magnificent Roman walls which still survive). The name SAAVEDRA has no Arab or finnish or dutch origins. SAA is a galician noun which vaguely siginifies room or living room and VEDRA in Galician means old or ancient. Therefore, SAAVEDRA would vagueley translate into ancient room. There is a legend whcih states that the SAAVEDRA's are direct descendants of Roman Emperor Caligula. This is merely a legend. What is documented is the first recorded SAAVEDRAS were land owners around Lugo and became very influential in the life of Spain. There are records form the 13th century onwards about the various SAAVEDRAS who earned nobility fighting the arab (moors) in Spain. Through the centuries , the SAAVEDRAS spread through the entire Iberian peninsula and to the Canary islands. After the discovery of the New World they came to all of Spain's colonies including those which are today part of the United States.

There have been many important Saavedra's throughout history. Regarding Don Miguel de Cervantes SAAVEDRA the best known of them all it is important to not that he adopted the SAAVEDRA name from one of his ancestors ( a common practice back then) because SAAVEDRA was a more aristocratic name than Cortina his mother's maiden name.

Second all SAAVEDRAS are not necessarily related although it is likely that most of them are if they did not the name from an employer (or landowner). I always heard my father tell us that we had to be very proud of our heritage as all SAAVEDRAS before him had been. My family's SAAVEDRAS came from Spain to Colombia and were landowners near Tunja province of Boyaca.(in case anyone out there would like to ainquire about this)

The SAAVEDRA Coat of Arms is readily available and I would be happy to forward a copy of it to whomever is interested.

Today, there are SAAVEDRAS pretty much all over the world. Always small in numbers in relation to other Spanish names. Some of the more illustrious SAAVEDRAS include CArlos SAAVEDRA Lamas, noble peace prize winner. Cornelio SAAVEDRA first president of Agentina (born in Bolivia)and in the old world in addition to Don Miguel de Cervantes SAAVEDRA, there are many others. If anyone is intersted please let me know.
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