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Pinsonneault family tree

Pinsonneault family tree

Mike Pinsonneault (View posts)
Posted: 946150934000
I am just wandering if there is any knowlege out there about my family tree and when did we arive in this country. I was told by a frien that we all came from France. We were as we know it,(horse thiefs) so we got booted out of France. We had a choice and it either was to be executed or be sent to Canada. If there is any truth to that please let me know or give me your own opinion.

family tree

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I would be interested in learning just when the Pinsonneault's came from France. Do you have any idea, Mike? I don't know if your family were horse thieves or not but I have a feeling that someone is pulling your leg.



kAREN SMITH (View posts)
Posted: 947347243000
Hi, I am also researching the Pinsonneault name, the Pinsonneaults came from France and fled to England during the Norman Conquest,from there many immigrated to Canada(many Newfoundland) I haven't heard anything about them being horse thieves. Pinsonneault can be spelled many diffrent ways Pinsent(they way my family spells it) Penson. ect..


Pandora Jorgensen Heathcoe (View posts)
Posted: 948625908000
I had a cousin named Karen. Her mother was named Elaine and lived in Kenosha Wis. We haven't been able to find her over many years. Are you one and the same?


John Pinsonneault (View posts)
Posted: 958399354000
I have little knowledge of my family history other than we came from Canada. My fathers name is Gerald and my Grandfathers name was Albert. Ring any bells?


D. Pinsent Malone (View posts)
Posted: 1013038050000
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I am a descendant of James Robert Pinsent and Elizabeth Sulley both born around 1740. I have information on their descendants, particularly my line. I don't have any other information on them. Where were they from, did they ever live in Newfoundland, if so when did they arrive there? What is their ancestry? etc. I would be interested in any information you may have including general family history.

Re: Pinsonneault family tree

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Surnames: Pinsonnualt, Pinsonneau, Leber
If you are a decendant of Jean-Francois Pinsonneau (dit La Fleur), yes, indeed your Pinsonnault/Pinsonneau ancestors came from France. He was a soldier of the Carignan-Salieres Regiment that served in Canada...and he did not return "home" but settled in Canada on the land given him for his service. How or why he ended up being a soldier...I am not sure anyone knows. In 1673,he married Anne Leber, an orphan sent as "A daughter of the king" (unmarried young ladies to be wives to the men in Canada, since there was a "white women shortage" in Canada at that time).

Re: Pinsonneault family tree

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Surnames: Pinsonneault
I am a desendent of Jean-Francois Pinsonneau (dit La Fleur), and Anne Leber. I am trying to document these findings that you are talking about and was wondering if you have any documation you would share with me? My mother is Rita Marie Pinsonneault. Her parents are Amedee Pinsonneault and Edna Louise Primeau. Amedee is the son of Alfred Pinsonneault and Helene Daniel. Alfred is the son of Jacob Pinsonneault and Clair Tetreault....

Thank you, Denise

Re: Pinsonneault family tree

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I am also a descendant of Francois Pinsonnault and Anne LePer. I found a site in french at this address: It only covers 4 generations but I have info from my grandmother for 6 more up to myself if you are interested. The names of Francois and Anne are also listed on the lists for the Regiment de Carignan and the Filles de Roi (daughters of the King) respectively. I think you can find those on a google search. If not let me know and I'll find the web site for you. Good luck and have fun! Cathy


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The first Pinsonneault came to Canada in the year of 1665. His name was Jean-Francois. He was around the age of 17 years old and born around 1648. He went back to France in 1673 and married Ann Leber. He was in the Militia (Military). They both came from Larochelle, France. There was 1200 men, 24 company and 30 officers in the Militia.
At this time Montreal was called Marie and Quebec was called Nouvelle France (New France).
The Pinsonneault name was spelled 4 different ways; Pinsono, Pinsonau, Pinsonneau and Pinsonneault.
Jean-Francois lived untill 1732 and his wife Ann Leper lived till 1732. Some of the Pinsonneault's went to Illinois, Minnesota, Missouri and Ontario, Canada.
Most of the Pinsonneault's are farmers. Jean-Francois and Ann had 7 children in the late 1600's and all of them were farmers around Montreal.
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