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Nicholas Nasser (Niqula Nasrallah)

Nicholas Nasser (Niqula Nasrallah)

Leila Salloum Elias (View posts)
Posted: 951855934000
I am doing research on the Syrians who boarded the Titanic. One passenger who did not survive was Mr. Niqula Nasrallah (Nicholas Nasser) of whom I am seeking information on. I do have some information but would appreciate receiving much more to complete his biographical sketch. His particulars - he was born in Zahla, resided in NY or California and was on his honeymoon in April 1912. Please email me to the address above. Thank you - this research is important!

Lebanese Titanic Passengers

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Hello. I believe I spoke with you some time ago about the Lebanese passengers who were aboard the Titanic. Since then, I have gathered additional information. Please feel free to contact me at steerage@richnet Thank you!!
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I am a decendent of nassers but am not aware of any who may have been lost or survivors of the Titanic. I'd love to know also. is doing a family tree of our nasser family.The nassers I come from are George, Martha, Nick, Joe nasser all are dead.


A. K. Nasrallah (View posts)
Posted: 989677788000
I saw your posting requesting information on the Nasrallah who perished on the Titanic. Unfortunately I have no info. for you but I've always been very interested in the history of the Titanic from childhood (I'm 38). I also wanted to write to you because we may be related. My father was born in Syria and his parents moved to Florida when he was an infant. I regret I don't have the information you seek, but I would love to know if you succeed in finding what you are looking for. I wish you luck in your search!


Leila Salloum Elias (View posts)
Posted: 989956265000
The Syrian passengers who boarded the Titanic included one Nicholas Nasrallah and his wife, Adele. I do have information on them. You can contact me to see if there is a relationship to your family.

Nasrallah on the Titanic

A.K. Nasrallah (View posts)
Posted: 990026940000
I am very interested to find out if I may be related to any Syrian Nasrallahs who were on the Titanic. I have always had a fascination with the Titanic and this is the first I hear I may have had relatives who were on board. However, I'm realistic enough to know that Nasrallah is not an uncommon name in the old country. All I can say is that I have a family tree that goes back to the 1600s compiled by an uncle and his son, and I don't see the names you mentioned on it. The tree is a work in progress so there may be a chance... In any case, the tree I have begins in Lebanon with the descendants of one Sakar Sharab Ghazal (about 1680) and his wife Fewzia. They moved to Syria where the family has been since. My great-grandfather's name was Naif (Ghandour) Nasrallah and his wife's name was Katoob Mitri. If this rings any bells please let me know! I look forward to your reply.


Leila Elias (View posts)
Posted: 990033093000
Nicholas Nasrallah was from Zahle. His wife was not from the Nasrallah family. My book will have some interesting information on the family and hopefully, this study will be out by the end of this year or early next.

You are right as well. Arabic names, especially the surnames change over generations. Sometimes the father's first name is taken on as the surname or a 'laqab' or nickname is added.

As for Zahle, it was Zahle, Syria in 1912. These villages eventually became part of Lebanon after the colonial powers split up Greater Syria to make individual countries.

Thanks for your reply

A.K. Nasrallah (View posts)
Posted: 990036248000
The wife's name was not Nasrallah but for the fact that in the family tree she is shown as being married to one. What I know from my tree is that the children from the patriarch from Lebanon named his sons with first names that eventually became surnames. Then each of his sons, once they were in Syria (where my father was born in Nebyk) took it upon themselves to give their first given name as a surname for each of their families or 'tribes'. In the case of my family, the firstborn's first name was Nasrallah. That is where I am from according to the tree and all the research we Nasrallahs, who come from this particular line, have done. By the way, my Nasrallahs are Christian. This may be significant. We Nasrallahs in the U.S. have bemoaned the fact that we are considered terrorists because of one leader of the Hezbollah Sheik Hassan Nasrallah. I can not tell you how much inconvenience and heartache that ignorance and confusion has caused my family. My grandfather, my father and I have served in the United States military (my grandfather and father during the two great wars in the ARMY. I was NAVY), and it's an insult to us all that now in my generagion we be treated as a threat to our country.

Re: Nasrallah from Syria/Florida

Posted: 999627519000
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Surnames: Nasrallah
My wife is a great great granddaughter of Naif and Katoob Nasrallah, through their son Azeez. From your initials I would guess your line is through their son Andrew?

Perhaps we should compare notes? I have been trying to figure out how Moses Nasrallah fit in (he immigrated to Jacksonville early 1900's). Much of my information comes from Herb Nasrallah, but it is unclear (to me) how Moses is related to Naif.


Re: Nasrallah on the Titanic

Bob Shagawat (View posts)
Posted: 1006912890000
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My grandmother was Naomi (Ouima) Ghazal who came to US from Aleppo in 1912. She is listed with other Ghazals, spelled as Gesel by Ellis Island officials, who all came to America at same time (were my great uncle and relatives).

I am trying to trace our family tree further, and would love to have further information on Ghazal family ancestry, since you have a Ghazal going back to 1680 on your tree. Please share any helpful information. Thank you.

Bob Shagawat
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