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CAROLINE (View posts)
Posted: 942607800000
My husband's greatgrandmother was Hyla Anne Mandigo born in Geuneque Canada. We do not know any previous information on her family. If anyone does we would appreciate it.


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HI! The Mandigo family came here from Italy. There was three brothers, Peter, Casper, and a third. They were sent here by the Italian government to mine in Canada and parts of New England(U.S.). I am a decendant of Peter Who settled in the Hudson Valley in New York. There is MAndigo mansion, and Mandigo Pl. in Newburgh N.Y. I would like to help you more so write back on the message board to S. Mandigo

Ancestors of Morey Mandigo

Guy Mandigo (View posts)
Posted: 954421027000
Believe I'm descended from Morey Mandigo (b. 1 Jul 1812 in (Quebec?) Canada; d. 14 Dec 1893) Morey's father may have been Levi Nelson Mandigo and grandfather might have been Judah Mandigo. Does anyone have any information on these two?

Mandigo Family of Hudson Highlands

gerri meyer (View posts)
Posted: 958835110000
Not related to this family but I lived in the restricted area ( now owned by West Point) where this family lived. Have land maps and good knowledge of area. Familiar with some of the family genealogy, can help with area names and exact locations.


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yes, Morey was b.1 July 1812, s/o Levi MANDIGO and wf Elizabeth BOOMHOWER. The baptism took place on 31 Jul 1828.

Morey-Levi-Judah Mandigo and Beyond

Guy M. (View posts)
Posted: 964517178000
Thank you for your help. I've gotten as far as Judah Mandigo (AFN 1PBB-HL6, b. abt 1767 in New York Colony, m. Sarah Elizabeth LARKIN abt 1793, d. 29 Mar 1847 in Clarenceville, Quebec, Canada). Plan to travel to Salt Lake City in Sep or Oct to visit the Family History Library. Any suggestions as to how I can research beyond Judah?

Peter, Casper and Who?

Guy M. (View posts)
Posted: 964517676000
What evidence do you have that they came from Italy? The rumor I have heard is either Italy, Portugal or Spain. Do you know when they arrived in North America. If you have any documentation, I will pay for copying and postage.

Mandigos in N.Y.

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Gerri, I have Peter Mandigo (1791-1864) married Sarah Stimas (1790-1850). They had a daughter, Mary A. Mandigo (1823-1892) that married Capt. Jotham S. Conklin. Do you have any info on any of them?

Peter Mandigo

Gerri Meyer (View posts)
Posted: 964567321000
Hi Jan

Yes I'm familiar with your two families (Mandigo and Conklin) but it will take me a bit of time to sort which Peter we are talking about. Your Mandigo family originates from Italy, settled prior to the revolution and were prominent folks in the towns history. I believe ( emphasise) that he was the son of Luke and Hannah Hannah Faurot. Luke was born during the revolution and had eight children, one being Peter, who may be the age you seek. His brother Isaac F. was the owner of the land I lived on which included the Queensboro Furnace which still stands. Peter appears on my land maps along with the Conklins who lived a bit northeast. Because Luke may have had brothers who also may have had a son Peter, I cannot say this was the one you are searching for, but I do know he belongs to this family who came to look for minerals and mined the area.

Right now I am busy with so many important things, so give me a few days to go through the old notebooks and maps to see what I can find. Please keep in mind that you are working in a difficult area with boundary lines!! This area can look confusing as it went back and forth from the town of Monroe, Corwall, Woodbury and Highland Falls, constantly changing from 1790- 1880. So don't think they moved by the censuses giving different locations.


Mandigos in Orange Co

Gerri Meyer (View posts)
Posted: 964741238000
Jan, I am still looking for a particular paper on the Peters and am trying to call my sis in NY. If you take a look at a map of Highland Falls, a bit NE of Crandberry Pond is where the large tract of land that was held by Peter and another parcel east, closer to the river. Neighbors being J P Morgan and the Pell's. I know that there was a younger Peter (son?)that held this land later and believe he owned a livery stable supplying horses for West Point. It is this info I am trying to get from my sister when she returns from her vacation.
I also know that the earlier Mandigos are overlooked in the 1790 census because of the spelling. I assume they saw the cursive "g" as a "z" and were enumerated as Mandazoe or Mandizoe. This family intermarried with the Jaquish ( Jaques, Jaycox etc) Faurot and Weyant families. Again your Conklin name is an old prominent surname and they lived very close by. There is a woman on this forum I have been helping with the surname Vought( related to these Conklins) who may be of help. If you are having any problems finding John or Luke in the censuses, it's just the spellings. You will find them under Mandago, Mandego and I have even seen it as Mandigeau. Just be creative here. Give me some more time and I will try to get all I can. Please e-mail me at

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