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George Washington Lewey, Confederate Army; & family history

George Washington Lewey, Confederate Army; & family history

Sue Trout (View posts)
Posted: 1086023152000
Classification: Military
Surnames: Lewey, Mounce
The attached letter from the Adjutant General was written August 1950, and it states what was confirmed, at that time, about George Washington Lewey's Civil War service. (Once clicked on, it will take a moment to size-down.)

The following information comes from notes written in 1937-38 from information provided by Emma Catherine Powers Lewey, & found in the Lewey family records of Frankie T. Lewey (in my possession.)

G.W. Lewey served four years in the Southern Army, Company G, out of Mobile, Alabama; he was wounded in the left arm.

...moved from South Carolina to Alabama and from there, just after the Civil War, to Washington Co, Arkansas.

This particular piece of paper provides no reason for leaving South Carolina.

GW's father (Michael Lewey) was from English and German parents (George was probably English - he received the Royal Land Grant; Anna Mary was probably German.) GW's mother, Nancy Mounce Lewey, was Irish.


Re: George Washington Lewey, Confederate Army; & family history

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Sue, I am interested in any background you may have on Nancy Mounce. My GGGrandfather William N. Mounce was born 1792 in the Edgefield District of South Carolina and died 1857 in Macon County, Alabama. My brick wall is the parents of William. Hoping Nancy and my William may connect.


Re: George Washington Lewey, Confederate Army; & family history

Sue Trout (View posts)
Posted: 1086407632000
Classification: Query
Surnames: Lewey, Mounce, Reid, Whitehead, Calhoun, Gillespie, Pickens and Glover
Hi Billy,
Thanks for the note.
Frankie's history says the family was Irish. Assuming her Mounce history is correct, immigration lists of all kind are where I would begin. Mounce, Muncy, Mouncie, Muncie, etc. AND -IF the name is shortened to the first syllable - search for Mounts, too.

William Mounce & Nancy Lewey- yes there is a relationship in the family. This hinges on location, date, census data cluster of names in "next door" dwellings, common spellings of Lewey, & .estate records.

An old book, Edgefield County, SC Records, by Janie Revill, contained reference to Edgefield Records Book B-7.
(A researcher shared this. I have not asked permission to post the researcher's name.)

Mounce, Martha, deceased.
Real Estate sold 1842.
Distributed to: William Mounce <possibility he is the one you are after>, Michael Lewis, wife Nancy of Walker Co Ala <correct names and location for my family and a common rendering of Lewey - this 1/7th had to be for Nancy Lewey. It sets precedent to identify her as Nancy Mounce Lewey> Willis D; Mary; Robert; and Wiley D Mounce. Wiley also of Walker Co, Ala.
Each 1/7 $17.35

The 1850 census supports Lewey and Lewis being one person. When combined with 1842 Alabama, and Wiley Mounce also in the Ala. area, these create a second voice to support the Nancy Mounce Lewey relationship to Martha Mounce, and the others mentioned. It looks like a good quality possibility for your William.

This detail of the 1850, Greenfield Twp, Poinsette Co, Ark census is pages 443 - 444 . The names, dates and locations are correct for my kin. Dwelling #325 is Henry Lewey (Michael's son), #326 Whitehead, #327 Whitehead, #328 John Whitehead and Charlotte Lewey Whitehead (Michael's daughter), #329 W.B. Mounce <this could be a possibility for your William - even with a different middle initial.>, #330 the Reids, Allen & Elizabeth + Temple Mills. (kin to Piotta Reid?)

Expanding the names to search:
It would make sense to find the early established frontier colonial families, the Calhouns, and Gillespies, Pickens and Glovers (from colonial Abbeville, S.C. the western border of Edgefield Co, S.C.) in with this group. Have you seen any of the names in relation to Mounce, or the extended Lewey clan?

Re: George Washington Lewey, Confederate Army; & family history

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Thanks so much for the response. This has been a very valuable bit of family information for me. The record from the Edgefield Co., SC Records by Janie Revill proves several things I've been speculating. First, the document list the propable children of William and Martha Mounce, one of those being Willis Mounce. I have a copy of a letter written by my GAunt Amy Mounce Peters (daughter of William Mounce) from Talladega Co., Alabama and she is referring to a half brother of her father named Willis Mounce (William Mounce must have had two wives, Martha & ????) who lived in northern Alabama. This same Willis Mounce moved to Poinsette Co. Arkansas. This would have been the W. B. Mounce in the 1850 census. One of his sons, I believe William, was born in Alabama. This would prove the Alabama connection mentioned in the letter. In the document, there is a Robert Mounce who would have been John Robert Mounce. In the letters, I have copies of, from the Mounce families in Alabama to my GGrandfather Otis Smith Mounce in Texas dating back to 1885, there is talk of an Uncle John who had passed away leaving 5000 acres of land in Cuba. My GGrandfather and his brother Virgil Mounce from Alabama made a trip to Cuba in the late 1880's in an attempt to claim and sell this land. My GGrandfather contacted malaria fever while there and died of same when he came back to Texas. This land was never reclaimed by the family and was taken over by the Spanish.

I am looking forward in researching the remaining children listed in this document.

There was a Susan Almena Mounce from the Abbeville District in SC who married a John Calhoun, however I do not know her parents and the relationship they may have been to our family.

Thanks again,

Re: George Washington Lewey, Confederate Army; & family history

Sue Trout (View posts)
Posted: 1086737125000
Classification: Query
Surnames: Lewey, Mounce, Reid, Ballinger
Hi Billy, Two wives, eh (?) - Too bad Mom died in '87, she would have known a lot of this. She was a family record keeper from the time of her childhood.

A Mounce married to a Calhoun- at / from Abbeville, SC. The family has been looking for that expected-to-find- relationship for over 30 years. My family does not know where it fits in either, only, "it" is "there."

Thank you, you have a lot of information in your post that I will add it into my records.

Do you by any chance have any Ballingers in your tree?

(Spelled Read in the 1850 census) Wm & Nancy Reid's family lived near the Warrior river where Mr Ballinger was a neighbor. He was flat boat pilot for many years, and also farmed alongside the Warrior River. My family thinks he drowned in 1861, but no one is sure. The 1850 census shows Ballinger lived in the middle of known kindred families. It goes to reason that he is related; how?

Re: George Washington Lewey, Confederate Army; & family history

Janelle Williams (View posts)
Posted: 1099946278000
Classification: Query
Billy, There is a land transaction in Webster County AL dated Nov. 12, 1836; transfers land from P. J. Musgrove to Michael Lewis and Willis P. Mounts. Some of the Lewey family moved to Poinsette County AR. Maybe this will help some. The same land was later transferred fromWilliam H. and Elizabeth Lewey to Joel E. Lewey. William H. was the son of Michael and Nancy Lewey.

Re: George Washington Lewey, Confederate Army; & family history

Billy Hightower (View posts)
Posted: 1099966339000
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Surnames: Mounce, Ellington, Peters, Robertson, West
Janelle, this proves to me, even more, the sibling relationship between Willis Mounce/Mounts and Elizabeth Mounce/Mounts Lewey. Thanks for this bit of information. Looks as if I need to do some research in Webster Co. Ala.


Re: George Washington Lewey, Confederate Army; & family history

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Surnames: Lewey, Mounce, Hightower
Billy - I think I came across a match - write me and I will look for it amongst the growing pile of papers .Sue
sjtrout 2 at hotmail dot com - remove spaces and add symbols.
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