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Ancestors of Laisne/Laine/Laney

Ancestors of Laisne/Laine/Laney

Lynn Laney King (View posts)
Posted: 943190900000
I am looking for ancestors of the above mentioned names. Specifically I'm trying to find ancestors of Theophile Laine who married Olive Bernier and twice after that. He was from the Isle of Orleans between Quebec and Levis. Please contact me if you can help.
Thank You!

Ancestors of Laisne....(yr msg # 5)

Jean Laine (View posts)
Posted: 943971041000
Hi Lynn! My name is Jean Laine, from
Longueuil, province of Québec, Canada.
I keep an extensive list of the Laine name(s)
and I'm sorry to say I have not been able
to find anything on Theophile and Olive
Bernier. I also checked the Drouin books
(which lists most of the marriages in Québec
from the 1600s to early 1900s), the Histor
books (supplement to Drouin), and other
books we have in our specialized library in
In my opinion, there exists 2 probabilities
(1) - that the marriage took place in the
States and (2) - that their first names are
not shown in the books as Theophile and
If you have an idea of the period (or the
place) that this marriage took place, or
any info that would be valuable to a
successful research, do not hesitate to get
in touch with me at my e-mail address:

and I will resume my search. One of the
first Laine/Laisne etc.. settler who came
to Canada was Bernard Laisne dit Laliberté
in the 1600s. I can give you all the info
about him if you do not already possess it.
Best regards. Jean

Thanks Jean - perhaps this will help

Lynn Laney King (View posts)
Posted: 943981975000
My Great Great Grand Father was Theophile Laliberte/Laine. Bernard Laisne was my first paternal Ancestor in North America - somewhere around 1680. Bernard married Anne Dionne in 1680. They lived on the Isle on Orleans between Quebec and Levis it was there that 2 of his sons took the name Laliberte. Is any of this sounding familiar? I pray so. If not, I thank you from the bottom of my heart for trying to help me. I can only hope we are cousins - I look forward to hearing from you! Lynn

Bernard Laisne (yr msg # 8)

Jean Laine (View posts)
Posted: 943985505000

Hello Lynn! I do have all the info about
Bernard Laisne dit Laliberté, including
all his children, and i also have a map
dating back to 1689, showing exactly where
Bernard lived in the city of St-Jean of
the Island of Orléans. He is my direct
ancestor (with Anne Dionne).
The Island of Orléans is more to the left
of Québec city, while Lévis is directly
in front of Québec city. To go to the
island one has to drive out of Québec city
and take a bridge, about 12 miles out to
a bridge to reach the island.
Concerning Theophile and Olive i will keep
checking, who knows.
Unfortunately, one of our sources of research
(The Archives), is on the move at the present
time, so we don't have access to the
microfilms, and it won't be for quite a while
yet. Don't lose hope. Although we have all
the possibilities to find our ancestors here,
it took me 16 years to find everybody
on both my father's and mother's side.
Keep your fingers crossed. Regards. Jean

Bernard Laisne Descendant

Posted: 944005686000
Edited: 1011596606000
I too descend from Bernard Laisne dit Laliberte and Anne Dionne, you may want to visit the following site for more information on the Laisne/Laliberte line:

Bernier/Laisne marriage

Posted: 944006197000
Edited: 1011596606000
I looked up the book "Genealogy of Families of Isle of Orleans" and the only Bernier /Laisne marriage listed is:

Marguerite Bernier daughter of Joachim and Francoise Lis married Joseph Laisne at St. Charles in 1810.

Hello Jean!

Lynn Laney King (View posts)
Posted: 944077555000
My Dear Jean,
I too have a family geneolgy that dates back to 1640 - please tell me who you may be kin to by your findings.
Great Great Grandfather - Theophile Laisne Laliberte.

Great Great Great Grandfather - Pierre Laisne.

Jean Marie Laisne and Basilisse Audet. Jean-Marie Laisne was the youngest of the children and would have been my G,G Uncle. Are you any relation to the above mentioned - if so than my feelings are correct and I have much to share with you on our family geneology - you may know already. If you are direct descendants than perhaps you will help me more than I can help you because that's where the family line drops.

With Best Regards,

P.S. Thank You!

correction - St. Ephram

Lynn Laney King (View posts)
Posted: 944079072000
Jean I apologize Michel Laine and Theotiste Bilodeau were the parents of Theophile.

Thanks Phillipe!

Lynn Laney King (View posts)
Posted: 944079348000
Dear Phillipe,
Thanks so much for your suggestion. I truly appreciate it. I've tried tocontact Hughes but have received no response. How are you related to Bernard? I would greatly appreciate any information you could lend.
Best Regards,

Bernard Laisne descendant

Posted: 944081137000
Edited: 1011596606000
My relation to Bernard is that I'm the 7 th ggggggggson of Bernard as follows:
Direct Descendants of Bernard Laisne dit Laliberte

1 Bernard Laisne dit Laliberte
+Anne Dionne
2 Pierre Laisne dit Laliberte
+Marguerite Plante
3 Pierre Laisne dit Laliberte
+Angelique Alaire
4 Joseph Laisne dit Laliberte
(2nd Wife) +Marie Reine Guillemette
5 Jacques Laisne dit Laliberte
(2nd Wife)
+Marie Thecle Gosselin
6 Mathias Laliberte
+Philomene Bouchard
7 Joe Adelore Laliberte
+Delima Marie Dandeneau
8 Amedee Barthelemi Laliberte
+Zoeline Adeline Marie Paquin
9 Philippe Joseph Laliberte
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