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John L. Herig

John L. Herig

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Let's try this one.
Looking for any information on a John L. Herig, born in Germany around 1834. Ended up moving to the States, and am able to find him in OH in 1870, and MI there after. His wife, Caroline (some census records have Carrie. Maiden name: Eisenach) and family births all state theirs as MI.

There are nine children that I can track. John Jr.(~1854), Albert(~1856), Louis(~1857), Edward(~1859), Mary(~1862), Lottie?(~1865), William(~1869), Henry and Frank.

Looking for any connections with these names.
Additionally, at early census records of 1870 and 1880, John and Caroline are listed with the last name spelling of HERRICK. Trying to establish is HERRICK is the original or HERIG is. Census records after 1880 show the whole family till their deaths by HERIG.

Only John, the father is born in Germany (Baden)...the rest were all born in the States. And since John is the surname holder...tracking of his original name is my missing link.

Any help...please post.

Re: John L. Herig

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Ok, it seems we are looking for a total of eleven children based on one of the children's bios. Should be seven boys and four girls. Guess we have all the boys accounted we need to figure out the girls.

Lottie (lots of Lotties named be on the look out.)
Thinking there might be a Ruth (based on grave records/obits show a Mrs. William Winter (Ruth) as a sister to Louis in his obit).
And still at least one missing.


Re: John L. Herig-correction update 11/16/2004

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I'm finding some date problems...some places it's listed as John Herig b. 1821 and others b. 1834. I suspect dates mixed with wife's date of birth because his cemetery records indicate 1821.

Re: John L. Herig- correction on info

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Another error I found.
John L. Herig was born in Baden Germany but at the age of 3 came over to the U.S. with his parents (still unknown). Resident of Zanesville, OH as young man, then Cleveland, OH...then to Detroit, MI where he wed Caroline Eisenach. I found them at one point back in the Cleveland area...and then back in Detroit to continue raising their family (seven sons and four daughters). Oldest child, John H. Herig, was educated in Detroit until age 14, then becoming a tinsmith. Moved back to Cleveland, OH to work for Standard Oil Co.

Most children/family stayed in Detroit area for generations (~1880-present)...but John Henry Herig and his wife, sons: Albert Louis, John Henry, Jr. and Edward George remained in Cleveland area. (Note: John Henry, Jr. died quite young.)

Re: John L. Herig- correction on info

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I think I will be forever updating this site with add-ins or revisions. (Sigh!)

I found in 1900 U.S. Census, Dora Herig (John Henry Herig's wife/daughter-in-law of John L. Herig and Caroline Eisenach) listed in OH w/ son, John who appears to be age 21. I will say that the assumption of a son dying young...probably is false (that info retrieved from Crossroads of America: Early Indiana History site)...and what was written in weird structure probably meant that John Henry Herig the husband of Dora, father of three sons, and son of John L. Herig and Caroline Eisenach...died quite young in his adult life.

Now this also is assumption...only because as of 1900 Census I can't find John H. Herig, first born son of John L. and Caroline Herig...but can find his family.

Will search OH and IN records of his death.

Re: John L. Herig- correction on info

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Surnames: Herig
Can you provide more information on John and his family? My 4g-grandmother fits this pattern almost exactly!

my 4g-grandmother, Mary E. Herrick (Herig\Herrig\etc.) was born September, 1822 in Germany. Married Charles Jahraus\Yahraus abt.1840. According to records I have, their first child was Charles Yahraus, born February, 1841 in Zanesville, Ohio.

I found a Christian Herrick listed in the 1840 U.S. census for Zanesville, Ohio and I also found an 1846 Cleveland directory entry for a Christian Herrick on Union Street, which is where Mary's second child, John was born in 1843.

According to the 1840 U.S. census, Mary had 3 brothers - maybe this John was one of them?

I am desperately trying to find a connection & parents for Mary. For me, this is a 5+year brick wall that I am trying to eliminate!

Please contact if you have more information to share - maybe if we can put our collective heads together, along with research information, we can crack this!

Re: John L. Herig- correction on info

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Sorry I took so long in replying. I haven't been working much on my genealogy stuff in the last few I'm a bit behind in checking the boards and my emails.

Give me a week and I'll sit back down and pull the info out. I used to be able to rattle this stuff off...but then the Herig/Herrick line gives me "fits" that I go on to other lines. I do have some info that would probably give you some leads at least. They are a strangely twisted line and having similar names for kids, etc. doesn't help when trying to tie up loose ends.

Do you want me to email you directly? or post it here? As much as I hope it leads to others finding links/connections...sometimes the info is overwhelming posted on a board.


Re: John L. Herig- correction on info

Michael Seamans (View posts)
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Surnames: Herig

Thank you for your reply & please post your information here to this group when you get the chance to do it. If its here, then maybe it will benefit someone doing research on this family!

I have been trying to get information on this family from Cleveland for the last 5 years! It looks like I might be making some progress...

Thanks again for your help & looking forward to seeing what information you have. From there, maybe I can clarify or help!


Re: John L. Herig- correction on info

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Classification: Query sorry to leave you hanging here for weeks. I know how exciting and hopeful it is to find connections...especially I'm finding out with the Herig/Herrick line of mystery people. ;)

Ok...I do have a copy of John L. Herig's Certificate of Death from the State of Michigan. I'll share with you what his cert says.

Full name: "John L. Herig"
Residence: "Eloise, MI " (now, I find his last showing on a census..which would have been 1910 living in the "Poor House"...which back then could mean many things but most likely it was like a nursing home for those no one wanted to care for.)

Sex: "Male"
Color or Race:" White"
Single, Married, Widowed or Divorced: "Widower"

"Unknown" is listed for wife...which again if it was done by the home, they probably wouldn't know since he was widowed for at least 25 years.

Date of birth: "September 29, 1821"
Age: "97 years, 3 months, 1 day"
Occupation of deceased: "Sign Painter"
Birthplace: "Germany"
Name of Father: "Christ Herig"
Birthplace of Father: "Germany"
Name of Mother: "Nellie Kuhn"
Birthplace of Mother: "Germany"

Date of Death: "Dec 30, 1918"

States that he was "attended to from July 15, 1914 to Dec. 30, 1918 w/ death occurring at 2 p.m."
Cause of death: "Valcular heart disease" w/ contributing "senility".

Dr. J. E. Bennett, signed off on cert.
Burial in Detroit...which I know is at Elmwood Cemetery in downtown with many other Herig's including his wife, Caroline Eisenach Herig.

Undertaker was "Hess & Son"...which is definitely out of business today. think I know all of John and Caroline's kids...which I've got totalled at nine.
John Henry Herig b: 1852, Detroit, MI
Albert Herig b: 1856, Detroit, MI
Louis Charles Herig (which would be my Great Grandfather) b: 07 Jun 1857, Detroit, MI
Edward G. Herig b: 1859, MI
Mary Herig b: 1862, MI
Lottie Herig b: 1865, MI
William T. Herig b: 1868, MI
Henry T. Herig b: 1872, Detroit, MI
Frank C. Herig b: 1876, MI

Now I have some info on many of these males because research is much easier with male lines...I only know of the girls because of the census records through the years.

Most info that I have on John L. if not from census stuff comes from an article published on county history in Marion County outside Indianapolis, IN. Seems the article is a biographical history on John H. Herig (the first son)...but talks of how he was born in Detroit, MI in 1852 to John L. Herig born in Baden, Germany. And goes on to say that John L. was a child of three when he was brought to this country (which would make that 1824). Says he was a resident of Zanesville, OH but then moved to Cleveland to become a sign painter (now census records show John L. and a couple of sons doing house painting through the years in they are even listed in the Detroit Phone Books back then with that business). From Cleveland it says he moved to Detroit, MI and "met and won" for his wife Caroline Eisnach (should be an "e" in there), a German lady by descent, who is now deceased. (Remember this is the article talking and there is no date on the article...but I have yet to find the "Sketch" of John H. Herig that goes with his bio here that is listed.)

NOWWWWWW, here's where it gets a hole for me.

The article then continues to revert back to talking about John H. saying he is the eldest of 11 sons and four daughters. So I'm missing two kids and it looks like it's two there must be more than Mary and Lottie.

The family records/census stuff/business listings all flip back and forth to Herig and Herrick. I don't know if it's census takers or what that got it wrong...but his death cert is Herig. The business listings are Herig. And it appears the article here on the one son still says Herig. So only the census stuff seems off. BUT,
there must be some spelling connections because in 1927 my grandfather (which would be John L.'s grandson) changed his spelling legally to HERRICK and none of his siblings ever did, they remained Herig even being listed two doors down on census stuff. And he must have gotten Herrick spelling from somewhere. ;)

I should add...there is a Mary Herig by marriage to one of the brothers. Edward G. Herig married a Mary w/ a birth year of 1864.

Have I helped or confused you?? I think honestly...either there are two Christian Herigs in the Cleveland area back then...OR Christian had two wives over time.

If you are connecting your Mary to being the elder John L.'s sister...and you aren't sure of her mother's name...check. Cause John L. Herig has listed Christian and Helen (Nellie) Kuhn Herig as parents and I've often wondered with him being the oldest (like the article lead us to believe)...if perhaps Nellie died and Christian remarried and that's why John L. did not stay "tied" to the family in Cleveland.
I need to track down when Helen(Nellie) died...that might lead the path. OR any marriage records for Christian in the states once moved here.

Let me know what else we can piece together. I suspect there was another son named Christian besides John. Names usually stay in a family.


Re: John L. Herig- correction on info

Michael Seamans (View posts)
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Surnames: Herig

Thank you so much for replying back on my last request...

Well, I don't want to discourage you or confuse you even more, but I think that I found my Mary E. Herig today while looking at some church records from Zuzenhausen.

I got my first lead by logically connecting Mary to her brother John Herig, who was a cabinet maker and had a business selling stoves, etc. in the Cleveland area during the late 1800s. He died in 1901 & Mary died in 1891. I found a piece of information on the Internet that John was born in Zuzenhausen, so I ordered the LDS microfilm of their church records to do some research...

Their parents were Christian HERIG and Maria Barbara SAUER.

Now, I only had a chance to go through the records once today. I tried to look through to find all of the siblings between Christian & Maria up until 1834, when I believe they moved to the U.S. This is according to John Herig's 1900 U.S. census information.

From what I was able to see, Christian & Maria had the following children:

John b. November 21, 1818
Maria Eva b. August 20, 1820
Catharina b. August 3, 1822
Joannes Carl b. September 30, 1824
Joannes Fredricus b. April 15, 1827 d. May 4, 1828

Maria was Christian's second wife. His first wife was Maria Francisca Kraus, who died giving birth to their first child, Maria Catharina Herig. She died on October 28, 1817 and Maria Catharina didn't survive too much longer, dying on November 5, 1817.

I will check the Zuzenhausen records again up to 1840 for more deaths & marriages for Christian Herig. It might be possible that I missed something; maybe I'll find something I missed the first time. I only looked for about 2 hours & the records were in old German script, which can be very tricky to decipher.

I can't believe that there were two Christian Herigs in Cleveland and Zanesville; that is too coincidental, but right now, it doesn't look like a match. Christian only had 6 children overall that I have been able to find so far.

The things that stick out are the fact that you said Zanesville - Mary E. Herig's first child was born in Zanesville and there is a Christian Herrick listed in the 1840 U.S. census living there, but only 3 sons & 1 daughter. I found Christian Herrick listed in the 1846 business directory in Cleveland, but nothing else after that.

Herig is easily morphed into Herrick because of the pronounciation of the G; G is pronounced very close to the CK sound and adding another R into the mix and you have an English sounding Herrick surname.

If this turns out to not be the correct Christian Herig, I would encourage you to check out some LDS microfilmed records for Heidelburg, since it is very close to Zuzenhausen. The Herig name is not that common & you might have luck finding it there...

I'll be checking those films over the next couple of weeks & if I find anything new, I'll be sure to pass it along to you!

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