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Searching for Gazzola's in Piacenza/Coli

Searching for Gazzola's in Piacenza/Coli

carole ricciuti (View posts)
Posted: 963925326000
I am looking for any relatives of my grandparents - Pietro Gazzola and Guseppia Gazzola. Guseppia came to New York City - USA from Coli in June 1900 and Pietro and 2 children -John and Atillio followed in 1903. Guseppia's maiden name was the same as her married name - Gazzola. They were my father's parents - he was the youngest child and was born in New York City. I will be visiting the area in October and hope to locate relatives prior to my trip. Please contact me by e-mail. Carole Gazzola Ricciuti

relatives in Piacenza

Elvira Gazzola Dell' Grottaglia (View posts)
Posted: 964261312000
I posted a message on the board on 7/2/00.
I was looking for replies when I saw your message. My grandparents, also came from Piacenza and I've been searching my family lineage. (please read my message)
There are many Gazzola's in NY and through the years I've lost touch with most of my Father's family.
My Grandfather passed away in 1944 at the age of 96, I was 6yrs. old at the time. We lived in the same home with my Grandparents and the family was close. When my father passed away in 1968 we drifted apart.
We are most likely related in some way. I would be very interested to know how.
My e-mail is above, please reply at your discretion. Have a wonderful trip. Ciao!

Reply to your post of 7/22/00

Carole Gazzola Ricciuti (View posts)
Posted: 965141670000
Dear Elvira Gazzola,
My information is that my grandmother, Gueseppa Gazzola, came to New York from a town called Coli which is South of Piacenzia. She arrived in 1900 and I found her listed on a ship registry - the SS Aquataine which left from La Harve, France. The 1920 census has my grandfather and 2 uncles arriving in this country in 1903. I have been unable to find them on any ship arriving in NYC. They lived at 312 East 105th Street. There were 4 sons, John - born in Italy in 1895, Attillio, born in Italy in 1899, George born in NYC in 1905, and Carlo (Charles) my father, born in NYC in 1907. My Nona's maiden name was Gazzola as well as her married name. She died in 1957 at the age of 92. My grandfather, Pietro was alive in 1920 and his age on the census was listed as 59. I do not know when he died - only that it was prior to 1940 when I was born. The only other family name that I have is Mary Bersani who is listed on the 1920 census as a niece who arrived in this country in 1914. Her age in 1920 is 19. There was also a border living with them -John Civardi- who I remember as Uncle Johnny and his mother Lena was living with my Nona. Does this info help you? Do you recognize any of the names? I look forward to your reply. Carole

Gazzola in Piacenza

Vicki Gazzola-Fults (View posts)
Posted: 965983271000

My great grandparents came to Bronx, New York in the late 1890s from Piacenza to, in their opinion "better themselves." They had six children, one being my grandfather, John Mario. My great grandfather sent his sons to a small town in Virginia to work for a resort hotel for fear that they may get into trouble, as in join the mafia. I'm sure we're related, even if distant. My hope is to someday go to Piacenza. Enjoy yourself!

Where in the Bronx

carole gazzola-ricciuti (View posts)
Posted: 966784082000
Vicki Gazzola-Fults
Where in the Bronx did your family live. We were at West 183rd Street. I attented St. Nicholas of Tolentine school on University Avenue and Fordham Road.

Bronx Inquiry

carole gazzola-ricciuti (View posts)
Posted: 966834464000
I will phone my brother and ask him. He has been tracing our family tree, though not for a while now.

Thanks for responding!


carl (View posts)
Posted: 967128336000
my name is carl gazzola . i would like to contact other gazzolas . my father was from picenza and i was raised in the bronx please write .


carl (View posts)
Posted: 967128352000
my name is carl gazzola . i would like to contact other gazzolas . my father was from picenza and i was raised in the bronx please write .


carl (View posts)
Posted: 967128365000
my name is carl gazzola . i would like to contact other gazzolas . my father was from picenza and i was raised in the bronx please write .

Gazzola Ancestry

Elvira Gazzola Dell' Grottaglia (View posts)
Posted: 967543964000
Dear Carole Riciutti,
Sorry it has taken so long to answer your reply: My computer has been in repair, but I have much to tell you which may be of interest. This info will soon follow, but for now I wanted you to know you were not being ignored.

Respectfully yours,

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