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Clucks in Arkansas Arizona

Clucks in Arkansas Arizona

Jan Harry (View posts)
Posted: 933773157000
Strange tale, and I don't have all the facts yet, but a relative of mine from way back named Zelphia Hesslen married Henry Cluck. Story goes that she was mentally unstable, and one day when he came in the kitchen door carrying a sack of groceries in each arm, she just picked up a knife and stabbed him to death for no apparent reason. Since they were living in Arizona at the time, she was sentenced to a state mental prison there, where she died. I think they had 3 children. Anyway, I'd be happy to exchange what little info I have with anyone interested.

Zelphia Cluck

Posted: 937233735000
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Zelphia and Henry Cluck had four children, the two eldest kids were married at the time and each took one of the two youngest siblings and raised them after Zelphia was institutionalized. Zelphia did not die in Arizona, she lived with her eldest daughter in California before her she died.

RE: Zelphia Cluck

Jan Harry (View posts)
Posted: 937302121000
Okay, I'll bite: Where did you find the information? I and my relatives in this area have been trying to find out exactly what happened. Please get back to me and let me know if you have any more information on this family.

Jan Harry
P. O. Box 7171
Ft. Smith, AR 72906

Zelphia Cluck

Posted: 937318048000
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I'm afraid I do not have very much information either. I am one of their great grand daughters.
Their children's names were Elizabeth, Charlie, Billie(female) and Jodie(female. Elizabeth was the oldest and she raised Billie and Charlie raised Jodie. They all lived in San Bernardino, CA. Apparantly, Zelphia lived with Elizabeth after she was released from the hospital, I don't know what year. She had to have died in the early to mid sixties, she died in San Bernardino, CA but I'm not sure if that is where she is buried.
How are you related to her? What information do you have?
Posted: 937838487000
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What city in Ark. were Henry and Zelphia Cluck originally from? How are you related to them?

Arkansas Clucks

Jan Harry (View posts)
Posted: 938356379000
Through my great-great-grandfather, M. R. Hesslen. Please e-mail me directly:

I would like to give you more info directly, and I can put you in touch with more relatives, including some working on the Hesslen-Cluck genealogy.

I'll be waiting to hear from you!

James Cluck Calif.

Posted: 940851297000
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I am looking info on my, James Cluck, born 17 July 1927, died: 28 Dec. 1994 in Yelm, Wash. James married Clara West in the Long Beach Calif. area. He had 3 children, Linda, Randy, Cheryl. My mother cheryl, died in Wash. Nov. 1998. Does James belong to any of your research. We understood that they were originally "Black Hollandise" and do not know when the "Van" was dropped from the name, or when they came to this country. He did talk about areas around Tenn. So. Carolina but had lived in Calif before 1945. Where can I find history of the Cluck family????


Frank Cluck (View posts)
Posted: 943817436000
my dad was Archie Lee Cluck,and his dad was Luther Cluck thats about all i know my father died when i was 2 in mich,he was from ARK,i was born in ft.smith 1966

Our Cluck

Posted: 943910185000
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Frank, I am reading all the replies from the Cluck families and I am sure that my grandchild, John James, is part of this family. There seem to be many tragedies with this family. This too is the case with him. His mom, Cheryl Cluck,died last year,age 50, Hep.C.Her father James Henry Cluck died about 1996 with Heart attack. His wife,Clara West,died before she was 40 with cancer. John James dad died this year, gun shot/ We are trying to locate any other Cluck's. I know Jim had family but we never knew them. This boy would like to know who his family was. James Cluck was around the So. Cal area long time. drank a lot as did his daught. and other children. I have sent for his SS.record but has not come yet. This will show who is parents were. Hoping that someone out there has a James Henry Cluck born about 1927. got his social sec. card in Calif, so he was out there a long time. previous prob. Ark or Tenn. claimed to be originally from the Netherlands, his daught said Holland.

I''m a Cluck Too

Frank D. Cluck (View posts)
Posted: 945029205000
Hi Frank Cluck my father was Emeral
b- 1900 his father was Madison Monroe
b-1858 his father was Daniel Braziel b-1817 Ky Tn folks
Frank Cluck
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