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to all calnon's everywhere

to all calnon's everywhere

Chris Calnon (View posts)
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hello my name is chris calnon. i am fourteen years old and i live in north carolina but my parents are from notherern new york, close to the adrondack mountains. i know very little about my names history except for that it comes from ireland. if you know anything about my last name, please email me at my address, i would be perfectly willing to talk to any other Calnon's out there. when i searched on aol for the name calnon- i only found 73 entries, so calnon is a more popular name than i thought it was, but still a very small number- i would like to hear from any calnon- please write back

calnon's everywhere

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my great grandma was lena calnon, Her family came from illinois. The name does come from Ireland. Maybe I can help??

More Calnons- this lot in NZ

Chris Calnon (View posts)
Posted: 964227335000
Hi Chris, greetings from New Zealand. We are also Calnon's. In NZ there are only are only three grown up brothers and their families, so there isn't very many of us over here. We have been researching the family tree now for about 5 years and have found Calnons all over the place, lots in USA and Canada and a few in England and a couple in Ireland. Our great grandfather came over here in 1865 from London but we beleive his family came from Cork in Ireland.

Upstate New York Calnons

John Shepherd Moscoe (View posts)
Posted: 965040164000

My grandmother was Mary Martha Calnon.
She was born in 1904, Potsdam, St. Lawrence
Co., NY. Her parents were Sarah LaDuke and
Thomas Calnon. I have a photo of Tom, Sarah
and one of their sons. I'll email it to you if
you like. I also have alot of Calnon Genealogy
that if you want, I will send.
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would it be possible if you could email me that picture? My great grandmother is a calnon, and I have been trying to research her family, the farthest I got was illinois and ny. my email is
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My mysterious gr gr grandmother emigrated to Australia in possibly 1865. Married at 18 in Ballarat, Vic. All I know is she was born in Dublin, Ireland in approx 1851 and may have emigrated with a Kate Calnon possibly sister. That is all I know. Does this mean anything to Calnon's out there?

how weird is this?

Chris Calnon (View posts)
Posted: 980281532000
hey chris, this is another chris calnon. i never thought id see my name again (after being teased about it for 25 yrs. ha ha) anyway, i just found this website tonight but im going to have to send it to my entire family and hopefully we can offer you some help. i know that both sides of my grandparents: Marion Calnon/Kenneth Calnon and Joe Calnon/Gweneth Calnon are all from the Rochester New York area. Kenneth was employed with Kodak for YEARS. He and Marion passed years ago. Joe and Gwen are still alive and well in Rochester NY. Joe was the president of The Rochester Button Company for years and now takes care of Gwen in a nursing home. I'll have to get more info from my parents and hopefully we can help you out.
I hope we can keep in touch, seeing that we do share one MAJOR thing in common. ha ha ha.

Take care and good luck in your searching. :)
-the "other" chris calnon

another Chris Calnon

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I read your message and was surprised to see another Kenneth Calnon. Really, I guess that is not strange. However, we have a son named Chris Calnon. So now there are three, and maybe more.
Sincerely, Kenneth Calnon


chris calnon (View posts)
Posted: 980442102000
i owe you an apology. after reading your reply i realized that i had made a big mistake. i think in all my excitement finding other calnons i accidentally listed ALL my grandparents as calnons. oops. no, kenneth and marion were NOT calnons, they were moore's. im terribly sorry. i just looked at my previous post and laughed out loud when i noticed my mistake.
again, im sorry for the misinformation.

Re: to all calnon's everywhere

Dan Calnon (View posts)
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Dan Calnon Houston TX here
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