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Winifred Tanges (View posts)
Posted: 932733657000
Martha Blackford, dau. of Samuel or John, b. c1724 in Va/WV m. Michael Blue in VA/WV (Berkeley Co.). They had a daughter called Esther, Hettie, Hester - but I can't find her on any of the lists of children. I think this may be a middle name, but can find no references. Esther Blue married Jesse Gerard, and I have proof of that. I need to prove her parents etc. backwards. Can anyone help?


rod blackford (View posts)
Posted: 957339491000
I am trying to put together a complete family
petigree chart and family group records of the Blackfords. I go all way back to
approximately 1560 in Warwick England. John Blackford born about 1560, Son
Nicholas, then Samual Blackford Sr. I belive Nicholas came to the New World in
the 1640s With a brother named Peter and landed in Plymouth, MA. Peter traveled
to Connecticut, and continued to New York and settle immediately west of New
York in New Jersey. Samual and Ann Smalley had somewhere between 12 and 16
children. I believe all the Blackford in America came from this initial family from
New Jersey. In the middle to late 1700s a Benjamin Blackford moved to South
Carolina. His Son William M Blackford became the first ambasador to New Ganada
(South America) from the United States After Bolivar kicked the Spanish out of
South America. He had two sons William Willis and Charles Minor Blackford that
served in the Civil War. Isaiah Blackford probably a brother or nephew to
Benjamin followed Daniel Boone into Kentucky. There the family moved into Ohio,
Indiana, and Illinois.

Another grand son of Samual Blackford Sr. Moved into PA. Several generations of
Blackfords lived in Lafeyette PA.

Right now I am gathering some 1200 names from the Social Security death records
and following these names backwards to the right family roots.

For a full accounting of the Blackford any information would be appreciated.

First give me you direct lines, (only deceased members). As far back as you can
get with records you have now.


Rod Blackford

PS several Family memebers changed the name because of a death bed request by their father.

nichlos samuel blackford

shirlee a. blackford (View posts)
Posted: 968224916000
msg to rod blackford....what kind of proof do you offer to substantiate your info concerning samuel blackford being the son of nichlos blackford grandson of john blackford??? also, I would be interested in knowing how you have come to the conclusion that samuel's wife was ann smalley not ann have to be aware of this on-going dilemma, but you seem to state your information concerning the Blackfords as fact. Would appreciate hearing from you on this matter. sincerely, Shirlee

Re: Blackfords

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I sure would like to get all the info you have on the Blackfords as I have an ancestor, Benjamin Blackford b. 1805, who seemed to live in and out of Fayette County, PA and died in Alton,IL in 1838. He was supposed have been married to Susanne Gallatin, the daughter of Albert Alphonse Gallatin. I do not have a place of birth for him nor do I presently know anything about his mother or father.
Help Please!

Re: Blackfords

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There is a chance that your Benjamin Blackford was the brother of John Blackford and perhaps others and his parents were Joseph Blackford and Elizabeth Garretson. I have not proven this line but believe this to be in the right direction. John was born in York County PA in 1810.

Re: Blackfords

Posted: 1251164663000
Classification: Query
Surnames: Blackford/Vale/Garretson
I am researching Blackfords, mainly my GG Grandfather John Blackford PA/OH/CA. His wife was Mariah or Mary Barrie. I believe his first wife was Susannah Vale. She died young (35sh) after having 4 children. Mariah and John also had 4 children one being my Great Grandfather Price Blackford. I am trying to confirm the Blackford/Garretson line. I have most everyone from John on down but need help backwards. I connected Susannah Vale with my John in a couple of ways mainly that they had a son names Robert and a Robert died by an electrical storm while in the service and he was the son of a John Blackford from Grass Valley CA which is where my Great Grandfather was born and where his father John resided until he committed suicide.

Re: Blackfords

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Classification: Query
Surnames: Blackford, Berresford, Walker
When and where were the names changed? I have not been able to find Joseph Blackford's parents. He was in East Fairfield, Columbiana County, OHIO when his wife had Daniel Blackford who died over the state line in Beaver County, PA. Daniel 1820, Joseph 1795 married Amelia Walker. Daniel married Mary Warrick.
Their daughters Phobeo and Catherine married Berresford brothers from Derbyshire, England and spent their lives in Beaver County, PA/Columbiana County, OHIO, coal businesses.
Any help greatly appreciated. Debbie

Re: Blackfords

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Classification: Query
Hi Debbie,
Have you ever been able to prove the maiden names of Warrick and Walker? If so, can you send it to me? I haven't found been able to find anything that led to that.

Re: Blackfords

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Classification: Query
Surnames: Blackford, Warrick, Walker
A friend found the marriage certificate in the East Palestine Public Library for Mildred Amelia Walker and Joseph Blackford. Derrick Green found Daniel's sister's death certificate listing Mary Warrick as her mother. My tree is on ancestry, I will send you the link if you send your email.

Re: Blackfords

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Classification: Query
Surnames: Blackford, Pierce
Are you still researching Blackfords?
All of my ancestry documents crashed several years ago, however I still wonder where the Blackfords are from. My Blackfords start in Eastern PA with Margaret Emmalissa (Melissa) Blackford marrying Robert Leisure (or Leasure) Pierce around 1840. My grandfather is their son Roy Leisure Pierce, b: 1895.
My Tree here is the Pierce-Shoaff tree by Allene Pierce.
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