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Elsie Bennett Baird

Elsie Bennett Baird

Sandi Evans (View posts)
Posted: 924037483000
I am looking for Elsie Bennett born in the 1890s in Ohio County, KY. She married Charles Noble Baird and they had 4 children. Around 1928 she left the family and moved to the Louisville, KY area. Very little else is known. Can anyone help?


Camille Baird S. (View posts)
Posted: 925073037000
HiSandi FirstDay=GenRsearch4Me. SomethingTold
me2LookUpFam.Names. Don'tKnowIf IcanHelp.. Don'tKnowMuchAboutMyFamily(sad)ButMyGrampas'
NameWasCharleyBaird Lived-OregonCoast.HisWife
"LEFT"-Charley-& 4*kids=Carl-Genevive-Ilene- Bobby.
IdidNotKnowCharlie(sweetheartIhear)HeRaised 4
kidsOnMaybeHouseBoat/SomewhereAround Coast
OregonMeThinks/I-metGrandma`?6?timesAs Asmall
~~~~~~~CharlieHadBrother=O.Baird/ Or.Coast.
Sandi-HopeThisIsOfSomeHelpToYa~..if so Give
me/Holler //
SoI-willSeeRightAway..SomeTimes E/mailGets-
Over80E/day..(IgetLOST) so "@@"IwillSeeGo-To!
work..ThingsSHifted w.WeMoved/*BlessingsCam*

present Bairds in Louisville Kentucky

Kristen Elisabeth Baird (View posts)
Posted: 925856906000
my grandfather, John Eugine Baird currently lives near Louisville, Ky. where he's lived since the early fifties, maybe longer? had three wifes, first= Zera Duvall Baird, 2nd=?, and 3rd=Mary ? Baird. was a marine during WWII; was at Iwo Jima. Had by Zera my father John Clifton Baird. I hope that this can help you in your search!

baird''s in Ky

Thomas baird (View posts)
Posted: 933347727000
I might have the records you are looking for at home. My E-mail is please give me more info about g-grandfather
Tom Baird

Looking for Ancestors

Charles Baird Bimmell (View posts)
Posted: 934112656000
Boy born 4-15-66 Juneau AK
Birth name: Charles Baird Bimmell 3rd
Adopted at birth to P.Harris Sr. in Seattle, Washington

Bairds in Louisville KY

Clarence C. Baird (View posts)
Posted: 947593939000
My grandfather lived at Jellico Creek, KY
Was a coalminer. Married to Sally Webb.
Moved to Largo, FL, Died 1973. His name
is Milford Baird. He had a brother at
Jellico Creek named William. I would like
any information you may have. My grandfather
has four children: Flo, Ola, Rita (Ret), and Clarence.

Bairds in Louisville, KY (William Marion Baird)

Posted: 950089667000
Edited: 1031517773000
My grandfather, William Marion Baird (married to Rosemary Campbell) was born in Newcombe (Campbell Co.), TN on 3/14/1892 to 1895. He was also a miner and I know worked for some time in Mary Helen (Harlan Co.) KY, just north of the TN line near Chevrolet and Harlan, KY. He was there probably from around 1919 or to just before 1930. They then returned to Phila., PA where Rosemary subsequently died of breast cancer at the age of 33. They had five children; William put the four oldest in an orphanage the baby was taken by a maternal aunt to raise.

I looked up Jellico Creek; it's near Rt 92, quite close to Williamsburg, KY, just north of TN border. The town of Jellico, TN is just north of Newcomb, TN. Jellico Creek, KY is just north of Jellico, TN.

If the dates match yours, it's quite possible we're related. Please email me at

Re: baird''s in Ky

Posted: 1364238889000
Classification: Query
I was searching for some of my dads' family and I know that I have an uncle Tom? I would know that grandmothers name was Sue and that her husband was a doctor from Jellico tenn. Thats about all the information that I know. I would appreicate any information that you have if any of the names sound familiar.

Thank you,


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