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Schultz/ Przybyszewski

Schultz/ Przybyszewski

Kirk Miller (View posts)
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Surnames: Przybyszewski, Schultz, Johnson, Lindquist, Tappy

Michael and Mary (Bush) Przybyszewski (later changed to Schultz) immigrated to Bark River in the 1880s. Their son William Schultz is my great grandfather. William married Annie Tappy and the family lived most their lives in Bark River and later Iron Mountain in Dickinson county.
William's son Elmer Schultz is my grandfather who passed away in July 1998. He was married to the deceased Alice Linnea Johnson who was the daughter of Charley Johnson and Edna/Mathilda Lindquist. It is believed that the Johnson family lived in Crystal Falls.
Any information about the families listed would be greatly appreciated- Schultz, Bush, Tappy, Linquist, Johnson
Kirk Miller


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Surnames: Przybyszewski

I'm looking for my Polish ancestors for my mother. You last name is the same as my mothers maiden name. I have found some info. on the family. If know any
information on you Przybyszewski would you please let me know. This is the history of the family I have so far out of a family Bible my mother had. I you are of this family please place you family and I'll put you in the family tree.

Foot Note: We were told the my great grandfather Vincent Przybyszewski had 3 brothers that came to the U.S. One stay in Poland the keep the lands. One stay in New York , one went to Texas, and my great grandfather Vincent Przybyszewski went to Chicago, ILL and one ?.

Vincent Przybyszewski and Magdalena Kozukska were both born and married in Poland. Magdalena Kozukska father name was Peter Kozukska
Vincent and his spouse came to the U.S.A. from Posan, Poland. They landed in New York approx. Nov. 1891. They had 2 sons Michael and Peter. Peter was approx. 6 months old. Vincent trade was a wheel-Wright (a person who makes and repairs wheels and wheeled vehicles).
In Poland there was the possibly that the name was De Przybyszewski. The De meant they were "Lord of the Land"

Children Born Die Spouse
Michael Przybyszewski 1884 in Poland ? Pauline Ella Mary Wiza
Michael later change name to Michael Burton. Michael married Pauline Year ?
Their Children were:

Raymond Vincent Burton ? ? ?

Chester Joseph Burton ? ? ?

John Michael Burton ? ? ?

Eleanor Angeline Burton ? ? Olaf George Olson
Eleanor married Olaf Year ?
Their Children were:
Kenneth Michael Olson ? ? ?
Pauline Caroline Olson ? ? ?
Lorelei Eleanor Olson ? ? ?
Michael George Olson ? ? ?

Caroline Pauline Burton ? ? ?

Lucille Francis Burton ? ? ?

Peter Paul Przybyszewski ? in Poland ? Helen Shilka
Peter's married Helen Year ?
Their children were:

William (Bill) ? ? ?

Elsie ? ? ?

John ? ? ?

Edward ? ? ?

Florence ? ? ?

Mary Przybyszewski ? ? ?
Mary second married to Barney Ruteyna

Rose Przybyszewski ? ? William Bade?wicz
William went by the last name of Bates Their Children were:
Raymond ? ? ?

Adeline ? 1939 ?

Mildred 1920 ? ?

George ? ? ?

Phyllis 1930 ? ?

Stella Przybyszewski ? ? ?

John Joseph Przybyszewski 12-10-1894 Chicago Ill. 11-22-1963 Julia Anna Iwanski
John married Julia on Oct 20, 1923 in Chicago, ILL.
Their children were:
Richard Melvin 5-31-1924 ? Adeline
John Joseph Preby 6-24-1925 ?
Dorothy Loretta Preby 5-25-1927 Kenneth Roy White
Dorothy married Kenneth on June 7 1947 in California.
Their children are: Born Die Spouse
Sandra Lee White 3-6-1948 in California Randy Dennis Green
Sandra married Randall on 10-14-1967 (divorce 1972)
Their Child:
Douglas Alan Green 1-27-1971(name after my brother)

Sandra remarried to Joseph 11-25-1975(divorce 1976) Joseph Verne Snodgress

Their Child:
Kenneth Roy Green 11-22-1976
Foot Note: (Kenneth was gave the last name of Green so he and Douglas world have the same last name)
Sandra remarried Michael Fuller (divorce) then to Ron Williams (divorce) no children

Douglas Alan White 1-19-1950 in Cal. 1-21-1950

Beverly Jean White 3-30-1951 in Cal. 3-30-1951 live for 1/2 a hour

Janet Arlene White 11-25-1952 in Cal. Michael Alexander Valcho
Janet married Michael on May 10, 1980 in Whittier, Calif.
Their Children are:
Charles Julian -Sept. 18, 1986 Whittier, Calif.

Amberrose Sept. 11, 1989 Whittier, Calif.

Helen Przybyszewski ? ? ? last name Peters

Florence Anna Przybyszewski 1905 ? Roy Wardrun

Foot Note: We were told the my great grandfather Vincent Przybyszewski had 3 brothers that came to the U.S. One stay in Poland the keep the lands. One stay in New York , one went to Texas, and my great grandfather Vincent Przybyszewski went to Chicago, ILL and one ?.

These are name that my mother got for family but they didn't say much if it was my great grandfather brother?

Person Born Die Spouse

Stanley Przybyszewski ? in Poland Cunygunda (Teely) nickname
Teely die in 1952 . Stanley and Teely child Edward J born 1899 Die Sept. 1954 in Texas

Edward J Przybyszewski 1899 Sept. 1954 Theodosia (Dosie) Dudek
Edward and Theodosia (Theodosia born May 1900) Children Edward Gregory and Virginia Catherine

Edward Gregory Przybyszewski 10-2-1922 Texas 10-15-1951 Earline Benita Janecêk
Edward married Earline on Nov. 11 1950(Earline born 11-23-1921) Child Edward Gregg

Virginia Catherine Przybyszewski Daton L. Johnson

Edward Gregg Przybyszewski 3-25-1952 Texas Rosemary C. Christmas
Edward married Rosemary on Aug. 18,1974 (Rosemary born Oct. 28, 9153) Children ?

Re: Schultz/ Przybyszewski

cheryl (View posts)
Posted: 1022983468000
Classification: Query
have some information on a Tappy family have traced them from Canada through Wisconsin then to Michigan. Don't know if they fit in with yours or not. Let me know if your interested.

Re: Przybyszewski

Posted: 1044197206000
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Here's a great web site to look up records (lot's reading - but very interesting!)

Birth Record:
: 1 March 1869
child: Josephus Casimirus
parents: Ignatius PRZYBYSCEWSKI & Balbina? FRANKOWSKA

Re: Przybyszewski

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Surnames: Przybyszewski
Hello, would you know if there was an relation by the name of Joesphine Przybyszewski or Pszybyszewska born 1887. All I know is she was born in Germany, Married a Michael Lubonski, and came over on a ship named Patricia. They settle in Hamtramck, Michigan.

Any info will help


Re: Przybyszewski

Posted: 1273681083000
Classification: Query
Surnames: Schultz/Przybyszewski/Tappy
Your post is old, but maybe your sitll outh there. Annie Tappy was my great aunt. Her parents were William and Julia Bordeau. I have been trying to figure out this family unit for a long time. Have you gotten more information since your post?

My uncle Harris (who remembers visiting aunt Annie and William when he was young) said some thing about 2 of their sons starting a machine tooling business (or similar industry) in a old Ford building in Kingsford. Do you have information on that?

Please contact me at

Judy Kiefer Seeley.

Re: Schultz/ Przybyszewski

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Classification: Query
Surnames: Schultz/ Przybyszewski/Tappy
Hi Cheryl:

This is my family. Annie Tappy Schultz was my great aunt. I have been trying to figure out Annie's family for a long time. Do you have more information on Annie's family.

My uncle remembers visiting Annie and William. He said he remembers some thing about two of their sons starting up a machine shop or other similar business in a old Ford building. Do you have knowledge of that?

Please contact me at

Judy Kiefer Seeley.

Re: Schultz/ Przybyszewski

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Classification: Query
Surnames: Schultz/ Przybyszewski/Tappy
p.s. LDS marriage record for Annie Tappy lists marriage to Bolestraw Przybyszewski, son of Ignatz and Marenna Zofska. They were married 4 May 1915 in Birch Creek, Menominee, Michigan. Witnesses were Annie's brother William and William's wife Mabel Herson. So, William Schultz and Bolestraw Przybyszewski are one and the same????

Do you know what year Annie and William moved to Delta county? Do you know how long they remained before moving to Kingsford?

Re: Schultz/ Przybyszewski

Posted: 1294167704000
Classification: Query
Surnames: Zabinski, Prsybyszewski

Do you know more about Ignatz and Marenna Zofska? My ggrandparents were Ignacy/Ignatz Zabinski and Marianna Przybyszewska they were born (very roughly) abt 1850 in Poland and married there. They immigrated in 1878 and 1886 respectively and settled in Brooklyn, NY. Their three known children were Martha, Mary, and John Zabinski. Family lore says that Ignacy had a brother who "moved west." It's a long shot, but I'm just starting to research Marianna and wondered if there was a connection.

Re: Przybyszewski

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Classification: Query
I was doing some research on my family and came upon this message board. I do have some information that may help you. My name is Michael Burton. My Great Grandfather was Michael Burton Przybyszewski. My Grandfather was Raymond Vincent Burton. For some reason, for which I have not discovered yet, my Great Grandfather changed his surname to Burton. I am very interested to find out why?
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