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Origin of the surname Geisz

Origin of the surname Geisz

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I know that the Geisz surname is a German name (Geis,Geist, Geiss, Geisse, etc...) with a hngarian plural (z). I think that my great grandfather Mathias Geisz came from the Banat region but am at a brick wall with this person. if anyone has any information on Mathias or the etymology of the Geisz name I would be very appreciative.

Re: Origin of the surname Geisz

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German Geist means... ghost or spirit... while Geiz means stingy or miserly.

What do you mean by Hungarian plural? SZ is simply a character in the alphabet which has a sound like esz, versus es for S and ze of Z.

Can I assume that Mathias was the son of John (Janos) and Gertrude who settled in Cincinnati OH? If so John's WW II Draft Reg gives his birthplace as Billed, Hungaria... which was in the old Banat and if this is the family they arrived via Canada to the US

Biled, aka Billéd, Billét, Billiet, Bille located 269.6 miles WNW of Bucureşti 269.6 miles WNW of Bucureşti

The link below will take you to a Banat genealogy web page, which includes Billed


Re: Origin of the surname Geisz

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I was told by my father that the z at the end of my name is a hungarian plural. thank you for clearing that up. as to that being my Mathias I will have to look the records up because neither my father, nor his brothers and sisters could remember anything about him but his name and that his Wife was named Elizabeth. if you have any other information that may help me please let me know. thank you

Re: Origin of the surname Geisz

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also where did you get the information on mathias, and john (janos) at as I am having difficulty finding it.

Re: Origin of the surname Geisz

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Here is a list of his family from a manifest from the port of Quebec, it is titled "in transit to US"

View Record Name Estimated birth year Birth Country Date of Arrival Vessel Port of Arrival Port of Departure View Images
View Record

Vessel: Cairnrona
Port of Arrival: Quebec
Port of Departure: London and Southampton, England

NAME Approx DOB Arr. Date Ship
Janos Geisz abt 1884 13 Nov 1910 Cairnrona

Gertrud Geisz abt 1889 13 Nov 1910 Cairnrona

Mathius Geisz abt 1908 13 Nov 1910 Cairnrona

Janos Geisz abt 1910 13 Nov 1910 Cairnrona

This appears to be the family in the 1920 Cincinnati Ward 7 Census

Name Age
John Geiss 36
Gertrude Geiss 30
Mathias Geiss 12
Anna Geiss 4
[4 7/12]

And 1930 census
Name Age
John Geis 45
Gertrude Geis 39
Matt Geis 22
Anna Geis 15

WW II Draft Reg from Cincinnati Ohio
Name: John Geiss
Birth Date: 7 Nov 1884
Birth Place: Billed, Hungary
Residence: Cincinnati, Ohio

Soc Security Death Index
Name: Mathias Geiss
SSN: 268-03-2962
Last Residence: 45227 Cincinnati, Hamilton, Ohio, United States of America
Born: 1 Feb 1908
Died: Mar 1983
State (Year) SSN issued: Ohio (Before 1951)

I hope I did not make a bad assumption! I based my search on Cincinnati based on one of your other posts!

The manifest mentioned above is attached to this message


Re: Origin of the surname Geisz

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thanks for your help on this, but unfortunately this is not my matthias. His Son John Peter Was born in 1913. your matt is of the same generation as my grandfather. although I did find my Matthias as Matt Geiss with the same wife and children.

Re: Origin of the surname Geisz

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Hi Vern

OK maybe you can give more details

1) when was Matt born?

2) where did he live in the US?

3) what were his wife and children's names?

4)when did he come to the US?

5) exactly what documents have you found for him?


Re: Origin of the surname Geisz

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Matthias was born in 1877, lived in Cincinnati, His wife's name is Elizabeth and that is all my uncles know of it. Their children are John Peter Geisz, Mary or Marie Geisz. He came to the us in 1911 according to the census file I found on him and that is the only file I have found on this particular Matthias Geisz. Again thanks for the help

Re: Origin of the surname Geisz

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If you believe they came from Billed go to or look up "Emigration from Banat in teh National Archives Ship Records" by David Dreyer. This man went thru thousands of ships manifests and listed all those who left the villages with the date of departure, ship, final destination, birthdate, parents and spouse. It is indexed by village and Billed is one of the villages. There is also a familybuch, family book, for the villages. My family is from Parjamosch and in the course of an evening was able to get generations of my family all the way back to 1726. This is a treasure trove!

Re: Origin of the surname Geisz

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Geisz orgin is german Geiß (Geiss), which means goat. ;-)

german phonebook 2168 hits:
but you also find 14 hits for Geisz!!! no idea but maybe germans who came back from Hungary at WW2....

159. Margaretha Geis * 7-Jan-1727, Tscherwenka, Batschka, YU, + ??-___-????.
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