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Thomas Stewart Clark and Drusilla Earp

Thomas Stewart Clark and Drusilla Earp

Cass Johnson (View posts)
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Surnames: Clark, Earp
Thomas Stewart Clark was born in 1786 in Maryland and moved with his father John C Clark Sr to Pittsylvania County VA. when he was 2 years old. His father John was born in St Mary's County Maryland in 1741 and was a Sergeant in the Revolutionary War. . He married Drusilla Earp the daughter of Josiah Earp. There is a possibility that he fought in the War of 1812 alongside his brothers John C Clark Jr and Francis along with his cousin Leonard Clark Jr. Josiah Earp (father of Drusilla and wife of Thomas S Clark) gave surety at John Clark's (1741) wedding. Thomas gave surety at the wedding of Sarah Cook his stepsister and at Mary Nancy Clark's (his sister) wedding to Thomas Sadler. Thomas was also witness to several deeds of John Clark. Shortly after marrying Drusilla Thomas moved with Josiah and his family to Caswell County NC. The families including Thomas Clark, Josiah Earp, Thomas Sadler and Thomas S Clark's sister Mary Nancy Clark Sadler and some of Thomas Sadler's brothers moved to Pulaski County KY. Thomas Stewart Clark and Drusilla were in the 1850 census of Vigo Indiana with presumed to be there youngest son James. That is the last record I have of them.

Thomas S Clark's Siblings:
John C Clark Jr. lived in Simpson County KY
Francis Clark lived in Sumner County TN
Mary Nancy Clark Sadler lived in Pulaski Ky and then Sumner TN
Catherine Clark Dalton married Jesse Dalton
Sarah Cook (stepsister) married Berryman Dalton
Braxton Clark lived in Logan County KY

Thomas' father John moved from Pittsylvania Va in 1817 and died in Butler County about 1844 at the age of 103.

Thomas had an Uncle Leonard Clark that stayed in Pittsylvania VA and died in 1830 age 91.

If anyone has anything to add to this I would appreciate it.

Re: Thomas Stewart Clark and Drusilla Earp

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Hi Cass. I am related to this line. I have been trying to solve the puzzle of where Thomas S. CLARK Jr. and his wife Pernettie went in the 1850 census. Part of that puzzle was where his father Thomas Sr. had gone and you helped me with this post. I checked out the census entry in Vigo Co., Indiana and there they were!! Thomas Jr. is in Pulaski Co. in 1860 and 1870 but I can't find him there in 1850. Do you have any idea where he was in 1850? I really need to find that census entry. I am puzzled by the 1860 census in that my ancestor, Mary Ellen CLARK was listed at the bottom of the census entry, age 16, the same age as the daughter Jemima.


Re: Thomas Stewart Clark and Drusilla Earp

Cass Johnson (View posts)
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Re: Thomas Stewart Clark and Drusilla Earp

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Hi Cass. My aol account is not active anymore. Please contact me at the account.


Re: Thomas Stewart Clark and Drusilla Earp

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Hi Cass,

I think my Clark line fits into this line somewhere, but I haven't been able to figure it out.

My gr. gr. grandfather, James Clark, was b. in NC ca 1776-1782. He had 7 brothers and 2 sisters: Stewart Clark, Samuel Clark, Thomas Clark, John Clark, Alexander Clark (born blind?), William Clark, and Benjamin Clark, Deborah Clark m. a McGinnis and Sarah (Sally) Clark. He m. Agnes Henderson ca 1801. He went from NC to Pulaski Co., KY, then to Warren Co., TN and then to Madison Co., AR where he died. We think his father's name was Thomas Clark but don't know which Thomas Clark and don't know mother's name.

Any help with James' parents and parents' siblings names would be appreciated.

Re: Thomas Stewart Clark and Drusilla Earp

cass Johnson (View posts)
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Hi this info was collected by my research partner Jim Clark. Maybe it will help.

Possibly Thomas Clark b. in Fairfax Co., Va abt 1755 who was married to Sarah Unknown or sarah Stewart and then to Jane Ford.

THOMAS1 CLARK b ca 1755 ?VA m abt 1774 possibly Elizabeth sister of Alexander McGinnis as Clarks were in North Carolina with Alexander.

1793-Rowan Co., NC Petition-Clark Sander?
(Linn, Jo White, "Rowan Co., NC Tax Lists
1757-1800 Annotated transcriptions", 1995, Jo
White Lynn, P O Box 1948, Salisbury, NC
28145-1948, p 322.

1798-Clark, Thomas 1WPO21 1WP16-21 Lincoln Co., KY
-Clark, Samuel 1WPO21 1 horse Lincoln Co., KY-Thomas & Samuel together on list taken 1 June.
-Clark, Rawleight 1WPO21 8 horses-Lincoln Co., KY taken Apr 13.
-Clark, Henry Ceder Creek 1WPO21 5 horses taken Apr 26.
-29 May-Trap, Martin 1WPO21 2horses-Lincoln Co., KY
-Trap, John 1WPO21 1 horse-Lincoln Co., KY

1799-Thomas Clark with Alexander McGinnis signed petition in Smith Co., TN.

1799-Clark, Thomas-Pulaski Co., KY-1wmo 21, 1 wm 16-21 & 1 horse.
-Trapp, John-Ensign 6th Reg(Lincoln Co., KY.-24 Jan 1799.
-Trap, John-Pulaski Co., KY Tax List-Aug 1799- 1wmo21, 1wm16-21-1 horse.
-Trap, Martin-Pulaski Co., KY-1wm021, 1wm16-21 & 1 horse.
-Dotson, Charles-Pulaski Co., KY-100A Pitman Cr-1wmo 21, 1 wm 16-21, & 1 horse.
-Dotson, William-Pulaski Co., KY-200 A Buck Cr-1wmo 21, 1 wm16-21 & 4 horses.
-Hays, Isaac-Pulaski Co., KY-1wmo21, 1wm 16-21, & 1 horse.
-Herrin, William-Pulaski Co., KY-1wmo21, 1wm 16-21, & 2 horses.
-Herrin, Sarah-Pulaski Co., KY- 1wm 16-21 & 2 horses.
-Herrin, Shaderick-Pulaski Co., KY-1wmo21, 1wm 16-21, & 4 horses.
-McGinnis, Alexander-Pulaski Co., KY-1wmo21, 2wm 16-21-130A Sinking Valley

1799-Thomas Clark on petition in Sumner Co., TN to Smith Co., TN with Alexander McGinnis.

1800-Clark, Thomas, Jr-Pulaski Co., KY-1wmo21 & 1 horse. Buck Creek.
-Clark, Stovall-Pulaski Co., KY-1wmo21 & 1 horse. Buck Creek.
-Clark, Thomas, Sr-Pulaski Co., KY-1wmo 21, 2m16-21, & 2 horses.
-Trap, John-Pulaski Co., KY-1 wmo21 & 1 horse.
-Trapp, John-Ensign 44th Regiment(Pulaski Co., KY).
-Trapp, John m 28 Aug Nancy Dodson Pulaski Co., KY.
-Trap, Martin-Pulaski Co., KY-1wmo21, 1wm 16-21, & 1 horse.
-Dodson, Wm-Pulaski Co., KY-200A Buck Cr-1wmo21 & 4 horses.
-Dodson, Charles-Pulaski Co., KY-1wmo21 & 2 horses.
-Hays, Isaac-Pulaski Co., KY-1wm021 & 2 horses.
-Herrin, Wm-Pulaski Co., KY-1wmo 21 & 3 horses.
-Herrin, Shaderick-Pulaski Co., KY-1wmo 21 & 2 horses.
-McGinnis, Alex-Pulaski Co., KY-1wmo21, 1wm 16-21 & 1 horse.
-McGinnis, John-Pulaski Co., KY-1wmo21.
-Pettyjohn, Moliston-Pulaski Co., KY-100A Loin Creek-1 wmo21 & 5 horses.

1801-Clark, Thomas-Pulaski Co., KY- 1wm021 & 1 horse.
-Clark, Thomas-Pulaski Co., KY- 1wm021, 8wm 16-21 & 2 horses.
-Clark, Samuel-Pulaski Co., KY-1wmo21.
-Trap, Martin-Pulaski Co., KY-1wmo21, 1wm 16-21, & 1 horse.
-Trap, John-Pulaski Co., KY-1wmo21 & 2 horses.
-Dodson, Charles-Pulaski Co., KY-1wmo21 & 1 horse.
-Dodson, William-Pulaski Co., KY-1wmo21 & 3 horses.
-Hays, Isaac-Pulaski Co., KY-1wmo21 & 3 horses.
-Herrin, William-Pulaski Co., KY-1wmo21 & 4 horses.
-Herrin, Shederick-Pulaski Co., KY-1wmo21.

1801-Herrin, John-Pulaski Co., KY-1wmo21 & 2 horses.
-McGinnis, Alexander-Pulaski Co., KY-134A Buck Creek-entered Alexander McGinnis-1wmo21, 1wm 16-21, 1bmo16, & 1 horse.
-McGinnis, John-Pulaski Co., KY-1wmo21.
-Petyjohn, Moleston-Pulaski Co., KY-100A Line Creek-1wmo21 & 3 horses.

1802-Clark, Thomas 1WMO21, 3WM16-21, 3 horses-Pulaski Co., KY
-Clark, Stewart 1WMO21, 1 horse-Pulaski Co., KY
-Clark, Samuel 1WMO21 1 horse 60A Pitman-Pulaski Co., KY
-Clark, Thomas 1WMO21 1horse 120A Pitman-Pulaski Co., KY
Still in Pulaski Co on Buck CR is Trap, Dodson, Hays, Herrin, McGinnis, & Pettyjohn families.

1803-Clark, Thomas Senr 1WMO21, 2WM16-21, 2 horses Pulaski Co., KY
-Clark, Thomas 1WMO21, 2 horses 239A Pittman Creek-Pulaski Co., KY
-Clark, Samuel 1WMO21, 1 horse 60A Pittman Creek-Pulaski Co., KY
-Clark, Stewart 1WMO21, 1 horse-Pulaski Co., KY.
Still on Buck Cr is the Trapp, Clark, Dodson, Hays, Herrin, McGinnis & Pettyjohn Families.

1804-Clark, Stewart 1WMO21 2 horses-Pulaski Co., KY.
-Clark, John 1WM16-21-Pulaski Co., KY.
-Clark, Thomas no WP
-Clark, Samuel 1WMO21 1 horse-30A Buck Cr-Pulaski Co., KY.
-Clark, Thomas 1WMO21 3 horses-90A Pitman Cr-Pulaski Co., KY
-Trapp, Martin-Jackson Co., TN messenger Salt Lick Baptist Church.
- Trapp, Dodson, Hays, Herrin, McGinnis & Pettyjohn Families still on Buck Cr.
-Dotson, William has 100A in Sinking Valley, Pulaski Co., Ky entered by Terry Trapp.

1805-Clark, Stuart-Pulaski Co., KY.
-Clark, William 1WMO21 4 horses-Pulaski Co., KY.
-Clark, Samuel 1WMO21 1 horse-Pulaski Co., KY.
-Clark, John Pulaski Co., KY.
-Clark, Thomas 1WMO21 3 horses 90A Pitman Cr-Pulaski Co., KY.
-Clark section badly faded several entries unreadable.
- Trapp, Dodson, Hays, Herrin, McGinnis & Pettyjohn families still on Buck Cr in Sinking Valley, Pulaski Co., KY. For first time Abnetin(Inabnit/Atnip), Joseph is on tax list with 100A in Sinking Valley.

1806-Clarke, Thos 95A Pitman Cr 1wmo21 4 horses, Clark, Wm 1WMo21, 1horse, Clark, Nelly 1 horse, Clark, Jno 1wmo21, Clark, Stewart 1wmo21 3 horses, Clark, Thomas Flat Lick Cr 1wmo21, 1WM 16-21, 2 horses. Pulaski Co., KY tax list.

1806-Dec marriage John Clark to Nancy Herrin dau of Shadrick Herrin Pulaski Co., KY security Stewart Clark.

1807-Clark, Thomas 90A Pitman Cr, 1wmo21, 1WM16-21, 6 horses, Clark, John Pitman Cr, 1wmo21, 3 horses, [Clark, Samuel Pitman Cr 1wmo21, 5 horses, Clark, Steward Pitman Cr 1wmo21, 5 horses], [Clark, Thomas 75A Flat Lick 1wmo21, 1WM16-21, 2horses, Clark, William Flat Lick 1wmo21, Clark, Eleanor Flat Lick 1 horse]. [] means together on tax list. Pulaski Co., KY tax list

1808-Clark, Thomas 70A 1wmo21, 1WM16-21, 5 horses, [Clark, Steward 50A Flat Lick 1wmo21, 3horses, Clark, Samuel Flat Lick 1wmo21, 2 horses, Clark, Thomas 75A Flat Lick, 1wmo21, 1WM, 16-21, Clark, William Flat Lick, 1wmo21, Clark, John 1wmo21, 1horse, Clark, Alexr Flat Lick 1wmo21 exempt from poll tax. Pulaski Co., KY tax list.

1809-Pulaski Co., KY tax list Clark on Flat Lick gone???. Clark, Thomas 70A Pitman 1wmo21, 6 horses, Clark, William 1wmo21, 2 horses, Clark, John 1wmo21, 1 horses, Clark, Stuart 1wmo21, 3 horses.

1810-Our Clarks not on Pulaski Co., KY tax lists.

1812-1816-Thomas Clark, Elizabeth Clark on membership list of Old Bildad Baptist Church in Warren Co., TN[now DeKalb].

1818-Mar Brother Thomas Clark agrees to take charge of the church[Old Bildad). Is this Thomas Jr or Sr.

1820-Warren Co., TN census p 20 Thomas Clark 1WM16-21, 1WF5-10, 1WF16-26. p 7 Stewart Clark 1WM5-10, 1WM26-45, 1WM45u, 1WF26-45.

1830-Warren Co., TN census p 301 Thomas Clark [40-50] 0121001-1001101.

1830-Smith Co., TN census p 324 Benjamin Clark[30-40] 111001-111101. p 102 Benjamin Clark [40-50] 1212011-000001.

1839-4 Feb- Benjamin Clark from Isaac H. Hays for $250 2 tracts land. 1st begin line between me & Ricd McGinnis with lne to corner S to begin 25A. 2nd tract 65A begin W to corner N to line between me & John Hays to line 100A entry name Isaac Hays Snr this tract being the whole half of said 100A entry which 50A willed to me by sd Isaac Hays Senr including 15A I have resided on for several years. Isaac H. Hays Wit D Coggin A. Matt Court 4 Feb 1839. DeKalb Co., TN Deeds BK A pgs 227/8.

1840-DeKalb Co., TN census Dist 10 Thomas Clark 1WM20-30, 3wfu5, 1WF20-30; Benjamin Clark 1WM10-15, 2WM15-20, 1WM40-50, 2WF5-10, 1WF40-50. Isaac Clark 1wmu5, 1WM20-30, 1wfu5, 1WF20-30.


"I knew your father well. He was my own cousin and your mother was related on my mother’s side. Your mother’s grandmother was my mother’s aunt. Her name was Deboys. If you could see sister Lovina Cole at Morganville, I think you could find out more than I could tell you about the family there, as she is older and has always lived there. I will give you the names of your grandfather’s brothers: Samuel, Alexander, Stewart, James, William, John, Thomas, Benjamin. I think Uncle James, William and Stewart moved to Arkansas in the early 30’s. I never knew anything of them since. Uncle James had a William but I don't know whether he had a middle F. or not. That is all the William I remember in the Uncle’s families. A son of Uncle Samuel came through Lookout Valley on his way West in the 30’s and stopped at our place, but I don’t remember what his given name was. I was just a boy and did not think much of it. This man was married and had a family. I was in Georgia last fall and ate dinner with your brother’s wife’s sister, Mrs. Tittle. I knew John English Clark in my boyhood days well and had I known that he had a son there I would have seen him. (This son, G.D. Clark, was the Judge of the Supreme Court.) If you can tell me where and how you learned of this William F. Clark, I might recall more of him. I was raised just across the Caney Forks opposite where you now live, about a mile and a half below the falls. When I was about 16 we moved to Georgia. Shortly after we moved there, Uncle Sam’s son came through"---dated November 5, 1899.
(This letter was written by James Clark, son of Rev. Thomas Clark and Elizabeth Clark. He moved to Marion Co., IA from Dade Co., GA about 1849 along with siblings John Clark, Thomas Clark, & Agnes Clark Watkins,) * This note added by Suzanne Smith

2. (i) Stewart2 Clark b ca 1778 NC d aft 1850 Madison Co., AR m 1800 Pulaski Co., KY Betsy English
3. ii. Sally2 Clark b ca 1780 m _________ Drake?
4. (iii) William2 Clark b ca 1780 d 1855-1860 Madison Co., AR m Jane ______.
5. (iv) James2 Clark b ca 1782 d 1837-1847 Madison Co., AR m Agnes Henderson.
6. (v) John2 Clark m ca 1806 Pulaski Co., KY Nancy Herrin dau of Shadrack Herrin.
7. (vi) Samuel2 Clark.
8. (vii) Alexander2 Clark was his mother sister of Alexander McGinnis.
+ 9. (viii) Thomas2 Clark, Jr. b ca 1785 KY? d 1848 Dade Co., GA m Elizabeth Upton.
+ 10. (ix) Deborah2 Clark b ca 1786 NC/KY? d 1856 -1860 Madison Co., AR m 1807 Pulaski Co., KY Abraham McGinnis.
+11.(xi) Benjamin2 Clark b ca 1790 ? d by 1850 DeKalb Co., TN m Mary Hayes b 31 Jan 1791 d 28 Apr 1841 DeKalb Co., TN dau of Isaac Hayes & Mary Elliott..

Re: Thomas Stewart Clark and Drusilla Earp

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Hi Cass,

Thank you so much for your information. Could Elizabeth McGinnis possible have been named Sarah Elizabeth? Do you think they would have been married in Rowan Co., NC?

I have a feeling that our Thomas Clark was connected somehow to the Clarks around Halifax Co., VA because Alex McGinnis lived there for a time and there is a Hannah Clark Baker who moved from Halifax with her family to Garrard Co., KY and I feel our Clarks are connected to those in Garrard Co.

These Clarks are a puzzle because of similar naming patterns in different families.

Will do more research and try to figure this one out. I am sending your post to other researchers. Hope you don't mind. If so, let me know.

Thanks again!


Re: Thomas Stewart Clark and Drusilla Earp

cass Johnson (View posts)
Posted: 1067740390000
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It is possible that it is Sarah Elizabeth I have seen that many times. Many of the Garrard County Clark's descend from John Clark who fought in the Revolution. He was born in Goochland County Va and as far as I know is not related to our Clark's. My belief is that Your Clark's.. in Particular Thomas is a son of Leonard Clark. It's jsut a guess but a good one. In my mind there is no doubt of a connection especially with the Stewart name in the mix. That is the key.

Re: Thomas Stewart Clark and Drusilla Earp

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Hi Cass,

I think there is a link with this family, but if Thomas were Leonard's son, then I wonder why there is not a Leonard anywhere that I can recall in my Clark line? With the naming patterns, it would seem that there would be, but I recall that the Leonard Clark line that moved from MD to NC etc. had married into the Combs line and so did my Clark line in AR.

This is a real puzzle to me!

Re: Thomas Stewart Clark and Drusilla Earp

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BTW, do you know where the "Stewart" name originated in connection with the Clarks?
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