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Morey/Moray ... Canada to NY

Morey/Moray ... Canada to NY

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Surnames: Morey, Moray
Hi! I'm still trying to figure out my Israel Morey's ancestors and was looking through the NY 1860 census for clues.
In Seneca Co NY (where Israel's wife came from) there is a Mary Morey, 22, servant, b. Canada, living with a Bishop family in Junius Twp.
In Wayne Co NY (where Israel & family live in 1860 Huron Twp) there is a 'Agustin' Morey, 18, servant, b.Canada, living with a Slate family in Galen Twp. (Israel's oldest son's middle name is Augustin(e).)
Anyway, I was wondering if anyone knew anything about Mary or 'Agustin' Morey, and could they be siblings of my Israel? The ages seem appropriate ... I always wondered if Israel came to the US with other family members, since we suppose he came to NY in 1850 when he was only 16. Maybe siblings came together when one or both parents died?
Let me know hwat you think!
Mary L Stewart

Israel Morey born 30 Sep 1835 KLN Mary Conklin

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Dear Mary

The Morey database does have the record for Mary Morey 1860 aged 22 B: CAN. She is what the Morey Forum calls: Feral CAN. The only Israel Morey in NY B: CAN was in Huron, Wayne, NY, USA. His wife was Mary Anne Conklin. We did not know she was born in Seneca, NY, USA. Was she born at Seneca Falls, Seneca, NY, USA?

Let us have a look at Israel Morey's NTS:

Morey 0943 Email 04 Inbox: B: 30 Sep 1835, Augusta, Leeds and Grenville, ON, CAN, of English extraction. Migrated to NY around 1850 and married Mary Conklin about 1855. By 1870 he was living in Brady, Williams, OH, USA, occupation farmer. During 1880 he was living in Mill Creek, Williams, OH, USA, occupation farmer. Both his parents were born in Canada. Email 973 07: The cause of death was Strangulated Hernia. He was buried in Union Cemetery, Fremont, Isabella, MI, USA. Israel was employed as Farming Lumbering Farmer. Mary was born 28 Aug 1837 in New York State. She died 11 Jan 1911 in Fremont, Isabella, MI, USA. She was buried in Union Cemetery Fremont, Isabella, MI, USA. Morey Forum Email 1348 04 The first census record we have for Israel Morey is in 1860 in town of Huron, Wayne Co., N.Y. Israel age 24, wife Mary A. age 21, Justina age 4, John age 2, George W. age 4 months. (wife and children all born N.Y.)
1870 census record for Israel Morey is in Brady, Williams Co, OH
Israel age 34, wife Mary A. age 32, Justina age 13, John W. age 11, (I suspect the census taker made an error on John's initial)
George M. age 9, William age 7, Barrett age 5, Henrietta age 3, Jacob A. age 1 (The last two children born in Ohio, indicating move from N.Y. to Ohio in 1865/67)
1880 census record for Israel Morey is in Mill Creek, Williams Co., OH
Israel age 43, Mary A. age 42, John A. 22 (listed as school teacher), Barrett E. age 16, Nettie B. age 12, Loring L. (son) age 7. (youngest son listed as Loyal L. in later Michigan census)

1910 census record for Israel Morey is in Fremont Twp., Isabella Co., Michigan
Israel age 75, wife Mary Ann age 72 ?
In this census, year of immigration to U.S. clearly indicated as 1850. Place of birth of both parents of Israel and Mary Ann listed as unknown.

It would appear that Israel Moray arrived in N.Y. in 1850, missing out on both the 1850 U.S. census and the 1851 Canadian census, when all family members were listed for the first time. Since he was still living in 1910, his parents might be listed on a death certificate, but that would depend on how much knowledge the informant had.

Your clan is KLN Mary Conklin.

I show KLN Mary Conklin is KLN RI George, but have kept it KLN Mary Conklin, the reason normally being any proof is circumstantial.

Here are my NTS for John Morey:

Morey Forum Email 0666 04: In 1817 John Morey is found alone as one adult male in Augusta, Leeds and Grenville, ON, CAN. In 1819 John Morey 1 unmarried male 16-50. In 1820 we have John Morey unmarried 16-50. An earlier email: With reference to Constance's mention of John Morey S Augusta, Leeds and Grenville, ON, CAN, John Morey married Harriet Breakenridge, daughter of David Breakenridge of Augusta ON, CAN. David was a United Empire Loyalist, a British subject loyal to the Crown who fled to Canada at the time of the American Revolution. As the daughter of a UEL, Harriet was entitled to a land grant. This was granted to her by Order-in-Council on 02 Mar 1825. These were usually granted when a daughter of a UEL either reached the age of 21 or married. She is noted as married to John Morey of Elizabethtown at this time. I now have confirmation of her death on 02 Jun 1872, age 69 in Augusta ON, CAN. She was born in Augusta ON, CAN and is listed as the wife of John Morey. John Morey died 02 Oct 1876, age 76. He was listed as born in Canada . Henry B. Morey registered his death.

We did have Augustine Morey in Galen, Wayne, NY, USA in 1860 with a folio number but no age or birth place, but when I upgrade it to your data he does not fit any Aug in the world (1860 aged 18) born around 1841. We probably have the same argument: arrived in NY after the 1850 American census and missed by the 1851 Canadian One. If the family contained Israel P Morey, Mary Morey, and Augustine Morey, orphaned Canadian children, then they do not belong to John Morey died 02 Oct 1876 and Harriet Breakenridge died 02 Jun 1872.

There is no record of Israel P Morey in Canada. Do you think we are missing the right surname?

Kind regards, Geoffrey
Morey Forum New Zealand

Re: Israel Morey born 30 Sep 1835 KLN Mary Conklin

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Classification: Query
Surnames: Morey, Moray, Conklin
Hi Geoffrey! Thanx for the quick reply!
The reason I'm still searching for Israel's family is mainly because of a private email I received awhile back (can't remember from who at the moment) who said that Israel should not be considered a son of John & Harriet due to the fact that, even though Israel always puts Eng Canada as place of birth, several of his sons, after Israel's death, usual put Fr Canada. Though I'm not totally convinced Israel is not related to that John, I'm still wondering if my Israel may be a descendant of earlier Israel Moreys, as I believe some of those descendants also migrated from VT/NH to Canada along the way? Are there any possibles in that line? Anyway, I've since 'detached' my Israel from John & Harriet, though have not deleted them from my file, just in case!

As far as Israel's death record, one of my cousins, either Bob Snyder or Gary Morey actually read it & parents are listed as unknown, as are wife Mary Ann's ... but I have lots of info on her and her ancestors, if you'd like it for your files.

A couple of spelling corrections I can make for you on the 1880 census ... youngest son, my great grandfather, is Loren L(ewis) Morey ... the Loyal L later in MI is actually Loren's second son's name. The name Loren comes from Mary Ann's side ... she had a half brother by that name. Israel's son Loren's daughter, Viva, was my mom's mom.

So my clan is KLN Mary Conklin! I'll go ahead here and give you some particulars about Mary Ann.
Her parents were Stratton W Conklin & his first wife, Mary Barrett, who died about 1846. In the 1850 census, the family lives in Seneca Falls, Stratton W Conklin abt 1807 PA, 2nd wife Mary abt 1829 England, M.A. (Mary Ann) age 15, & 'half' brothers Loren age 3 & Howard age 1. Mary Ann's 'full' brothers, Barrett (14) & Julius (11) Conklin, can be found in Madison Twp, Williams Co, OH, living with Elias Barrett, either their Uncle or Grandfather. According to my cousins, various land & death records for Barrett & Julius Conklin show Stratton as their father.
After years of searching, I finally ran across Stratton Conklin(g)'s ancestors. In 'The Refugees of 1776 from Long Island to Connecticut' starting at the bottom of page 298 under Ananias Conkling5, who had a son Jonathan, who had sons Julius & Stratton in Athens, PA. The book is available on ... it's a good read!
Must run for now ... thanx again ... let me know if anything new comes to light!

Israel Morey born 30 Sep 1835 KLN Mary Conklin

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Dear Mary

I am not convinced Israel Morey does not belong to John Morey of Vermont either. I will keep him tacked where he is for the time being. We have 235 odd spellings of Morey, and no one yet has had a good look at all these in Canada. The Morey Forum is sort of still opening up Canada.

In the Morey database I have done four searches together for Israel in Canada, Vermont, New Hampshire and Maine sorted on YR (year). There are 37 records. Except for four records of your Israel Morey and one Feral USA they are all KLN RI George.

For any Morey Researcher wondering why I refer to Morey Clans: it is the best system going for keeping tabs on Morey Families.

We do not have any Israel Moreys of French descent. Israel is a Puritan name from New England staunch Protestants, Old Testament. The French predominately are Roman Catholic and use New Testament Names. I do not believe for one second Israel is of French descent. Here is the only Feral Israel Morey in this search left. The record is Orford, Grafton, NH, USA, a hive of KLN RI George Moreys

1798 Israel MOREY M B 02 Oct 1798 Henry MOREY Orford Grafton NH USA BIR Feral USA Morey Forum

If this one survived and is true to original record he is capable of possibly being father of your Israel, but there must be many others in the same predicament. The French Morey was a red herring chucked in with little research.

Some KLN RI George Moreys did migrate to Quebec, Stanstead, but Linsford Morey in particular went into Upper Canada. He is actually Feral USA, (naturalisation proved he was not Canadian), but Linsford Morey is definitely a KLN RI George Morey name from way back.

I say Israel should not be considered a son of John & Harriet due to the fact he had a brother born less than nine months from him, but we are dealing with transcriptions notoriously inaccurate, so I would not alter things just because of that.

The scraps of Morey data sent me come from all over the world. Mary Anne Conklin was daughter of Stratton Conklin. Please send me your data on the non Moreys around this lot and I will see if I can make sense of it for other Moreys. We do know your clan as KLN Mary Conklin. It is quite a big Morey Clan. If you want to change your Morey Clan Name, just tell me and I and many Morey Researchers around the world can do a find and replace. I was wondering how you fitted the Moreys. I may have it already. Your mother was a Sellers.

My Morey was Lucy Anne Morey my great grandmother of KLN Parua Bay:

1852 Lucy Anne MOREY F B 07 Jun 1852 Henry MOREY Eleanor POPPY John Stanhope BERNARD Anglican Gravesend LND KEN ENG Birth Policemans wife KLN Parua Bay Morey Forum

Here she is landing in New Zealand aged 12 having sailed 12,000 miles in 142 days:

1864 Lucy Anne MOREY F MIG 21 Dec 1864 Henry MOREY Eleanor POPPY John Stanhope BERNARD Talbot Waitemata Harbour Auckland AKD NZL Herald Cutting Dau Scholar KLN Parua Bay Morey Forum

Thanks for the spelling corrections. I see Floyd Guy Morey was born 25 Oct 1893 (from first war records)

Where does Gary Morey fit amongst these Moreys?

Kind regards, Geoffrey
Morey Forum New Zealand
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