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Lacy B Walker (African American Male)

Lacy B Walker (African American Male)

M. Williams (View posts)
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I am looking for the parents of Lacy B Walker from the Cochran road area of Lawrenceville in Brunswick County. He was born about 1875 and was married to Jennie Peebles Mays Walker. He is buried at the Oak Grove Baptist Church Cemetary in Lawrenceville.

Re: Lacy B Walker (African American Male)

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Lacy is found in household of:

Spencer WALKER
Age: 36
Estimated birth year: <1844>
Birthplace: Virginia
Occupation: Carpenter
Relation: Self
Home in 1880: Totaro, Brunswick, Virginia
Marital status: Married
Race: Black
Gender: Male
Head of household: Spencer WALKER

Re: Lacy B Walker (African American Male)

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Re: Lacy B Walker (African American Male)

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Dear M. Williams,
Are you related to Lacy Walker? I have many Walker relatives,including my grandparents, buried in Oak Grove Cemetery. My email address is Look forward to hearing from you.

Re: Lacy B Walker (African American Male)

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Surnames: Walker, Graves
Regarding Some Brunswick, VA Walkers ...

I am not related to the Walkers but I married
into a family that has Walker relatives in
the Brunswick, VA area. I have been doing some
research for a few Walker families. I am now
on the last legs of that research. So I am
sharing some of that research here, with the
hope that it may be of help to somebody.

Spencer Walker and Roana (unsure of spelling)
Walker had a lot of children including Lacy B.

From a little ad hoc research, a little praying
and from speaking with a few Walker elders, here
is what I know:

Spencer Walker, Sr. had several children,
including Edward Branch Walker (AKA Eddie).
Eddie married Mary Barner (Mary's parents--if
memory serves me correctly are James and Violet
Barner of Brunswick County, VA (Mary also had
siblings named Harvey, Sr. and Jerry Sr. (Jerry
Sr. may have married a Graves and moved his
family to New Jersey)).

Eddie Walker and Mary Barner were found on a
census with her parents during the early days
of their marriage. Eddie and Mary had a large
family. Yes, there are many Walkers and just
as many Walker clans. Unfortunately, everyone
knows they have Walker descendants and cousins,
but they don't always know how they're related,
so more diaglogue is needed ...

Anyway, Eddie and Mary had several children who
were instrumental in the education field, some
of them even worked for St. Paul's College in
Lawrenceville, VA. The late Jesse Lee Walker, Sr,
(who was born to Eddie Walker and Mary Barner)
did a lot along educational lines; he died
approximately two to four years ago, and his
obituary ran in a Richmond (city), Va newspaper,
which listed his parents as being Edward Branch
Walker and Mary Barner Walker.

Recently there has been some talk of a Walker
family reunion, which is in the development
phase. This reunion is in honor of early
Walker, Graves and other ancestors. I found this
link through a google search engine (by searching
on the words Walker Family Reunion; see the link
below). site link below.

Another site that have proven useful to me in my
researches is (see the link below).

May many successes follow your efforts, even the
humble ones ... because little by little is how
a house is built.

Wishing you all the best in your research,


Re: Lacy B Walker (African American Male)

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Please forgive the typos and incorrections, I
suppose I hit the post button too fast (smile)

Anyhow, the Walker reunion site which honors
many ancestors including the Walkers and
Graves is found at

The findagrave link is

If a link is no longer working, as is
sometimes the case, use the search
engines to look for additional

Another site that has been helpful
is the family search site (just use
caution when following other people's
research and always confirm new
research with your own findings--just
a word to the wise). Although actual
1880 census images are no longer
available at this writing on the family
search site, many transcribed census
records exist for 1880, free of charge.
Sometimes, factual, useful birth,
marriage and genealogy records can be
found on the site that may prove helpful.
Sometimes, information may be given on
how to locate some published family
genealogy just by going to the family
search link below.

Sometimes doing Internet searches
on family records or minority records,
such as African-American family records
on holdings at the Library of Congress
or viewing the digital and archived
holdings of the Library of Virginia (at
Richmond, VA) is helpful too. (See the
link below.)

Re: Lacy B Walker (African American Male)

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Thank you so very much for your information. I believe that Lacy Walker is a relative of mine. My great great grandparents were Daniel Mallory and Lou Barner. This information will definitely help and I will share it with the rest of my family. I will also visit the links you provided.

Thanks again,

Re: Lacy B Walker (African American Male)

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Surnames: Walker, Barner/Bonner
Thank you so much for your reply ... I was trying to put out some general information along with some specific genealogy data with the hope it something might prove helpful.

None of the Walkers I talked to know much about Lacy B. Walker (who might be Lacy Benjamin Walker, Sr.). This tends to happen with kin in very large families like the Walker clans. You've got me curious about how Lacy Walker is related to your family ... Anyhow, thanks for your post. It's nice to know that families are interesting in connecting with and identifying with their history.

Are your Barners related to Jim and Violet Barner? Some of their children are Caroline and Jerry (or Jeremiah) Barner. These Barners were living in Brunswick county, VA approximately during the late 1800s to the early 1900s. Barner oral history suggests the Barners were of Native Indian ancestry and that some Barners (who were migrating to other places) ended up settling down in Brunswick county, Virginia.

I'll be winding up my Walker/Barner research soon ... Again, it's nice to see families connecting ... Best wishes in all of your endeavors.

Re: Lacy B Walker (African American Male)

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Classification: Query
Surnames: walker
Lacy B walkers parents are Spencer Walker and Roanna. Spencers parents are Ezekiel walker 1802 NC and Lucy walker 1822 Brunswick VA. Ezekiel walker's parents were Roger and Suckey. Lucy's parents were Bob and Jenny

Brunswick County, Virginia Births, 1874-79 about Lacy Walker
Name: Lacy Walker
Date: Mar 1874
Race: C
Father: Spencer
Mother: Roanna
Page #: 241

Virginia Marriages, 1785-1940
Groom's Name: Ezekiel Walker
Groom's Birth Date: 1802
Groom's Birthplace: North Carolina
Groom's Age: 70
Bride's Name: Lucy Walker
Bride's Birth Date: 1822
Bride's Birthplace: Brunswick Va.
Bride's Age: 50
Marriage Date: 24 Sep 1872
Marriage Place: Brunswick, Virginia
Groom's Father's Name: Roger
Groom's Mother's Name: Suckey
Bride's Father's Name: Bob
Bride's Mother's Name: Jenny
Groom's Race: Black
Groom's Marital Status:
Groom's Previous Wife's Name:
Bride's Race: Black
Bride's Marital Status:
Bride's Previous Husband's Name:
Indexing Project (Batch) Number: M53580-2
System Origin: Virginia-EASy
Source Film Number: 30660
Reference Number:

Re: Lacy B Walker (African American Male)

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Classification: Query
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I did a little research and found that Ezekiel Walker 1800 was married to Eliza Walker 1810 prior to being married to Lucy Walker in 1872. Eliza and Ezekiel had 2 children together Green Walker & Johnson Walker. Johnson Walker was born in Brunswick VA in 1846. He married Virginia Booth on 1 Jun 1867. Virginia's parents were Robert Booth and Sarah Booth. Green Walker born 1846 in Brunswick VA married Mary Susan Lindsey born 1850 from Orange County on 16 jun 1867. Mary's parents were Monroe Lindsey and May Turner. Green Walker served in the Civil War colored troops. I'm quite sure Spencers mother is Eliza also. In 1870 Ezekiel was living with Eliza. M great ++grandfather was named Branch Walker, Branch had a son and a grandson named Branch also. I find it odd that Edward Walker's middle name is Branch. I think we might be related, or my family came from the same slave masters. Branch Walker's parents are Critty and Lud Walker 1768. Lud was owned by William Walker who died in 1789. According to Williams will, all of his slaves were to be set free once his debts were paid off. It supposedly took till Jan 1 1810 for all of his debts to be paid off and the slaves to be set free, but per his will, Lud had to serve 2 extra years and he was set free in 1812 (there was a lawsuit set out by the slaves at the time and they wanted their freedom) Long story short some of us are related, and some of us aren't but we might be descendants of the freed slaves. Some of the slaves moved to Dinwiddie also. the Brunswick County, Virginia Register of Free Negroes 1803-1850 has a Suckey Walker listed. I'm not sure if its your Suckey Walker.

Brunswick County Sc
I do hereby certify that the bearer hereof SUCKEY WALKER a free woman of colour dark complexion about five feet four or five inches high has several scars on the arm of the right hand Elbow aged forty seven years, who it appears by the evidence of HOWELL SIMS was emancipated by the last will & testament of WILLIAM WALKER dec'd. Given under my hand this 27th day of May 1817.
Jno. Wyche J P R. Turnbull C B C
Registered No. 77& Copd
Brunswick County Court May term 1817
The above certtificate was compared by the court & found correct.
A copy R. Turnbull C B C
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