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Matthews info

Matthews info

C Matthews (View posts)
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Surnames: MATTHEWS
YADKIN COUNTY, NC. With so many Matthews living in this county why are there not more postings regardign this surname?

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D. Allen (View posts)
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D. Allen (View posts)
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D. Allen (View posts)
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Surnames: Mathis, Matthews, Dean
I am searching for info on Hezekiah Mathis/Matthews and his parents James Mathis/Matthews and Winnie Dean.

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Gale Jiles (View posts)
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I am a Matthews by birth. I have a copy of the book about the Matthews of Yadkin County, North Carolina. I have looked up the name you mentioned in your post. I have a list of the Hezekiah Matthews decendants. I am sad to say that there are no dates listed in the book. If you have any dates, I would love to have them to add to the names. It says that this Hezekiah Matthews was called "KY". If this fits any of your information, please let me know. Also in the book is a listing for Hezekiah Matthews, and he was called "ICK".
The one called "KY" married Patty Davis. The one called "ICK" married Rebecca "Becky". Both listings have their children and grandchildren.
I hope this helps.

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D. Allen (View posts)
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Surnames: Matthews, Matthis, Davis, Axsom, Lion
Thanks for your reply.
Here is what I have. Please add whatever you can to the information. Most of the following info was shared with me by an Axsom researcher.

Hezekiah "Ky" Matthews, Jr. m. Martha "Patty" Davis. He was born 12/6/1821. According to census info he had the following children:
Robert b. c. 1841
Alexander "Sandy" b. c. 1847
Aquilla b. 8/10/1851 Smithtown, Yadkin Co, NC, d. 2/18/1911 OK City, OK Co., OK; m. Mary Jane Axsom 12/13/1875 Brown Co, IN; Mary Jane was the granddaughter of Winnie Matthews and Samuel David Axsom by way of their son Hezekiah Axsom.
Mary M. b. c. 1854
Elizabeth b. c. 1856
Davis b. c. 1859
Henry T. (Thomas?) b. c. 1861

Hezekiah Matthews, Sr. m. Mary Lion(s) 5/2/1804. (He may have also been married to Rachel ?.) Hezekiah, Sr.'s daughter Rebecca married a Hezekiah Matthews ("ICK"?). He may have been a cousin. Do you have any additional info on the relationship of "ICK"?
What can you tell me about Hezekiah Sr?

Hezekiah Sr's children were (according to his will):
*Hezekiah, Jr (b. 12/6/1821)
*Winny (Winnifred, Winnie, m. 12/16/1828 to Samuel David Axsom)

*Both Hezekiah, Jr and Winnie are my lines.
Do you have any addition info on Hezekiah, Jr. or Winnie?

Possible parents for Hezekiah Sr are James Matthis (Matthews) and Winnie Dean. Can you tell me more?

I look forward to hearing from you.

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Gale Jiles (View posts)
Posted: 1091210676000
Classification: Query
I will compare what you sent with what I have and get back to you in a day or so.

Re: Matthews info

Gale Jiles (View posts)
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Here is what I have. Sorry that I don't have any dates, but at least I have names.


This Hezehiah married Rebecca "Becky" Matthews.
"Ick's" Children: Hamp, Ed, Mary, Sarah.

Hamp: I have no information on him.

Ed Matthews married Novella Davis, daughter of Josiah and Kate Tucker Davis.
Ed's children: Ida, John, Lora, Alice, Pearl, Dorethie, Clifton,
Anderson, Thomas, Bobby and Walter, all died before marriage.

Ida Matthews married John Lineberry.
Ida's children: Leake, Mack, Fannie.

Fannie Lineberry married Ray Adams.
No information on Leake or Mack.

John Matthews married Creola Lineberry, daughter of Riley and Martha Taylor Lineberry.
No further information on John and Creola.

Lora Matthews married Gurney Lineberry, son of Riley and Martha Taylor Lineberry.
No further information on Lora. (Note that both John and Lora married children of Riley and Martha Taylor Lineberry.)

Alice Matthews married Ed Lowder.
Alice's children: Bill, Marie, Pete, Peggy, Joe, Nancy, Jane, Carolyn, Linda Lou, Paul.
No further information on these.

Pearl Matthews married Winslow Smitherman.
Pearl's children: Ernest, Margaret.
No further information on these.

Dorethie Matthews married Luther Saunders, son of Tom and Lela Taylor Saunders.
Dorethie's children: Lela (deceased), Jessie Pearl, Jumior, Edward, Mary Blanche, Betty Jean, Zenna Mae, Sammie (deceased)[I don't know if Sammie was a male or female, since this name is used for both], Shirley, Jimmy, Patty Sue.

Jessie Pearl Saunders married H. W. Myers.
Jessie Pearl's children: Nancy, Sandy (deceased).

Junoir Saunders married Jean Williams and Lillie Gentry.
Junior's children: (I don't have any information as to which marriage these two children were born): Jackie, Keven.

Edward Saunders married Betty Slater.
Edward's children: Eddie, Debbie.

Mary Blanche Saunders married Delmar Starling and Hardin Weatherman.
Mary Blanche's child: (again, I don't have information as to which marriage this child was born): Chris.

Betty Saunders married _______ Goodboe.
Betty's children: Jeannie, Terry, Mike.

Zenna Mae Saunders married Foss Fleming, son of Paul and Eva Poindexter Fleming.
Zenna Mae's children: Kim Shelia, Karen, Paul.

Shirley Saunders married Frances Simmons.
I have no further information on this couple.

Clifton Matthews married Vernie Lineberry, daughter of Sam and Rose Chandler Lineberry.
Clifton's children: Gladys, Ruth, Lillie, Arnold, Lula Belle, Jenny, Daphine, Myrtle.

Gladys Matthews married Pete Hardy.
Gladys' children: James Lee, Ricky, Charlene, Micky Dale.

Ruth Matthews married John Bean.
Ruth's children: Michael, Allen, Shirley.

Lillie Matthews married Thomas Bean. (I don't have any information as to Thomas and John being related)
Lillie's child: Randy.

Arnold "Buck" Matthews married Jesse Willard.
Arnold's children: Ronnie, Eddie, Danny.

Lula Belle Matthews married Tommy Chambers.
Lula Belle's children: Robin, Tanya.

Jenny Matthews married Charles Marler.
Jenny's children: Deborah, Jan.

Daphine Matthews married Jimmy Lane.
Daphine's children: Connie, Annette Angela.

Myrtle Matthews not married.

Hope you can add information to the above and to the ones below. Thanks in advance.


Hezekiah Matthews married Patty Davis.
Hezekiah's children: Robert, Alexander, Aquilla, Thomas, Dock, Mary, Elizabeth.

Robert "Bob" Matthews married Polly Caudle "Polly Bob" and and Dora Norman Davis.
Robert's children: Ellis, Missouria, Sylvania, Barnett, Charley, John, W. S. "Sec".
(Robert Matthews and wife were called "Uncle Bob" and "Aunt Polly Bob" by many who knew them.
The land for New Home Methodist Church and cemetery came off of their farm. Donated either by them or by their son, the late Dr. W. S. Matthews. During the 1892 Blue Ridge Annual Methodist Conference, the presiding Bishop, Bishop Foss, was a guest in their home.
"Aunt Polly" was a hard worker and provided not only "for her household" but for many of the poorer people of the community even quilting worn garments together to make underwear to keep people warm in the wintertime.
After her children were grown, "Aunt Polly" either felt a call or had a strong desire to preach. However, ill health and death prevented her entering the ministery.

Ellis Matthews married Amanda Shugart.
Ellis' children: Cora, Flora, Arthur, Erie.

Cora Matthews married Henry Williard.
Cora's children: Thad, Vera.

Thad Williard married Beulah Williams.
Thad's children: Kay, Gary.

Kay Williard married George Poteet.
I have no further information on this couple.

Vera Williard married Conrad Hobson.
Vera's children: Cole, Carolyn, Bobbie.

Cole Hobson married Pernell Adams.
(With the names Cole and Pernell, I'm not sure which was a male and which was a female. I think Cole was a female and Pernall was a male.)
Cole's children: Mark, Melissa, Michelle.

Carolyn Hobson married Guy Vernon Smitherman.
Carolyn's children: Chris, Sharon.

Arthur Matthews married Jettie Cheek. No Children.

Flora Matthews never married.

Erie Matthews married Charles Hutchens.
Erie's child: Charlie Frank.

Charlie Frank Hutchens married Margaret Whitfield.
Charlie Frank's children: Dan, Francis.

Dan Hutchens married Kay Hunt.
Dan's child: Sandra.

Missouria Matthews married Joe Norman, son of Johnny and Nancy Allen Norman.
Missouria's children: Martha, Ellis, Maggie, Annie.

Martha Norman married Early Angell, son of Steve, and Martha Choplin Angell.
Martha's children: Conrad, Hattie, Lexie.

Conrad Angell married Delia Williams.
Conrad's child: Don.

Don Angell married Vera Carter.
Don's children: Shawn, Gray.

Hattie Angell married Paul Kirk.
Hattie's child: Max.

Max Kirk married Phyllis Flemming and Vernie Mae Davis.
Max's children: Barry, Steve, Denise.

Lexie Angell married Bill Shouse.
Lexie's children: Ann, Jane.

Ann Shouse married Bill Todd.
Ann's children: Mike, Elizabeth Ann.

Ellis Norman married Lela Hobson.
Ellis's children: Nelson, Clark, Violet.

Nelson Norman married Ruth Bots. Nelson lives or lived in Iowa.
Nelson's children: Bob, Evelyn, Mike.

Bob Norman married Peggy _____.
Bob's child: Janice.

Evelyn Norman married Ted Norman. ( from a different set of Norman's)
Evelyn's children: Susie, Lisa.

Mike Norman married Kathy _____.
No further information on this couple.

Clark Norman married Lucille Campbell.
Clark's child: Irvin.

Irvin Norman married Lula _____.
Irvin's children: Shirley, Tyre.

Violet Norman married Cecil Shore.
Vorlet's children: James, Bobby.

Maggie Norman married Sinclair Angell, brother of Early Angell.
Maggie's children: Cora, Annie.

Cora Angell-have no further information on her.

Annie Angell married Ralph Wooten, son of Edgar and Myrtle Hutchens Wooten.
Annie's child: Charles Robert.

Charles Robert Wooten married Phyllis Calloway.
Charles Robert's child: Chuck.

Annie Norman married Dallas Vestal, sonof Eloy and _____ Vestal.
Annie's children: Turney, Grace.

Turney Vestal married Clarence Gough and Alonzo Hobson.
Turney's child: Betty.

Betty Gough married Odell Spillman.
Betty's child: LuAnn.

Grace Vestal married Joseph Grant Jester.
Grace's child: Jerry.

Sylvania Matthews married Hilary Wall, son of William and Aggie Tate Wall.
Sylvania's children: Sarah, Martha, Evan, Bobbie, Fannie, Cora, Hester.

Sarah Wall married D. A. "Yank" Smitherman.
Sarah's children: Mamie, Brad, Guy, Sylvania, Dwight, Joe, Glenn.

Mamie Smitherman married Ples Matthews and Hilary Wagoner. No children.

Brad Smitherman married Malo Wooten. They went to Iowa.
Brad's children: Clyde, Phyllis, Davis, Sandra, Joe.

Guy Smitherman married Louise Davis, daughter of George and Ethel Martin Davis.
Guy's children: Guy Vernon, June, George, David.

Guy Vernon married Carolyn Hobson.
Guy Vernon's children: Chris, Sharon. (these are mentioned earlier in this list.

June Smitherman married Willie Matthews and _____.
June's child: Joey.

Sylvania Smitherman married Paul Williams.
Sylvania's children: Jackie, Jane.

Jackie Smitherman married Ruby Nell Jester.
No further information on this couple.

Jane Smitherman married John Shore.
Jane's children: Jeffery, Gina.

Dwight Smitherman married Sadie Hobson, daughter of Bonson and Alice Moore Hobson.
Dwight's children: Sarah, Anita.

Joe Smitherman married Mae Stone.
Joe's children: Donna, Sharon.

Glenn Smitherman married Jessie Pearl Mickey, daughter of Henry and Eliza Wall Mickey.
Glenn's children: Mickey, Timothy.

Mickey Smitherman married Hilda Wooten, daughter of Benbow and Sadie Davis Wooten.
Mickey's child: Loris.

Martha Wall married Graham Watts.
Martha's children: Pauline, Annie Lee, Robert, James, Violet, Margie, Moody, Worth.

Evan Wall married Roxie Davis, daughter of Jim Roe and Clara Johnson Davis.
Evan's children: Ralph, Johnson, Clara Lee, Larry, Raymond, Donald, Davis, Wilford, Wilma, Terry, Rachel.

Ralph Wall married Ruth Matthews.

Johnson Wall married Ruth Davis.
Johnson's children: Joy, Neil, Michael, Nancy.

Nancy Wall married Harold Williams.

Michael Wall married Valonta Speer.

This is most of what I have. I wish I had dates, but, I don't. Can you add to this?
Waiting to hear from you,

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D. Allen (View posts)
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Surnames: MATTHEWS
I'll study the info that you posted and let you know if I can add anything to it. I also forwarded the info to the Axsom researcher who shared the Matthews info with me.
Thanks for the info.

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D. Allen (View posts)
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Surnames: Matthews, Davis, Axsom, Hillenburg, Allen, Cherry
What can you tell about the parents of Hezekiah "Ick" Matthews' parents? What about the parents of Hezekaih "Ky" Matthews?

I can't give you dates except on Aquilla James Matthews s/o Hezekiah "Ky" Matthews and Martha "Patty" Davis.

Aquilla James Matthews
b. 8/10/1851 Smithtown, Yadkin Co, NC
m. 12/13/1874 Brown Co, IN
d. 2/18/1911 OK City, OK Co, OK

Aquilla m. Mary Jane Axsom
b. ?9/9/1859? Brown Co, IN
d/o Hezekiah Axsom and Mary A. Hillenburg
note: Hezekiah Axsom was the s/o Samuel David Axsom and Winnie Matthews who was "Ky"'s sister.

1900 Lincoln Co., OK, South Choctaw Twp. sheet 17b, p 186
Mathews, Aquilla b. Aug 1851 age 48 married 24 years b. NC father b. NC mother b. NC
Mary wife b. ?Aug 1858 age 47 (must have been wrong age) 7 children 7 living b. IN NC VA
Eva dau b. Dec 1877 age 22 b. IN NC IN
Samuel son b. Oct. 1879 age 20 b. IN NC IN
Addie dau b. Feb. 1882 age 18 b. TX NC IN
John L. son b. Apr 1883? age 16 b. TX NC IN
Dora dau b. Sept 1888 age 11 b. TX NC IN
Robert son b. Sept 1890 age 9 b. TX NC IN
Cordelia dau b. Nov 1898 age 1 b. OK NC IN

Eva Mae married Wm Henry Allen.
Addie married a Davis.
Both Eva and Addie moved to near Sweetwater, Roger Mills Co, OK. Samuel lived there for a time too.
Dora married a Cherry.

Hope this helps.
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