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lithuania - ancestor tracing

lithuania - ancestor tracing

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Surnames: Prank, Prankzkiewich, Pranskewiczius, Stratowski, Donatis, Syneticus, Synekutis
My ancestors arrived from Lithuania about 1895 surname PRANK probably shortened from PRANKZKIEWICH,also have been told of links with STRATOWSKI,DONATIS,SYNETICUS(or SYNEKUTIS),PRANSKEWICZIUS any ideas of where to go for Birth,Marriage or Death information or info on their probable immigration passage would be gratefully accepted, many thanks.

Re: lithuania -ancestor tracing

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A few words about the surnames. The spelling "Prankzkiewich" is a partly phonetic Polish spelling of what in Lithuanian would be "Pranskevic^ius". The Polish spelling suggests that the ancestors came from the present-day areas of southern and western Lithuanian, perhaps along the border with Poland or Belarus. The origin of this name means son of Pranc^iskus or son of Frank. There are nearly 70 listings in the online phone book for Lithuania for people with this name (including the unmarried female form "Pranskevic^iute" and the married woman's form "Pranskevic^iene." The letter "c" in Lithuanian is only pronounced two ways: like the "c" in the English word "fence" or like "ts" in "bits." The other "c" has a birdie or mark over it showing that it is pronounced "ch" as in the English word, "church".

Stratowski is also spelled as a Polish name (Lithuanian does not use the letter "w" but "v" instead) and the ending "-ski" or "-sky" is also Polish. The Lithuanian version of the name would be something like Stratauskas.

"Donatis" has a Lithuanian ending, but more likely would be spelled "Donautis" or "Donautys" or even "Danautis."

The name "Syneticus" does not appear to be Lithuanian spelling either. Today, the "-y-" would be "i" or "-ie-". The "c" would be "k" because of the rule noted above about the only forms of the letter "c". So it would be spelled in Lithuanian something like "Sienetikas" or "Sinetikas".

So it appears that the names you are searching for have been altered or are phonetic and largely Polish in form. Therefore, your search will have to take into account a number of variant spellings on various records and documents.

With only the information you have given here, you do not have enough even to begin searching. You will need to give folks on this and other such forums as much information as you have. For example, what are the given names associated with these family names? Where did they live in the U.S? Spouses names? Dates of marriage; names of children, etc.

The reason this information is needed is that with it, one can reasonably search online for census records and draft registrations for clues to the name spelling actually used by the individuals and for the dates or their arrival in the U.S. With this information, one can search immigration records and perhaps find their passenger manifests, which often give the town of birth or of last residence in Lithuania. Armed with the town or village name and the given and surname variant spellings, one can then write to the Archives in Lithuania to obtain records of birth, marriage, death, etc.

Right now it would be very difficult to search for variants on "Prank" or "Pranzkiewich" or the other names. We'd got far too many hits and wouldn't have other data to use to confirm that we'd found the "right" person.

So you appear to be at the front end or beginning of an odyssey.

John Peters

Re: lithuania -ancestor tracing

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Surnames: prank
to john Peters
many thanks for the information-a lot to take in. My birth surname was Prank and I know my grandfather came from Lithuania to England as a boy with many brothers and sisters.They mostly set up home in London where they had a furniture business but it's hard to get information about their pre England days.

Re: lithuania -ancestor tracing

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This is kind of a long-shot, but you may want to explore the Ellis Island data base, in case any other relatives with those names went on to the USA. You can look at the data base free, only need to register. This web link is the best way to search, as you can just enter the first few letters of the last name, and check off various options, such as Russian, Polish and Lithuanian, and even enter a port of departure, such as Liverpool, using the White Page option.

When a list of names comes up, click on the option to view the scanned Manifest. You can enlarge it by clicking on the magnifying glass icon. Be sure to check for a second page by clicking Next or Previous. After about 1907, there are 2 pages. Also check the passengers next to the one you are looking at, to see if they are going to, or coming from the same relatives.

It's a little time-consuming, but may be worth the effort.

Re: lithuania - ancestor tracing

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Hallo Susan,

I also have PRANK, STRATHOWSKI & SNEKUTIS in my ancestry. My Grandfathers Sister married into the STRATHOWSKI/PRANK family. Please contact me on if you would like to get in touch.

How exciting! Suzie

Re: lithuania -ancestor tracing

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My grandfather was Frank and his father Frank matches your findings.

Re: lithuania - ancestor tracing

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Hi Vince
I spoke to you before some years back on another family history website. I have been trying to get more details of the 'Prank' family for 30 years and just keep hitting brick walls. I even contacted a Register office in Russia to see if I could get some certificates but they wanted so much information that I didn't have and also a lot of money so that was a dead end.The problem I think is that they seemed to change their names often for whatever reasons. The only hope is that some relative still has some old paperwork that may be a help, Sue
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