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Lucy Poe dau of Simon Poe - VA 1725

Lucy Poe dau of Simon Poe - VA 1725

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I have Lucy Poe as a daughter of Simon Poe and Rhoda Flowers Marsh married to Richard Herndon. They married about 1739 and I show him dying abt 1742. I have seen where Lucy is married to a Richard Straughn in 1755. Did Lucy mary twice?? And is her mother Rhoda Flowers Marsh or Sarah Bradford, Simons first wife?

Lucy Poe Dau of Simon Poe

Deborah Poe Fondren (View posts)
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Lucy Poe was the daughter of Sarah Bradford. Judging by the ages of the children, Rhoda Flowers Marsh was Simon Sr.'s 1st wife. So with this in mind, since I don't have an exact marriage date, she was probably his first wife.
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Do you know if my John POE who m. Sary ASHCRAFT fits in this family? They lived in
Fayette Co AL.

John Poe

Deborah Poe Fondren (View posts)
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You didn't give me a year or age of your John, but you may start with James Poe, born 1735 in VA, died about 1825 in Fayette, AL. He was married to Mary Watts. This is probably his descendents. James descends from Simon Poe Sr. from Chatham County, NC. Simon Poe Sr's father was Samuel. My line also descends from Samuel then Simon Sr. then Simon Jr. You and I branch off there. Our great great great great great great grandfathers were half brothers, if that line checks out for you. Hope this helps.

John Poe

Deborah Poe Fondren (View posts)
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You may also find some help from Bryan Poe. He also descends from a James Poe from Fayette, AL. Go to message number 847 on GenForum.
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Debbie, thanks for the information!

This is my John POE family:

John POE(b.Abt 1795 Anson Co NC, d. 1830-35 Fayette Co AL)m. Pheby ASHCRAFT (b.15 SEP 1805 Anson Co NC, d.3 AUG 1856 Fayette Co AL)
Pheby married Jacob BLACK after the death of John.

Their son, John Thomas POE (b. 1832 Fayette Co AL, d. 11 JUN 1869 Fayette Co AL, bur. Concord Baptist Cemetery) m. Martha Ann HOPSON, d/o Mariah PAPIZAN and Edmond HOPSON (b. 10 DEC 1834 Fayette Co AL, d. 16 JAN 1913 Fayette Co AL, bur. same as husband.)

Their children were: John Carroll, Amanda E,
Phoebe M., John T., D.A. and Dena C.

Debbie, my address is

Lucy Poe

Don Poe (View posts)
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I show Lucy Poe was the daughter of Simon Poe Sr. and his first wife Sarah Bradford Poe Herndon (Wm.) the aunt of Sophie Hannah Bradford) I show no children were born in his 2nd marrage was about 1792 or 1793 to Rhonda Flowers Marsh Poe who was born in 1734, d. in 1793 apparently was not married too long. I could be wrong, but this is the results of our Poe search. please email me @

Simon Poe Jr.

Don Poe (View posts)
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Debbie I have same roots starting with Leonard Poe in England to Samuel Poe and right down the line from Simon Jr. to David Poe Sr., to Joseph S. Poe, to Josephas F. Poe, to Christopher Columbus Poe. to George Christopher Poeto my father Alonzo "Lonzo" Poe. We have a Poe Reunion in Appleton, AR where most of my lineage is buried. There is a POe Lane, Poe Lake and what was known as Poe Valley all in Pope County, AR.. You may email me @

James Simon Poe

Don Poe (View posts)
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Simon Poe Sr. the son of Samuel Poe Sr born in Nottingham-Derbyshire England (b. 1775. d.8/17/1724 buried in St. Vautier Church Cemetary, Essex County, VA) the son of Leonard Mary Poe. Simon Sr. was born in either 1705 or 1707 and d. on 8/17/1793, Chatham County, NChe was married first to Sarah Bradford Poe Herndon (Wm.) the aunt of Sophie and Hannah Bradford, his second wife was Rhonda Flowers Marsh Poe and I show no children born by her. I also have her b. 1734, d. 1793 and I show Simon Poe Sr. died on 8/17/1793 therefore id I am correct he and Rhonda were married, but a short time. Simon Poe Sr. and Sarah Bradford Poe Herndon (daughter of Samuel Bradford) had a son by the name of James Simon "Major Reverend" Poe b. in 1751 Carolina Co., N, lived in Anson Co., NC on the Pardee River, d. in 1827 in Fayette Co., Newtonville, AL. was buried near Tuscaloosa, AL. he married Mary Wates in Randolph Co., NC around 1772, she was b. in 1755, these were the first of the Poes to migrate into Alabama. Simon Poe Jr. the son of Simon Sr. had a son named Captain Stephen Poe Sr, born in Carolina Co., NC, b. in 1757 or 1759 in Carolina Co., NC who died in Calhoun Co., AL on either 7/7/1843 or 8/13/1843, he married his wife Mary in 1776. The Poe that migrated to MO. started with Simon Poe III, he was the brother of Cpt. Stephen Poe Sr.. Simon III d. in Cape Girardeau, MO. in 1826, was born in either 1764 or 1765. They also had brothers by the name of David SR., Terry (married on 1/3/1834 to Susannah in 1798 or 1799) who migrated to Scott CO., MO. they had a son named Simon IV b. on 11/6/1826 and Cpt. William Howard Poe b.1768, d. 1799 in NC. he married Susannah ??? b. 1780, d. 1850 Cape Giaradeau, MO. Cpt. William Howard Poe was R raised by William Barnes to learn Blacksmithy. According to the NC jury records he was born in 1794 I however believe this weong as I show Simon Poe's 5 Children were born in 1757, 1758, 1764 and 1768. I also show William d, in 1799, therefore, I believe the birth of 1768 is correct. Hope this helps some!! Don Poe Please email me @

Poe Connection?

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I am trying to find out if a James Poe or John Poe born in the mid to late 1700's had a daughter named Malinda Aby Poe. I am sooo stumped. They lived in Georgia after 1815v I know, but I dont know where they were from before then....If you can help please let me know
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