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Looking for Dr. Aldona Vintartaite Labokas

Looking for Dr. Aldona Vintartaite Labokas

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Surnames: Labokas, Vintartas
I'm trying to find someone who I believe knew my father when they were both DPs in Germany after WW II ended.

The person is:

Dr. Aldona Vintartaite Labokas

In 1988 she was living in St. Petersburg, Florida. She also had a summer address in Wisconsin Dells, Wisconsin.

Aldona's brother was Vytautas Vintartas and he died in August 1981.

Hope someone can help me get in contact with her.


Tom S.

Re: Looking for...

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Hello. Not sure if this query is still current or if you still have an ancestry account, but I think I might be able to help. My partner is Lithuanian and we *think* the person you are seeking might be a relative. If you can let me know an email address, I can ask them to contact you directly (they don't have an account) and see whether they have the information you are seeking.

Re: Looking for.Aldona Vintartas

Posted: 1321566565000
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I just came across your April 2009 message.

Sadly, I have learned that Aldona Vintartas passed away in August 2009. I had been seeking her becuase my father was a good friend of her brother, Vytautas, who died in 1981.

My father knew Vytautas when they were refugees in Germany following the end of WW II.

Tom S.

Re: Looking for.Aldona Vintartas

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From a Google search of her married name Labokiene, I came across the following brief entry:

LABOKIENĖ Aldona (Vitartaitė, Valis; g. 1922.V.1 Panevėžyje), gydytoja, dailininkė, visuomenės veikėja.

Her maiden name was apparently spelled not as Vintartaite, but Vitartaite, born on May 01, 1922 in Panevez^ys. She is descried as "doctor, artist and public figure."

John Peters

Re: Looking for.Aldona Vintartas

Posted: 1321623312000
Classification: Query

Thanks for finding the reference. I didn't think to look for her married female surname spelling. I believe her maiden name was really Vintartas and that the Vitartaite is a typo.

I spoke with Aldona in mid-2008 and she confirmed that she was the sister of Vytautas Vintartas. When I called her again in 2009, I found she had passed away in August 2009.

I don't know where the Labokas surname came from since she was married to Dr. Antanas Valis for 46 years (married on 16 July 1959 in Cook County, Illinois). That came from the 2005 obituary for Anthony Valis from a St. Petersburg newspaper.

Info on Anthony is:
Born - 14 March 1901
Died - 14 June 2005

What is interesting is the entry above Aldona which is:

LABOKAS Vaclovas (Valis; g. 1908.V.2 Ruigiuose, Veiviržėnų vls., Kretingos aps.), gydytojas.
Vaclovas is a male but yet another surname (Valis) is listed in the parenthesis. I'm guessing Vaclovas was Aldona's husband and thus the Labokiene surname.

I don't find an arrival entry as a DP for Aldona but she shows up twice (1953 & 1954) coming back on the SS United States sailing from Le Havre to NYC. She is listed both times as Aldona Vintartas.

Aldona's obituary lists a married daughter and I will try to make contact with her to see what she can tell me.

Hope you're doing well.



Re: Looking for.Aldona Vintartas

Posted: 1366381541000
Classification: Query
Greetings from Canada,
I came across this query this morning. My maiden name is Cepukas and my mother was Labokas. Aldona was married to my mother's brother (my uncle) They lived in Chicago for awhile and moved to St.Petersburg. My uncle passed and Aldona has passed too. Aldona's sister still lives in Chicago. Her one daughter is a dentist in Chicago bye the name Maciejauskas Ramune DDS
9356 S Roberts Rd Hickory Hills, IL 60457, United States
+1 708-598-2131
Hope this helps and feel free to ask me any questions.

Re: Looking for.Aldona Vintartas

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Classification: Query

Thank you for the contact info.

Aldona's brother (Vytautas) and his wife (Angelina) were friends with my father during the time they were DPs in the French Zone in Germany.

Vytautas and my father worked at the same German factory when Vytautas lost part of his arm in an industrila accident (circa 1948-1949).

Have you tried submitting at on-line request to the International Tracing Service (ITS) in Bad Arolsen, Germany for any DP records they may have on your family?

I spent a week there in 2008 doing research.


Tom S.
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