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WEISEL/ADERHOLD, Bedminster Twp, Bucks Co to Hepburn Twp, Lycoming Co, PA

WEISEL/ADERHOLD, Bedminster Twp, Bucks Co to Hepburn Twp, Lycoming Co, PA

Harold Bower (View posts)
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I have WEISEL ancestors in Hepburn Twp, Lycoming Co, PA, on both my mother's and my father's sides of my family. I'm trying to sort out these families and am hoping someone out there who also researches the WEISEL or ADERHOLD lines can offer some assistance.

My paternal ggggg-grandparents are John George and Elizabeth HOENIG WEISEL. George was born 29 Jan 1761 in Bedminster Twp, Bucks Co, PA, and removed to Hepburn Twp, Lycoming Co, PA, in 1806. He died 12 Jun 1835 in Hepburn Twp, Lycoming Co, PA. George's lineage is:

George Michael and Susanna KUFER WEISEL
Jacob and Anna Margaret BEYER WEISEL
John George WEISEL married Elizabeth HOENIG

In George WEISEL's will, he mentions the following children:

Catherine WEISEL wife of William BALL
Margaret WEISEL wife of Samuel THOMPSON
John WEISEL who married Sitney MACKEY
Nancy WEISEL, granddaughter living in Ohio

Tohickon Union Church records also show a daughter, Elizabeth WEISEL, who was born 14 Feb 1792 and died 24 Jan 1794. And a son, Samuel WEISEL (born 18 Jun 1788), who married Mary Elizabeth MILLER on 28 Jan 1810 in Bedminster Twp, Bucks Co, PA. I am assuming this is the father of granddaughter, Nancy WEISEL, who is mentioned in the will, as son, John WEISEL, did not have a daughter, Nancy. Perhaps Samuel was deceased by the time of his father's death and hence, he was not mentioned in the will. We have no information on Samuel WEISEL after his marriage to Mary Elizabeth MILLER.

George WEISEL's older brother, Frederick WEISEL, was also in Lycoming County. Frederick was born 1 Jan 1750/51 in Bedminster Twp, Bucks Co, PA, to Jacob and Anna Margaret BEYER WEISEL. He died in Loyalsock Twp, Lycoming Co, PA, on 27 Oct 1828. There is no will registered for him. We have no information about his spouse or children, if any.

There are also a Joseph WEISEL, born 24 Apr 1799, and a Jacob WEISEL, born 29 Apr 1802, living in Hepburn and Eldred Twps, Lycoming Co, at this same time. A WEISEL family tree available on the Internet has them as the children of George and Elizabeth HOENIG WEISEL, but both were living at the time George wrote his will and there is no mention of them. I also cannot find corresponding birth records for them at Tohickon Union, like the rest of George's children.

My maternal gggg-grandparents are Catharine WEISEL and Abraham ADERHOLD (also appears as ATHERHOLT, ATHERHOLD). Catharine was born 6 Jun 1783 in Bucks Co, and died 7 Jan 1851 in Hepburn Twp, Lycoming Co, PA. Several of their children were baptized in the Tohickon Union Church in Bedminster Twp before they removed to Lycoming Co in 1807. We do not know who Catharine WEISEL's parents were.

Abraham ADERHOLD's will has, as witnesses, William BALL, George WEISEL's son-in-law, and Jacob WEISEL whose parentage is uncertain. Clearly, the Catharine WEISEL that married Abraham ADERHOLD and George WEISEL's family were well-known enough to each other to serve as witnesses to a will. This, and the fact that they removed together to Lycoming Co, suggests a relationship.

I am wondering if Catharine WEISEL, wife of Abraham ADERHOLD, and Jacob and Joseph WEISEL, are descendents of Frederick WEISEL, George's older brother. I am wondering if any researchers may have information about Frederick and his family. Or, if anyone can identify which WEISEL family Catharine, wife of Abraham ADERHOLD, belongs to.

Thank you.

Lycoming County WEISEL

Harold Bower (View posts)
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I have found no WEISEL family members living in Lycoming County that are not the descendents of George and Elizabeth Hoenig WEISEL. (George is the son of Jacob and Anna Margaret Beyer WEISEL.) George's older brother, Frederick, died 27 Oct 1828 in Loyalsock Twp, Lycoming Co, PA, but I have found no issue of his living there, if there were any. No relatives are mentioned in his obituary. George's youngest sister, Maria Elizabeth Weisel, died a maiden lady in Williamsport 14 Sep 1840.

The only other WEISEL I've known about in Lycoming County is the wife of Abraham ADERHOLD, and she appears not to have had any WEISEL siblings in Lycoming County. Abraham married her and they had several children before leaving Bucks County.

Do note, though, that some of George's siblings - Jacob WEISEL, Jr. and Daniel WEISEL - settled in Williamsport, Maryland. I think that's along I-81 not far below the PA/MD border. Perhaps the person you are seeking went to Williamsport, Maryland?

Weisel family

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I, too, am a decendant in the Weisel family. Let me first explain how I am related.

Catherine Edwards (myself) married David Sherbine

Eileen Mearkle married Richard Edwards

Mary Weisel married Albert Mearkle

Patrick Vincent Weisel married Sarah Kelly

John Weisel married Mary Montgomery

Jacob Weisel married Mary Hite

John Weisel married Margaret Schneider

George Weisel, Sr married Anna Marie Weirbach

George Michael Weisel married Susanna Kiefer (people have different variations of Susanna's last name)

I added the little bit of information that you provided to my database. I am sorry to say that I do not have any information that you were requesting in your message. I don't have any listing for those Weisel's.
You are the first person I have found to have information on the Weisel's who lived in Lycoming County. I would like to know more information if you have it. My great-grandfather, P. Vincent Weisel, (he went by his middle name; most people called him Vinnie), left home at the age of 14, which would have been about 1881, and traveled by foot from Cambria County, PA to the Williamsport area. He went there because he knew he had an uncle there. I am trying to find out who this uncle would have been. The only Weisel who would have been an uncle and who was alive at that time was Josiah Weisel. Josiah was born in 1817 and he was a brother to Jacob Weisl. (The Jacob Weisel married to Mary Hite.) Josiah would have been a granduncle to Vinnie Weisel. I have no information on this Josiah Weisel except that he had a son George Weisel. I do not know if this Josiah lived in Lycoming County. Since Jacob Weisel was born in Bucks County, I assume Josiah was, too. Do you have any information on this Josiah Weisel?
Again, I would like to have any other Weisel family info who lived in Lycoming County that you may have to see if anyone would have been an uncle to Vinnie and who was living there in the early 1880's.
If you would like to see what other Weisel info I have, you can go to my home page at


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Surnames: Weirbach
I am looking for my grandfather, Peter Weirbach m. to Mary Louise Staples, I think of Scranton, PA Her parents were Fletcher and Rachel Ace Staples


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Surnames: Weisel
Since I wrote my post, I found out that WEIRBACH is not part of my ancestory. The person's last name was actually CRESSMAN and not WEIRBACH. Sorry---I have no further information for you.

Re: WEISEL/ADERHOLD, Bedminster Twp, Bucks Co to Hepburn Twp, Lycoming Co, PA

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Surnames: Bower, Torrey, Ducotey
Are you any relation to George Bower and Victoria Jane (jennie) Ducotey ? They had a son Warren and thats all I know about them, looking information on this family line. can contact me at . Thank You.

Re: WEISEL/ADERHOLD, Bedminster Twp, Bucks Co to Hepburn Twp, Lycoming Co, PA

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Surnames: Weisel/Aderhold - Buck's County to Hepburn Township
Harold, you have to be a distant cousin; here's how:
My gggggrandfather was Abraham Aderhold. I recently have been able to find out he married a "Catherine" someone, but until seeing your old posting, didn't know her last name. I see it was Weisel. Their son, John Aderhold was my ggggrandfather. His daughter Sophia Aderhold Sander was my gggrandmother. Her daughter Regina Sander Dauber was my ggrandmother and her son Jacob William was my Maternal grandfather. I can't identify which Weisel family Catherine belongs to, but want to thank you for your posting and information.
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