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Indian Raid in Burke Co. in 1760's

Indian Raid in Burke Co. in 1760's

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Surnames: Indian Raid in Burke Co. in 1760's
I'm researching the Burchfield family and have learned that during an Indian Raid in the 1760's two daughters were kidnapped. Lycia was shot and scalped but lived to the age of 83, however, there are differing accounts of the other girl, Mary. Can anyone give me help on Mary.

Also other children who taken, but killed were named Hyatt, Young, Leginwood, Dobson and Litten. Does anyone know anything on their families?


Re: Indian Raid in Burke Co. in 1760's

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I will have to look. I do have a story about this. One of my ancestors was involved.

Re: Indian Raid in Burke Co. in 1760's

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The website of McDowell County Oral History, which is excellent, includes local historian Anne Swan's account of Lydia, Mary, and the other children. Go here: and scroll down to Ms. Swan's second video.

My understanding is that Dr. J. M. Spainhour, said to be Lydia (Burchfield) Hunter's great-grandchild, is the original source of the story.

Kathy Gunter Sullivan

Re: Indian Raid in Burke Co. in 1760's

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Daniel Andrew Sr. & Mary Ann Hunter-Andrew are my great-grand parents x's 5. Here's a story I found, hope it's useful.

The wife of Daniel Andrew Sr. was Mary Hunter. A younger brother of hers, Andrew Hunter, married a woman named Lydia Burchfield, who was famous in western North Carolina for having survived scalping by the Indians. She was born July 24, 1763 and died Oct. 19, 1846. She then lived to be 83 years old. Her grandson, the late Dr. J. M. Spainhour, recorded the following incident, which was extracted, from his papers by Nancy Alexander.

General Griffith Rutherford wrote the Committee of Safety at Salisbury. "I am under the neccessity of sending you by express the alarming conditions this county is in. The Indians are making great progress in destroying and murdering the frontier settlements. I am informed through Colonel McDowell, that ten men and one hundrend and twenty women and children are besieged in a fort by the indians. There was no help for them before yesterday and they were surrounded on Wednesday. I expect the next account to hear they are all destroyed.

To make it short- they leave the fort (Fort McDowell situated 1 3/4 miles northwest from where Morgantown now stands on the bottom lands on the Catawba River) while traveling on foot with cattle, the men while busy bringing them together left the woman unattented, seven Indians came rushing down the hill, throught the bushes, among the woman, and each captured a child and rushed back up the hill. The Indians took Lydia age 2 1/2 (this happened about 1765) and Mary her sister five years old and a child named Hyat, Longerwood, Dobson, Young, and Litten. They also took Mary Burchfield, Lydia's mother. The parents were forced to leave and try and made it to a fort, and get help.

Fifteen or twenty men (after three day march to the fort) started in pursuit of the Indians that had carried off the children. They reached the point where the children had been taken, they found six of the children scalped. With their knives the Indians had taken not only the skin and hair, but the bone, cutting it just above the eyes. Five of them were dead, the sixth, Lydia Burchfield, was still breathing and was taken back to the fort by her father. Mary Burchfield was never found, what became of her we will never be known.

Lydia recounted that after she was scalped, she was about five years old, the Indians made another raid on her father's home for plunder. There were about 20 of them. When they saw the child's head, as the bandage had moved up and part of the wound was exposed, their exclamations of surprise were very expressive and all examined it with great care. They left the family unharmed. They never raided her family again and treated her as a friend, visiting her from time to time.

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