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Newberry, SC

Newberry, SC

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Does anyone have any info on Abner W. Reeder. He is my great-great-great grandfather. According to the Latter-Day Saints website, he was born in 1806. There was another Abner W. Reeder born in Newberry County, son of Samuel and Sarah. However, he would have been too young. My Abner's parents were James and Mary. However, that is where the brick wall pops up. Any info would be appreciated.
The line to me is as follows:
1. James Reeder m. Mary ?
2. Abner W. Reeder m. Elizabeth Pitts
3. Louisa Adella Reeder m. James H. Davenport
4. Gertrude Mazilla Davenport m. Asa Davis Johnson
5. Emma Mae Johnson m. Johnnie Arthur Bobb
6. John Clifford Bobb m. Carolyn Eloise Lindler
7. Bonni Lynne Bobb (me!)

Re: Newberry, SC

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Maybe this might help get you started.

Descendants of James Reeder

1 James Reeder b: March 04, 1778 in SC d: October 30, 1858 in Newberry Co, SC Burial: Bush River Baptist Cemetery
.. +Mary Coate b: Abt. 1785 in SC m: Bef. 1803 in SC d: November 18, 1868 in Newberry Co, SC Burial: Bush River Baptist Cemetery
........ 2 Samuel Reeder b: Abt. 1803 in SC
............ +Susanna ? b: Abt. 1813 in SC m: Bef. 1833 in Newberry Co, SC
................... 3 William Reeder b: Abt. 1831
................... 3 James Reeder b: Abt. 1833
................... 3 Abner Reeder b: Abt. 1835
................... 3 Adaline Reeder b: Abt. 1837
................... 3 John Reeder b: Abt. 1842
........ 2 Abner W. Reeder b: Bet. 1806 - 1814 in SC (shows 1810 in 1860) d: Aft. 1880 in SC
............ +Elizabeth Pitts b: Abt. 1818 in SC m: Bef. 1843 in SC d: Aft. 1880 in SC
................... 3 Mary Reeder b: Abt. 1844 in SC
................... 3 Alfred Reeder b: Abt. 1845 in Newberry Co, SC d: June 10, 1863 in Newberry Co, SC
................... 3 Louisa D. Reeder b: Abt. 1848 in SC
................... 3 Thompson L. Reeder b: Abt. 1851 in SC
....................... +L. Emma ? b: Abt. 1856 in SC
............................. 4 James L. Reeder b: Abt. 1873 in SC
............................. 4 Lula H. Reeder b: Abt. 1877 in SC
................... 3 Evline Reeder b: Abt. 1853 in SC
................... 3 Wester? Reeder b: Abt. 1859 in SC
........ 2 James J. Reeder b: Abt. 1816 in SC d: June 01, 1896 in Newberry Co, SC Burial: Bush River Baptist Cemetery SC
............ +Mary Katharine "Catherine" Kinard b: Bet. 1826 - 1830 in SC m: February 01, 1844 in Columbia, SC (Newspaper Notice dated 2/22/1844) d: November 16, 1886 in Newberry Co, SC Burial: Bush River Baptist Cemetery SC
................... 3 Frances A. Reeder b: Abt. 1847 in SC d: February 14, 1898
................... 3 J. J. Reeder b: Bet. 1850 - 1860 in SC Burial: Died in Infancy Poss. 1850-1860 period
................... 3 Preston Brooks Reeder b: June 1856 in SC d: July 23, 1907
................... 3 Christian Suber Reeder b: November 26, 1860 in SC d: September 30, 1884 in SC
........ 2 Alfred "Alford" M. Reeder b: November 16, 1816 in Newberry Co, SC d: December 25, 1902 in Newberry Co, SC
............ +Elizabeth ? b: Abt. 1832 in SC m: in SC d: Bet. 1871 - 1879 in SC
................... 3 Udorah Reeder b: Abt. 1854
................... 3 Jackson A. Reeder b: Abt. 1858
........ *2nd Wife of Alfred "Alford" M. Reeder:
............ +S. A. ? b: Abt. 1831 in SC m: Abt. 1848 in SC d: Bef. 1860 in SC
................... 3 A. C. Reeder b: Abt. 1849

Linda Roberts

Re: Newberry, SC

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Surnames: Reeder, Pitts, Davenport, Lewis, Davis, Johnson
Hi, Bonni! In my recent research, I have found documentation (finally) that supports my belief that Elizabeth Pitts, (17 Apr 1813 - 23 Sep 1901) wife of Abner W. Reeder, (ca. 1806-1814 – 08 Jan 1892) was not the mother of his children.

A. Abner W. Reeder and Mrs. Elizabeth Pitts were married 15 Nov 1868 in Newberry Co., SC. SOURCE: November 25, 1868, Married by Josiah Stewart, Esq. on 15 November, Mr. Abner Reeder to Mrs. Elizabeth Pitts, all of Newberry. NOTE: Since she is called "Mrs. Elizabeth Pitts" and the marriage is after she is age 55, I believe she is a widow and beyond child-bearing age. This supports the notion of her NOT being the mother of his children.

B. The Obituary for Mrs. Elizabeth Reeder states that she died in the home of her son, Joseph Pitts. SOURCE:" Reeder, Elizabeth Mrs., 87-year-old widow of Abner W. Reeder died 9/23/1901 at the home of her son, Joseph Pitts of No. 6 Township. Burial was at Bush River Cemetery. Newberry Observer 9/26/1901."

C. The Death Certificate, Nov 22, 1922, for Louisa Adella Reeder, daughter of Abner W. Reeder, states that her mother was Elizabeth Lewis. SOURCE: Now here is a question: Is this Elizabeth Lewis related to George Lewis – the first husband of Elizabeth Davenport? I bet they are related!

D. The ages of the wife(s) of Abner W. Reeder, although both were named Elizabeth are not the same person. NOTE: the ages of either Elizabeth in the census records of 1850, 1860, 1870 and 1880 are not consistent from census to census.
1850 – Elizabeth (Lewis) Reeder is age 34; Elizabeth Pitts (wife of William Pitts) is age 26?
1860 – Elizabeth (Lewis) Reeder is age 42; Elizabeth Pitts (wife of William Pitts) is age 47
(November 25, 1868 – marriage of Abner W. Reeder and Mrs. Elizabeth Pitts)
1870 – Elizabeth (Pitts) Reeder is age 56;
1880 – Elizabeth (Pitts) Reeder is 62 – this one is Very Strange!;
1900 – Elizabeth (Pitts) Reeder is age 86.

E. In the 1900 census, Elizabeth Pitts Reeder states she has had 11 children and 3 of them are still living. In all of the census reports of Abner W. and Elizabeth, I have found only 7 children. There was also one child, T.P.C. Reeder (age 17 in the 1850 census) born to Abner and his first wife (name unknown). She apparently died before the 1840 census, where he seems to be living with his father, James.

It is now my plan to "prove" that the Mrs. Elizabeth Pitts, who married Abner W. Reeder in 1868, was, in fact, Elizabeth Davenport Lewis Pitts, daughter of William and Jane (?) Davenport. From the Obituary above of Mrs. Elizabeth Pitts Reeder we learn that she had a son, Joseph Pitts. We learn from the 1900 census that she had 11 children. Here is my understanding of Elizabeth Davenport Lewis Pitts Reeder.

A. I believe that Elizabeth Davenport was the daughter of William and Jane (MNU) Davenport on 17 Apr 1813. This date is from her tombstone (see Dropbox). SOURCE: , which quotes Quaker Families of South Carolina and Georgia by William F. Medlin, "Elizabeth ("Betsey") [Davenport] who married first George Lewis; second, her cousin Wm. Pitts, son of Nathan Pitts, the son of William and Elizabeth Davenport Pitts." NOTE: Here we learn that she first married George Lewis, who apparently died before 1840, since William and Elizabeth were married by 1840 and had several children. On the 1840 census are the following:
2 males < 5
1 male 5-10
1 male 20-30
1 female 5-10
1 female 10-15
2 females 20-30
It is my belief that the 2 males under age 5 are William and Joseph, ages 1 and 2; the 5-10 male is most likely John age 4-5; the 20-30 male is William. I believe that the female 5-10 is Lucinda Lewis (stepdaughter of William-daughter of Elizabeth Davenport Lewis) and 1 of the 20-30 females is his wife, Elizabeth Davenport Lewis Pitts(see 1850 census of William and Elizabeth). That leaves another 20-30 female, and a 10-15 female unaccounted for. The child could be an additional child of William and Elizabeth who may have died before the 1850 census, or she could be a child of the 20-30 female, or a sibling, or ???

B. The 1850 Census lists 9 of Elizabeth's 11 children in their home. NOTE: The family is living in Newton County, Georgia in 1850. I am still trying to figure out why. But I did find that Lucinda Lewis and William H. Johnson are married there on July 11, 1850. SOURCE:
Georgia Marriages to 1850about William H. Johnson
Name: William H. Johnson
Spouse: Lucinda Lewis
Marriage Date: 11 Jul 1850
Marriage County: Newton
Marriage State: Georgia

C. The 1860 census lists 3 more children of Elizabeth and William. In that 1860 census, we see the eldest daughter, Lucinda, age 28 and married to William H. Johnson next door. They have 3 children. William H. Johnson died 1861-1865. There are several W. H. Johnsons listed in the Civil War casualties and one of them likely is him. Lucinda Lewis Johnson then married Elijah Pitts before 1866 (see 1870 census with Johnson children listed as Pitts and 2 additional Pitts children). NOTE: Elijah's late first wife, Amy Pitts (yes that is her maiden name) also happens to be the sister of William Pitts. I am descended from Elijah Pitts and Lucinda Lewis Johnson Pitts – that is why this is so very interesting to me!

D. On 31 Jan 1864, William Pitts died, leaving a Will dated 26 January 1864. In this will, he makes his wife, Elizabeth (later in the documents she is listed as the wife of Abner W. Reeder) his Executrix, and includes, among his children, "my stepdaughter Lucinda Johns(t)on, formerly Lucinda Lewis". In the estate papers is a document "A. W. Reeder and wife Elizabeth made up to January 15th, 1869". This document lists the Legatees and Parts and #3 is Lucinda Pitts, wife of Elijah Pitts. The final clue is in the "Closing the Estate of Wm Pitts, Deceased dated Feb 1, 1869 (pg. 26 of Estate papers)" a Legacy distribution was made to Elijah Pitts and wife. SOURCE: Estate papers of William Pitts, died 31 Jan 1864. All papers from Newberry Co. Probate Court.

To me, this proves that Elizabeth Davenport Lewis Pitts was the wife of Abner W. Reeder and that she was also the mother of Lucinda Lewis Johnson Pitts, wife of Elijah Pitts. I do have images of all the censuses, Death Certificate and Probate Records listed above. I will be happy to share with anyone. Please let know what you think of my assumptions. I am eager to "know" the truth!

Rick Springer
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