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William Shotwell

William Shotwell

Joe A. Shotwell (View posts)
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Looking for any information that will help me in tracing my gg-grandfather William Shotwell. Census information indicates that he was born in Virginia between 1800-1807. Names of his parents and exact place of birth are unknowns. He had sons; John and Robert, born about 1831 1832 in Virginia, and a daughter (can't remember her name off-hand)who was born in Tennessee! His first wife's name is unknown! He appears in the 1850 Census of Tennessee in Weakley County, with Ann, apparently a second wife, who is aged 19 (same age as his eldest son). He next appears on the 1860 Census of Fulton, Kentucky (SW corner of state), after which he does not appear in the census'. Conclusion, he has died prior to the 1870 census. My great-grandfather was William P. (Presley?) Shotwell, born April 1851, Tennessee. William P. Shotwell, after several marriages in Tennessee, eventually wound up in Texas.

It has been said that William Shotwell, born 1800-1807, Virginia, was descended from a John Shotwell, who appears in Virginia sometime in the early 1700's. Further, it was thought by some that John Shotwell was a descendant of Abraham Shotwell, born 1600's. However, my information indicates that Abraham Shotwell and many of his descendants were Quakers. The Shotwell's of Virginia were Slave Owners, and, it is my understanding, that Quakers did not hold with slavery! If this is so, it would appear that John Shotwell of Virginia is not a descendant of Abraham!
I am the son of Joseph Mercer Shotwell and Edith Glencoe Fairchild; Joseph was the son of William Clarence Shotwell and Maude Mercer; William Clarence Shotwell was the son of William Presley Shotwell and Nancy P. Fuller; and William Presley Shotwell was the son of William Shotwell and Ann.

Any help would be appreciated!
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Enola Thompson (View posts)
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I see there is a lot of Shotwells looking for their Ancestors. I donated a Shotwell family book to the Congress Library in Washington D. C. It is a very large book called Our Family Annals by Ambrose M. Shotwell. Printed in 1895. It pertains to all the Shotwells in America. Abraham Shotwell came here to America at Elizabeth Town, the capital of East Jersy as early as 1665. In 1972 I had a few of the Shotwell books printed up with a little update on my direct line from William A. Shotwell. Who is my Grandpa. A distant cousin of ours had an old Shotwell book, that he let me use to get more printed off from. Shotwell is one of the family Pedigree names. They were called Shadwell in England before Shotwell. There is Shotwells in every State in U.S. The book in Congress Library is for anyone that wants to look for their Ancesstors.
I wish you all luck. I am still searching for more ancesstors.
Enola Thompson.

Re: William Shotwell

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to joe a shotwell - i meant to send a 'reply' to your march 14 2000 post but, in error, sent it as only a query, dated today, oct 3, 2006. if you could pick it up at the top of the messages, i would appreciate it. let me hear from you. thanks...

Re: William Shotwell

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I guess when the Shotwells came to America they started naming all there kids William. My grandpa is a William, my dad is a William and I'm also a William.

I've been looking for info on my Grandpa William Grey Shotwell who fought in WWII, he was an E-7 in the Marnie Corps so he was pretty high up there, there are sooo many William Shotwells out there its crazy.

Re: William Shotwell

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Surnames: Shotweel
Your grandfather is not Enola's Great Grandfather or my GG grandfather. I am sure he is related to Abraham Shotwell as not all Shotwell's were Quakers and many owned slaves. If you still are looking for information email me at and I would be glad to tell you what I know. I have an original copy of the annuals.

Re: Shotwells

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The book you mentioned can be downloaded free to an ereader. I have a Nook and I downloaded the book from Barnes and Noble free.
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