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Sauvageaus in North Dakota

Sauvageaus in North Dakota

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Surnames: Sauvageau, Cossette

My name is Joseph Murphy. My Mother was born Lucila Cossette in Flaxville. MT in 1921. Her father, Leo married Antonia Sauvageau in about 1915. I am looking for information specifically on the migration across Canada and to the states of the Cossette and Sauvageaus,


joseph r. murphy

Re: Sauvageaus in North Dakota

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Surnames: Cossette, Cosette, Cossat, Casset, Cassett
Your message didn't indicate what census research you have done but here is what I found on your family.

1930 United States Federal Census > Montana > Daniels > School District 7

COSSETTE, Leo, 38, widowed, b. ND, parents b. CAN (FR), rural route mail carrier
Donald C., 16, b. ND
Robert L., 14, b. ND
Clifford G., 12, b. MT

So, they moved to MT between 1916 - 1918.

1920 United States Federal Census > Montana > Sheridan > School District 47 > District 205
COSETTE, Leo G., 28, b. ND, parents b. CAN (FR), carrier, US mail
Antonia, 26, b. ND, parents b. CAN (FR)
Donald, 5 8/12, b. ND
Robert, 4, b. ND
Clifford, 3 6/12, b. ND

So Antonia died between 1920 and 1930.

1900 United States Federal Census > North Dakota > Cass > Stanley > District 40

COSSETTE, Alphia (?), b. Apr 1841, 59, m. 26 yrs, b. CAN (FR), parents b. CAN (FR), emigrated 1870, not naturalized, farmer
Mary, b. July 1857, 42, m. 26 yrs, 11 born/10 living, b. CAN (FR), parents b. CAN (FR), emigrated 1873
Willie, b. Oct 1878, 21, b. ND
Leo, b. July 1882, 17, b. ND
Anna, b. July 1884, 15, b. ND
Lea, b. June 1886, 13, b. ND
Laura, b. July 1889, 10, b. ND
Helen, b. Feb 1891, 9, b. ND
Louis, b. Dec 1892, 7, b. ND
Antoinette, b. Nov 1896, 3, b. ND
Edward, b. May 1898, 2, b. ND

1880 United States Federal Census > Dakota Territory > Cass > Not Stated > District 59
COSSAT, Julius, 38, farmer, b. CAN, parents b. CAN
Mary, 25, b. CAN, parents b. CAN
Flora, 8, b. Dakota
Jane, 3, b. Dakota
William, 2, b. Dakota

From this we learn the names of the other two children and that the first was born about 1871-1872, Dakota Territory. This mean the parents were married right about the time they emigrated and may have been married either in CAN or USA.

The closest I can come in 1870 is:
1870 United States Federal Census > Nevada > Douglas > Not Stated
CASSET, J., 30, laborer, b. CAN
(There is another, John CASSETT, same age, same location, on another page)

Now, for SAUVAGEAU I find:
1900 United States Federal Census > North Dakota > Cass > Stanley > 40, three families of this surname on the same page. Antonia, daughter of Emelie, widow, was born Aug 1893. The mother emigrated 1889 along with the first 3 children listed. The older persons on that page of that surname emigrated 1879. It would be worth your time to investigate all of these people on the 1881 Canadian census at . Champlain, QC has a lot of people of that surname.

Posted by an unrelated volunteer as an act of genealogical kindness.

Re: Sauvageaus in North Dakota

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Surnames: Sauvageau Savageau Cossette Cosset
I have lots of relatives in Fargo and Wild Rice, North Dakota by the last name Sauvageau. Francis & Josephine Sauvageau are grandparents. I have heard the last name Cossette but don't know how we are related. Some go by the last name spelled Savageau. Most originated in Quebec, Canada and are French/Canadian.

Re: Sauvageaus in North Dakota

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Do you know about Celina Desjardins and Edmund Sauvageau? Celinas father was Fabian Desjardins and her mother was Valerie Peladeau. She was the sister of Moise peladeau that came to North Dakota in 1880. Fabian and Valerie were in the Grandin, ND area in 1885. I am a descenant of Moses Peladeaus daughter Elisabeth Peladeau who married Louis Jalbert. I also live in the Fargo area.

Re: Sauvageaus in North Dakota

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I forgot to mention they were from Wild Rice area. I've tried to find gravestones but no luck yet.
Edmund and Celinas children were:Lucy, Louise,Armand Charles,Rose,Fredrick E., and Melina. Do you have any info on these. Edmund and Celina were married in Wild Rice, Cass County,ND

Re: Sauvageaus in North Dakota

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I can help you!! I'm a Cossette from North Dakota!!
This is what I have directly for my line.

Jean Sauvageau and Madeleine Ouvre France 1640s
They had a son named Claude Sauvageau, he married Jeanne LeGendre Dec. 3, 1669 in Cap-de-la-Madeleine, Quebec
They had a son named Alexis Sauvageau, his wife is listed as Marguerite Masse Martin.
They had a son named Alexis, named after his father, who married Marguerite Germain Belisle. They had a son in Portneuf, Quebec named Joseph Marie who married Catherine Arcand, Joseph Marie was born Feb. 14, 1726.
They had a son also named Joseph Marie, who was born Nov. 9, 1758 in Portneuf, Quebec. He married Marie Margeurite Arcand
Joseph and Marie Marguerite had a son named Joseph as well, who was born Nov. 3rd, 1783 in Grondines, Quebec, Canada, he married Nathalie Gariepy.
The name Joseph stayed in the family for a long time!!
cause then they had a son named Joseph as well and he was born in 1812, no known date, in Champlain, Canada, he married Julie Arcand, then he had a son as well named Joseph Edouard Sauvageau who was born July 30, 1835 in Champlain, Quebec, Canada, his wife was Marie Olive Paquin.

note: Joseph and Nathalie had a second son named Hubert Sauvageau in case there are relatives here related to him.

Joseph and Julie had 4 children: the first I listed was Joseph Edouard, their other kids are Felicite, Charles, and Simeon.
Joseph and Marie Olive Paquin had 10 kids!
Emma, Zoe, Rodolphe, Marie also known as Lea, Marie "Clothilde", Marie Cecile, Jules, Lucinda "Lucy", Exilda, and Delvina.
Delvina is my ancestor, Delvina is how I am a Cossette, because she married William Cossette.
I'll do a second post with the other sauvageau children.
with my line, like I said, Delvina married William Cossette,
William's father was Hyacinthe Cossette, Hyacinthe married Jessee Toupin and Hyacinthe's parents are Isidore Cossette and Sophie Crevier dit Bellerive, and Isidore's parents are Louis Cossette and Catherine Trepanier (Trepagny)
Louis Cossette was adopted into the Cossette family by Francois Cossette and Marie Josephte Cote.

Re: Sauvageaus in North Dakota

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Emma Sauvageau born April 24, 1859 was also married to a Cossette, his name was Cesair Cossette.
Zoe Sauvageau born March 22, 1861, she married Aime Rheault
Rodolphe Sauvageau born Jan 11, 1864, he married a Cossette as well, her name was Adelina Cossette.
Adelina is William Cossette's sister. So if you are related to her, you are related to me.
Marie "Lea" was born July 30 1835, Champlain, she married Francois Denis.
Marie "Clothilde" was born Jan 30 1868 she married Alphonse Rheault.
Marie Cecile born Aug 23 1869, she was married to Wilbrod Fugere. (I am also Fugere by blood through Georges Fugere who was married to Emma Montplaisir)
Jules Sauvageau was born April 30 1871 in Champlain, she married Eugenie Jacob.
Lucinda "Lucy" was born June 1875, she married Joseph Phillipe Tessier in Canada.
Exilda was born March of 1880, she married "Leon" Marchand

note: a lot of these couples are listed as Wild Rice, ND.
Ulphie Cossette founded Wild Rice, ND. Ulphie Cossette was the son of Isidore Cossette and Sophie Crevier, half brother to Hyacinthe, uncle of William Cossette.
Let me know if you need any further information, I can help you as much as possible to trace your background!!

Re: Sauvageaus in North Dakota

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Do you have any information on Edmond Sauvageau and his wife Celina Desjardins. They were also from Wild Rice Area. Their children were Armond, Melina, Lucy,Louise,Rose, Julian,Fredrick, and Joseph.

Re: Sauvageaus in North Dakota

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Edmond's parents are Charles Sauvageau and Adelaide Rheault.
Adelaide's parents are Honore Rheault and Edele Elise Lavasseur.
Charles's parents are Joseph Sauvageau and Julie Arcand, which means related to me as well. Julie and Joseph I believe were grandparents or great grandparents to my great great grandmother Delvina.
Celina Desjardins parents are Fabien Desjardins and Valerie Melanise Peladeau

The Peladeau family was from LaPrairie, in Canada.
Valerie's father's name was Edouard Peladeau, her mother's name was Marie (mary) Margurite BUNKER, BONCOEURE (VERBONCOEUR IN FRENCH)
the links I provided for each part of the family you may want to look over and read all the information provided, someone did a detailed job of the information, you may want to contact them and determine some of the information they have up, I only know about the Sauvageaus and Arcands, but not the others listed.
If you need further information on the Arcands and Sauvageaus, I can definitely try and do what I can.

Re: Sauvageaus in North Dakota

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I am a desendant of the Jalbert line. louis Jalbert married Elizabeth Peladeau. I am their great great granddaughter. I have alot of information on the Peladeaus on I'm stacy62774 on Rootsweb. Thanks for the info
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