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My Great Granfather was Solomon Lakey of Yadkin Co. N.C. My Granfather was Harold Austin Lakey of Hamlet, N.C. Can anyone help with any family history or the origin of the family name.


Yvonne Leck (View posts)
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sorry I cannot help directly. Something I came accross was the name Solomon. Try the variations Simon and Septimus. I have a Simon Leck/Lakie/Lisk but the family bible has him listed Septimus married 1833 Hull UK.

Lakey Family

Merrilyn King (View posts)
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I am the granddaughter of Vance Tilden Lakey born in Etna,Macon county,N.C. Oct 24,1876.
His father was John Ervin,grandfather,Josiah Brannon and greatgrandfather Hiram. All are listed from the same area of NC. Would like any info on Josiah and Hiram who was born around 1794.

Lakey history

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Hi Merrilyn
I have some info regarding your request. Email me for info.
Jim Lakey


linda (View posts)
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hi' jim sorry i havent sent anything yet
but here is some info, cause i cant remember
who you wanted info on huffman's or
spurlock's. my grandma is sarah ann huffman
born1890-died 1970 her father is
alvin huffman, and mother is
joshphine elizabeth huffman,born 1852
died aug 1926-born okla,
her parents unknown for now well
if you have any question's on this let
me know. im having problems with my e-mail
this is the only way to let you know

looking for info

lakey pat (View posts)
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my grandparents names are WILL&LaTISHA LAKEY i believe they came from either miss.or ok. not sure, they had 12 children 4 boys & 8 girls, they moved to ore i believe at the turn of the century,and lived in oregon city,any info would be appreciated

Brannon Lakey

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Here is all the information I have on this family.

Generation No. 1

1. BRANNON1 LAKEY was born Abt. 1815, and died Unknown. He married BETSEY SHERPE. She was born Abt. 1815, and died Unknown.

Information for this family; Mr. Floyd M. Lakey & Mr. Frank A. Lakey

2. i. ERVIN JOHN2 LAKEY, b. Abt. 1840; d. Unknown.

Generation No. 2

2. ERVIN JOHN2 LAKEY (BRANNON1) was born Abt. 1840, and died Unknown. He married NANCY ANN COLLINS. She was born Abt. 1843, and died Unknown.

Buried in Baptist Cemetery(Oak Grove)

Children of ERVIN LAKEY and NANCY COLLINS are:
i. ELIZABETH ALVERIA3 LAKEY, b. November 3, 1867; d. Unknown.
ii. MARY ELIZABETH LAKEY, b. February 26, 1871; d. Unknown.
iii. SARA ALICE LAKEY, b. January 12, 1874; d. Unknown; m. UNKNOWN CORDLEY; b. Abt. 1874; d. Unknown.
3. iv. VANCE TILDON LAKEY, b. October 24, 1876, Etna, North Carolina; d. 1955, Nampa, Idaho.
v. CHARLES ROBINSON LAKEY, b. November 8, 1880; d. Unknown, Nampa, Idaho.
vi. JESSE IRVIN LAKEY, b. May 15, 1882; d. Unknown, North Carolina.
vii. DOCTOR GASTON LAKEY, b. January 14, 1890; d. 1918, Soda Springs, Idaho.

Generation No. 3

3. VANCE TILDON3 LAKEY (ERVIN JOHN2, BRANNON1) was born October 24, 1876 in Etna, North Carolina, and died 1955 in Nampa, Idaho. He married ANNA JANE NELSON Abt. 1897 in Soda Springs, Idaho. She was born July 24, 1876 in American Falls, Idaho, and died 1965 in Nampa, Idaho.

Children of VANCE LAKEY and ANNA NELSON are:
i. JOE4 LAKEY, b. Abt. 1899; d. 1981, Boyde, Washington.
ii. RETIA LAKEY, b. Abt. 1900; d. Unknown, Boise, Idaho.
iii. LAWRENCE LAKEY, b. Abt. 1901; d. Unknown, Hunter, Washington.
iv. THEADOR LAKEY, b. Abt. 1902; d. Unknown, Boise, Idaho.
v. RUTH LEONA LAKEY, b. Abt. 1903; d. Unknown.
vi. FLOYD M. LAKEY, b. Abt. 1904; d. Unknown.
vii. FRANK ALLEN LAKEY, b. Abt. 1905; d. Unknown.
viii. KENNETH EARL LAKEY, b. Abt. 1906; d. Unknown.
ix. WALLACE JACKSON LAKEY, b. Abt. 1907; d. Unknown.
x. ALICE LAKEY, b. Abt. 1908; d. 1973, San Antonio, Texas.
xi. DOROTHY MARION LAKEY, b. Abt. 1909; d. Unknown.
xii. ALBERT LAKEY, b. Abt. 1910; d. Unknown, Hunter, Washin

Hiram Lakey

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Thought you might like this story

John Shope was supposedly killed by Hiram LakeyThis story is, as was told to Bill and R. Lakey and John Bauman in 1974 by Mattie West, Julie Van Hook and Ina Shope.
In 1849 on Lakey Creek in Macon County, North Carolina this event took place. The Lakey version said they, Lakey and Shope families, were laying a rail fence between the creek fields of the two families. The Shope version said that it was in the same fields only there was a corn husking going on. An arguement came up over the way John Shope iV had kissed Brannon Lakey's girlfriend in an ungentlemanlike fashion.
Shope story says John IV won corn husking contest and this kiss was prize. Lakey story seems to have happened in past. A wrestling match ensued and the Lakey boy won, pinning the John Shope IV. Father John Shope III rushed saying, "I will kill any---- that can whip my boy as it must have been done by cheating." The Lakey father grap up a rail and in defence of his son struck the Shope father and killed him breaking the rail. Mr. Lakey went home and his wife cooked him some food to take with him on his trip to Tennessee. He rode out on a white Stallion which whenied as he passed through the low gap in the hills. He was never to be heard from again. The body was left in the field for 2-3 days and was buried about 200 yds. away on the hillside in the cemetery of the Lakeys and Shopes. The Rail was placed in the attic of the Lakey house and remained there untill the house fell in a few years back. The Lakeys and Shope were neighbors and friends from Buncomb County, N.C. that first setled in Macon County, N.C. and have remained neighbors and friends since. J Brannon Lakey (the Lakey Boy)married to Elizabeth Shope (daughter of John Shope III who was killed and a sister of John Shope IV boy who got into fight). Even though many court battles over the estate have ensued. Even today there is a court case takeing place over the title to the land. Brannon Lakey's family seems to have it and Shope's family are after it.

Re: Hiram Lakey

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Surnames: Lackey, Halford, Jackson, Graham

I am looking for information on a Hiram Lakey, whose father was John Lackey of Buncombe, NC. Do you know anything more on Hiram Lackey? Was his wife named Ann?

Connette Blalock

Re: Hiram Lakey

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No I do not have any other information on Hiram Lakey
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