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Benningfields of Red River County

Benningfields of Red River County

Jesse Markham (View posts)
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Surnames: Shepard, Burkham, Adair, Jones, Cloud, Buckler, Rhoads, Arnett, Bankston, Switzer, Reed
Ok guys! I hope that you can help me! I have been able to gather the following tree of benningfields.

1 Robert Rufus BENNINGFIELD b: BEF. 1790 d: 18 NOV 1826
+ Polly SHEPARD b: ABT. 1790 d: AFT. 1860
2 Hudson Posey BENNINGFIELD b: ABT. 1810
+ Susannah BURKHAM b: ABT. 1812
3 Robert BENNINGFIELD b: 1840
3 William Benjamin Franklin "Tucker" BENNINGFIELD b: 1844
3 James BENNINGFIELD b: ABT. 1847
+ Margaret UNKNOWN b: ABT. 1846
4 David H. BENNINGFIELD b: ABT. 1871
4 Nathan H. BENNINGFIELD b: ABT. 1874
4 William BENNINGFIELD b: ABT. 1876
4 James BENNINGFIELD b: ABT. 1877
3 Rebecca BENNINGFIELD b: ABT. 1855
+ Male ADAIR
4 Laura S. ADAIR b: ABT. 1873
4 Loucindy ADAIR b: ABT. 1874
2 John Franklin BENNINGFIELD b: 1 JAN 1811 d: AFT. 1880
+ Harriet BUCKLER b: ABT. 1825
3 Joseph William BENNINGFIELD b: 24 DEC 1841 d: 10 SEP 1912
+ Malinda V. JONES b: ABT. 1841
+ Francis Martha RHOADS b: 28 SEP 1839 d: 25 MAY 1909
4 Mary H. BENNINGFIELD b: APR 1873
+ Male CLOUD d: BEF. 1900
5 Margaret L. CLOUD b: MAY 1892
5 Elzie CLOUD b: NOV 1893
5 Sidney C. CLOUD b: JUN 1895
4 Elijah J. BENNINGFIELD b: DEC 1875
4 Rufus L. BENNINGFIELD b: MAR 1882
3 Sarah M. A. BENNINGFIELD b: ABT. 1846
+ W. C. REED b: ABT. 1829
3 Amanda Frances BENNINGFIELD b: ABT. 1850
+ William L. SWITZER b: ABT. 1840
3 Margaret A. BENNINGFIELD b: ABT. 1852
+ Peter HESTER b: ABT. 1848
3 John H. BENNINGFIELD b: JAN 1856
+ Martha UNKNOWN b: ABT. 1862 d: BEF. 1900
4 William C. BENNINGFIELD b: SEP 1884
4 Walter P. BENNINGFIELD b: MAR 1886
3 Harriet BENNINGFIELD b: 1857 d: BEF. 1900
+ Brice W. ARNETT b: OCT 1853
4 William J. ARNETT b: DEC 1877
4 Jim A. ARNETT b: OCT 1879
4 Rosa ARNETT b: MAR 1884
+ Jincy M. UNKNOWN b: ABT. 1832
3 Virginia BENNINGFIELD b: ABT. 1864
3 Sebastian BENNINGFIELD b: ABT. 1871
+ Caroline WEST b: ABT. 1826
2 William Benjamin BENNINGFIELD b: ABT. 1826
+ Mary Ann BANKSTON b: ABT. 1828

William C Benningfield was my great-grandfather and he is the son of John Franklin Benningfield. I am looking for further information on him and also about his wife Margaret Cloud. I would love to know who Margaret Cloud's father was! The story of my search is a long one, but I hope someone can help! If anything, a picture of the people would be nice! Thanks!


Re: Benningfields of Red River County

Jane Knight (View posts)
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Surnames: Lawson, Benningfield, Bankston
My ggrandad William C (mellis) Lawson married Mary Amanda Bennyfield ( also spelled Benningfield on marriage license dated 13 July 1871 Red River Co Tx. She was his second wife. They had children: Lonnie Lawson--Lavica Lawson-- Marson --Ausberry Lawson-- Green Lawson- Kitty Lawson. I have never been ble to find her grave. He was buried in Plainview Cemetery. Family always said she was French.I havent done any research so couldnt say if she connects with your group.Seems I did find the Benningfields living on the farm next to the Lawsons in one census of Wood or Red River Co. OOPs I did just run across her parents. William and Mary A Benningfield .

Re: Benningfields of Red River County

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Hi Jesse,
I don't have pictures of the people but on the South Bennett Cemetery Photograph page is some headstone photos for Rev Joseph Benningfield and I guess his second wife by your chart and a couple of others

The following BENNINGFIELD's are known to be buried within this cemetery. Those with an * by the name, has a Photographed headstone on the page.

* BENNINGFIELD, J.F. Born in Johnson County, TX- son of Rev
Joseph Benningfield July 7, 1869- June 29, 1906

BENNINGFIELD, SIDNEY S son of Rev Joseph Benningfield March
29, 1879- Oct 10, 1902

* BENNINGFIELD, FRANCIS M wife of Rev Joseph Benningfield-
born in Randolph Co, AL- Sept 28, 1839- May 25, 1909

* BENNINGFIELD, REV. JOSEPH-Dec 24, 1841- Sept 10, 1912

* BENNINGFIELD, infant son of


To visit this page, please use this link

Hope this helps some family researchers (I am not related)


Re: Benningfields of Red River County > Mary Harriet (1873-1953)

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Surnames: Benningfield, Cloud
Mary Harriet Benningfield (1873-1953) married Clark Cloud
(1870-1895) I was told he was killed by indians but remember I was told this. They are both buried at South Bennett cemetary in Goldthwaite Texas. Those dates are on their head stone so they could be wrong.

Re: Benningfields of Red River County

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If it is of use, here are the Google Earth coordinates for a "lost" Benningfield cemetery in Red River County Texas. It sits off of Farm to Market Road 412 in a field. It contains several burial markers in various states of disrepair:

33°33'14.4"N 94°59'30.0"W

Simply cut and paste into the "Fly To" area on Google Earth and you should be place in the approximate area of the cemetery.

A couple of my ancestors married Benningfields back in the early 1800s and are buried in Red River County.

J. Bankston

Re: Benningfields of Red River County

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Classification: Query
Hello Jesse
My name is Bobby Bowden. And while I am no blood relation to you my wife is. I've been working on a family tree for my daughter when I ran across your post. While I can't give you any info beyond John Franklin Benningfield, I can help a little going afterwards. William Clarence Benningfield had several children with Margaret Cloud, as I'm sure you know. He ended up having twin sons: Herman Morris and Thurman Norris (...yeah...) anyways Herman Morris married my mother-in-law Freddie Leellen Albert. They had six kids together, three boys and three girls. The last was my wife Kimberlina Benningfield. If you look up my name: Robert Lee Bowden III, you should be able to link to my wife and from there all of her siblings and a huge chunk of her moms side if the family going back to the 1600's. I hope that this at least helps round out the picture about your cousins. Take care!
-Bobby Bowden

Re: Benningfields of Red River County

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Hi I'm Roy Benningfield --my grandfather was brother to Hudson Posy Benningfield---my dad was Tom Benningfield I have cousins in Tulsa Roselle Steele and Bill Jane Lindberg--
I have a lot of information about Benningfields in Tulsa.
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