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Carolyn (View posts)
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Classification: Query
Looking for information on Evans Hancock Strickland b1852 in SC. Is in Marlboro County, SC in 1880 census with Richard Grant. He marries (1)Manie Smith, widow of John K. Smith, and (2)Serepta Sweatt in ca1885 - probably there in Marlboro Co. Evans had a least one brother, Henry. Thanks in advance for any info or leads - Carolyn

Sweatt in SC

Elaine (View posts)
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Classification: Query
Surnames: Sweatt, Perry
I am researching the family of Ephraim Sweatt who was born in 1798 in
Co, NC. He later lived in Marlboro Co, SC; Pike Co, GA and Fayette Co,
GA. He
died in Fayette Co, GA in 1879. He was married to Sarah Perry around
Sarah died one month after he did. I have a list of 16 children for
them. Please
let me know if you are researching this family line. I would love to

Mary Sweatt
Sarah Sweatt
Julia Ann Sweat b. abt 1821 md. James Turner
Andrew Jackson Sweatt b. abt. 1822 md 1 Kerdeli Ann Lester - 2Charlotte
Martha Sweatt abt. 1823
William H. Sweat b. abt. 1824 md. Louisa Brown
Benjamin Sweatt b. abt. 1828
James Walter Sweatt b. Jan 7, 1831 md. Elizabeth Anne Morris
Elijah Sweatt b. abt. 1832
Solomon Sweatt b. abt. 1833
Harriet Sweatt b. abt. 1834
Francis D. Sweatt b. abt. 1835
Sarah Sweatt b. abt 1836
Amandy Sweatt b. abt. 1837
Elias Solomon Sweatt b. July 14, 1840 md. Francis “Fannie” Fagan
Emily Sweatt b. abt. 1841

Sweatts - Marlboro Co

Carolyn (View posts)
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Classification: Query
Surnames: Sweatt, Strickland, Gilespie
Dear Elaine,

Thanks for your response! Our Sweatts in Marlboro Co, parents of Sereptha Sweatt Strickland, are Thomas Gadi/Gatti Sweatt m Susan Smith. TG Sweatt's father was Gadi/Gatti Sweatt b 1824 m Eleanor Gilespie. We're still uncertain as to who Gadi's father might be, but you don't have Gadi listed as child of Ephraim. Do you have info on siblings of your Ephraim? Also, when was Ephraim in Marlboro Co.? There's still a chance they are related! Thanks - C

Re: Sweatts - Marlboro Co

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For many years, I have been researching the origins of the very unusual name, Gadi. My 3rd gr. grandfather was Gadi Cook, son of John Cook (b. 1747 in S.C.). I have found that all the men named Gadi in S.C. came from the Pee Dee Region and all or most seem to have descended in one of their lines from Gideon Gibson of Va. (born early 1700's) who also settled in that region. My Cooks legends are similar to those told by some of the Gibson descendants. My Cook ancestor was said to be "Gypsy" and "Portuguese (or Spanish)" The Portuguese blood happened somehow because of Pirates off the coast of S.C. I would very much appreciate help from anyone who has an ancestor named Gadi. I need to know any oral tradition regarding their origins, and how the name was pronounced by the ancestor (not by the way it is assumed to have been pronounced). I believe there is a common link to all of these families who had children named Gadi and if we find it, we could all benefit.

Re: Sweatts & Cooks related?

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Classification: Query
Surnames: Cook, Sweat
I suspect but cannot defintely prove that a Jesse Sweat from Chesterfield Co, SC was my great grandfather in the male line. A Y-DNA test indicated I was distantly related to a male Cook (I don't know who). Were the Cooks and Sweats closely related? If so, when and where?

Also, there is an interesting section on Gideon Gibson in Winthrop Jordan's book "White Over Black," pp. 172-3.


John Crowley
John Crowley

Re: Sweatts & Cooks related?

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I don't know if they are related, but the name both families gave sons - "Gadi" - made me wonder if one of my Cook grandmothers might have been a Sweat/Sweatt. Also, although I suspect my Cooks came from the Pee Dee region, they lived in Prince Williams Parish (now Hampton County) after 1800. A line of the Sweats (family of preachers) moved to Barnwell and then Prince Williams Parish at that time, also. The families certainly knew each other.
I don't know very much about DNA testing, but was trying to figure out how you know a Cook was a relative??? Is the Cook still living?
There is a book with information on the Sweat family of preachers, but I can't remember the title now. Do you have any such book? If not, I will try to find the information in my files. I haven't read Winthrop Jordan's book. I read Gregg's History of Old Cheraws, where he relates documents of the trials of the Regulators and the resulting accusations aimed at Gibson. Also, his assertion about the Gibsons.

Re: Sweatt in SC

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Surnames: Sweatt
I have been searching for information on Julie or July Ann Sweat who married James Turner. Any information will be greatly appreciated.

Re: Sweatts - Marlboro Co

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Classification: Query
Surnames: Cook, Brewer, Crosby, Padgett, Dewitt, Owens, Nettles and more
Hi Anne,

Looks like we have a family link. I've also been doing some geneology research on my husbands side of the family(Cook) and Gadi is our common denominator. My husband is also a direct decendant of Gadi Cook(b. 1784), son of John(b. 1747). I have hit a brick wall in being able to trace back any further than John. I have all four of his sons names (William, Leavie, Gadi and Thomas) but not his wife's name or any info as to their origins. I have been told by other family members that there is a native american heritage. This I can believe because it shows up in the facial features and body build of quite a few of the members. Any information that you would like to share about this family would be greatly appreciated.


Re: Sweatts - Marlboro Co

Anne R. Davis (View posts)
Posted: 1020956815000
Classification: Query
Katherine - It appears you have gleaned from the research of Gloria Cook Bowers, "Southern Cousins". I too have not had any definitive information linking John Cook, our mutual ancestor, to other Cooks in South Carolina. We also heard of American Indian blood in the Cooks, but were told it was far back (maternal line) and not as dominant in their minds as the other races. My (school teacher) great Aunt's family insisted that either Gadi or his father was a Gypsy, one of two who had dropped out of a tribe of Gypsies and married local girls. (They said Gadi was a gator hunter and a horse trader.) They also insisted the Cooks had Portuguese ("Portagee") blood that came about somehow by Pirates coming to the coast of South Carolina. In unraveling these clues, it strongly points to Melungeon origins. Melungeon ancestors were said to have been Portuguese with rumors that they had come in at the Pee Dee River in S.C. either as pirates or ship-wrecked sailors, and some of the Melungeon families said they also had a Gypsy ancestor. I have done a good bit of research on these areas (Gypsy/Portuguese/Pirates, etc) and it is entirely possible that this is so. ESPECIALLY since Gadi is a name used only by families in or coming from the Pee Dee region of South Carolina who bear surnames known to be "Melungeon".
Gypsy and Portuguese ancestry in our family members would appear much like American Indian characteristics.

Re: Sweatt in SC

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Surnames: Turner, Sweat
Contact me directly I have information on Julia Ann Sweat that married James Turner in Fayette Co., Ga.
Hope to hear from you
Sue horn
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