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St. Columbkill's, Belle Creek

St. Columbkill's, Belle Creek

Anne Lamb (View posts)
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Surnames: Barry, Benton, Brady, Casey, Cavanagh, Connors, Devitt, Doyle, Edwards, Farrell, Franklin, Gadient, Gallagher, Gorman, Heaney, Hutcheson, Igoe, Kelly, Lally, Lawler, Maginnis, Maher, Mallaly, Malloy, McHugh, McManus McMonigal, McNamara, Moran, Murphy, Nulty, O'Brien, O'Connell, O'Connor, O'Day, O'Neill, O'Reilly, O'Rourke, Rowles, Ryan, Walsh, Wynn
I have been building a list of people buried in St. Columbkill's Catholic Church Cemetery in Belle Creek, Goodhue County. This incomplete but growing database of early Irish families and their descendants can be viewed at the Irish Genealogical Society Int'l website at

Please contact me if you have any more names and dates to contribute. It would be great if this could become a "complete" resource. Some names represented on a list of early plot owners include:
Barry, Benton, Brady, Casey, Cavanagh, Connors (O'Connor), Devitt, Doyle, Edwards, Farrell, Franklin, Gadient, Gallagher, Gorman, Heaney, Hutcheson, Igoe, Kelly,Lally, Lawler, Maginnis, Maher, , Mallaly, Malloy, McHugh, McManus, McMonigal, McNamara, Moran, Murphy, Nulty, O'Brien, O'Connell, O'Day/Daley, O'Neill, O'Reilly, O'Rourke, Rosener, Rowles, Ryan, Schafer, Walsh, Wynn.

Belle Creek

Barbara (Frettem) Tesluk (View posts)
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I though you might be interested in this. I have a book, "Goodhue County, Minnesota, Past and Present," by an old Settler. Published in 1893, Red Wing Printing Co., Red Wing, Minn.

pages 250-253 about Belle Creek say:

"This township is numbered 111 north, range 16 west, and is situated nearly in the center of the county. The stream called Belle creek flows through the western side, affording fair water power, and is bordered by fine hay meadows, and occasionally ledges of lime stone. In the vicinity of the creek are scattering groves of oak, white birch, and poplar, but a large portion of the town is rich prairie land.

A.G. Kemp and Chas. Roos, natives of Sweden, made a settlement here in the fall of 1853, but soon after moved across the line into the town of Vasa.

In July, 1854, Walter Doyle with five sons and one daughter, came and settled on sections four and five. James O'Neal and family came at the same time. In the same month Benoni Hill and family also settled in this township. In October following, Rev. S.P. Chandler made a claim here, but did not move with his family to take possession until the spring of 1855. During the spring and summer of 1855 a large number of families settled here.

The first white child born in Belle Creek was May Cook in August, 1855, daughter of Jacob Cook. The second was John Cavanaugh in November, 1855, the son of Patrick Cavanaugh.

The first death was that of Dennis Cavanaugh. In the forepart of the winter of 1855-6, he started to go on foot over to his brother's, a distance of about two and a half miles. Early in the evening a terrible storm came up, he lost his way, and was frozen to death near the place now called Hader, being three miles from his home and in the opposite direction from the one he should have kept in order to reach his brother's house. His body was not found until the snow went off in the spring.

Lewis White and Emeline Hill were the first couple joined in marriage. This event occurred in 1856. Rev. S.P. Chandler preformed the ceremony.

The first school was taught by Alvin Herbert in the winter of 1855-6, in the basement of the home of Mr. Kirkpatrick.

Wheat was raised by Walter Doyle and others in 1856, a fair yield, and was threshed by hand with flails. They carried it to Mazeppa mill to be ground. There has been raised in the town, as high as fifty-six bushels per acre of wheat, threshers measure. This was on the farm of John Lawson. Michael Doyle raised forty-two bushels to the acre (of wheat) on eight acres in the year 1860, and Richard Doyle threshed thirty-five bushels to the acre from twenty-six acres the same year.

Belle Creek furnished forty-two volunteer soldiers for the war of 1861-5, and paid bounties of $300 each to fourteen others. Mr. Walter Doyle sent sons to the front during the war, viz: H.M.Doyle, Michael Doyle, Walter W. Doyle, John J. Doyle; and Richard Doyle, the remaining son, furnished a substitute. Is there another family in the county that can furnish such a record?

The old stage route from St. Paul to Dubuque passed through this town and the stages used to stop at Mr. Doyle's log cabin for the night. In the winter of 1854-5 there was no house in a southern direction on the road from this cabin to Oronoco, a distance of twenty-five miles. Some of the prominent men of the then territory of Minnesota, enjoyed the hospitality of Mr. Doyle, among whom were Gov. Ramsey, Gen. Sibley, J.C. Burbank, the pioneer expressman, and others. He had the privilege of entertaining twenty-six of the principal men and chiefs of the Chippewa tribe with "Hole in the Day," their head chief, who were on their way to visit the great father at Washington.

The Catholic church was commenced in 1865 and its cost was over $3,000. For some years this was called a mission parish, but for the last twelve years there has been a resident pastor.

The Episcopal church was built in 1873 at a cost of $1,600, mainly through the patient exertions of Rev. S. P. Chandler, who was pastor of that parish until his death in 1888.

The Catholic congregation in this town is the most numerous, and the present year they have built a new church of larger dimensions for the accommodation of thier increasing attendance on publis worship."

Hope you enjoy this, many Irish names mentioned!
Barb (Frettem) Tesluk

Belle Creek

Anne Lamb (View posts)
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Thank you for posting that very useful excerpt about Belle Creek. I know many more people besides me will appreciate it. Anne


Suzanne Doyle Shortman (View posts)
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Surnames: Doyle, Gilbert
I'v done agreat deal of research on the Doyle family of Belle Creek,Goodhue Co MN. I'm the Great-granddaughter of John Victor Ross Doyle of Belle Creek. His father Micheal Doyle.

Doyle & Gilbert of Belle Creek

Anne Lamb (View posts)
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Surnames: Doyle, Gilbert
I would like to share data with you about these families and would appreciate your contacting me.

Harstad family

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Surnames: Harstad, Oberg
Inger HARSTAD died Oct. 18, 1890 in Belle Creek, GOODHUE COUNTY. I would like to know which cemetery she is buried in; and, if any of he following children are buried in the same cemetery: Carl Harstad born Jan. 10, 1846; Andrine Harstad born Feb. 25, 1856; or, Christian Harstad born Sept. 20, 1857. Inger was the wife of Ole Jorgensen Harstad
who came to Texas before 1900 and died in 1904. This family emigrated from Norway to Zumbrota, Goodhue co, in 1867. I would also like to know if they are listed in the 1870 census of Goodhue co; if so, what ED and Page number. Inger had a granddaughter named Mary Harstad born 10, 1887, who married Lawrence Oberg and they lived in Red Wing in 1920 and had a daughter named Christina born about 1909. I also request information about this family.

Doyle Gilbert

Suzanne Shortman (View posts)
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Surnames: Doyle, Gilbert, Gregg
Dear Ann,

I would really like to have any information you have on the Doyle-Gilbert family. I have research you may be interested in. Gilbert family is related to the Gregg family of NH and NY. Do you know anything about Walter Doyles family in Wexford Co Ireland?

Beers in Belle Creek

Evelyn Palmer (View posts)
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Surnames: Beers, Armstrong
Sometime between 1855 and 1865 Egbert Beers and his family moved to Goodhue County. Four of his sons joined the army during the Civil War. I would like to know if there is any mention of anyone named Beers in the book you've referred to. Thank you, Evelyn Palmer

BEERS in Goodhue Co.

Barbara (Frettem) Tesluk (View posts)
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Surnames: BEERS
In the book "Goodhue County, Minnesota, Past and Present," by An Old Settler, 1893, Red Wing Printing Co., Red Wing, Minn. On page 194 is says:

"The spring of 1857 was backward in its approaches; but it brought a larger number of new citizens to our town (Red Wing) and county than any previous year. The work of building new houses and stores was pushed with vigor through most of the season.

The Financial crisis which prevailed throughout the country began it effects here towards the close of 1857.

By an act of the Territorial legislature, a charter was granted to the citizens of Red Wing for a city form of government. The first charter election was held this year and resulted in the election of J.C. Weatherby, for mayor; James Lawther, F.F. Hoyt and CHARLES BEERS, for councilmen."

This is the only mention of a BEERS that I could find. That particular chapeter is XV, Red Wing

One interesting part I did find on the Civil War, but no mention of names was Chapter XIII - The Civil War pages 136 & 137 says:

"Among all the people of the northern states, none seemed more ready to devote themselves to the cause of the Union than those who had lately come from across the ocean to make their homes in this country. From a single family of five boys in the town of Belle Creek, four enlisted as volunteers and marched to the front, while the fifth sent a substitute. In fact nearly every able bodied man of suitable age offered himself to serve in the federal army, and those who stayed at home by the stuff, devoted their time and means to a greater or less extent in sustaining the Union cause."

Sorry I couldn't find more!
Barb Tesluk
Edgewood, NM

Longford to NY to MINN 1860-80's

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Surnames: Brady, Farrell, Gorman, Igoe, Mullaly, Malloy, Campbell, Heslin
Searching for connections to the following families, all emigrants from N. Longford, Ire, to NY to Minn. in mid-late 1800's.

Brady, Farrell, Gorman, Igoe, Mullaly, Malloy, Campbell, Heslin, Hughes, Lennon, Mahon, Devin
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