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Ruth Ann Buck (View posts)
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I am looking for information on Edward Reiter2/22/1843-8/04/1900 and his spouse Aneska Theotisick/Tikaick/Tichasek 1859-1888. They had 4 children that I am aware of Mary/Marie, Louise, Frank and my grandfather Albert.. They supposedly lived Leopolis township.
Any information would be great.
Ruth Ann Reiter Buck

Re: Reiter

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Surnames: Tichacek/Tikaick
Hi, Ruth Ann,
Edward Reiter was a witness at my great-grandparents' wedding on November 27, 1879. Their names were Charles Tichacek and Mary Sazama. I think Aneska, Edward's wife was Charles' sister. Their parents were Matijas and Anna Tichacek. We found records for Matijas where he spelled his name "Tikaick." So, I think we have the same great-great grandparents. Here's the information I have. Hope it helps!

1. MATIJAS (MATHIAS)1 TICHACEK was born 1816 in Bohemia, and died 1903. He married ANNA in Bohemia. She was born 1825 in Bohemia.

Matijas (born 1816) and Anna (born 1825) Tichacek had three children born in Bohemia: Mary (born 1849) Charles (born 1856), and Jakob (born in 1866).

Ships records show: Tichazeck, Math. 50, Austria; Baltic, 1 August 1867. (Bohemia sometimes referred to Austria---part of the Austro-Hungarian Empire.) Is this the same person? He gives his age as 4 years older than Matijas.

His name is also spelled Matijas Tikaick on land records and his citizenship document.

The 1880 census lists his age as 64.

Burial: 1903, Stratford, Washington
Census: 1880, Seneca, Shawano County, Wisconsin

More About ANNA:
Burial: Kimball Township, Minnesota

Children of MATIJAS TICHACEK and ANNA are:
2. i. CHARLES2 TICHACEK, b. 1856, Bohemia; d. January 05, 1935, Neppel (now Moses Lake), Washington.
3. ii. MARY TICHACEK, b. May 22, 1849, Bohemia; d. August 28, 1938, Leopolis, Shawano County, Wisconsin.
iii. JAKOB TICHACEK, b. 1866, Bohemia.

Generation No. 2

2. CHARLES2 TICHACEK (MATIJAS (MATHIAS)1) was born 1856 in Bohemia, and died January 05, 1935 in Neppel (now Moses Lake), Washington. He married MARY SAZAMA November 27, 1879 in Seneca, Shawano County, Wisconsin, daughter of ADAM SAZAMA and DOROTHEA (DORA. She was born 1862 near Domazlice, Bohemia, and died October 13, 1950 in Spokane, Washington.

Pioneer farmer and livestock producer. Attended Czech schools until the age of 13 when he emigrated to the US. He could speak and write English, Czech, and German.

Witnesses for Charles and Mary's marriage were Antone Brunner and Edward Reiter.
Residence of Charles and Mary is listed as Leopolis, Shawano County, Wisconsin.

In the 1880 census, Charles was 23 and living at home with his parents.

Served as Kimball Township (Minnesota) justice of the peace and as Jackson County (Minnesota) commisioner from District 5.

Charles and Mary moved to Washington in 1901 after selling his farm to John Smith. There he used irrigation to develop the first orchard in the Wenatchee, Washington area. He was a promoter of the Grand Coulee Dam. They returned to live in Jackson, MN where they remained for three years before going to Moses Lake, Washington.

Burial: 1935, Stratford, Washington
Census: 1880, Seneca, Shawano County, Wisconsin
Naturalization: June 28, 1887, Shawano County, Wisconsin

Burial: 1950, Stratford, Washington

4. i. AGNES THERESA JOHANNA3 TICHACEK, b. October 17, 1880, Marion, Shawano County, Wisconsin; d. October 03, 1948, Kimball Township, Jackson County, Minnesota.
ii. ALBERT TICHACEK, b. Washington; d. July 09, 1969.

Burial: 1969, Moses Lake, Washington

iii. EMIL TICHACEK, b. Kimball Township, Jackson County, Minnesota; d. 1966.

Burial: 1966, Moses Lake, Washington

iv. CHARLES TICHACEK, JR., b. Kimball Township, Jackson County, Minnesota.
v. BARBARA TICHACEK, d. December 1973; m. SCHNEIRLA.

Burial: 1973, Moses Lake, Washington

vi. ANNA TICHACEK, b. Kimball Township, Jackson County, Minnesota; m. LEWIS.
vii. FRANK TICHACEK, b. Kimball Township, Jackson County, Minnesota.
viii. GEORGE TICHACEK, b. Wisconsin.
ix. EMMA TICHACEK, b. 1901; d. 1902.
x. BESS TICHACEK, b. Kimball Township, Jackson County, Minnesota; m. ORLAN CLINE.
xi. DELLA TICHACEK, b. Washington; m. DONALD EWALD.
xii. MARIE TICHACEK, b. Wisconsin; m. JOHN VORBA.
xiii. LOUIS TICHACEK, b. Wisconsin.
I haven't updated this information to include information I received from Mr. Tony Kondrys. This shows where Aneska (Czech for Agnes) came from in Bohemia:

By the census from 1869 of Usilov village was Karel (Charles)Tichacek born 2nd Nov 1856 in Usilov as the son of Matej (Mathias) Tichacek (*1816) peasant in Usilov # 29 and of Anna (*1825. His siblings were Johann Tichacek born 25th Jul 1851 in Usilov - before 1869 in USA, Agnes born 1859 and Jakob born 1865.

I'd be happy to hear any info you've found or to share any further information.

Cherie Sidlo Neima

Re: Reiter

Cherie Neima (View posts)
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Thanks so much for the information on the Tichacek GGgrandparents this is really winderful information,I have nothing on this, if you have more I would love to hear more.Thanks again for sharing your information.
Ruth Ann Reiter Buck

Re: Reiter

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Surnames: Reiter, Tichacek
Hi, Tuth Ann,

Glad the info helped! I'm going to update the genealogy pages for the Tichaceks this summer, so will email you a copy when I finish. We hope to go back to the Czech Republic to find more information about the family---possibly this year. By the way, Charles (Aneska's brother) and his wife Mary named a daughter Agnes (Aneska). That was my grandmother. She and her husband, Emil Sidlo, had a daugher they named Agnes. That's my Aunt Agnes who will be 102 in October, a wonderful woman!

I would also appreciate any information you find out about Edward Reiter.

Cherie Sidlo Neima

Re: Reiter

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The Mary Tichacek that you mentioned born in 1849 is my great-great grandmother. She married Anton J. Brunner and that is all part of my Mother's Father's side of the family. I have more info if your interested. It is on my webpage but I would rather not post the URL on here. You have filled in some holes for me on the Tichacek line and I would like to see more information if you have it!
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Classification: Census
Surnames: Tichacek
we would be very interested in any further information you have from Mr. Tony Kondrys. You mention information from the census from 1869 of Usilov village and Karel (Charles)Tichacek born 2nd Nov 1856 in Usilov as the son of Matej (Mathias) Tichacek (*1816) peasant in Usilov # 29 . Mary Tichacek a daughter of Matej Tichacek is my wife's great great grandmother and we are visiting Usilov tomorrow. We plan to take some photos including the house #29 which, at least based on Google Earth, and some fairly recent maps is still standing. We will be adding them to our ancestry tree and happy to share them with you as well.
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